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Only dragons amaya knows of are the ones in old fairytales and the group is speaking of such things
@Phantomlink959my post is more her talking of myths about dragons and why they would even want to join the agency when they are old wise and powerful
"In theory they could but I read somewhere thst dragons tend to not want to interfere or really be part of anything and they can be greedy with gold and treasure..Or the dragons ofntge middle ages were just like that in that sense...Then again some of those could just be myths or made up stories i found in the old library back home. Also, with dragons being old and wise wouldbt it be best to assume anyone couls essentially be one but lesrn to hide it well if in fact that they are a shapeshifter?" She asked looking at each of them several times curious of their answers
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Amaya watched the sky focusing on all her senses as her concentration suddenly snapped her back to reality from the sudden thundred clap echoing around them. She turned towards the sounds seeing a red dragon. " A fire one? Great."she whispered moving through the group towards Sasha "Let me and the other dragon slayers handle it...your magics wont do much to it...ours was meant to fight it."Spoke Amaya to Sasha as Cecilia sprouted her wings holding on to Amaya's back. "Hunter! Zero! We need to stop it!"Amaya called to her other dragonslayers.

As much as the primeral and fun urge of battling with a dragon raced through her she knew she wasnt strong enough to held it on her own enspecially if it was a fire dragon. She took a deep breath to keep calm awaiting for either assistance or the go ahead to have fun fighting this dragon. Her blue eyes darted around the scene looking for any vital weak points or blind spots along with anything that her heigtened senses could tell her.
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