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Amaya Vanisis and Cecilia

Location: On the ship to Tenrou Island.
With: Cecilia

"Why a ship...Can't you fly the entire way?."Said Amaya dreading the thought of the ship, the constant moving...the salty air....No Land to be found.
"I can fly all the way there myself yes but I can not carry you and your luggage the entire way, Plus I'm pretty sure since a certain someone promised another certain someone that the certain someone would keep you from somehow killing herself, it would be rude to fly ahead and leave those certain someones all alone."Said Cecilia
"The have names you know."Said Amaya
"Do they? I sometimes forget."Said Cecilia sitting on the Ice Dragon Slayer's shoulder.

Amaya sighed adjusting her scathel of various stuff to try and help her handle the movement of the boat. She adjusted the large bag of things from her left hand to her right. "Lets just find a place that won't be moving so much and try keeping something down." Said Amaya with a sigh. IF she didn't have a mission to find her mother, she wouldn't have came. If her guild didn't need her assistance in the possibility of dragons being on Tenrou Island, he wouldn't have came. Unfortunately, Both of these options were there and if one of possiblt dragons could maybe tell her where she could look for her dragon...She had to take that chance. SHe had lost so much over the course of her life...She couldn't just give up...not till she knew whether Aurora was Alive or dead.

Her entire life has been choosen for her...This was her first Decision of her own and she choose to see if maybe Aurora was at Tenrou or if the possibilities of others like Aurora were there.
@Lunarlors34 its fine the yashia trio are at the bar and Amaya is with Joshua and zer0 but we do have a day till the weekend so its fine
@MarshiestMallowI was going to say I'm just lurking in hopes of a post cause I'm dying of bored and so excited for the plot hehehehehehe
But I can't ignore you XD


I know I am being very patient as I know caits has a very busy and tiring life.
I was going to say I only remember 3 and right now I'm just lurking around till one of my many is needed or the plot moves on hehehe

hm if it is then I lost count XD.
So that makes this, what, your 4th account? XD

I think actually my 3rd XD
Rose Yashika

Rose had stayed quiet at the party with her brother grumbling about having to be there. she hadn't paided much attention to the surge of attention that came from the door. she snapped back to reality feeling a tug on her sleeve looking down to see Ryu tugging. she listened to him before he explained what was happening "Now that is something I should have been told about." Said Rose letting her Curiosity get the best of her going to where the girl was taken.

Rose had almost reached the room when she heard a crash of things causing her to quicken her pace into the room "Oh dear...You shouldn't be out of bed."She exclaimed moving over to the girl's side "Let's getting you back to bed..." She said picking Amelia up sitting her back on the bed resting the blanket over Amelia's Lap. 'There we go..Now...Can you tell me about yourself?"asked Rose crouching back down to pick up the items of which the girl had cause to drop when she had attempted to try getting back up. Rose made sure to clean anything that was spilled or dropped before she got up looking towards the door to Ryu who just watched on having nothing to say about the situation.
I will be posting soon the kids have been keeping me busy interrupting my thought process and what not
Heads up this is ATamshii I cant access my other account for some reason but I will post sometime tonight
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