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she is heading out more ot less dragging the unconious mason
"He won't do anything...we will be fine...I can handle him" She said waiting till she heard voices outside the sewer "Alright.. its time we get moving our ride is here."She said to mason lightly tapping his shoulder to try waking him. she assisted him up letting him lean on her heading outside towards the transport. she made sure that his wounds were healed for the most part of not bleeding out on the trip there. SHe helped him get settled before climbing in herself
I know that she can just tell from his tone of voice and how he reacts to her
"you want a quiet ride back to headquarters with a live demon that is stable to move or a unstable one that is bleeding out and will likely die on the way...this is easiest way to keep him healed and calmed down till transport gets here. If I have to do this to make it easy on everyone then so be it but DO NOT talk down on my species like this is all we are good of genie." She replied narrowing her eyes at him "it is your condescending attitude towards other races that really caused my family to isolate themselves from this damn world...your lucky the director even convinced me to give this agency a shot." she replied "So either you deal with what I must do to keep him alive or you come down here and heal him yourself since you seem to know exactly how to do it."she replied


"You are very welcome...Just rest against me you should be stable enough to transport when transport gets here."Said Amaya in a whisper back to Mason allowing her arms to wrap around him continuing to let the water move over the various wounds slowly working at healing him. She looked at the other agents around her along with the damage of the fighting they did
"I am not staying are badly injuried and you need healing so shut up and let me heal you so I can go away."Said Amaya sitting down next to him "lean on me if you want we will be here for awhile till transport gets here."She replied to mason before looking at argus "I am already a member of the agency...I just was to join yesterday and was told to come here."Said Amaya softly
"Come on dude your going to die and I'm not going to leave you be till you let me heal your chest..."Said Amaya with a stern look before she moved closer to him resting her hand on top his arm allowing the water to move where it was needed. She was going to stay with the demon till she was sure he was stable enough to not need healing. She didn't care what she needed to do to make sure he was getting hualed or how much he hates her and tries getting away
"I will try."She said allowing her water to form around her hands "its not holy water so don't worry."She said towards mason resting a hand on his chest feeling that was the most needed place she could see as she sighed happy this mess was done "I go by the name Amaya."She replied introducing herself to argus
I am sure if griff wears a mask, a ballcap and a black out hood with gloves...he should be fine

Amaya Moved back tossing the holy water aside on the ground before filtering some of the normal sewage water just incase she needed to use it. She stayed back letting the dyjinn try finishing this
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