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The head of the white one is a bit chopped

Honestly i havn't thought that ahead and honestly i don't think amaya even knows as it was just her and her mother so to take a guess i would say its parthenogenesis from her backstory and everything enspecially how she speaks of a mom but not father other then her father element
Amaya listened to the conversations of the room. The demon seemed to be somewhat adapting well. A plus in her book. She listened to the Dyjnn explain the point of being in this room to work as a team. She listened to him say their names in order as she closed her eyes finding she was indeed first. "Alright. Seeing that I am first I will start off, I am a water elemental. Probably considered a half breed seeing as my mother was a humanish one and her mother before her and so forth. We carry our father element and pass his power down each generation on the female side. My body bleeds like a human and is human in every aspect. But it is also it's own water allowing me to manipulate my looks, morph my body to be what i need it as well as allow myself to change into literal water." She said lifting her hand up as it changed shape to a waterifed knife. "Water may seem weak but it is as strong as ordinary weapons..."She said allowing her hand to reform.

"By connecting myself to other water sources I can manipulate them, but only a certain amount. My emotions also affect my control and my keeping myself in check is best to allow me to remain stable and in a good state. I also bare memories of my father element and those who bore him before me."She added giving a basic understanding of who she was.

I think it is me since amaya is first...what is she suppose to do? explain what she is and her abilties?
Amaya Vanisis And Cecilia

Location: Ship heading to Tenrou Island
With: @Crimson Raven

@Joshua Tamashii@MarshiestMallow

Amaya heard Sasha speaking of them finally making it to the island as she looked towards the massive island "I only read and heard stories of this island..."She replied gently allowing herself to watch in awe. It really was like a dream coming true...It was literally Tenruo Island, the home of Fairy tail and the power that guild held. She wished she could put into words how she felt and wish she could tell the old priest that she got to see this amazing site.

She watched Sasha head down to the boat before looking over listening to Ferrin as she nodded looking over her shoulder at Cecilia "Here we go Cece."She said happily to her Exceed before she lifted from where she was hovering before Cecilia flew them over the edge hovering above the water next to the boat "Lets get going everyone!" She called just incase anyone didn't hear Sasha.

Amaya's heart was racing along with her mind mostly about the possibility Aurora was here...If that dragon was here, she had a lot of explaining to leaving Amaya like so many before her.
I honestly need to quit posting using my phone. Went back and re-read and made it a bit better.

"Sorry I am late. I had some affairs to put into order before I was available to tend this...Group activity?'aid Amaya finally coming into the room.

Amaya had on a different outfit then the one she had meet the group in. She was wearing a simple blue t-shirt with some black cargo pants. She had simple black tennis shoes and a simple black hooded jacket on and zipped up partically. She decided on keeping her hair up on a ponytail as it now reached to the arch on her back.

"So what will be be working on since I was late." She asked seeing everyone now in this training room, there was Griff, the dDjnn, the Robot, the Demon, the Scribe and the Holy man.
Just waiting
Lol I'll post tonight I can make some side agents to even everything out
what about amaya. She wouldn't do good in the simulator room since it is kinda electric and she is water...unless its water proof
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