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Current Kinetic typography is my fetish
9 days ago
Yeesh, yeah that's pretty bad. Wouldn't personally say it's nearly as bad as the shit going down with EA and Belgium, though; just looking at sheer scale of the scumbaggery.
9 days ago
What did Epic do that could possibly make them worse than EA?
9 days ago
Brother, my brother, tell me what are we fighting for~
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9 days ago
Did you guys hear about Retcon? I wanted to go but they keep changing the dates.


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Argus adjusted his own vest one last time before glancing over at Mason and Richard. The djinn wore a look of mild annoyance, walking over to the pair and grabbing the vest from Mason's locker and holding it out towards the demon, "Vest isn't optional newbie. It's got the hit tracking gear." he explained bluntly, heading towards the simulation entrance, "Join me as soon as you're ready Richard. Simulation should start automatically about ten seconds after we're all inside." with that he followed Amaya out the door, flames crawling up the agent's arms and burning away the human shell to reveal his true, reptilian claws.


"Argus is correct, my friends. I'm afraid the vest is the only required piece of kit I had the simulation supply, though in the future I will take account of individual preferences and provide alternative tracking methods for those who prefer not to wear one." Rost hooked his own paint rifle to a sling point on his vest before closing the locker and following the other agents out the door, "Most importantly, let's all try to enjoy ourselves, shall we?"

Argus doesn't really use guns, he's basically bulletproof himself so he can just walk up to people and punch or claw at them.

Rost is trained with firearms but not super experienced, so Richard is probably the best bet given he has military experience from his time in Vietnam.

If it's just a matter of teaching experience, then Rost. Rost was a professor of archeology pre-BOSA, he spent most of his time working on archeology in the field but he did some college lecturing as well.
@LightningMaidenwaiting in you

That sounds horribly uncomfortable
I'm not even REMOTELY happy with the length or quality of my post, but if I don't force myself to type something up now I'm probably never going to be able to keep motivated.
Upon spotting the abomination Asche crouched as close to the ground as possible, "I have eyes on the target, matches Mags' description, and it has some sort of triangular symbol on its back." he reported over comms, his voice barely a whisper, "No cover nearby but it hasn't noticed me yet. I'm going to move closer." True to his word, the contractor pressed his back against the wall and began to move forward, approaching his opponent with every modicum of stealth he could muster.

"And this is why I wear dark clothes." the cursed man mused as he drew closer while attempting to get a better look at the symbol on its back. Asche raised his rifle to his shoulder as he crept forward, drawing a bead on its back just below the helmet, centering his aim as close to the center as possible. If he had to shoot this thing, he was damned wall going to try and hit it in the spine.
@Lotrix Molick
They do tend to feed off of each other, kind of a pain in the butt. I'm feeling somewhat better today, will try to post tomorrow.

Not really much help, but I appreciate the thought.
The weather is changing to be more to my liking (cold and wet, as Oregon should be) so I expect to be feeling better pretty soon.

Sorry for not posting anything yet, I keep starting to type out a post then deleting it because I'm not happy with it. Been dealing with bipolar depression all week and it kind of murdered my motivation for the moment.
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