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Current Today I reached the conclusion that, if presented with an exact duplicate of herself, one of my characters would DEFINITELY hit that.
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They're not LONG chapters; but the fact I've managed to right 2 meh and 4 half decent ones in 4 days makes me very happy with myself.
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Wow, I just realized it's been a full year since the Avadon incident.
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Decided to half-ass nanowrimo by doing a RWBY OC fanfic I've been thniking about for ages. The fight scene I'm working on rn just feels.... right.
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According to the scale i just weighed in on I'm down to 313 from a starting point of 330 when i started going to the gym a little ovver a month ago


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Hey guys,

Chev asked me to let you all know that he hasn't been able to log in for a couple days due to issues resetting his password, and will be back online as soon as he can.
Big Bill elected to follow quietly at the back of the group through the tour and lecture, taking the time to familiarize himself with his stat card while listening carefully to the instructions and explanations being given.

He wore a curious expression as they entered the training room. The place had a strange, familiar weight to it; clearly a room which deserved some form of veneration, but had been forgotten in recent times. The rancher slipped the card into his pocket and focused his full attention on the receptionist as she began to explain the "classes" and "skills" they had all been assigned.

At last, he made his way over to the available weapons and armor. Bill found a long jacket made from heavy, quilted fabric amidst the available armors and was quick to shrug it over his shoulders, being pleased to found it fit him. Skimming through the weapons, the cowboy found a plain but sturdy hunting knife and sheath which he added to his gun belt. He also snagged a handful of random bullets in hopes of finding one which would work in his single action army. "Really hope I ain't gotta make mah own shells. I can do it, but it is such a pain in the rear." he mused, stepping away from the gear and wandering towards the center of the room.

"Y'all, listen up. If yer a Gunsman and you ain't never fired a gun before gitcher ass over here once you find somethin' to shoot. I'll be teachin' y'all the basics." he belted, drawing the old revolver and flipping it in his hand a few times. "We can't just rely on them skill thingies in a firefight, and shootin' properly takes practice. No magic card in the world is gon' teach ya' proper marksmanship."

<Big Bill> and <Seraph>

(William and Yukino)

The hot-blooded cowboy holstered his revolver when he laid eyes on the city before him; the sheer scale (and cleanliness) of the place assuring him that this was a safe place. "So, Captain Ayame. That's a Jap suit, right?" The cowboy inquired as they approached the guild hall. The short woman seemed relatively sane compared to the others in the group; and had sided with him on the situation of the obnoxious girl calling herself emperor. "My uncle flew against y'all back in dubya dubya two. Respected the hell out of your pilots.”

“Big Bill right? Yes, it is my flight suit. I was supposed to take an experimental jet out, but ended up here instead.” She paused for a moment, taking in the scenery and glaring slightly at Aloe out of the corner of her eyes. “I’d prefer not to speak of World War two, nothing good to say there. What do you think about that Elf, Aloe?”

“Yup.” he nodded slowly, staring up at the guild hall, “I was fixin’ to wrangle a bull that got a bit worked up.” the large man explained, scratching the back of his neck, “I understand, Captain. I ain’t quite sure what to think. There’s somethin’ off about him for sure but I don’t reckon he’s dangerous.” the cowboy concluded, “Truth be told y’all are the only one here I can get any kinda fix on; figured I’d chat with ya while the others is occupied.” he shook his head disapprovingly at the squirrel girl’s overblown display.

“He seems in quite a hurry to get us out of his hair, rudely ignored my questions earlier. If I was back on base I’d have him disciplined, but I don’t have any real power here yet.” She put a hand to her head in exasperation as she watched the rest of the group. “I’m going to be honest with you Bill, I have no idea how this rag tag group is going to save the world. Sending civilians when they need soldiers.”

“Not an enemy at the least, just a bit of an ass. Albeit, I’d prolly do the same out on the farm.” Bill shrugged followed immediately by facepalming when one of the others attempted to slide under the counter, “Yeah, I figured the same. If they were at least a couple years older… maybe we’d have a chance. Lot of our boys in uniform way back when were drafted, that’s none too different from the current sitchiation; and they did fine but.” he shook his head once more, “Just ain’t right.”

“They’ll have to toughen up, otherwise they might end up dead on a roadside. Just like many of those soldiers in the draft.” Yukino said coldly before turning the conversation to lighter tones, She pointed at Bill’s revolver before asking. “Is that a Single Action Army?”

“Best we can do is push them in the right direction.” he gave a sad nod, this was not an easy situation to work with. “That’s right. My grandaddy’s service revolver, been in the family three generations. Lucky I had it with me when I got kilt.”

“Guess that makes your ‘class’ an easy tell. How many years has it been in your family if you don’t mind me asking? It’s a beautiful work of art.” Yukino said with a smile.

“If they don’t make me a Gunsman I’ll eat my hat.” he chuckled, “Grandaddy carried it into the first world war, but it’s been in the family since the damned thing was invented. 1873.” he lovingly patted his holster, “Learned myself some gunsmithing to take proper care of the old girl.”

“Good man, proper care of one’s equipment is the first step to winning a battle.” Yukino said as she reached up and patted Bill’s shoulder. “Anyone stand out to you as potential trouble? Back in basic, those are the people we straighten up first.”

The dark haired man squinted at the other would-be heroes, stroking his beard in contemplation, “Well, Little Miss Majesty obviously, that one just reeks of trouble. The one with the squirrel bits makes me nervous, not sure why.” his eyes locked onto the one who had attempted to bypass the table, “That one especially though. Looks strong though, like he actually gets some exercise.”

Yukino’s expression turned sour as Bill mentioned ‘Little Miss Majesty’. “Delusions of grandeur are very dangerous indeed, both to themselves and those around them. I remember the many times my friends got themselves hurt thinking they had some sort of superpowers back when we were kids. The squirrel definitely seems to be trouble, have to keep an eye on her. That guy just seems excitable to me, should be tempered off after first combat.” Her tone then shifted to one of pondering, crossing her arms and placing her weight on her left foot. “I do wonder what class I’ll end up with, none of those really seem to fit a pilot.”

“Yup. Sounds about right. Least this time ‘round they actual do have them, I suppose. Or at least will.” The rancher offered, clearly not entirely convinced himself, “Now that mountain right there I think we can work with.” he pointed subtly at Toppo, “Not sure how sharp he is, but he’s got the horsepower.” Bill took a minute to consider what class Yukino might become, shaking his head, “Well I don’t know much about these sorts of things, so guess that’s for the cards to tell. I’m more curious what sorta who-do that goddess lady hitched us up with.”

“He’s a big one all right, we’ll see how he fares. What do you mean by ‘who-do’?” Yukino asked, raising an eyebrow at bill.

“Whatever Wizard of Oz no place like home BS that lady did with the crystals?” he offered quizzically.

“Are you talking about when that Goddess had us touch that crystal?” Yukino asked, growing even more confused by the Texan.

“Ain’t that what I said?” he asked, scratching his head in apparent confusion, “Guess whatever’s lettin’ us chat is missin’ somethin’.”

“Your dialect is coming through very strongly, and I do know how to speak english by the way. We needed to learn it to communicate with your pilots effectively. I’ll puzzle out your southern dialect eventually, every one of you seems unique with what words you use.” Yukino said with a small chuckle.

“Prolly be easier on ya if my baby girl had gotten pulled in instead of me. She uh… spoke the local language, if ya catch mah meanin’” he returned proudly, “Really into all o’ this fantasy n’ such. ‘Specially the stories like all this.” he gestured at the guild and adventurers around them.

“No offense to your daughter, but I’m glad it was you and not her. Otherwise I’d have to try and take care of all of them by myself.” She said, nodding towards the group. “Anyways, I am curious as well what that crystal was for, other than the obvious.” She said, rubbing one of her cat ears idly.

“Oh no, she’s strong too; like her momma. Maybe not as worldy as I but plenty smart too.” he said with a fatherly grin, “But naw, I wouldn’t want nothin’ to happen to her anyhow. She just left college, got her whole life ahead.” he nodded in agreement, “From the sound of it she was givin’ us some sorta boon or gift but I didn’t quite get it.”

“I assume we’ll understand in due time, I just hope it’s before we have to fight anything. I’d like to know what assets we have available to us before we have to face whatever might be lurking in this world.” Yukino said, uncrossing her arms and extending her right hand to Bill. “I look forward to working with you, always feel better knowing someone’s got their head screwed on straight.”

“Yup.” he agreed, returning his full attention to the short pilot; he extended his own hand, gripping Yukino’s firmly, “Pleasure ta meet ya, nice to know I ain’t the only competent one on hand.” he glanced over at the counter, “Well we should probably get that outta the way, huh?”

“Probably should, after you.” Yukino said, motioning for Bill to go first.

“One small step for man.” Bill stepped away from the captain, strutting confidently towards the registration counter. He drew a deep breath as he reached for a card, holding it between his thumb and pointer finger as he placed his other hand atop the crystal. The card began to vibrate in the rancher’s hand and he twitched slightly, feeling the energies of the crystal flow through him. It suddenly flashed green and he stepped aside to read his newly printed card.

“Yup, Gunsman. Can’t git much more predictable than that.” he mused, “Skills huh? Snapshot, Fan-fire, Deadeye, Pistol Whip, and Quick Draw.” he nodded approvingly, “Plain and simple. Just my style.”

“Easiest to call out of all of us.” Yukino said as she strolled over to the counter. She grabbed a card nonchalantly, looking it over as she placed her flight helmet briefly on the counter to free her hands up. She then touched the crystal, her eyes still focused on the card to determine the exact moment the text appeared. She watched as the writing appeared slowly on the card, and once it was full she took her hand off the crystal. Grabbing her flight helmet, she stepped over to where Bill was standing.

“Warrior huh? Let’s see what we have here. Threatening Blow, Berserk, Defiance, Maim, Fell Cleave… Is it just me or do around half of those sound evil to you Bill?” Yukino asked with concern in her voice.

“Little bit, but I wouldn’t worry about it.”
"My apologies-jika. This body is just too large-ojika." The bull-like individual chuckled in response to Bill’s scolding; seemed like a thick-skinned sort, that was always good. "I do not-jika."

“No worries son, just try to be a bit more mindful in future, yeah? No tellin’ when we might need to hunt us up a meal.” the dark-haired rancher offered.

"Why are you thinking of food and hunting? It's hardly the time for such things, mind our situation." a short, dark-skinned woman challenged his complaint about the local wildlife.

He raised an eyebrow, ”Well now Miss, that’s on account of I hadn’t had lunch yet when I got rammed through the chest by the bull what kilt me.” he explained casually, ”Can’t fault him none for it, just doin’ what comes natural. Bound to happen eventually if ya work around big angry critters fer long ‘nuff.”

The elven man who had presumably summoned them finally spoke up as the unsuspecting heroes finished gathering “I am, Aloe. Healer of the Stixx, and zealot of the Goddess of Howling Winds or Alaela. I am your guide, children of earth. I will be helping you in your adventurers of glory and fame! “ he declared before begining some type of incantation which Bill promptly ignored.

”Nononono – Emperor! That alone, no miss, or lady, or ma’am, or dame or doll or chick or babe or aaaaaaanything else you can think of! Just Emperor. Maybe, maybe you can add Yuudai, or Oshiro – or whatever combination of the three you want, but Emperor.” The flamboyant girl complained rather loudly about Bill’s dismissal of her claims, ”Take notes Woody on that – hat wise, eeeeeeeh...”

”Now, Lil’ Miss, I can put up with yer’ fun an’ games, but don’t y’all DARE disrespect mah’ Daddy’s hat.” the larger man declared firmly, “Sorry. Don’t disrespect the hat, Your Highness he corrected indignantly, sweeping the hat from his head to bow abruptly; sending the mud caked onto it flying off towards the would-be princess as she bolted through the strange gateway.

”An emperor leads while subjects follow.” she declared as she passed through.

“So.” the rancher grimaced, “Is lettin’ the one who has a gun go through the mystery hole made by a suspicious stranger first not common sense elsewhere, or is that just a Texas thing?” Big Bill asked the others, replacing his hat and scratching his head.

“She didn’t seem terribly prepared for a fight no matter how I think ‘bout it.” he sighed, drawing his revolver and taking a few steps towards the portal, “Love to stay and chat with y’all but somebody should probably make sure the poor confused gal don’t get herself killed off too quick. Sounds like we need every hand we can get, even the crazy ones.” the large human explained, stepping through after the once and never queen.
Bill paused briefly and yawned. Having finished his song some time ago and not yet having encountered another living creature, the Rancher had become quite bored by the stroll through the woods. That is, right up until he finally noticed the trail of wood-and-brush carnage heading in a straight line towards the source of the light; which had drawn considerably closer through his brief journey.

Stepping off his own path and starting off towards the light, he could see the hulking individual who had left the trail standing at the edge of a clearing.

"Greetings Children of Earth-jika! I am Toppo, an ally of Aleala the South Wind Goddess-jika." the entity declared as Bill approached from behind.

"Shut yer' trap boy" The cowboy instructed, slapping the hulking man on the shoulder as he strolled past into the clearing; holstering his revolver, "Ain't you never been in a forest before? Them trees is alive ya' know. All sorta little critters you just put out of a home. Didn't even catch none of 'em fer dinner." he said disapprovingly, looking at the other gathered souls, “If ya' really was in kahoots with that purdy gal from before, I reckon y'all would have a bit more respect for nature."

The blue-eyed Texan crossed his arms and gave Toppo an accusing stare, “And have you got any idea how hard it’s gon’ be to find somethin’ to cook up out here now you went and scared off everythin’ within five miles?”

The good old boy stared in disbelief at the flamboyant young woman claiming to be some sort of emperor, "I don' know what yer on about little miss, but I ain't recognize no gat dang emperor." he responded bluntly, "Pleasure to meet the rest of y'all, I'm William Jones, but I prefer if ya call me Big Bill."
Bill rolled over, having landed face-first in the mud as he fell from the abyss. He stared up at the sky while he took stock of his situation; "That damned bull did me in, now I'm stuck playin' hero for some so-called goddess." the older man mused, sitting up and returning his mud-stained hat to his head where it belonged. "Baby girl, you'd be so jealous if ya knew."

"'nuff of that. Least the mud's behavin' how it outta" he grumbled before standing up. It was at that moment that Big Bill realized his entire body had been caked with the thick, wet dirt. More concerned with the strange situation, he willingly neglected to clean it off. If nothing else, it would disguise his scent from any monsters that decided to come looking. The rancher confirmed he presence of his granddaddy's revolver in the leather belt before drawing it, checking to ensure it was fully loaded before he carried on. Bill had enough spare cartridges in his belt to get him a ways.

William Jones' attention was drawn abruptly to the blinding light in the sky, "Now that there's a flare if I ever did see one." he hefted the old revolver, cupping his hands around the polished wooden grip as he began to make his way forward through the wilderness and towards his presumed destination; singing aloud to himself as he went.

"You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em."

You didn't respond to @Elynwyn

So are there still slots open for people interested? My friend has been working on a character in case there's room or if we need a replacement.

Speak of the devil and she shall appear. Can vouch for her roleplaying experience, she's just new to the guild.
Nah, just forgot to put in that he does his own gun repair; which honestly any competent firearm owner knows how to do. The budget-concious ones will also save the brass and do home reloads to save money as well because it is like stupidly easy.

I mentioned it in PM with Avemelle and just overlooked it when I was writing his backstory. Was getting pretty late when I finished it out.

The animal thing serves a different purpose.

I'm gonna do some slight tweaking on my backstory, just bulking it up a bit to include some of the details that I sort of forgot to list but which might be important.

Stuff like he does his own gunsmithing at home; mostly maintenance work and making his own ammo to save money.

Also the thing about how he names all of his livestock.
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