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Current Guh, too many conflicting feelings all at once. Why so much shit gotta happen at the same time?
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I smoked a bowl of pure kief last night and got so stoned I forgot I was stoned.
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Roses are red, but can be yellow too; Durian stinks but less than you.
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Yes, this is my fault; but I already hate myself enough.
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The RWBY wiki specifically; I thought being on an actual forum would be beneficial but apparently he can't handle that kind of power.


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I can handle pure social stuff right now, but not the more intense action-y stuff.
I'm gonna be out of commission for a bit. I'm living at my great grabdma's house while she's in the hospital for a fractured hip. I'll do what I can but not promises on timely posts.
Just for reference; the wikipedia article for Shōjō
Rost and Argus

"I've seen the professors binding work, that shadow of yours couldn't take a street lamp right now." the Djinn joked, shooting the shadow a dirty look as Mason shooed it away, "I'm fond of paint the town red; basically means going out and having one hell of a party; vandalism may be involved." the senior agent began to raise devil horns on his right hand but received a pointed glare from Rost. With a shrug, Argus focused on the Director; "Loud and clear, boss; scavenger hunt, first thing tomorrow."

"I would advise my fellow agents not to engage in such raucous behavior; we do need to keep a low profile." the Scribe advised, watching Shadow curiously, "It is odd he has retained this level of autonomy under binding; then again Mason you are something of a strange case already; Hopefully the next iteration of the seal will do the trick." he nodded to the Director's proposition, "A fine idea, Director. I've always enjoyed a good scavenger hunt."

"Seriously though, anybody want to go out for drinks? There's a dive not far from HQ run by a couple of shōjō; Japanese spirits that love a good drink. They make their own sake. The stuff is literally magic, it's a powerful healing tonic AND it'll knock you on your ass." Argus offered, glancing around the room, "Not that alcohol does anything for me, but it's been a long day; gives us some time to talk, get to know each-other a bit."
Argus is a memory specialist and borderline indestructible because his body can just keep regenerating as long as it has fuel to burn. His item/clue could be located somewhere that it is hazardous for others to enter or require a memory probe to locate.

Rost being the head of magic R&D and highly versed in magical texts means his item or clue could be a specific book in the library, a spell component, or something from the lab.
"New blood, fresh meat, cannon fodder; fancy ways of saying rookies." Argus explained casually; pulling a steel water bottle marked with a flammable sign from within his jacket and taking a few swigs before setting it down on the table. "So boss, what kind of exercise we looking at this time?" the Djinn inquired; staring at the Director.

"Guild is the term my father used when speaking of other magical sects; sounds less dubious than coven." Rost offered, thumbing through his book without looking back up, "I'm aware of the weakness of true names; it's not exactly a uniquely European concept after all. No worries about that here, I've placed wards to mute true name spells withing the base; and I'll prepare brands for the two of you as soon as I have the chance." he explained further; briefly glancing up from his book to stare at Mason, "I'll need to update Mason's binding before the exercise as well. The current version is not quite enough to suppress that Shadow of his."

The Djinn yawned, still feeling somewhat lethargic after he and Richard healed Bradley's mind. He'd definitely need to pull an extra shift with the memory team to recover. "Richard and I managed to clears ours no hiccups. Even got an extra magical registered and processed; and a science project for the lab boys." Argus noted, glancing over at the fair haired magician.

"A fascinating one at that; an actual Revenant. I've read stories of course, but never seen one. Truth be told I'd thought them to be a myth; like unicorns, and tax collectors." Rost confirmed, reading from a tome on the undead as they walked. It would take his team some time to find a solution to George's condition. Any time he could spare to perform research was vital.

The two senior agents took adjacent seats at the meeting room table, directly across from the new agents. "European magicians, eh?" the scribe asked, eyeing them curiously, "Wait, they don't use their names? Does your guild not know how to bind them?" he inquired; pulling down his collar to reveal a brand of a runic stave on his collar bone, releasing it immediately "I'll take care of that for them before they're dispatched, Director. Can't risk having our agents susceptible to that sort of outside influence." he offered.

"More new blood? Did you hold a recruitment drive or something?" Argus observed, raising an eye to the Director before looking across the table at the new agents; a brief flicker of light emerged from his mouth and he flicked out his serpentine tongue. "Hm, silicon with traces of gold and copper. Technopath? Haven't seen one of you in a couple years." he shifted his stare to the other newcomer and flicked his tongue at her, "Boring." he added plainly; slinking back in his seat to finish listening to the Director's speech.

Since Argus has been with the agency for awhile, would it be alright if I reference some real world events as being related to the agency's work as past missions? Figure it might be nice for him to be able to reference things that have happened during his tenure as an agent.
Ah, right. I getcha.
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