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Current I want to sleep but even with only a light sheet my bed feels like a pressure cooker. Where did all this humidity come from?
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Apparently there's a fan-made toontown server still up an running after all these years... Legit impressed.
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My brother once steppedo n a rusty nail. It went clean through his foot... without hitting anything. I don't even know how.
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@Tod Somewhere between Deadpool and the homestuck fandom
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What the hell is Planet With, what am i watching, can i please go back to staring into the abyss? It was less confusing and easier to look away from.


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@Blueflame That's sort of the idea with him being able to be on the team that needs him at any given time.
(EDIT: Fixed the post that my phone messed up)

"Griffin is a leech, and I didn't smell any blood on him, so he probably had to go hunting or something; although why they don't just have the human agents donate blood to keep him fed is beyond me." Argus guessed with a shrug before returning his attention to Astra, ”That's the name, I'd say don't wear it out but I change it every so often anyways.”

The reptilian agent whistled, seemingly impressed "Golem huh? Always thought your kind were a myth, something the Hebrews came up with to scare people off. Color me surprised." the Djinn stared at his coffee before looking up and scanning the room "Anybody want this coffee? I like the smell but can't actually drink the stuff."
I'm fine with him being a support/specialist character rather than a standard field agent. That way he can be available to help out whichever team needs his particular brand of magic at any given time; with his first one obviously being backing up Amaya and Mason while he works on developing the most effective seal.
We seem to have lost Dawnblade (hasn't logged in since the day after applying for the game), so that leaves Rost once again without a partner I think?

I believe that leaves us with two options; have Rost and Astra partner up (which i'm not sure is a great idea meta-wise since Argus and Richard are already partnered, meaning me and Searat would be mostly stuck RP-ing with eachother), or partner Astra and Griffin leaving Rost as more of a support character instead of being a field agent.

Forgot the mentions, posting from mobile so I got distracted trying to do my formatting stuff.

"I'm not entirely sure what wards were placed on it were not documented, likely to prevent them from being undone. Could be anything from the fires of Muspeleheim to the holy light of Ra. The members of the order that created the book were quite dramatic at times." he said with a shrug, removing a bottle of wait paint and a brush from his kit, "But as long as you don't touch my t, we don't have to worry about any of that." the scholarly agent studied his book before returning his attention to Mason, "I'm going to need you to turn around and remove your shirt, you can lay flat on the bed if you like. The seal needs to be on your skin and your back provides me with the most possible surface area,though once I perfect the spell for your specific condition I can miniaturize it and apply it permanently to a less conspicuous area. Until then, I'll need to re-apply it daily."


The Djinn agent looked up from his coffee as the newcomer entered the room, and he flicked out his serpentine togue to taste the air. "clay dust and no pheremones? Odd. Never smelled that on a person before." he contemplated, delivering an intense stare "You some sort of empath or something? A mind reader?" He asked bluntly, narrowing his eyes at the seemingly female agent, "Because you ain't human, that's for sure." Argus changed his attention to Richard, "How are you doing Rich? Still feeling alburned out or have you recovered from that fight?" he scanned the room quickly, "oh, and have you seen Griffin yet? Wondering if he got back to base alright."
Starting with my next post I'll have Argus start doing stuff in the meeting room too, since right now he's just sulking in the corner because he ran out of smokes.

He doesn't actually smoke for any real reason by the way, he's made of fire so smoking doesn't do anything for him; just a habit he picked up when he was playing human back in the day; everybody was smoking in the 60s.

I think it was the 60s at least, assuming the RP takes place in 2018 and he was in the US for 10 years or so before fleeing back east.

Rost sighed, shaking his head, "You misunderstand what I am doing, Amaya. The seal is not on his power to control shadows, it is on the other half of his personality." he explained firmly, a hint of disappointment in his voice, "You assume too much and know too little. It is not multiple seals, but a single anchoring spell; it will prevent the violent side from assuming control. Eventually the two halves of his personality should become unified. Without that Shadow of his able to steal his body, he will not require physical force to contain him nor will he be at risk of going rampant and assaulting the people around him."

The scribe placed his book on the ground, opening it to the marked page as he removed a set of brushes from the hard case, "I am the LAST person you should be worried about trying to lock away what makes someone special, stealing their identity. The legacy I inherited, this book," he nodded towards his grimoir, "Have a singular purpose; to help those in need and protect the magic contained within from those who would seek to do harm. That said, an incident some time in the last century or so warranted precautionary measures, it is heavily warded against demons. Mason, do not under ANY circumstances attempt to make physical contact with this grimoir."
My vote is for the golem. Having an artificial creature as an agent could be interesting.
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