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@RC3 Accepted! ^^ -- don't post in the character bin though, I'll try to see what I can do with that Dx

The receptionist smiles as she watches each of the twelve gain their respective classes. The pure white colors of their auras shift to a specific selection of colors. Red for the warriors, blue for the magicians, green for the rogues, and purple for the gunsmen.

These earthly souls weren't just regular adventurers, not only did their auras give off a clear color but there was some sort of glint. Another layer of aura that distorts the image of their auras, it was a blessing. With a sudden realization, The Receptionist suddenly knew what Aloe had meant by 'special'. Adventurers usually had soft tones of color, untouched and pure but these souls were much more-- as if they were handmade.

With a stifled laugh, she jumps over the counter with no effort, lightly landing against the wooden floorboards as she walks towards the group with a much more emphasized stride. She dons her eyes upon the group, a collection of souls with curiosity and confusion blanketing their thoughts so once again she spoke,

“Another is your title, in honor of the otherworldly aura you twelve give off and the foreign souls you present to Akohana. “ She winks, walking over towards Aloe as she wraps her arms around the man, “If you wouldn’t mind, I’m going to give them a tour. “

With a sly wink, she pushes herself off the small man, “Follow me please~! “ She motions towards the group as she heads for the stairs of the second floor.

The Receptionist leads the twelve down a set of stairs that lead to the first floor. They entered a large circular room sporting windows of great size, they were translucent and held a green and yellow color that let light dance through onto the dusty wooden floors of the room. From above was a singular crystal chandelier that hung from the middle of the ceiling, the crystals lucent, reflecting light across the floor.

“Hmph, the training area hasn’t been much of use lately. Adventurers are always off, fending against the darkness that almost none of them have time to be here. It’s sad really, sometimes the greatest of warriors I meet are in here… it’s been ages since I’ve seen a new group. “

She walks towards the middle of the room, standing under the chandelier as she turns with a sweet smile tinged with sorrow. Her eyes focus onto the twelve, looking at the blessing that wrapped around their auras, she hoped that it would allow them to succeed and survive where others had failed.

Giving herself a push of encouragement her eyes close and then open again, this time with a determined look.

“Adventurers from another world. Interesting. “ She chuckles, “Knowing that you all have almost zero knowledge of the world you reside in, this will be tough. So I suggest that you all occasionally visit me and I will personally teach you the ins and outs of this ‘unknown’ world. But first Guild regulation demands me to teach you the very basics of adventuring. So after this, you may choose to leave with Aloe or stay for an extra-long history lesson. “ She laughs, winking towards the group.

“First there are the four classes. Warrior of who dominates the frontlines, magicians who offer utility and explosive firepower from the backline. Rogue who weaves in and out of the conflict to take out key targets, and finally the gunsmen who can offer additional support and damage from the distance. These four classes are dictated upon the usage of stamina and mana, the two energies that are the most prevalent in Akohana. Stamina is aligned with strength, vigor, and endurance which relate to the three classes, warrior, rogue, and gunsmen. While mana only aligns to the magicians. “

“These classes wield the power of two crystals, Mana and Stamina, to perform skills which are attacks embedded with one of the two energies. The more powerful a skill, the more energy it consumes, and the more exhausting it will be to use consecutively. But if you exhaust all your energy your body simply stops and becomes paralyzed you’d then have to wait for an hour for your energy to regen. Beginning adventurers always make this mistake and are the cause of their fatalities, I urge you to be careful for what skills you use and how you use them as they may be the cause of your death. “

“Hmph-- aside from that grim note you can learn skills from others if they are the same class as you or if the skill is simply a utility skill. By simply watching the casting process you are able to learn the ability and use what is known as skill points, which you earn by leveling up and killing monsters to learn the skill. “

“Skills are activated in many different ways. For stamina and mana based classes, skills can be casted be verbally casted or focused. Verbal casting is simply speaking the skills name to activate it, while focus casting requires you to imagine the skill, drawing on more energy in exchange for allowing you to use skills silently and at greater potency. For example. “

“ [Enflame] “ A ball of fire would form in the middle of her palm and just as quickly as it was casted it disappears. “And then, “ She closed her eyes, “I think of a torch. Remove the handle, and then I think of its flame finally you have… “ [Enflame] From her palm once again was another ball of fire, though this time it was noticeably larger than the previous one, burning brightly until it disappeared after a few seconds of it being casted.

“Be wise enough to know when to use these types of castings. Verbal casting is light and easy to use but reveals what action you are going to perform while focus casting is a smidgen longer and is potent but takes more energy. Balancing these two types of castings will allow you to become a better adventurer. “

“Now that you know the very basics I expect you all to remember them and use this knowledge to your full advantage. Stay safe, stay smart, and make sure Aloe didn’t choose incorrectly, alright?“ The receptionist winked at them one more time, regaining her more friendly, relaxed demeanor, before bringing them over to one side of the training hall, where a wide variety of weapons were stored. None of them looked new, of course, but the blades looked sharp, the armors looked polished, and above all…

“We don’t do this for most new adventurers, but seeing how Aloe’s investing, feel free to grab whatever you’d like from here for your equipment. They’re nothing special, but they’re sturdy enough to last you through your starting career as adventurers, so long as you take good care of them. And, hey, may as well take this chance to test out your skills as well.”

She gestured vaguely towards the many straw dummies that littered the area.

“Just don’t exhaust yourself or cause any accidents, y’hear?”

Your character card flashes and within the list of skills on your character card a skill named, Enflame is written in gray text.

Warrior, Rogue, Magician, and Gunsmen have learned...

  • |Utility| [Enflame], The caster summons a flame a miniscule flame that lasts for a short few seconds.
  • Requires 1 SP. (Skill Point )
@RC3 Alright! ^^ I'll make sure to notify you once the story calls for you! >:D
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Yuul City || Time : 10:00am || Weather : Clear

The portal closes as soon as the last soul of earth passes through. The elven man turns towards the group, ignoring the group's remark towards him as he speaks with a loud tone.

“Welcome children of earth to the great city of, Yuul. A place where all legends start! A place in which beginning adventurers go to seek the thrill of the unknown and fight the darkness which bombards the five great nations! “

With a swoon, the elf turns away from the group and points to a large building placed along the side of a hill, “That place! The adventurers guild! That is where all hero’s start, that is the place where many of you will cultivate your skill and become powerful! “

With a far off look, the elf turns to the group eyeing each one of them, “Hmph… though not many of you look like the adventurer-legendary-her-type, as soon as you register yourselves at the Guild Hall you’ll be whipped into shape! “ The elf giggles, turning away from the group as he motions them to follow.

The Guild loomed beside a hill, an oval structure constructed from dark, thick wood. Off to one side, banners depicting Yuul's colors could be seen, streaming streaks of orange, yellow and green, while atop the building were green-glass panels that emanated with light, giving the impression of a canopy. Similarly, large windows could be seen from the sides, the warmth of a cheery tavern casting radiating in the form of an orange glow. A bridge extending from the ledge of the hill allowed the Goddess's chosen easy access to the second floor of the building, while beneath, a boardwalk circled around the first floor, allowing one to enter the elevated Guild from below.

Crossing over the bridge with a springy step, Aloe stepped right up to the towering doors of the Guild. He placed both hands on either side and pushed it open, with nary a creak from the hinges. As familiar sounds and scents flowed past, the elven man turned back to his herd and, with a flourish and a bow, said, “Welcome, Children of the Earth, to the gem of the great city of Yuul: the Wayward Steps.”

To call the Guild vast would be an understatement; it was utterly cavernous, its ceiling reaching high, high above. Many large wooden tables were placed around, men and women of all races drinking and eating the day away. Some still had blood splattered over their armor, while others looked as if they had just rolled out of bed. In the back, were two counters, placed a good distance away from each other. One looked ostensibly like the counter of a classy bar, gleaming bottles of alcohol slotted in the shelves while a dapper man cleaned a mug eloquently. Another was lit up by the blue crystals, the azure light a beacon that separated that particular area from the warm ambience of the lanterns that illuminated the rest of the space.

Marching up and fully expecting his herd to follow, Aloe smiled wide at the receptionist manning the counter. “Darling,” he waved, leaning in for a hug and a kiss on the cheeks, “I’ve brought in a buncha kiddos for you to register! They don’t look like much but trust me, they’re definitely favored by my goddess beloved, one way or the other.”

With a high pitched chuckle, she looks towards the silver-haired elf man, “Healer of the Stixx, has it already been two year’s since I’ve seen you? You look so grown. “ The woman laughs as she rests her elbows on the counter, “What brings you here? “

Aloe leans in closer, whispering into the woman’s ear.

“Ohh… “ The blonde laughs as she pushes herself off the counter and looks at the group. “You do realize how much gold this will cost right? “

“Bah! Don’t worry about that, darling. “ The elf man winks towards the receptionist as he turns to motion one of the twelve to go forward, “Here! Just go at it! “

The receptionist winks at the smaller elven man as she bends over to grab a deck of cards and singular crystal from under the counter, placing them onto the counter.

She motions to the child of earth, "Now. This process is very simple, all you have to do is place your hand on the crystal and take a card from the deck! This will determine whether you'll be one of the four main classes of adventurers, Warrior, Magician, Rogue, and Gunsman. These classes will determine what sort of abilities you can and cannot do and what weapons you will be able to wield. " With the brief explanation, she moves the crystal and deck of cards forward to the child of earth, “I’ll explain more once you all finish. “

As you place your hand on the crystal and card you feel a rush of two separate energies that pulsates through you, the crystal begins to glow as the card in your hand begins to shake. The crystal flickers with a blue and green light until only one color stays dominant. And as you set the crystal back down onto the counter you see that your character card has been filled with information describing your race and class.

He watches the beam of light dissipate into the sky after it had been casted, almost instantly his elven ears could hear the shuffling of bushes, branches breaking, and the sound of distant voices that are confused. His wooden staff disappeared into his robes as he hopped off from the log he stood on. His short stature became more apparent, his ears had bulged out of his green cloak. And so there he stood, patiently waiting as one by one the children of earth mustered into the clearing.

The children were not of what he had expected, a good majority of them where past adulthood and only a handful looked as if they were teens. The goddess had stated that he’d be leading the children of earth, though maybe she was referring to their origins, Earth. With a deep sigh the elven man lightly hit his own shoulder, he shouldn’t have had expected children, the goddess was awfully obscure.

Ignoring his error in judgment, the man threw his cloak off in a dramatic manner. His staff in hand as he stabs it into the ground. As his cloak is thrown onto the forest floor, there stood a man of short stature. He was skinny, his silver like hair flowed down onto his back. The elf had feminine features, soft looking lips, and dark blue eyes, though clearly elven his ears were longer than most elven people. The elven man then speaks, “HELLO! “ His voice echoes, “I am, Aloe. Healer of the Stixx, and zealot of the Goddess of Howling Winds or Alaela. I am your guide, children of earth. I will be helping you in your adventurers of glory and fame! “

With one swift movement, Aloe turns away from the group as his staff begins to glow once, closing his eyes for a few moments until opening them, revealing a pair of glowing blue eyes. “Rip open, a line in between space I command thee to open, revealing a place. “ His voice echoes throughout the forest. Seconds pass until a sound of a bell ringing is heard and from this noise, the area in front of Aloe begins to distort, twisting and twisting until it rips. The rip expands revealing…

From the rip in space, a different flow of air poured out. A new set of sounds emitted from the rip, “Now then. “ Aloe turns towards the group with a large smile on his face, “Follow me! “ He picks up his staff from the ground, his eyes returning to their normal color as he steps through the rip in space.


Yuul Forest

Time : 6:52am | Weather : Clear

An elven man sits on a forest log, his legs crossed as he patiently awaits for the children of earth. The elven man was a devout follower of, Alaela. Days before his arrival in the Yuul forest and the goddess had called onto him for a great task that would aid in the battle against darkness and obviously he had to accept. With a great task granted to him he eagerly awaited the arrival of the souls and as he waited, twelve pillars of light danced across the skyline and landed in multiple area's along the forest. The man smirks, pulling out a wooden staff from within the confines of his robes as he stands with a confident pose, "Finally. "

With an energetic strike he stabs his staff into the groun and begins to chant, "Grant me a great light that shoots across the horzion, a beam in which is enchanted by the radiant light of Azula." And from his chant his staff glows, strands of light wrapping around its shaft as suddenly a bright beam of white light shoots into the sky from his staff, hopefully grabbing the attention of the souls.

Tale of the Collected Souls

Ulro stands with a stern posture, looking over the goddess dressed in white. He watches her strumming the strings of her instrument, “Alaela. Are you prepared to guide these souls? “

“ Yes sir. “

“And do you know the repercussions if you fail? “

The goddess looks down, and weakly responds, “Y-..yes. “

The god nods, kneeling down beside the goddess as he grabs the goddesses instrument and throws it across the abyss. “Out of all the gods in the pantheon, you are the weakest. A human turned goddess. “ The god chuckles, his hands traveling to the goddesses neck, “If you fail this simple task, I will violate every single part of your being until you know success. “ With a booming laugh, he pushes the goddess to the ground and stands.

“Pathetic. “ He whispers under his breath before a cloud of black smoke covers his body and then quickly disappearing.

Alaela sits up, tears rolling down her cheeks as she looks to her left, her instrument broken in two. With a shaky breath, her hand reaches for it, the broken instrument mends itself together and then appears on her lap.

She stares at her instrument, the only remnant of her human self. Every note that she played, every song that she wrote was a reminder of who she was. A human. Her instrument was a part of her being, a piece of her soul that transformed into what she loved the most. Her tears dripped onto her instrument, she watched the droplets evaporate as they fell onto the strings.

The goddess felt like crumbling, her body shook in fear her thoughts steered toward Ulro. Her hands shook, almost unable to play her instrument. With deep breaths, the goddess focused onto her instruments-- it’s strings lightly glowing as she placed her hands onto its strings. With another deep breath, the goddess began to play a progression of notes that soon morphed into a song that was delicate and soft. Her fingers light against the strings as she played, her tears disappeared.

That was her strength, her music was the confidence she needed. Though she was in a position of abuse, she found a way to keep her hope and faith that someday the great light would answer her wish. And as she played her song, a soul of earth appeared in front of her.






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