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Current If a ghost was haunting me I wonder if they'd be concerned about the amount of times I randomly shout "KONO DIO DA!" throughout the day.
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I just remembered that I once read a creepypasta about slenderman killing Hitler and it was actually pretty good. Grammar-wise and stuff I mean, but it was about still slenderman killing hitler :|
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I wanted to find out how to communicate to wild Buns that I am their ally but it's a bit late because there's only one around our house now ;_;
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"I'm pretty sure if a Panther could go golden after slitting the throat of an Antelope and watch it bleed to death, it would." -


Something something it'll be years

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"Well now, that sounds interesting." King said, with a cat tucked under his arm. He quickly typed out a reply.

I'm in the area, I'll be coming over.

The cat wriggled free from his arm. It wouldn't matter too much, he could always find it again. He knew there was one missing cat in the apartment complex. He'd planned on finding it last, but there would be plenty of time for the others.

A little bit later...

"Well, isn't this a bit of pickle!" King called out, coming from inside the room the student was in. It looked like he'd flown up to the third floor from outside, even though Brutus hadn't told him where the room was. He had the student draped over his shoulder, still unconscious.

"I can take 'em down to the ground since it looks like you've got your hands full." He said to Brutus. "I'll also stick around, anything else you think I need to know?"
Well, my verdict's going to be a bit weird, so bear with me for a bit ^^;

As far as Mephisto goes, I never gave a description and I never settled for one either because his appearance hasn't been so important, and I don't feel like it'd be that important either. What you've got for Mephisto would obviously suit him, but in general I picture Mephisto being a bit less serious than most of the pictures there. He's big and dangerous, but he because he's big and dangerous he doesn't have to care about anything he doesn't feel like, so he's always been a bit whimsical but purposefully so.

As far as Alto goes, I also never figured it'd be too important because you'd probably be blind most of the time while you were fighting him. I am partial to your choice, but it sort of feels like long hair would be a pain to deal with while fighting people.

King I described as being kind of normal like, so think like the 'normal' male main character of any given high-school anime, and make them a bit more normal and maybe give them a haircut before putting King's clothes on him.

And as for Clara, all I had pinned down were long hair and red eyes, but those'd be optional I think? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyway, her height is sort of significant to me though. She'd be taller than Bak, but she'd be about even with Alto I'd imagine, maybe slightly taller.
The black worms aren't very strong, so they won't be a combat encounter. Mostly they'll just fly at you and try to bite you, and that's about all they can do. You don't really have to fight them either, since they've been ordered to just stay on the stairs to the third floor.
Opportunity, Are you there?

What exactly gave ghosts form? Ghosts were the energy remnants of Demons trapped in this plane. Without a gateway to the Otherworld, their energy was trapped here without an ego. Yet despite their origins, they took the form of humans a lot of the time. Perhaps they just changed to reflect what the normal things were around here, but who knew?

The page of contract with the demon tiger she'd sent downstairs vanished. It hadn't lasted awfully long, but it served its purpose. She continued to walk towards the third floor. Elsewhere it seemed like her Committee was having a hard time, they'd probably want to hurry a little bit. They might have an altercation pretty soon if they stayed, but if that happened she'd have ways of keeping them out of trouble.

St. Laurel's wasn't here in an official capacity, if they fought her Student Committee, the most they could do was capture them and leave them tied up somewhere. If that happened, it'd be relatively easy to make them vanish. Even if they were arrested they could always 'disappear' en route to the station.

She turned her mind from such matters to the situation at hand. Their numbers were somewhat limited, but they would be enough as long as their numbers remained an unknown to the St. Laurel's students. Climbing the stairs to the third floor, the screaming ghost fell past her.

As she continued to climb, it kept falling, and falling, and falling...

"Silence." She muttered, a black aura emerging from her open Grimoire.

Black worm-like creatures began to stream out from the page. They made a bee-line for the ghost and began to eat away, the specter shrieking all the while.

"Stay and attack," She ordered. The black worms skittered and went to hide in the shadows.

Whoever came up the stairs was in for a surprise, but the only thing special about the worms was their reproductive ability and their ability to consume incorporeal objects. They were mostly there for telling her when someone would be coming up the stairs.

Their mother would react when one of them was killed. She wanted her primed for if she would ever need to summon her...
@Renny Your character seems good! Move him over to the character tab :D
Second floor and above Info from Discord:

The second floor's pretty much clear. I said before that there aren't any students on this floor, so you can run through it without checking rooms. Do be mindful however that Mephisto's students are on this floor, however, and they corralled a bunch of imps into the hallway. You have free reign to plow through the imps, but the Mephisto's students will be a problem.

For the sake of moving the pace along, please limit yourselves to 1 on 1s, if you fight at all. Otherwise make a break for the third floor and begin searching rooms.

There are two St. Laurel's students to be found on the third floor. Which room they are located in is up to either the co-gm or me, depending on who's present. They'll be unconscious and with a standard amount of imps around them.

On the 4th floor there's one student, on the 5th floor there's another two, on the 6th there's none (and you can pretty much time-skip checking rooms), on the 7th there's two, and on the 8th there's one with a final boss, probably. We'll see how tired we get, I guess.

Please mention beforehand in the general RP thread which rooms you will be checking so that we can confirm whether there's a student inside or not.

Room numbers are level number followed by room number, starting at x01 from the left hall going right, up the stairs.

For example, level 3 rooms would go 301, 302, 304… etc.
Alto was gone. There were two other Student Council members finishing their duties, but the Student Council President had left before them. The remaining members almost didn't notice William entering.

"Oh William? Were you looking for Alto?" One of them asked. Narrative role of familiarity made them see him as another council member. That reaction perhaps meant another council member had entered in a similar manner. "He left a little while ago, he still had time to organize his desk though."

If William were to go to his desk, he'd see some stacks of papers. It was mostly admin work for tournament preparations, but there was something more interesting underneath. A bit of a dossier on Mephisto, it would seem. 'Photocopy' was clearly printed on the corner. It contained information on Mephisto's known history and businesses, but nothing much about his personal life or anything about him really. It did however contain information on where his businesses were located.

Why Alto had this was anyone's guess, but if William was having difficulty with getting leads, perhaps starting a little bit smaller in scale might help.

@Letter Bee
Alright everyone, now's the time for our first controlled combat encounter. Instead of going back and forth post by post, there's going to be a combat encounter text channel in the discord where whoever's fighting can talk out what they do. Hopefully it'll cut down waiting time, but it may or may not depend on people being awake. In that case I'll hand over control of the encounter to someone else.

With that out of the way, here's the moves for the tiger.

Swipe - The tiger slashes with its claws. Enough to put deep scratches in the walls, best not get hit unless you have some defence on you.
Bite - Stronger than a swipe, and it'll hold onto you if it gets you. Needs to be close enough to use it though, obviously.
Lunge - Jumps at you to attack with a swipe or a bite. You can see its eyes homing in on a target, and it preparing before lunging so it's possible to dodge but difficult.
Shock - It can emit a short-ranged electric shock. The shock isn't too strong, but it'll knock melee opponents back. The lightning counts as magic, but the source of the lightning is deep inside the tiger so magic dispelling won't get rid of all of it at once.

Generally speaking, the tiger acts like a normal tiger and will attack whoever's closest. If it manages to wound someone seriously though, you'll have to distract it to get it off of them.
Opportunity, We Are Here

How foolish to send a rescue party outnumbered by the people they were yet to save. Or perhaps the foolishness belonged to the one who'd tied their own hands to begin with. Still, it wasn't as if she could unleash all of her minions and expect it to be over within a few seconds. She'd need to test their powers.

"Grimoire, come to me." Clara muttered, an ornate black book appearing in her hand.

The Black Book was her blessing from the Gods. The thought that all gods were just and kind was wrong. They gave their blessings to humanity so that they might repel the Ancient Evil, but their reasons were not all the same. To give power is such a simple thing for them. And yet, this power was everything for the humans. The Black Book was curious, because it has the capacity for good or evil.

Subservience until death, even for the most powerful Demon if the ritual is performed correctly. However, the God of Death does not discriminate between human, demon, or otherwise. It can be unleashed on anyone, or anything.

"Yes... This will do." She decided.

This one was a relatively powerful familiar. A demonic tiger, fast, agile, and it packed a nasty surprise for close-range fighters. They shared a look, before it began to lope down the stairs. Clara turned and walked towards the next floor.

"Now, let's begin in earnest."
Mephisto's students are now on the second floor. You can continue to clear out the first floor if you wish, there's no rush just yet.

Clara will be standing menacingly near the entrance to the second floor. If you find her, I'll want you to stop for a second so I can monologue with her. :D
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