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10 hrs ago
Current Guh... My illness flared up and I'm basically stuck on the couch... Barely slept, feel like hell, and yet I can only rest for so long. Things to do... -Sighs- ;-;
2 days ago
While play wrestling with my boyfriend, my dog starts shoving a toy against my head from behind (common thing). He says to me "That's not a toy." I look and she's hitting me with a swiffer duster. XD!
7 days ago
When you really want to RP, but it feels like the 'oomph' you desire isn't in any of the ones you're starting...
8 days ago
When you wake up and you immediately start planning for a nap later in the day... -Yawns-
10 days ago
Lol! You guys are funny.
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Greetings, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I am the charming Dru!
I'm from the rainy state of Washington!
I'm female through-and-through and I'm considered to be kind of on the dominant/masculine side of the tracks. -Flexes.-
Roleplay has been a part of my life ever since I was a young girl (10ish?), so that gives me a long 17 or so years of roleplaying experience!
All and all, I'm a very friendly person! I enjoy chit-chat with strangers!

:D If you have any questions, just ask!

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-Sighs- What a night.
Well, what else is there to say?

A lot, actually. Hi! -Waves-

I'm Dru!

() I'm looking for a male, 18 or older*, who can roleplay at a HIGH-casual to advance level
(Long and detailed when needed, and shorter when not, etc).
* The reason for 18 or older is not because adult content (though I am open to it if you are in appropriate spots), but because I'm too old to RP with kids. More so, if there is adult content, it's illegal under law whether you're pretending to be a random character or not if you are under 18...

() I am looking for a male partner who is willing to play Wesker (and Chris too if you want, but we can double or Chris is you prefer). I have an OC I'll bring in to create the story in my head.
() RP over PMS.
() Please, have time to RP.
() Be mature, as in don't throw fits over nothing.

If interested in discussing further, PM Me. :D

Okay! -Waves- Bye for now.

So, I am missing a spark I desire in RP, and I have an RP that I'm craving to do with the hope that it will bring that spark.

If you're thinking of applying, please make sure you generally fit the description of what I seek in a partner below:

* 18+ (it's not a smut RP, but I'm too old to RP with kids).
* High-Causal + (decently long posts when able, shorter when needed, with proper grammar, spelling, and structure).
* Ability to post a few times a day (not required for every day, but give me something to work with).
* Help me build the story/plot. Don't just leave it to me.
* Play multiple characters, main and NPCs. This plot calls for it.
* Don't control my char (I feel this shouldn't need to be said).
* Willing and able to RP in PMs.

We can discuss characters and things of that nature in PMs.

Send me a PM if interested.
-Cracks her neck.-


So, life has finally calmed down and I'm ready to get back into Roleplay.

Over the 15+ years of roleplaying experience I have (I'm old, shut up), I've met only a small handful of roleplayers who went above and beyond to make the RP work. They contributed, helped lead when needed, and were open to numerous categories.
When one ends, they are quick to start something new.
If one fails, they don't play the blame game and we simply understand it didn't fit one of us or we grew bored, so we move on to the next.
We become friends outside of the RP, able to talk, keep in touch, and share personal and non-personal stuff if it suits us.

I'm looking for more roleplayers like this. One, two, a handful, don't care! I'm just looking.

In this thread, I'm not stating RP plots or pairings, just what I'm seeking in a partner. Once we've found one another, we can work on deciding on a plot (either one of our own or a new one). I will tell you a bit about myself though.

Here's what I look for:

1 ) You're a MALE and 18 or over.
2 ) You are able to roleplay on a High Casual level or higher (this means you also know proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. Errors happen, but I shouldn't see them every sentence).
3 ) Willing to RP through PMs.
4 ) Open to adult subjects and content as needed (that doesn't mean RPing pure smut...unless you want to?).
5 ) You have time to roleplay and won't make me wait days on end between every post.
6 ) Open to most Genre, though disliking one or two is fine.
7 ) Accepting of my weird character design (I'll explain some other time).
8 ) Mature and doesn't like pointless blame-games or fighting over pointless things.
So, if I decide our styles won't mix or you're not up to the level I need you to be, I'll let you know politely. Don't throw a fit. :)
9 ) Able to play more than one character at a time (secondaries, NPCs, etc).

If the above sounds like you, send me a PM and we'll go from there!

Oh, but the best opener is telling me a little about yourself, including preferred genre and any you avoid, as well as the type of characters (personality wise) you like to play.

When it comes to my own little bits o' info, here you go.

I'm 27, have plenty of time to RP, and can and usually will post multiple times a day if the partner does as well.
When it comes to Genres, I like most, but tend to avoid anything too 'slice of life' where it's just boring.
I don't play kids and prefer my characters to be early to late twenties if playing humans.
I'm considered dominant in character personality.
I am NOT into playing vampires, demons, etc. You can, but I personally don't care for them and like to build my character's design on my own without pushing a stereotypical race on her.

If you're interested, I hope to hear from you soon!
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