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26 May 2017 21:44
Current :/ Okay, I literally pulled a muscle behind my neck/shoulder by sewing a shirt this morning... Only I can accomplish such such idiotic means...
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26 May 2017 0:23
When you know you might be homeless in a month... Guh, the stress is mounting...
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24 May 2017 3:23
:( I need a hug.
22 May 2017 23:38
-Gasp- Mahz visited my profile. O_O; WHAT DID I DO WRONG THIS TIME!? Lol.♡ Kidding. Kidding.
22 May 2017 21:00
I so spooky scary. 👻♡👻♡👻♡👻


Greetings, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I am the charming Dru!
I'm a twenty-seven year old from the rainy state of Washington!
I'm female through-and-through and I'm considered to be kind of on the dominant/masculine side of the tracks. -Flexes.-
Roleplay has been a part of my life ever since I was a young girl (10ish?), so that gives me a long 15 or so years of roleplaying experience!
All and all, I'm a very friendly person! I enjoy chit-chat with strangers!

:D If you have any questions, just ask!

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@BellBottomBlues lol Well, given it says to PM, lol, you wouldn't know if people were contacting me. :3 <3

But yes, originally, it's modern setting. It can also be slightly futuristic if someone wants it to be.
It's based off a dream I had (such an awesome dream!).
Howdy-do, I'm Dru!

I got a few cravings, so we'll jump in and get this out of the way.

* 18 + simply because I'm too old to be RPing with anyone younger at this point.
* Looking for Males only right now.
* High Casual to Advance +.
* PMs for RP.
* Ask if you have questions...


Let's start with originals...

Aaaaand now let's move to series! ONWARD!

Avatar ~ The Last Airbender // Adult Zuko x Female OC

Naruto // (Your Options for main: Kakashi, Adult Neji, Might Guy, Itachi, Jiraiya, or Gaara) X Female OC
** We'll be doing a lot of playing of characters from the show. The plot will vary depending on who you play.

Slayers // Zelgadis X Female OC X Other characters from the show.

Resident Evil // Wesker or Chris x Female OC
** No matter who you play, the other will be a secondary.

Dragon Ball Z;
I have a big plot I'd like to do and it takes attributes from a lot of the series, all over, it's big. We'll talk. ;)

And with that...yeah. PM me for more info or to RP!
:3 New day.
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