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6 hrs ago
Current Broke up a dog fight today. Only got one nice mark across my leg from a canine dragging across it as I got the dogs apart. Yey me! No dogs hurt.
2 days ago
Guh, just did sprints... 100-yards 5 times... My boxing coach told me I should do those. My dog thought we were going to play ball. She's mad at me right now. Lol. A few choice words later...
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3 days ago
Really, Photobucket, really? I'm not paying you $400 a year to post my images on other sites. -_- I can do that for free elsewhere.
4 days ago
Just bought my own pair of boxing gloves. Going to stick with this. Add in my Psychologist and, hopefully, I'm on the right track to mental recovery.
7 days ago
Broke up with the guy I was seeing. I'm not in a proper state of mind, due to the last few months, to try and build a 'healthy relationship'. I need a healthy mental state first.


Greetings, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I am the charming Dru!
I'm from the rainy state of Washington!
I'm female through-and-through and I'm considered to be kind of on the dominant/masculine side of the tracks. -Flexes.-
Roleplay has been a part of my life ever since I was a young girl (10ish?), so that gives me a long 17 or so years of roleplaying experience!
All and all, I'm a very friendly person! I enjoy chit-chat with strangers!

:D If you have any questions, just ask!

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@GinPM Me. :D
I have internet! I am back! Yey!

Through the years, I've had the honor of meeting people who I consider the best roleplayers in the rules (when it comes to being a partner for myself). These are roleplayers who are in for the long haul, who stay around to roleplay through multiple stories over a long period of time! If one doesn't work, we move on. We become friends outside of RP and work together to create awesome stories!

I'm looking for a few new RPers, or just one! Don't care!

In this thread, I'm not stating RPs, just what I'm seeking in a partner. Once we've found one another, we can work on deciding on a plot (either one of our own or a new one).

Here's what I look for:

1 ) You're a MALE and 18 or over.
2 ) You are able to roleplay on a High Casual level or higher (this means you also know proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. Errors happen, but I shouldn't see them every sentence).
3 ) Willing to RP through PMs.
4 ) Open to adult subjects and content as needed.
5 ) You have time to roleplay and won't make me wait days on end between every post.
6 ) Open to most Genre, though disliking one or two is fine.
7 ) Accepting of my weird character design (I'll explain some other time).
8 ) Mature and doesn't like pointless blame-games or fighting over pointless things.

If the above sounds like you, send me a PM and we'll go from there!
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