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Current I'm not usually fussed on these things but this actually hurts. A good listen if anyone has the time .
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Casual reminder that it is still gay frogs week - keep your eyes on the skies so those chemtrails can't poison our water
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Cut down the tall trees!
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Hope you guys all enjoy your Internet providers selling off your smutty 1x1s to the highest bidders!
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That last episode of RWBY - ohhh boyyyyyy!


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Also was that some nuclear missiles Maisy found? O: Definitely nuclear missiles!
Oh Forgot to add I must Attend and association meeting (Have dinner with my runner's club at the pub and discuss our Beer Run}

Might be an hour perhaps two before I can answer any questions in detail

Chunder mile? O:


"I never poison those I care for"
Glad there's someone on her whitelist :3
I like to have little stumbling blocks to Amy getting her on her knees :P
Lyra doesn't do relationships if that's something :3
That looks simultaneously dangerous and a whole lot of fun!

Also, neighbours?
I know, what a bitch! We're not used to these ;-;
Why I might not be on tonight in one image:

As Lyra finished off speaking to Hector and April, something inside her told her that she was being watched. When the two trooper leaders agreed to help her, she whirled around and scanned the camp. It wasn't too difficult to find who it was as she made it fairly clear. Summer wasn't just watching but in listening distance as well.

She held her gaze, her own harsh winter eyes immovable as the small girl began to sing. Lyra had no time for self-declared witches who were nothing more than botanists with god complexes. Witchcraft was about as real as Amy's sex life.

Still, her mind couldn't help but kick at her as she realised that Summer had heard her instructing two troopers to ignore the will of their commander. Insubordination carried a heavy penalty and she knew Summer was close to the commanding officers. She held her cards however, it was likely the so-called 'witch' had something between her temples and making enemies with a rising Techie was not a good idea. If she reported to Amy, however, then everything was fair game. There was no length her senior wouldn't go to just to fuck her over.

"Fuck off Summer." She finally settled on. She didn't know if she had heard her but it gave her a kick anyways.

Eventually, she left with her ravens and Lyra could move on past mystics who thought they were something. She had a supply cache to man. She used her horse to carry the refill supplies she was responsible for and lead him along as the troopers departed. With a quick scan of the area, she watched with darkening eyes as Amy made the climb to Summer's crack-den. So that was the game they were playing then. Snorting, she turned back to the task at hand and drifted along with the group.

Eventually they arrived and she unpacked, laying everything out. Maisy made herself busy dispatching a nearby walker with a backpack which would produce a map that Lyra would have got her grubby hands on if it wasn't for the clear ring of a gunshot in the neighbourhood.

The wooden mace at her side suddenly got a whole lot heavier as she looked about for some sort of reaction from a higher up. Impulse got people killed out here - the best thing was to leave it to people who knew what they were doing. But that didn't stop her from ducking down into her supplies to find a weapon that would serve her better against a firearm.

Eventually April returned with a small child in-hand and the all-clear was given. Lyra breathed a momentary sigh of relief before she saw the approach of a runner from the troopers. If she was lucky it would be a resupply but Lyra was never particularly lucky. The fact that they personally requested her piqued her interest and simultaneously made her cautious. Everyone and their granny knew that Lyra was a shit trooper - she could fix up an engine quicker than she could dispatch a risen. But it was a command not an offer so she gave a quick nod to James to cover her duties as she buckled on a rucksack. She might as well get something out of it.

As her and the runner returned to the main group, she didn't waste time waiting until the others had left Darric to lay into him. "Any particular reason you got a techie on resupply duty to come out instead of the large collection of knuckle draggers back in the reaction force? Or do I not really want to know the answer to that?" Lyra didn't have much regard for his rank above her or the fact that she had to crane her neck just to speak to him. Then again she was six years his junior and a blonde so it wouldn't take much to incapacitate him.

Tonight for the first time in two weeks i have no Migraine

See, progress!
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