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Current Casual reminder that it is still gay frogs week - keep your eyes on the skies so those chemtrails can't poison our water
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Cut down the tall trees!
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Hope you guys all enjoy your Internet providers selling off your smutty 1x1s to the highest bidders!
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That last episode of RWBY - ohhh boyyyyyy!
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Awk sure it'll be grand, Spud!
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@The One
Zeus does have shapeshifting powers, as seen in one of the most famous stories of him in which he turns into a swan to seduce Leda.

Also I probably won't be partaking in this. The changes made aren't really my cup of tea and I don't have the time.
In Olympus Academy 24 May 2017 0:32 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Hudson is still a human character with human traits. Zelma is edge in the shape of a human being.
In Olympus Academy 22 May 2017 22:46 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Acacia is a she.

ITT: we're edgy I'm guessing.
In Olympus Academy 21 May 2017 23:25 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Too quiet guys! QQ
In Olympus Academy 20 May 2017 0:34 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Was just wondering that myself! Perfect storm of offline people maybe? Anyways, post is up!
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Exhausting. That was the word that sprung to mind as she bumbled along in the back of some Greek bus. Zeus was kind enough to schedule a flight from New York to Athens but the rest was pretty much up to her. She wouldn't have minded some help from her supposed mother but she was intending to go as long as she possibly could without talking to her and her mother was apparently reciprocating that. That left her, a jet-lagged American in the middle of Greece without the faintest clue how to speak Greek. She picked up bits and pieces, strangely, but the most of it was lost on her.

How she got this far and managed to get water and cigarettes surprised even her. After more than enough vigorous poking at maps paired with exaggerated English, she found a bus to where she wanted to go.

Thankfully, she was kitted out for the journey. Or so she thought. A tank top, shorts, hiking boots and a pair of aviators suited wonderfully for the rest of the Greek weather but by the time the bus got to its stop, she began to regret her clothing choice. It was raining. Badly. Wonderful; just wonderful.

And so, she trudged for over an hour with her camping bag through the pouring rain to somewhere she wasn't even certain existed. Finally, she rounded down into some sort of lake district. There was a road down and from the outside, it appeared to lead into a stack of trees but all the cars went down that way so she guessed that was her destination. When she got about halfway down, what was an empty field moulded into a sprawling Academy within a blink of an eye. She rubbed her eyes just to make sure she was seeing right and, surprisingly, she was.

What she found at the end of that road left her no less confused. She knew she had a few powers but nothing major. What she found was a girl who seemed to share a few features with a cheetah. Then there was the guy with the wings and a few people off to the side practising with weapons. And, saving the best to last, a guy surfing in the fountain. Ok.

Fixing her aviators and adjusting her drenched mop of hair, she spotted someone on a bench not too far away. They looked a little intense and unapproachable but them again, so did she so she counted it as a good sign. Plus the bench was covered by a tree.

Meandering past other teenagers making their way to the entrance, she finally reached the bench and collapsed down onto it. Sitting her bag to the side, she pulled out the box of cigarettes she bought earlier and lit one up, taking a slow draw of it. The familiar taste of coffee filled her lungs as she watched the courtyard in interest. Not moving herself too much, she extended the box towards the other girl. "Cigarette?"


Alex woke with a start, a bump in the road causing him to shudder awake as he cautiously observed his surroundings. He had been sleeping against the window. Once he was certain of his safety, he settled back into the seat and watched the road carefully. He had landed in Athens and been picked up by helicopter which got him most of the journey. The rest was a drive in a range rover by some satyr that looked more muscle than anything else. He appeared like a normal bodyguard to anyone else though so it all worked out. Leaning forward, he flicked on the radio which didn't produce any sort of reaction from his driver so he started flicking through the stations. Most of it was pretty awful out in rural Greece but he finally settled on one station and sat back.

"You don't talk much, eh?" He murmured, running a hand through his hair. Once again, the driver remained stoic and didn't respond. "I'll hazard a guess and say you don't like your job? Pays well I'm guessing; you know, getting funded by the King of the Gods and the Queen of Sweden." He yawned and realised he wasn't going to get any conversation from this fellow so sat back and relaxed.

The rest of the drive was mostly devoid of any action. The weather worsened and from that, he guessed that they were close. The Gods weren't in a very good mood with one another which caused a reflection of tensions back on Earth. Either that or someone had annoyed Demeter. Both were fairly likely.

Finally they rounded the bend into the driveway for the Academy. His eyes were very accustomed to the mist so he had no problem seeing the stretched buildings from the entire way up the drive. Parking up, the Satyr gave him a dull look and he proposed this to be the end of the line. "Farewell, dear friend! Hopefully some lady goats or half-lady goats cross your path!" With that, Alex pulled the hood of his coat up and hopped from the range rover. Grabbing his bags from the boot, he watched for a moment as the car sped away back up the drive. He was quite fond of that driver.

Spinning on his heels, he eyed the courtyard. As per usual, there was quite a number of sights to behold and new Aphrodite kids made a good eighty percent of those sights. Somehow allowing his head to do the steering, he meandered over to the fountain. Demetrius was there. Or, more appropriately, Demetrius was partly there. "Deme what the fuck are you even doing? It's raining, man!" Rolling his eyes skywards, he trudged away from the son of Poseidon and spotted none other than his best friend - Riddley! Riddley and him had a rather special relationship in that he had spent the last three years seeing just how far he could push her before she pulled a knife on him. So far, his gut was still surprisingly intact. Not caring too much for the rain, he wandered over in her general direction. He liked to think that she got as much enjoyment from their conversations as he did. He did surrender the fact that it was mostly wishful thinking, however.

Alex found it easy interjecting himself into the conversation. His aura usually carried his words far above others, his voice enough to capture attention and his face able to hold that attention. "Riddley, where's the fliers!? How else am I meant to get my update of vitriolic Athena propaganda for the term?" Shaking his head in mock sadness, he didn't give her a chance to respond as he was off again, this time making for the main building. He had a feeling this was going to be an interesting year. But he also had the feeling that things were going to come to a climax.

@Afro Samurai
In Olympus Academy 19 May 2017 21:53 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Already have Acacia interacting with her! Post coming soon! c:
In Olympus Academy 19 May 2017 18:40 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Anyone need an interaction or waiting for something to do?
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Would you recommend reading the whole OOC thread - just thinking if anything significant was brought up earlier?

Ngl it's like 95% shitposting and I'm fairly certain I make up about a good 20% of that shit!

Also any thoughts on setting up a Discord or chat? O:
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You got a source on that gif? For a... friend... (Apoala)
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