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<Snipped quote by Nexus Prime>

Man, I wish your Spider-Man application for Marvel was that short.


The CS didn't need to be short for that; your lack of management ensured the game itself was short. :D
I'm not going into a Petty hole with you!

Too late. Welcome, it's quite spacious down here. And we get Wi-Fi.
I won't back down.
Alright, well. You be petty, @Byrd Man, and I'll go break some hearts.
<Snipped quote by Nexus Prime>

I'm so petty I'm mentioned on the liner notes of Full Moon Fever.

I doubt many others aside from us would understand that reference without the use of Google.
It was actually meant for Nexus but through accident became a diss towards you. Either or works for me.

You can't insult genius. Don't be petty.
So, I hear @Byrd Man gets a lot of praise and admiration for his character sheets. Here's what I think of that:

Note: Though I am submitting the proposal now, it'll be about a week before I am able to "officially" join. There are a few things that must be tended to in the real world, first.
Well, at this point, it seems as if I'm going to have to declare myself dropping out. As much as I'd love to continue my Spider-Man, especially with the hundreds of pages of notes and outlines I've done, this just isn't working for me.

Apologies, and best of luck in all future endeavors, to the lot of you.
By removing Smallville and Metropolis, however, you're also removing millions of people. Including other heroes that originate and operate out of Metropolis, which is the size of NYC. I get and completely support removing the memories and knowledge of Superman/Clark's existence from everyone, and even Krypton as the public would never know of it without him, but to also rid two locations, one of which is a major city, I think is a tad much.
'll try to get a post up in a day or so.

I'll post again once a couple others have. I don't like posting back-to-back in most RPs.
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