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Posted, the past week wasn't really my week. But I'll be concluding the battle after the next round of posts.

Despite the fiery sword that descended down upon the pirate Captain Valar, The Captain of the Shade Pirates remained calm over the oncoming attack that is parted in a good chunk of explosions. “Concealing Night,” The area upon the reach of Flint blade turned into the shadows in a mere instant, despite the wild explosions that have taken place. But the feeling of a chunk of metal shows that the attack did not get through.

“Tsk……” Captain Vara hissed at the sight of the looming oncoming Dragonfire.

Reaching on his power, Valar Expanded the range of his shadows, a trail of shadows were left upon for the forests of the Brown isle.

A whirling slash of his sword was heard from the area of darkness. The same sound as the one used on the first exchange of attacks with Alesia.

The Parting Winds soared out of the reaches of his sword, to collide with the dragonfire from above.

Swamps of Brown Isles
@The Rest
The dragonfire surged through with a rippling roar from the massive creature. A pillar of fire rained down the eerie forests. Tall trees burst into flames from the slightest embers. The fires of the dragon consumed the area around the two Captains. The air blurred around the scorching of dragonfires. The flimsy ground of the swamps shook as the Dragon's roar descended down the Swamps. Blackened trees toppled down one after another. Varla’s blade was drawn. That technique of the blade, Alesia had seen it twice. She was expecting for this to happen, in one way or another. If mere dragonfire could take him down. Aelsia lightened her weight against the shifting grounds of the lone swamps. She was sure that it was deliberate, but the reach of the winds did not go as far as the one that is unleashed at the crew of the scarlet Pirates.

Within the Burning Swamps

The captain of the Shade pirates seemed to have played the outcome to his own advantage. The surroundings of the site of battle between Valar, Flint and Alesia, was surrounded with dragonfire.

Valar frowned at the current situation. The suriging wind of Valar had Carved a small space within the relentless fire. But the anguished screams of Valkar’s crew had echoed beyond the ring of fires.

“You should be concerned with yourselves first. Both of you are cut off from your crewmates.”

A familiar swing of his blade, and the shifting winds drew the dragonfire towards the black haired captain. That was out of what Alesia had expected to use her crewmate’s attack to his advantage. “Night Wind”, the fires had started to darken from the fruit abilities of the enemy Captain.

“Block that attack for me, I’ll try something.” Alesia sneered at the sight of the menacing dragonfire. The last thing that she would want would be them fighting a person like Valar without the sense of sight. Thrice had she seen Valar did something like this, she hoped that this would go the way that she wants. With one stab towards the back, the winds extended beyond the tip of her blade, as the volley of winds surged beyond the walls of dragonfire.


The ground of the swamps rattled from the Dragonfire, and the Black Wind had been swept away by the dragonfire. A tint of grey still remained along the dragon.

Upon the falling trees, there is a realisation that the current area that Adam had scoured towards is the cliffside. Not far from the cliffside was a pirate flag. A pirate flag along with a few scrambled chairs and a couple food supply. On the ground was painted with an axe, but it was a symbol of a Jolly Roger rather than an actual X sign from the map. X marks the treasure, what the drunken pirates said back in the bar had some sort of truth to it.

The unstable ground had unearthed the corner of the wooden chest. Rattling sounds could be heard within the treasure box. Now that the Black Wind has been subsided by the dragonfire, to dig the treasure would be a good one.

The White Pearl
@EnterTheHero@Stern Algorithm
Arafal had found the whole charade to be less of a point. He was honestly prepared for a battle of some sort, but from how things goes, it would more be an exchange of words than blades here. And a very obvious question on why not to arrest her. It makes it harder to believe on the whole story, not that he would trust on that, anyhow.

“That’s a good question, Miss Handel. Most of the time, you wouldn’t be able to attack me should you happen to be a member of those Cipher Pol. and I wouldn’t be able to attack you too. So it makes it a fair one?”

Arafel nodded at the statement. It was obvious that he was only pretending to believe on the Cipher Pol story.

“And I don’t fight battles I can’t win. I suppose our exchange of words is over? There’s a new guy at the harbour.”

Arafel stood up to have a clear view from the side of the ship, and a sniff could be heard. “An unfamiliar face down there… I would be putting up on an act now, just a harmless crew pet here.”

Lying along the railings of the ship, Arafel took a quick good look towards the piers, taking a few glances at Coyote.
Klaus had pondered on where that Fleuri had gone. She decided to leave that girl alone, for better reasons of such. There will be later for when to question the kids. The last thing that she wants is that the annoying children to pester her once again. Walking towards the lone inn Klaus found Fleuri still in the same spot that she was in previously. Was it that the puppy Ennifer there all along? That was a bit awkward to see a knight to be finding a puppy just like that. But better than that to report to the Captain empty handed once she returns, she supposed. Crouching to see the underside of the Tavern, Klaus looked to find a puppy that was seemed to be hiding along.

Was that the Ennifer puppy that they were supposed to find? Klaus thought. But since things had led to this, she supposed that she wouldn’t want to let this effort go to waste.

“Ennifer, Ennifer,” Klaus stated in a less than obliged tone. She wasn’t too keen about doing the puppy quest. From slaying goblins to this. She thought to herself on whether it was worth to join the Knight of Iron Rose, and on whether the food of the place is well worth the cause of joining. But no matter, once the job of finding the puppy is done, she would be all over this job now. And to note on why she had to do something like that.
Valar can brighten or darken the area with his fruit, so he tried to use a flashbang technique called 'daybreak' at Willow, but Alesia attacked Valar before he could do anything with that moment's of distraction. In short, nothing much happened to Willow and she is on quite the safe side. But there's a dragonfire that would be looming down in any moment ~
Colour me interested, will work on a CS in a bit
Posted, will be putting away the mentions for now. Because I'm too lazy and I want to

@EnterTheHero - Looks good, accepted ~
Swamps of the Brown Isles

Alesia could see a glob of orange fires from the skies. She was sure for now, that the so called dragon is going to use the same stint from that time in the bar. The shroud of black wind has started gathering around the dragon during the time Bakuto charged. The last glimmer of light has surrounded the dragon, right before the dragon gets encapsulated into the black wind.

The long rustle of the forest has subsided from the finishing of the range of the sword. The surroundings of the pirates gunners are too dark for Aleisa to make out on what happened, but they had fell one by one.

That captain Valar frowned at the sight of the little fairy. Another of the pesky Zoan. His sword flashed into a grey tint, his left free hand stretched out with a trail of glimmer.

Around the area of the fairy of the will o’ the wisp, a bright flash of light enveloped the surroundings, so bright that it made the noon look like the night. That intended to blind the fairy. The pirate captain had kept track of the location of the fairy despite the blinding speed, the menacing sword of the Captain glimmered out to take the moment’s advantage of the distraction. Nothing happened to the fairy, it’s just… bright. The harmful thing was ready to be drawn from the hilt of the Captain.

The Snake’s Bite of Alesia’s blade meets the drawing of Valar's sword. The Bull Sweeps parrying away the firm dead thrust from Alesia‘s cutlass. Alesia lightened her weight from the first exchange of attacks.

Pulling her sword away off a tree trunk from her missed attack, Alesia glared at the face of Captain Valar. But good that the Fairy did away with the guns.

“That stab feels unnatural, is that one of those Devil Fruits?” Valar’s deep voice is well fitting of his tall height. “I ate the Tint Tint Fruit, I can change the colours from the light of the day, to the shades of the night.”

“Just fire!!!” Alesia shouted an order to the dragon of her crew.

The White Pearl

The Wolf Arafel contained his own laugh the moment here is a mention of treasonous words from the mouth of the so-called Cipher Pol. And suggestion of poison on his food. Letting out on an audible choke when the suggestion of treason is uttered.

There are just too many thing that does not fit very well into the picture.

“Sure, my apologies, Miss Cipher Pol Agent, But I’m not so afraid of those so called consequences that you say.” The wolf Arafel let out on what that it seemed like a sneeze on the side of the ship of the White Pearl. “Well… I wouldn’t be asking too much on how this crew happens to have a defected Marine Captain in the same crew, but it would be kind of you, if your captain would escort me to Loguetown. I’m sure you all would be heading to the Grand Line soon enough?”
Just an activity check here, to see if I'll have to bring the shutters down on this one ~

Making her way to the town centre, it seemed for her to be so. Back to the square one. However, the case, she had already been to the stupid tavern and found nothing of the sort. But this time, she’ll be going to have a few inquiries for the whole puppy charade.

Approaching the Girl Mae once again, Klaus asked, folding her arms against the cold metal gleam beneath her brown cloak, “I’ve been to the tavern, and found nothing of the sort that suggests a puppy. How about we find Ennifer together? Would be better if the Rissia would tag along.”

She wanted to keep the two suspicious group under watch, and should things prove necessary. But Of course, she hoped that she could find the puppy Ennifer.

Now to mention it, where is Fleuri? She thought that he was with her all along, but he seemed to have left at the tavern for some reasons to tell.

That was interesting, for Agnes looked at the shattered glass of the establishment. She was sure that the pink haired girl had only her first bottle of Ale. That was usually seen in the later hours, but perhaps it might be due to the recent delays of the trading festival. That might be understandable for tone merchant, or two of them? She thought, glancing a few gazes on the sight of the postman of the village, or was it a bartender? She wasn’t very sure about that, personally.

She had yet to see that girl Hina before. Was she one that had just arrived here? She thought.

But it might not hurt for taking a couple of drinks or two, and just to let herself to be less out of place.

“Just a goblet of wine would do for my morning.” She replied, straightening her fine linen sleeves. On the regards of books, she had enough of the copies for her new prose. And the trade festival would provide more than enough from the further countries. Agnes hoped that this festival would not be cancelled for good.

“I do like books, a few proses of History is all that I worked upon, still.”
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