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2 mos ago
Current Ah, yes, this place seems dead already
2 mos ago
I need more TWAU/Fables friends
2 mos ago
I figured stuff out


Heya, I am nonbinary and enjoy the following fandoms:

Ghost {the band}
Beetlejuice {Musical, Movie, Cartoon}
Castlevania {Netflix)
Sally Face
Seven Deadly Sins {Anime]
HxH {Anime}
Devilman Crybaby

Stuff I plan to get into:

My Hero Academia
Homestuck {Was into it back in the day, but I've forgotten most of what
it's about}
Castlevania {Games}
Dragon Age {Seems interesting}

Anywho, I am semi-literate or advanced depending on your style, I will match
what your style is. I'm new to this sight, so bare with me.

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@RedXIII I tend to look for more mature and understanding writers, ones who can write more than 3 sentences and ones that won't bicker when a character does something. I'm honestly hopeful people will offer to join the server aswell.
@Dr Lovecraft I didn't seem to get a notification for this, but basic knowledge is always good, especially if you played the game. Sadly You're the only person who's showed interest so far, but I'm glad you've replied. The fandom seems so dead :((

I've personally only read 3 of the 41 issues in the collection so far myself.
@Blackmist16 I wanna play the games so bad
@Kuro TWAU/Fables is honestly kinda dead, which sucks. Beetlejuice was really popular for a while because of the musical, but it seems it's died down aswell, but I'm glad to see at least Castlevania is still alive and kickin'. I'm into a lot more fandoms, I'm just forgetful and can't list them all.
@Calle Thank you! I appreciate the warm welcome! It's honestly confusing at first, I'm slowly learning how to navigate on here.
I'm looking for people to either roleplay on here or on a Discord server I made for TWAU/Fables out of boredom. I accept canon and some OC characters through easy access Google Forms applications. You must be LGBTQ+ friendly and just not an awful person. I've been into TWAU and Fables for a while now, and I'm getting really back into it because I was gifted a collection of the first 41 volumes of the comic series. Please DM me if you're interested in the server, and feel free to reply if you wish to rp.
Hi!! My name is Salem, I'm nonbinary and into several things, including The Wolf Among Us/Fables, Beetlejuice, and Castlevania. I look forward to being on this site.
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