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9 mos ago
Current I sometimes crave people, but then they visit me with their families and pets and kids and grandparents and suddenly I just want to be alone so I can sleep in peace. /sleepy
9 mos ago
You probably find this peanut, but this is the FIRST post ever on RPG for me made on a computer. The keyboard is making me shed tears of happiness. I LOVE YOU ALL. /blows kisses liberally
9 mos ago
It's been half a year since my odyssey to find the one true community for me. There is no escaping it, I realise: RoleplayerGuild owns the throne in my heart. Thank you all for making this place great
1 yr ago
The "Introduce Yourself" sub-board is heartwarming.
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1 yr ago
Upside, inside out, it's livin' la vida loca! That's what she's about, livin' la vida loca, livin' la vida locaaa! 🎵


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Occupation: Biology Teacher at Gekkoukan High


Occupation: School Nurse at Gekkoukan High

Honda Kaneki

Occupation: Student at Gekkoukan High

March xxx6

Iwatodai was a quiet place, and not in the good way. It was the boondocks, and I’d call it an outright backwater if not for some saving graces. The Aiya Beef Bowl is one that springs to mind. Very good place for a quick, filling bite. The Paulownia Mall was perhaps the one landmark that proved to me that this place wasn’t the very definition of Boreville.

Even the people seemed to match the place, at least, roughly half of the populace. Hot guys seemed to be a rarity, but hot chicks, they were everywhere. Schoolgirls, nurses, the usual kind of get-ups guys seem to be into nowadays. (On that note, I am, as well, but not for the reasons you might think.)

Anyway, back to the main point. Iwatodai was a quiet place. Note the past tense.

It was quiet, until I changed that.

April xxx6

"We should give ourselves a name!"

"I agree with Nami."

An intrigued chuckle. "Alright. What do you guys suggest?"

"Shadow Obliteration Squad?"

"That spells out S.O.S! I don't think it's the best omen."

"Okay, my turn! How abooout... Shadows Termination And Rescue Squad? It spells out STARS and makes us sound like a militant infiltrate and rescue team, right?"

"But STARS makes me feel like we're a bunch of idols. Isn't that a little... you know, full of it?"

"Fine, then does anyone else have a better suggestion?"

"Let's ask what the nominator has to say, eh? Well, Nami?"

"Hahaha!" The blonde made a 7 pose with her hand. Her green eyes were narrowed into slits as she looked around at her allies, "Of course I do have an idea. You know how only those with potential can see the Shadows and the horror unknown to the normal, right? So how about we call ourselves the SEES? It's almost like seize, but SEES spells out Specialised Extracurricular Execution Squad. We kick Shadow butts after school, and we're trained for it. Yeah?"

"Yeah! It sounds cooler, too."

"I have no disagreements with that."

A chorus of nods and concurrent quips.

"Then it's settled. Team, I am honoured to declare that from now on, we're the SEES."

October xxx6

It’s been half a year since the twerps formed their little group, and along the way, they actually managed to amass quite a number of like-minded kids. Kids playing at being adults. Kids thinking that they’re invincible.

Still, can’t blame them. It wasn’t as if they had any reason to believe otherwise. The dark hour comes, they fight, they win. Wash, rinse, repeat. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

It got boring. So, very boring, but I think I may have found a way out of the doldrums. As kids are wont to do, two of them appear to be falling in love with one another. It’s so, very intriguing, and so, very full of opportunities.

Do you know what I like about love? From such a wonderful emotion can come the worst of tragedies.

So I wrote one.

11 November xxx6

"This isn't the way I wanted us to graduate, Ryuu."

"Well, I'M SORRY? How about you teach me how you do it?! Nami. Died. That PUNK killed her!"

"We all saw it-"

"FUCK YOU ALL. Fuck you all for making the WORST mistake in history. You cost Nami her life and the love of my life... I damn you all to hell!"


30 November xxx6


December xxx6

"No one comes out to play anymore. It’s the end of the year, and I think it’s time I left and sought out new pastures. This place isn’t fun anymore."

January xxx6

... ...

30 January xxx6

A tall, skinny figure in pinstripe shirt and trumpet pants, feet covered in crescent shoes ending with bells, and a long grinning mask sat sprawled on his throne. "I'm so booored. Looking for new things has become boring for me!"

"W-Well, I have a su-suggestion if that is okay, boss?"


"H-How about we go look for OLD things?"

"Like old people? I think we just finished a few of them earlier. No thanks."

"I-I mean, old things... old places! How about somewhere we used to go?"

There was a pregnant silence, slowly lifted by a contemplative hum. "I guess we could. Where though?"


"Yikes. That place had been in tatters too quick. The people bore ME to death. Besides, I think those kids have left the town by now. Yami this, Yami that."

"N-Nami, boss... Maybe it's different now?"

"Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh-okay. Not like we have anything to lose. PACK UP, BOYS AND GIRLS. Next stop, Iwarodai!"

"I-Iwatodai, boss!"

I really freaking love your signature and avatar and just Junko in general. /doki

As for your story, were they high on something when they posted?
A 1x1 where the other player must have had a broken shift and period key cause apparently writing a single sentence for a multi paragraph RP is a thing.

This ... actually scares me. As someone with a short attention span and likely a phobia towards intimidating text walls (well-written or otherwise), this is a legit horror.

Might I also add that this person managed to get my character's name wrong... No not a misspelling... My character was, let's say, "Steve", and they called him "Phillip". Like how the fuck does that even happen? Did you even read anything about my characters and the RP?

I bet they said they were sleepy and stuff like that when you confronted them.


/wide eyes and mouth.

Uh, I might have misinterpreted that, but ... by "came on", you mean ...?


Someone forgot to return Skelly back to the science lab, obviously.
One guy, trying to keep up with the trend, wrote a sex scene where he described a blowjobs looking like... I think the word was "Headbutting"?

If he was trying to get the roughness across, he succeeded on that, at the very least.
Your worst roleplay experiences, group or 1x1. /brave face

P.S.: Thanks for sharing in advance.
I had high hopes for you until that retort happened.
I think I stumbled upon RPGuild by typing "roleplay guild". I think without the word guild, it would be less likely they see our home link.
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