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Current If the Soviet Union was reformed today, it would be called the Soviet Reunion.
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What do snipers feel when shooting people? The recoil.
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If I turned myself invisible and beat a mime to death, he would get a standing ovation.
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For your information, I don't care what race you are, what gender you are, what sexuality you are, or what you believe in, because I hate you all the same.
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WAKE UP gshabdahb MAKE UP hdfskbabfk SHAKE UP wugjklakjafj TABLE hayegfjghafhja FABLE YOU WANTED TO


"Halo sucks Call of Duty is better."


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@Lugubrious Sorry for being offline for an extended period of time, but yeah, you guys can carry on without me.
Sorry if I've been lagging behind, but I've been pretty busy lately. I'll see if I can get a post up tomorrow.
Me going on Facebook for the first time

"Video games cause violence."


Hm... bump.
This is an idea I've been wanting to do for a long time.

In the distant future, humanity has established a vast interstellar empire, colonising hundreds upon thousands of worlds and rapidly expanding across the stars. Then one day, humanity encounters an alien race known as the Vaskrans, who attack a human mining vessel and follow it back to a human world, which is then invaded by them. Humanity retaliates, eventually succeeding in repelling the invasion, but sparking a new war. Several years after the start, the war is in full swing, with battles waging across the galaxy. In this RP, I control the captain and other characters aboard a human starship forced to make a blind jump after getting heavily damaged by a Vaskran fleet. It eventually ends up right above an uncharted world, getting pulled into its gravity and crashing into the surface. Meanwhile, your character is a princess ruling over her kingdom in your average fantasy world with knights and magic and stuff, when she sees the ship falling into the planet's atmosphere and crashing. She then decides to investigate, and the plot expands from there.

Interested? PM me.
So who's ready to rumble?

I have the dankest memes available to post.
"Wait, wait!" Decker said as he ran after the woman. "I need your help. Please." He pleaded. "I honestly have no idea how I got here. All I remember is falling into the atmosphere, before waking up in the middle of a forest with my ship burning over there." By now, the fire had subsided somewhat, although it was still burning quite vibrantly. Then something else exploded inside it. Decker winced. He hoped it wasn't the ammo in the weapons locker. If the fire reached the highly volatile incendiary grenades stored in there, things would be bad. It would be even worse if the antimatter reactor had been damaged by the crash. Unstable antimatter reactors could go boom at the slightest provocation.

He turned to the woman. "I need your help. Look, if I helped you hunt this 'monster' of yours, can you help me?" He sounded like he was begging at this point. He sighed and slowly shook his head. "I'm Decker. Conrad Decker. I'm a mercenary." Decker introduced himself with some uncertainty. He looked around and began to scan the immediate area, before his sensors detected an object lying on the floor. He glanced at the woman before heading over to it. Nearing it, his sensors confirmed it as an ACAR-38, and he wasted no time in pulling out the magazine and checking its ammo. Finding that it was at its full sixty-round capacity, he switched on its magnetic coils but left the safeties activated, before he attatched it to his back, his armour's magnetic weapon clamps securing it in place.
Mountain Dew Quickscope

Governance Hub-Art Gallery

Mountain gave Oren an annoyed grunt. "Having a car that was made for this kind of environment isn't cheating, man. You gotta check what a Range Rover is before accusing someone of hacking, you know." He said as he stepped on the accelerator. He then scratched the back of his neck when Oren said something about the artefact being in an art gallery. "An art gallery, huh? Well, there are only a few art galleries in cities most of the time, and they're usually super obvious. Hm..." He pondered the flamboyant announcer's statement, before Oren bid him goodbye and hung up. With their conversation over, Mountain was left with the sound of the vehicle's supercharged V8 engine and water lapping by the sides of the four-by-four.

The quickscoper cracked his neck and turned into a street with much higher office buildings lining the sides. However, there was still no sign of the art gallery. The location on his phone maps was incredibly vague as well, with the device outlining the entire area he was in. Mountain slowed down as he craned his head around, staring out each window for a sign of something. When he couldn't, he sighed and pulled out a can of Mountain Dew, sipping it as the car cruised forward at a lower speed.

Several minutes of driving later, Mountain was getting impatient. He had driven at least a few kilometres and trudged through multiple streets, but the buildings all looked the same. Frustrated, Mountain downed the last bit of Dew and stopped the car at an intersection where he could see past the gaps in each structure. Then, he opened its sunroof and climbed onto the roof. Once there, he took out his signature AWP and looked down the sights, repurposing it as a makeshift telescope. He scanned the area, turning on the spot as he searched high and low for the building in question. Yet, again after minutes of this, he still hadn't found a thing. However, just as he was about to give up and give Oren another call, he caught something glinting in the distance.

Adjusting his sights, he zoomed in. There, he noticed that the glint was actually the sun reflecting off the arm of a metal statue. The ghost of a smile began to appear on Mountain's face as he studied the area. Classical-style parliment building? Check. Big, weird statues out front? Check. Modern-looking art installations? Check.

At last, he had found what he was looking for. It only took him like what, half and hour?

"Yes!" Mountain cheered, pumping his fist in the air. He hastily climbed back down into the vehicle's interior and strapped himself in, before putting the pedal to the metal. The engine growled as it lurched forwards, kicking up a large amount of water as it streaked through the flooded streets. As he neared, the building became all too clear. The odd statues outside became more obvious, and the sunlight reflected off water streaming down fountains in the courtyard. Mountain pulled up right next to some stairs at the front of the building, neatly allowing the entrance and first floor of the building to be a fair amount of distance above the waterline.

Mountain exited the vehicle and ascended the stairs and pushed open its large wooden doors. The inside was lit by the rays of sun flowing through a glass skylight, which also illuminated the numerous pieces of art like a natural spotlight. "Helloooooo? Anyone here?" Mountain called out, his rifle in his hands in case there were any enemies around. You could never trust a (seemingly) empty building, after all. "Huh." He muttered, looking around at the various paintings and sculptures. Which reminded him, Oren said the artefact was in a sculpture 'just inside the gallery's main entrance'. Mountain thought it was simple enough when he first heard it, but now his was seriously doubting himself as his hopes fell. In the building's main entrance, there were sculptures.

Lots of them.

"God fucking dammit."
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