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Current Huh, I can now minimise the status tab, which is great for getting rid of shitty and annoying statuses like this one.
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Holy microwaved crap on a cupcake eaten with a dozen shitpickles, that was actually pretty disturbing, even for me.
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Wow, I just got sent disturbing imagery by some guy named terrete. Thanks. Now I don't have to go to LiveLeak for disturbing content anymore.
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John Madden John Madden John Madden John Madden John Madden John Madden John Madden John Madden John Madden John Madden pizza.
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*Me trying to socialise* Girl: "What are your talents?" Me: "Yes."


"Halo sucks Call of Duty is better."


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Decker glanced over to the flaming wreckage of his ship. "That? It's my ship." He said, rather awkwardly. A portion of the ship exploded even as its fire-curbing systems got to work, though the fire only seemed to grow bigger. Decker and the woman stared at each other, the only sounds besides the normal chirping of birds and rustling of leaves the cracks and pops from the fiery inferno, which thankfully hadn't set fire to the rest of the forest just yet.

For a second, Decker's processing matrix seemed to freeze as he glanced around, unsure of what to do. Then, time seemed to freeze as he quickly tried to find just where he ended up. From the scans and last footage from the ship before it crashed, there were no signs of any other artificial satellites or spacecraft in orbit, or any communications for that matter. It was still daytime, so he couldn't chart the stars either. This was an uncharted planet, for all he knew.

Time returned back to normal as he spoke up. "Look, I'm kind of lost. I have no idea where I am. My ship crash landed, as you can see over there." He cocked his head towards the wreckage. "Can you tell me where I am? What planet I'm on, everything?"
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Roughly fifteen minutes ago when I was taking my dog out and I smelled the fresh scent of pine blowing through the rainforest, even though I live in a tropical country. Boy, it took me back to the time I visited Australia years ago. It was fun. I ate freshly-grown food, stayed in the countryside, made friends with a bunch of kangaroos, and got knocked unconscious by a football.
Guy sent me pictures of violent content like decapitated people and broken bones.

Not that it's not something I'm used to seeing.
Sending physical letters by mail costs quite a bit, you know.
Getting out of bed every morning.

Hardest thing, every single day.





















Behind his helmet, Decker's eyes suddenly seemed to flash, before they shifted to a faint blue glow as his optics focused and unfocused, adjusting to the light level. The blurriness and slight visual glitching eventually subsided, and Decker found himself staring up at a canopy of green, warm rays of sun shining through the leaves. There was some movement above, and he zoomed in to see several birds perched on a branch, chirping away, some with berries in their beaks. For a second, he felt a sense of peace, which was odd an odd feeling in his circuits.

Something nudged his legs, and he slowly turned his head to see a woman in odd attire standing a few paces away from him. She appeared to be wearing a long blue dress, with some sort of metal armour covering her top, along with a pair of boots, a bladed weapon in her right hand. She was looking at his sprawled-out form with caution, though there was a sense of curiosity in her deep blue eyes. A gentle breeze blew through the forest, causing several trees to rustle up above, and the woman's dress and long, braided blonde hair to sway in the wind.

Decker groaned as he raised his hands above his face, before he shakily got to his feet, servos in both his armour and body itself whirring as he did. His inbuilt balancing systems ensured that he wouldn't lose his balance as he stood up to his full height, which he noted was far taller than the woman. He shook his head as the last of his systems returned back to life, before giving an uncomfortable wave at the woman.

"Uh, hello."

Well, my first IC is up. Sorry if it took longer than expected.
In the skies and above the clouds of an uncharted planet, the air seemed to shimmer and glow, before a line split through and appeared to rip reality itself open, creating an opening which revealed nothing but a blue and white glow. Then through that glow, a spacecraft emerged, shooting out at an impressive speed, before plummeting down towards the planet's surface as the portal closed behind it. It appeared to be damaged, looking as if it had collided with something shown by numerous scratches to its paintjob and parts flying off as they shot through the atmosphere. Smoke was trailing out of several sections, which were also sparking and fizzling. As for its six large repulsor engines, only four seemed to be working. Even then, its rear left engine seemed to be burning out. Lights in its cabin also seemed to be sparking as the area was bathed in flashing red from warning lights. The entire craft shook as it continued its violent descent, its functioning engines screeching.

Inside its large reinforced glass bridge, an armoured figure sat in the ship's command chair, frantically trying to regain control of his craft. "No no no no NO!" Conrad Decker screamed, pressing every button on the holoscreens in front of him. Try as he might, the ship refused to respond to his efforts. "Why won't you work?" He grit out, slamming his fist on the armrest. How the hell did this happen? He was on his way to meet a new contract on a colony world in the Inner Colonies when he had the misfortune for his RIFT drive to malfunction, violently throwing him out of the hyperspace tunnel and falling towards some planet he didn't even recognise.

The android mercenary growled as he attempted to at least activate the ship's airbrakes or reverse its thrust to slow his descent, but as before, nothing worked. More than a little worrying as the ground was getting closer every second, a sea of trees down below.

"WARNING! Cargo bay door open. Manual override required." His ship's computer alerted. Throwing his arms up in frustration, he jumped out of the chair and raced towards the rear, which took a fair amount of time, given his ship measured at just above fifty-three metres in length. Reaching it, he saw that, to his anger, several pieces of unsecured cargo sliding down the metal floor and shooting out through the opening. Growling, he activated the magnetic clamps in his boots and sprinted over to the door controls. Of course, something had to go wrong just as he reached it.

"ALERT! IMPACT WITH GROUND IN <10> SECONDS!" The ship's computer warned with a tone of urgency as the craft's altitude rapidly decreased. He knew that because he had synced himself up with the ship itself, and he felt and saw everything its sensors and cameras did. He looked out the opened cargo bay. He was only a few dozen metres above the canopy layer. Cursing, he clamped on to a railing, the metal bending due to his strength, and positioned himself to absorb the shock.

The craft suddenly lurched as he collided with a tree, sending it tilting to the side. It vibrated and shook as it hit a dozen more in its path. Decker glanced back out, seeing to his horror that at this speed, impact would severely damage his craft, not to mention himself in the process.


"Son of a bi-" Was the last thing Decker managed to say before the entire railing was ripped off the ground as there was a horrible metallic grinding, before he himself was thrown out through the back. His sensors went haywire, and the last thing he received through his visual feed was the craft finally sliding to a stop a few dozen metres in front of him and catching fire, before his systems shut down.
@IceHeart If case you missed the intro post, the RP is here.
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