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Born a saint
But with every sin, I still wanna be holy
I will live again
Who we are
Isn't how we live we are more than our bodies
If I fall I will rise back up and relive my glory


Romi had never really met the free-spirited type like Sammy before. Sure, she'd run into people like her in the bigger cities they'd been to, but she'd never really gotten too close before. At least she could hold a decent conversation with her suitemate despite the blonde girl's air-headedness at the best of times. As much as she liked Sammy, she could have sworn up and down that she'd had the same conversation with her at least a couple of times now about how spirits didn't "pick up" like they were answering a casual telephone call. The girl was superstitious- nearly to a fault, and hoped that they'd at least find something in the way of answers. "Yes, that's the plan, at least. Barring my séance idea, we've really got nothing to go on about those strange goings on in our lives or why we all feel a strange draw to this place." The raven haired girl had begun speaking to Sammy, but now she was more or less speaking her thoughts aloud, and the blonde happened to be in close proximity to her odd ramblings. She offered the girl her other poptart with a gentle roll of her shoulders as if to say she had no idea what to expect. All she knew is that she wanted to enjoy the day when it looked like one of her favorite horror scenarios rather than be cooped up at school doing homework and lessons.

"We'd better manage to get out of study hall quick," Romi's lips curled into a smile. "We need to get some coffee in you stat, Sunshine."

There was a no cell phone policy in the academic wing of the campus, but with so many students milling about their early morning routines, no one was likely to notice Romi looking down at the handheld device in her palm. Plus, none of the other students would be likely to tell on her when they were doing the exact same thing- checking the time, the weather, or their messages before the first classes of the day began.

Don't worry. Even if the ghosts don't 'pick up', the worst that'll happen is we don't get any answers, and we keep looking for solutions.” She pocketed the device quickly after replying- making sure to silence it so that it didn't ring in the middle of class. She hoped that one of them had gotten there before her to save their seats. The other girls seemed to be more popular than she, and likely had other people that wanted to sit with them, so she knew it might seem weird they were always huddled together in the corner of the classroom. It was why she was working on a cover for them so that it seemed less conspicuous.

Romi didn't want to admit it, but there was something about that day that seemed... off, and she wasn't sure what it was. The crystal against her chest pulsed warmly- humming a bit more lively than she'd felt it before, and she could have sworn the damn thing let off a soft glow out of her peripheral vision. Quickly, she stashed the oblong piece of jewelry underneath the neckline of her shirt- hoping no one else had caught sight of it. There was something about it that she didn't like, but couldn't quite put her finger on it. She refused to wear her worries on her face, however, so that she wouldn't alarm Sammy who still followed behind her.

Catching the heavy door with her hand, she held it open for the blonde. Her thoughts had been answered when she noted Alex and Stormy having thought ahead and pushed a small group of desks together. The smell of the cinnamon rolls hit her before she saw them, and they made her mouth water. "Ahh, Alex to the rescue to save us from early morning hunger." She smiled and took a seat next to Stormy. "I see Sammy wasn't the only one who didn't wanna get out of bed this morning." A soft laugh fell from her lips at the mention of their two missing friends.
I don't have exact numbers, but I'd imagine An'elle, Hua'Mu, and Estrye have the highest populations of the kingdoms.
If you would like to see the characters that I have, I'd be happy to show them off :3
@Zanavy There are men in the Dairy Kingdom.

My inspiration was the air nomads from Avatar the Last Airbender, and some religious matriarchal societies. Women normally become priestesses or hunters for their tribe while the men are artisans, entertainers, protectors, so and so forth.

They're led by the Grand Oracle or High Priestess, and she makes most of their decisions- of course with the consent of her people.

I'm excited to see what you come up with. I have my characters ready for this. I'm quite excited.

Note: This is a remake of an rp from my other account. To avoid harassment on my other account, I made this one. The header image will be updated accordingly when I get the chance to.

The Food Kingdoms all live in harmony. Though, harmony is a delicate balance often put off by the smallest of things. After the last 100 year war, all seven kingdoms came together to create a treaty that outlined clear and concise borders as well as the conditions of their peace.

It has been nearly 100 years since the treaty was signed. They've flourished and created trades with other like-minded kingdoms. While no wars have been fought since the last global war, tensions between some kingdoms has been particularly high.

Amidst all of this, the Empire of 花木 (Hua'Mu) has reached out to the other kingdoms in invitation. As the Emperor's eldest daughter comes of age, she opens up their borders to attend her masquerade party.

@Vicier I can create another version of this with different roles if you'd be interested?

I'm also looking into making another rp if you'd be interested.

The tarot cards say it's not so bad
And the blades rotate there's just no landing pad

TW; mentions of blood

Interaction; Samantha (Sunflower); open


September 21, 2017

Thursday Morning ; 7:30 AM ; Fog, Misty rain

A pair of tired, golden hued eyes peaked out the blinds of the bathroom that she shared with her roommate- Sammy- as she got ready for the day. The fog had rolled in quite fast, and a lazy, drizzling rain accompanied it. “It looks like fuckin' Silent Hill outside and I'm stuck at school all day,” The girl whined. The first two hours of her day would be taken up by study hall of all things. Thankfully, the weather did remind her of the plan she and her friends had come up with to get out of the dreaded two hour block of their day. They would be spending this beautifully ominous weather doing something much, much better than comparing notes for the biology exam. And with them all in the same first block together, it made things much easier to plan this than having to hunt them down.

Reaching down to pick up the device on the counter, she opened the group message that contained an unlikely group of friends that she'd managed to make in just the first few weeks of school. They'd all become fast acquaintances to the point where Romi had assigned them all nicknames based on their personalities. Ever since having come to this school, she'd noticed the strange things that seemed to happen around them- much less the strange things that were happening TO them. All of them seemed to be developing these strange abilities, and to be quite honest, she wasn't sure if this was some sort of fever dream her brain was concocting or if it was real life. Ever since having to settle down in one place with her grandmother, her life seemed to have stood still, and it wasn't something that she was accustomed to. So far, she hadn't exhibited any signs of strangeness- unlike the others- and so she thought she was fairly normal in comparison. Other than a healthy obsession with the occult and convening with the spirits of course.

ғroм- cιnnaмon

тoday'ѕ тнe day, ladιeѕ. lav*, do yoυ тнιnĸ yoυ coυld convιnce мr. нopĸιnѕ нe нaѕ тo leave тнe rooм? we coυld alwayѕ do тнe ғaĸe ѕeance ιdea aѕ a laѕт reѕorт, вυт ι don'т wanт тнaт тo вe plan a. ι wanтed тo do тнe real ѕeance wнen we goт тo тнe parĸ, and ι dιdn'т wanт тo pιѕѕ тнe ѕpιrιтѕ oғғ вeғore we coυld тalĸ тo тнeм aвoυт тнe тнιngѕ тнaт've вeen нappenιng тo υѕ.

Exchanging the phone for a razor nearby, she went about her morning routine. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glint of the green, oblong crystal that hung around her neck in the metallic surface of the shower handle. Her grandmother had given it to her. “For good luck,” she finished the thought aloud. The, normally cold, crystal felt warm against her skin. It seemed to beat with a gentle pulse that appeared to match her own as if it were a living thing instead of some piece of ornamental jewelry. Even the golden accents along the crystal felt warm against her collar bone. It was strange that each time one of those girls discovered they could do some interesting or weird trick, she could have sworn it was talking to her- whispering words in her ear in a language she didn't know.

Ow, fuck!” In her distracted state, she hadn't noticed the razor had nicked her skin rather deep. Blood flowed from the wound and was diluted by the hot spray of the shower. Romi winced. Even though she enjoyed blood and gore in movies, her own blood was not something that she enjoyed looking at. Just as she had went to turn the water off, she noted the warm pulsing against her chest once more. Thread like stitches weaved themselves through the small wound, and the raven haired girl nearly fell over in her state of surprise. There was no more blood, and try as hard as she might, the cut was also gone. What the hell just happened? Here she was thinking that she was one of the only normal ones in her friend group, and this ability was popping up out of nowhere. A wave of nausea, tiredness, and dizziness hit her like a truck, but thankfully, the feeling subsided as fast as it'd come.

Nearby, the alarm on her phone rang to tell her that she had fifteen minutes left before she was late for class. “Fuck.” The curse came from between gritted teeth, and she turned the water off to rush through the rest of her routine on auto-pilot. With wet hair and shaking fingers- more from her own nerves than the damage that often caused her hands to shake, she gripped a coffee mug tightly between both of her palms in a vain effort to calm herself as she sat on the coffee table in her and Sammy's shared suite. She'd already packed up her bag- not forgetting the oujia board that they could use to talk to the spirits- whom she believed was the cause of their... afflictions.

She found a package of poptarts in their cupboards a suitable meal for now. Her stomach growled at the thought of food, and Romi was already hating herself that she hadn't allowed for more time to eat. With the clock reading five minutes until the bell rang for school, she knocked gently on the door of her suitemate to let her know that she was about to head off to class, herself. “C'mon, Sunshine, let's not be late~ I'll wait for you outside in the hallway.

*OOC NOTE- When she says lav in the text, she's talking to Keegan. Referring to her by her nickname Lavender.

The last role is sunflower! feel free to submit!

Here's the discord link for you folks.
@Emeth Hello! Thank you for all the questions, and I do apologize for not getting to them earlier. Previous knowledge of either of those shows are not necessary as they only provided inspiration for the rp itself. Feel free to take a stab at it as many times as possible.

You are correct in guessing what a flower pot character is. They are characters who are just pretty faces only there to be pretty. They do not further the plot in any way, shape, or form.

Spells are just the basic name for the attacks. The sub spells should be relating to the spell type you chose. So, if you chose ice powers, then your subspells should be named accordingly. The character I was thinking of making can manipulate her aura, and her subspells would be named "hex", "aura detection", and "thief".

I will set up a discord shortly!
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