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7 mos ago
Current If anyone has ever seen Spiderman and been like, "omg I wish I was Spiderman", please write a Spiderman rp with me - I have the biggest crush on Spiderman and need to fulfill my fantasy
7 mos ago
You're all amazing at writing and everyone has their own tastes!!! As long as you're having fun, that's all that matters:)
7 mos ago
The most fun roleplays I've ever had were the ones where each post was 1-2 paragraphs, or even less! They always go so much faster and get so much more done!
7 mos ago
*likes your status*
7 mos ago


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Hello!! I'm looking for someone that would be interested in doing a Spiderman roleplay with me :) Specifically, I'm looking for someone willing to play Spiderman for my OC! I have a huge crush on Spiderman and honestly just really want to vicariously live through my characters. It would also just be super fun!!

I don't have any specific preferences for age, or what variant of Spiderman, or what sort of plot you want to do! All I know is I love Spiderman.

So live your fantasies... Be a goofy little superhero!!

If you want more info on my writing and such, feel free to check out my general interest check, which is linked in my bio!
Omg I'm so so so interested!!! I also have never successfully done a group rp, so this would be so fun!
@PiePizzle That is so funny you said that!! I actually just finished Midnight Gospel and I'm rewatching it for a second time. It's so, so, so amazing!!! Pendleton Ward is so incredible, I really look up to him as an aspiring animator.
@Viper Commando Omg how did you know I played Runescape lmao!! I actually don't have a computer that can run games right now :( But that sounds so cool!
@Hyde oh my gosh thank you!!!! I'm gonna be getting a new drawing tablet soon and then I can finally make digital art again ;×;
@Potemking no you're not intruding thank you so much!! i realized that after the fact but I guess I was used to forums that automatically notified you if you created it ;uwu

I know better now.... I have grown.
@Machine Gun Rex @Blade17 Hi guys sorry I didn't realize that you don't get notifications for threads you post so I didn't see your replies!! Please PM me I love Spiderman so much ;w;
@Hyde I kind of miss it sometimes, tbh. Running through the woods... eating some mice..... cats with magic powers..... u know, it was an easier time
@Hyde Oh my god, I literally lived on Warrior Cats roleplay sites ;w;
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