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2 mos ago
Current Me: REALLY GUYS? CAN WE JUST ENJOY THIS? Slut me: Heckyls Hot, You should REALLY Revise your OC you made long ago. Me: *Sighs* Fine, Ill do all, Ive been working in my OC anyways.....
2 mos ago
*Casually watches Power Rangers Dino Super Charge as an adult....* Adult me: THIS IS CHEESY!!! WHY ARE YOU WATCHING IT? Artist Me: GODS.....YOU NEED TO REDESIGN THE OUTFITS!!!!
2 mos ago
@undead eyes i cant, im trying to recover from straining my back from hunching over the low coffee table we have.....
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2 mos ago
I have the urge to draw but i know i cant T_T
2 mos ago
Not going to RP today....back and sholders hurt too bad thanks to being hunched over artwork alot lately


I'm a 24 year old mom and yes i am engaged who has multiple interests, like Rping witch i used to do a lot in high school, i love working with Resin even thow i have only done it a few times (i need to get more supplies but we are dirt poor lolz), i love reading and writing you can find me on WattPad under the same name and profile pic, i love fantasy of all kinds. i love anime and you can find me under Rangiku on FanArt Central......i dont know what else to say.

i prefer to play female Characters, i tent to stay away from Slice of Life as my life is a lifetime movie. My writing style is Free to low casual. ^^ I love Fantasy, Romance, and fiction. I tend to stay away from Horror, Post Apocalyptic....(THO if it starts out normally i will give it a shot.) And anything of the like.....And BIG warning....YOU MUST BE 18+ As i love Smut.....^^

I have a lot of time on my hands. As taking care of my little one is REALLY easy right now ^^.

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Lolz ok ^^
@officaz Wait are you in the Assassins guild or some where else? Im assuming the Guild as thats what i responded. ^^
She walked into the entry way just as he entered. She had finished and had changed her outfit. It was a nice plaid mini skirt with a black steel bone corset with bows and ribbon. She had her white haired curled and she had tight high heeled combat boots on. She looked at him and stopped dead in her tracks. Her hands went behind her as she drew two guns. "Who are you and what are you dong here?" she asked as she pointed them at him.
As he did he would find Vampora already there. She had woken up in the middle of the night and could not get back to sleep so she cooked. She smiled as she tasted a bit of home made cream. She smiled as she set it aside and then moved onto something else. on the counter she had made many things, from little cakes to pastry's. She smiled as she looked at him. "Good morning, help yourself." She said as she stoped for a moment. She had a cute heart shaped apron on. Underneath was a short skirt and a corset.
Hello And welcome ^^
She smiled and got up. "I think ill gp for a hunt before i go to bed." she said to him. She then jumped off the roof and did exactly that, She hunted and then went to bed.

(Sorry about that, i hit the reply button to early. I have had a long tiring day....and a some what maddening day too. We had to get new numbers, not of our own free will.)
She looked at him. "Cant a girl hang out with a cute boy?" she asked with a mischievous grin on her face. "I mean what i said was true...." she said to him. She then sat up. She sat up. She sniffed at him. "Jesus even your blood smells cute." she said as she pointed to the small scratch she had given him. "And sorry about that." she said as she pulled out a small bowl and tossed to to him. "Is a healing ointment i made, it will help with it." she said.
She sighed and walked outside too. She stood under Alister. "You mind if i join you?" she asked him as she jumped up in one bound. She landed gently on her toes. She looked at him and sat next to him. She then looked up at the stars.
got something up.
She smiled and thanked the Maid. She then went back to bed, naturally she got lost....something she used to do even at her own castle......She sighed and looked around. She eventually found her way back to her room and packed up her stuff and left with out trace. She sighed as she did. She needed to move on.
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