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29 days ago
Current Exams are done, Thesis is done, alright let's get back into this 'RP' thing, huh?
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1 mo ago
Thesis is finally complete, now to curl up and die (but probably rp a bit first)
1 mo ago
Apologies if my posting habits suffer somewhat over the next week or two, writing a thesis and having exams at the same time does not a happy RPer make.
2 mos ago
Learning that someone who didn't like me at another RP community tracked down my profile here just to add it to an excel 'shit-list' is the greatest piece of comedy I've heard this year.
3 mos ago
Finally saw Ghost In the Shell, who's down for something cyberpunky?



Character Summary

Name: Pundii
Aliases: Punds, Captain Tightpants
Age: Twenty
Birthday: November 5th
Ethnicity: Irish-Australian
Location: Australian Eastern Standard Time
Gender: Male
Major/Minor: Government and Internation Relations/History
Occupation: Full-time Student
Languages: English fluently, broken German
Current Bio Theme: Genie
Years Rping: 10
Preferred Rp Section: Casual
Rp Level: Advanced
Dedication Level: Medium-High (Varies on Workload)
Biggest Rp Pet Peeve: Metagaming - shits me to no end
Teach New Rpers Or Coach New GM's: I'll happily give anyone any help I can offer.


Height: Roughly 5'11"
Weight: Big enough, 150 lbs or so
Build: Average, Skinny but somewhat toned
Eyes: Blue, very blue
Hair: Brown, usually pretty short
Skin Tone: Pale, Moley, Irish skin
Tattoos/Scars/Piercings: N/A
Personal Style: TBD


Humorous * Somewhat Abrasive * Hard-working * Disorganized * Optimistic * Overly Relaxed

Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Flattered, but spoken for
Personality: TBD
  • Biting Nails
  • Drinking loads of Caffeine
  • Drinking a little too much wine

  • Making ship playlists
  • RPing
  • Reading
  • Tabletop RPGs
  • Video Games
  • Writing Reviews/Travel Articles

  • Wasps
  • Clowns
  • Large Fish

  • Meat
  • Seafood
  • Coffee
  • Whisky
  • Cold Weather
  • Exotic Locales
  • Star Wars
  • Rping

  • Hot Weather
  • Spiders
  • Most Video-Game movies
  • Sleeveless tops
  • Sweet foods

Cards On The Table

Rp's Currently Enjoying:

Other Places Of Interest:

Upcoming Works:
  • Famous Overnight - A Casual Slice-of-life Band RP
  • To The Edge of Time - A DND/Chrono Trigger Fantasy Adventure

The Usual Bunch

I've made a good bunch of friends while I've been here at the guild, I cherish these people and our friendships, and the least I can do to thank them for putting up with me is to say a few words about them here.

@Lady Amalthea - When I came to the guild, hers was the first RP I joined, and it ended up being the first of many! Lady A is easily the best GM on the site, and a good friend of mine, whenever I need a hand or anything or just need a good person to talk to, I always know she's there.
@Morose - If anyone could tie as the best GM on the site, it'd be Morose for sure! Always keen to engage in some harmless (well, relatively harmless) shipping, or for a good supernatural romp, she's your gal.
@Sigil - The broest of bros, been roleplaying with Sigil since I started on the guild and he's always a great guy to have around. Honestly hilarious, he adds such charm and character to every roleplay he's in.
@Nallore - Easily one of the sweetest and friendliest people on the site, she's always a great person to chat and roleplay with.


Quotes or Sayings:TBD
Theme Song:TBD
Advice To The World:TBD
Anything Else:TBD

Most Recent Posts


I made a brief reference in my post that the King and Queen of Sliabh were just riding up in a carriage alongside the rest of the guards, if it helps give you a starting point.
Aedan Merryn

Location: The Kingdom of Abhainn
Interacting With: Me, Myself and I

The long march. Aedan was used to it, long days on the road, tiresome and usually boring journeys cross-country, ferrying troops back and forth from the front-lines. It felt the same, but it was far from it, now the war was supposed to be over, he supposed this was the last march into old Abhainn, the journey to introduce Julianna with King Maddox, to sign the truce with a marriage and so say an end to the war once and for all. By all accounts, it should have been a happy occasion, but for Aedan, it was yet another busy one. He had declined a carriage, though it had been offered to him, preferring to ride on horseback as he had been brought along primarily for the purpose of maintaining the guard who had come with the Lady Julianna, and of course, the king himself.

Normally, Aedan would have been somewhat vexed at being dragged from his home and men for the purpose of an escort such as this, however he'd learned enough of politics in the past few years that he had been a lord, and figured well enough why it had been him, and not another lord brought to the meeting. A show of soft power, the gentle nudge and reminder of enemies in the event that the truce fell through somehow. Though he preferred to keep such titles among men of honour, certain other lords, and even the new king himself to a degree, seemed to have a knack of parading Aedan's military successes as a form of mockery to other lords of Abhainn.

Whatever the reason he had been brought, he brushed it from his mind, remembering what his intention was, to keep his fellow royals safe, though, so far into the kingdom of Abhainn, there had been no threat, and it seemed by all intents that King Maddox fully intended upon maintaining the truce which had been organized. Aedan appreciated that there had been no sudden change, trickery or attempt at violence, but he was still on edge. While the Lady Julianna had made her way at the front of the troupe to meet with the King, accompanied by a rather large host of guards, mind, Aedan rode back to the carriage where his king and queen where, further back, and surrounded by a few of the guards the king had, of course, insisted upon keeping charge of himself.

However, his riding back and forth had been for nought of particular importance, all was well, and would remain as such as he now cantered back up the road, past the lines of guards and carriages back toward the front. He could see ahead as Julianna climbed out of her carriage, moving up into the courtyard where she was meeting with the King himself, surrounded by all the nosey and gawking kinds of nobles he had once held an immense distaste for. Delicate dresses and tunics were all he could see, in all colours that southerners considered fashionable. Hopping off his horse and beginning to step up toward the courtyard, he figured he almost looked barbaric by comparison.

Dressed in a thick leather Jerkin and simple clothes, the large fur cloak Aedan wore over his shoulders was out of place, and even he had to admit, was beginning to emphasise the heat somewhat as the sun bore down from above as he adjusted the two straps of it which crossed over his chest, idly brushing a gloved finger over the lion crest which had been engraved into the straps themselves. Reaching down, he adjusted the sheathe and belting of his sword, stepping up proper into the courtyard as he glanced over a few of the nobles, sticking out somewhat like a sore thumb as he remained always a few steps back from the Lady Julianna, watching in silence as she spoke with the King.

He did casually chance a glance upward, toward the many Abhainnian nobles who had come out to see their King meet Julianna. Searching through the crowd, he did eventually lay eyes upon Lady Ward. He had not seen her a great deal of her in the trip, though he had made an effort to try and keep up with her from time to time - much to the displeasure of his horse, which by now had become rather worn out - she had left early with the intention of arriving in Abhainn earlier to meet with family. Regardless, he was pleased to see she had arrived and seemed relatively comfortably, conversing with one of the other Abhainnian nobles whom he was not familiar with. Casting a casual glance over his shoulder, he eventually set his eyes back upon the Lady Julianna, awaiting the guards to escort the King and Queen up to the courtyard as well.
I'll be out tonight, but I'll do my best to get a quick reply in once the first IC post is up. ^^
Harry Walsh

Location: Qasr El Nil Barracks

As the others began to speak up, Harry cast hardly a glance in their direction. He may have been dragged into the same sort of business which they had been discussing, but this particular business which was being discussed, he figured was more that of the Lord-Major, Miss Josephine and Mr. Elvsgaard. He did glance back up toward them when he saw the representative from the prison approach, and he couldn't have helped himself from glancing back over when he heard the Corporal announce his presence once more, in the kind of manner which could still only be begging for a promotion. Harry truly had to wonder if the man had been disciplined a little too much as a child.

He heard the soft whisper from Aziza's lips beside him, turning over to see her watching him. Gently, he reached over and set his hand atop her own, offering as reassuring and warm of a smile as he could, eyes locked on hers, silently re-assuring her of his promise that he'd keep her safe and protected. He appreciated what the Lord-Major was doing, Harry had no clue what Haakon may have written in his notes but it was clear enough that it distressed Aziza, whatever it could have been. For the Lord-Major to be confiscating it was a welcome turn of events, and one that would hopefully ensure some degree of calm for Aziza.

William Drake

Location: Qasr El Nil Barracks

His eyes intently focused upon Vera, William offered a gentle nod and a smile as he saw hers in response to his question, though it faded quickly as she shook her head afterward and turned away. He sighed, frustrated as he continued to carry her along. It irritated him how she seemed to detest him in that moment. Was she really so put off by him now that she could hardly afford to look at him? Just that thought hurt more than the moment he'd seen her in Peter's arms. The numb feeling in his chest grew to a sharp one, as if he was being stabbed in the heart by her cruelty. After all, that was what it had to be, what other reason could she have for being so dismissive of any attempt he made at decency?

Shaking his head again, he continued carrying her along as the Medic led them toward the Infirmary. Taking her to the room he was directed to, William sighed as he gently set Vera down, about to turn and leave before he was requested to stay. Glancing to the Medic, and then to Vera, he nodded, moving back toward Vera's side as he sighed. He didn't know what exactly he was meant to be there for, but he supposed the Medic probably needed some help figuring out if she was okay. Though, as the walk had gone on, William had begun wondering just how ill she actually may have been. He staggered back for a moment as a guard hurried into the room, passing Vera the note as he raised an eyebrow, watching her.

As she spoke up and insisted she had to return to the museum, he cleared his throat. "At the very least, you'll need someone to make sure you don't faint again, even if the medic here says you're fine. I'll be going with you... And Lauren." He quickly jumped to ensure he wasn't just volunteering himself, that would look too eager. No, why would he have appeared eager anyway? He was frustrated, annoyed by her presence, if anything, it was good he volunteered Lauren. She could be a 'peacekeeper' between the two of them.
@Lady Amalthea

I'm half-way through a post at the moment, should be up soon, sorry!

Who isn't in love with Jon Snow, really?

It's done, we're officially at Supernatural levels of bonkers.

Liam Matthews

Location: Salem Train Station
Interacting With: The Brunette Murderer @Morose

Glancing back down to his phone, he smiled as he saw the message from Aloise. Checking the selfie she had replied with, he took a mental note of where she was, nodding his head as he seemed to appreciate that she was on a job, and why she hadn't been around when he got back to the hotel. Checking the text itself, he rolled his eyes. Threats such as that were common from her, he just chose to take it as proof that she cared. He began to type in a reply when the announcement came over the intercom. Raising an eyebrow as he looked upward, he sighed and glanced over to the OMEN agents briefly, shaking his head as he moved over towards the wall, still near enough to the woman he'd come this way for.

He continued to type out as sarcastic and smart-assed of a response as he could to Aloise, figuring he'd be waiting there for a long while, but just before he could hit send, he felt something else. The whisper graced his ear, and a chill ran down Liam's spine. He'd never quite had this before, such a compulsion to do... Of all things, such a strange act in the middle of a train station. His eyes flicked up to the brunette, the person he knew from his vision was a murderer, and the person he'd come all this way to track down and essentially interrogate. You know, suddenly, she didn't look half bad.

Almost with love-hearts in his eyes, Liam tucked his phone into his pocket, briefly appreciative for the quiet spot towards the back of the station he was now in. Quickly he shrugged off his top and jacket, setting them in a heap, soon joined by his shoes and trousers as he stretched, before bringing a hand downward where the sun don't shine, in the vaguest of attempts to keep this all at least barely PG-13. Moving along the wall towards the back of the train station, his right hand working as a censorship bar, Liam reached up and set his elbow against the wall, resting his head against his hand as he watched the woman on her phone, clearing his throat as he grinned like a smug idiot. "I just figured I should tell you... I`m no weatherman, but you can expect a few inches tonight, gorgeous."

Here you go, all done! Let me know if any changes are needed.

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