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The Owls are not what they seem...…
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Oh hey now, I just passed 1000 posts. Good god.
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Exams are done, Thesis is done, alright let's get back into this 'RP' thing, huh?
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Thesis is finally complete, now to curl up and die (but probably rp a bit first)



Character Summary

Name: Pundii
Aliases: Punds, Captain Tightpants
Age: Twenty
Birthday: November 5th
Ethnicity: Irish-Australian
Location: Australian Eastern Standard Time
Gender: Male
Major/Minor: Government and Internation Relations/History
Occupation: Full-time Student
Languages: English fluently, broken German
Current Bio Theme: Agent Dale Cooper
Years Rping: 10
Preferred Rp Section: Casual
Rp Level: Advanced
Dedication Level: Medium-High (Varies on Workload)
Biggest Rp Pet Peeve: Metagaming - shits me to no end
Teach New Rpers Or Coach New GM's: I'll happily give anyone any help I can offer.


Height: Roughly 5'11"
Weight: Big enough, 150 lbs or so
Build: Average, Skinny but somewhat toned
Eyes: Blue, very blue
Hair: Brown, usually pretty short
Skin Tone: Pale, Moley, Irish skin
Tattoos/Scars/Piercings: N/A
Personal Style: TBD


Humorous * Somewhat Abrasive * Hard-working * Disorganized * Optimistic * Overly Relaxed

Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Flattered, but spoken for
Personality: TBD
  • Biting Nails
  • Drinking loads of Caffeine
  • Drinking a little too much wine

  • Making ship playlists
  • RPing
  • Reading
  • Tabletop RPGs
  • Video Games
  • Writing Reviews/Travel Articles

  • Wasps
  • Clowns
  • Large Fish

  • Meat
  • Seafood
  • Coffee
  • Whisky
  • Cold Weather
  • Exotic Locales
  • Star Wars
  • Rping

  • Hot Weather
  • Spiders
  • Most Video-Game movies
  • Sleeveless tops
  • Sweet foods

Cards On The Table

Rp's Currently Running:

Rp's Currently Enjoying:

Other Places Of Interest:

Upcoming Works:
  • The Drake Equation - A Sci-Fi adventure surrounding the question of whether we're alone in the universe
  • To The Edge of Time - A DND/Chrono Trigger Fantasy Adventure

The Usual Bunch

I've made a good bunch of friends while I've been here at the guild, I cherish these people and our friendships, and the least I can do to thank them for putting up with me is to say a few words about them here.

@Lady Amalthea - When I came to the guild, hers was the first RP I joined, and it ended up being the first of many! Lady A is easily the best GM on the site, and a good friend of mine, whenever I need a hand or anything or just need a good person to talk to, I always know she's there.
@Morose - If anyone could tie as the best GM on the site, it'd be Morose for sure! Always keen to engage in some harmless (well, relatively harmless) shipping, or for a good supernatural romp, she's your gal.
@Sigil - The broest of bros, been roleplaying with Sigil since I started on the guild and he's always a great guy to have around. Honestly hilarious, he adds such charm and character to every roleplay he's in.
@Nallore - Easily one of the sweetest and friendliest people on the site, she's always a great person to chat and roleplay with.


Quotes or Sayings:
  • Ahoyhoy
  • I'm adept at pushing my luck

Theme Song:

Advice To The World:
Don't sweat the small stuff.
Anything Else:
  • I'll probably never actually finish this profile.

Most Recent Posts

Aedan Merryn

Location: His Quarters -> Abhainn Ballroom
Interacting With: Me, Myself and I

It had taken Aedan some time to give the Silabhan guard their orders and ensure they would be able to work well enough alongside the Abhainnians, Aedan only managing to return to his room a couple of hours before the celebration was to begin. Waving off the servants who came bringing dress-wear for the evening, Aedan set about pouring his own bath and readying himself. He still hated the idea of people serving him, especially in matters he still deemed particularly private affairs.

After his bath, Aedan sighed as he sat back in the study chair in his quarters. Staring out the window, Aedan found himself to be looking directly over the training grounds as he watched soldiers train and drill. He wondered if whoever had decided on the rooms had done so deliberately, he figured it was likely, but to what end he was unsure. Perhaps a show of force to stem any 'aggressive tendencies' from the Lion of Sliabh or some kind of mocking gesture, either way, Aedan found himself uncaring.

Aedan sat for some time, staring out onto the training soldiers. In his mind he critiqued and countered every movement they made. He felt a sword in his hand and the weight of armour on his shoulders. Aedan longed for his war's end, but as he sat and watched the Abhainnian soldiers he knew all too well that he had been fighting this war almost his whole life. As he sat in silence, he was unsure just what would happen to him when it all finally came to an end.

Sighing, Aedan pushed himself from his seat to dress himself. Placing his leathers on, he only got a cleaner set, not bothering with his gloves, before he left his room and began to make his way to the ballroom. It was no surprise to Aedan when he arrived that he was among the least well-dressed, but he had little time and patience for fanciful dress, northerners were not known for their balls, after all. As his gaze met Juliana's shortly after his arrival, he gave her a nod, soon enough taking a cup of wine as he mingled.

It didn't take long for Aedan to grow uncomfortable and frustrated at his surroundings, he hated balls. Luckily, he managed to find his way out to the balcony, the fresh air helping the man relax as he looked out over the gardens, taking a few occasional sips of his wine as he drowned out the sounds of merriment with his own thoughts.

Harry Walsh

Location: Qasr El Nil Barracks: Stables

Harry's expression remained somewhat grim and blank as he moved Roach into her stable and climbed down off her, carefully beginning to work on getting her saddle off. His thoughts were far away, and they only did return to him when he felt Aziza's soft hand on his cheek and her lips against his own. Though the dark thoughts lingered, he leaned slowly into the kiss, savouring the warm feeling in the moment. She was like sunshine in a storm, like good times forgotten and suddenly remembered, she was everything he could have possibly desired and everything he could ever need. She was far better than he deserved.

As she pulled away, his focus was on her, in only moments she had drawn him back from the darkness, shown him the way to the light and kept him from being swallowed up. He found a smile slip upon his face as she spoke, and it was not a fake one. "You do more than enough just by being here..." He knew each word he said was true and from the heart. Harry had come back to Egypt to write and to remember, hoping dearly that it would bring some peace to him, and yet she had done just that in a heartbeat. As Harry stared into Aziza's eyes, he knew that he had not come to Egypt to write his story, he had come to find her.

"But, a quiet place to sit and rest wouldn't be remiss..." Harry admitted quietly, catching himself before he said or did anything far too bold for that moment. He did not know how much time they may have had before they would eventually be off on their expedition, or before they were dragged away into some other danger, but in what time they had he didn't wish to leave Aziza's side. And perhaps more importantly than that, he wanted to rest.

William Drake

Location: The Egyptian Museum

Silence engulfed William for a while, hundreds of thoughts running through his head as he sat behind the stacks. He tried his best to ignore them all, the frustration and the irritation had been more or less commonplace but now it was different. It took time, far longer than William would have liked, but eventually, he let out a long sigh as he lifted his head from his hands and sat up straight, looking over the shelves.

He knew a distraction would prove far better than anything at dealing with the frustration in his mind then, and so he chose to get to work. Standing, William moved to the shelves, searching for any tomes of use to their expedition. He figured Vera would have already found some and likely had them with the others, but he set about finding whatever might have been of use anyway. Though he was certainly not a traditional Archaeologist, William was no stranger to a library hunt.
Gonna aim to get a post in tomorrow.
Darren Andrews

Location: Coventry Circus Grounds, Main Tent
Interacting With: Everyone in the Circus Tent, Aloise Zamora @Morose

Taking his flask back from Aloise, Darren tucked it back into his jacket as he looked down at her, trying to listen to everything she was able to say. He didn't have any clue how she exactly knew what she did, had she somehow learned it in the brief period of her death? Or had she already known it beforehand? No, there was definitely more to it, but this still wasn't exactly the time to ask. When she said that Hel was there, he knew she must have learned that somehow in the moments of her death or her resurrection, but regardless of when or how she'd learned it, it wasn't good.

Darren didn't say anything, his face contorting into one of deep thought. Aloise would have seen it before, he had done it regularly when he had absolutely no idea what to do. He had known of pagan gods before, but dealing with them was always a problem, many of them had different weaknesses, and Darren knew absolutely nothing of Hel herself. He tried desperately in his mind to recall whatever he could of Hel or any of the Norse Myths surrounding her, oblivious of anything he could have otherwise done.

James Murphy

Location: Coventry Circus Grounds
Interacting With: Everyone in the Circus Tent

James did his best to listen to what Jade was saying, but almost as soon as his reception had come back, it seemed to fluctuate and fade. He hoped at the very least she had heard his message and was on her way to him, but he was oblivious of whether or not she actually had. Sighing as he tried again to call her, he swore as it went to her voicemail. "Fucking Verizon." He grumbled to himself as he put his phone back away into his pocket, focusing his gaze back over to the Mullo.

He could see as it was bleeding, Olivia's attack had done enough damage to at least weaken it and slow it, and knowing that it was indeed slowed, he carefully leveled his handgun, taking a few careful shots at the moving target. He had no idea how much success he would have, or how much the bullet would hurt, but he hoped he'd at least halt the creature in its charge.
I'll be posting tonight. ^^
I'll be posting tonight. ^^

The Lumber Mill: As Mariana took her shots, they each slammed into the back of Olson's attacker, the man still stumbling a few steps forward as he kept a tight grip on his weapon, the black void of his eyes intently focused on her even as blood poured from his body. Yet by the fifth shot, he dropped to a knee once more, panting. Before Alice could even get her shots off, the man reared his head back, opening his mouth wide as black smoke began to billow out of him, flying up into the air and back towards the lumber mill, heading over the buildings and out of sight of the two, as the body of the mill worker would collapse, still and unmoving. The two women would hear a scream shortly afterwards from the lumber mill, in the same direction the smoke had travelled.

P&W's Diner: The two girls are lucky as no one around seems to notice the two of them speaking, or what has occurred inside the diner. The parking lot remains eerily empty and quiet, but before long a car starts up and begins to drive off. The two are able to get a clear enough look, recognising the same black escalade from the community center. The windows are tinted too darkly for them to see anyone within, but they don't seem to have been noticed as the car makes its way down the street, away from the diner. If the girls still chose to head to the community center, they would get there just in time to see the FBI Agent coming out nad heading to his car.

August Street: Glancing over to Jennifer, Lauren gave her a nod as she took the hand offered, pulling herself to her feet. As she listened to Jennifer speak, a polite smile crossed her face and she nodded. "My house isn't too far, sure." She'd say, beginning to walk down the street alongside Jennifer. Before long, the two reached the end of the street and turned the corner, Lauren walking towards her parked car at the end of the block. It was a crimson red 1965 Mustang, pristine and well cared-for. Carefully, Lauren unlocked the car and climbed into it, waiting for Jennifer to climb in as well.

Outside the Community Center: The wind is soft outside as Scarlett sits down and pulls out her pendulum, but as she begins to speak, it seems to pick up along with her words. As she finishes questioning the 'little bitches', the pendulum began to swing in a clockwise direction, circling twice before it began to still once more, it seemed someone, at least, was listening to her. Richard would have little trouble getting out of the parking lot, though just as he is leaving, he does spot Whitney and Felicia coming back in their car, the two girls looking rather frightened.
Update will be up first thing tomorrow. ^^
Aedan Merryn

Location: The Kingdom of Abhainn
Interacting With: Amaranthea Ashwood @WolfLover

Aedan kept his gaze on Julianna, watching her closely as she spoke with Maddox. Only briefly did his eyes shift away to look up and over the guards that were nearby, taking in the Abhainnians and their own precautions. The danger of anything actually happening with both royal families so open and close to one another was low, but it was clear there was little trust between the two kingdoms at that gathering. Regardless, Aedan was there to protect Julianna and the Hardin family, and he had no intention of failing in his mission to do so.

His attention was drawn away from the guards however as he heard the footsteps approaching him, and saw in his peripheral vision Julianna making her way over toward him. His gaze locked onto hers first as he saw her smiling towards him, the same, dutiful and stoic look across his face as she spoke. Raising an eyebrow at her words, he turned his gaze then to who she had dragged over towards him, only taking half a moment to realise who it was.

Involuntarily, Aedan's eyebrows rose and his eyes widened in genuine surprise. There were few things that caught Aedan off guard, at least, few things that ever caused him to express such a visible surprise, but he had not expected in any degree to see Amaranthea. it had been a great deal of time since they had seen one another, as Julianna had said, and as he quickly did his best to gather himself, he gave a slight bow of his head towards Amaranthea while Julianna continued off.

Straightening up again, he nodded as he clasped his hands behind his back still, watching her closely. "It is good to see you again, My Lady, I've been as well as things have permitted." It was the kind of evasive answer he always gave, speaking of himself was never something that came easily to Aedan, and even Julianna and Amaranthea had needed many hours of prying in more private settings to get the man to open up in any way. "I hope you've been comfortable in Abhainn since you left, personally, it's a bit warmer than I'd like." It was well known of Aedan's distaste for warm climates. The rough northern lord was far more at home in snowy mountains to the North, after all.
I'll be getting a post in today. ^^
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