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Current Getting new RP ideas is agonizing when you realize you need to shelf them until you're less busy.
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The Owls are not what they seem...…
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Oh hey now, I just passed 1000 posts. Good god.
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Exams are done, Thesis is done, alright let's get back into this 'RP' thing, huh?
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Thesis is finally complete, now to curl up and die (but probably rp a bit first)



Character Summary

Name: Pundii
Aliases: Punds, Captain Tightpants
Age: Twenty
Birthday: November 5th
Ethnicity: Irish-Australian
Location: Australian Eastern Standard Time
Gender: Male
Major/Minor: Government and Internation Relations/History
Occupation: Full-time Student
Languages: English fluently, broken German
Current Bio Theme: Agent Dale Cooper
Years Rping: 10
Preferred Rp Section: Casual
Rp Level: Advanced
Dedication Level: Medium-High (Varies on Workload)
Biggest Rp Pet Peeve: Metagaming - shits me to no end
Teach New Rpers Or Coach New GM's: I'll happily give anyone any help I can offer.


Height: Roughly 5'11"
Weight: Big enough, 150 lbs or so
Build: Average, Skinny but somewhat toned
Eyes: Blue, very blue
Hair: Brown, usually pretty short
Skin Tone: Pale, Moley, Irish skin
Tattoos/Scars/Piercings: N/A
Personal Style: TBD


Humorous * Somewhat Abrasive * Hard-working * Disorganized * Optimistic * Overly Relaxed

Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Flattered, but spoken for
Personality: TBD
  • Biting Nails
  • Drinking loads of Caffeine
  • Drinking a little too much wine

  • Making ship playlists
  • RPing
  • Reading
  • Tabletop RPGs
  • Video Games
  • Writing Reviews/Travel Articles

  • Wasps
  • Clowns
  • Large Fish

  • Meat
  • Seafood
  • Coffee
  • Whisky
  • Cold Weather
  • Exotic Locales
  • Star Wars
  • Rping

  • Hot Weather
  • Spiders
  • Most Video-Game movies
  • Sleeveless tops
  • Sweet foods

Cards On The Table

Rp's Currently Running:

Rp's Currently Enjoying:

Other Places Of Interest:

Upcoming Works:
  • The Drake Equation - A Sci-Fi adventure surrounding the question of whether we're alone in the universe
  • To The Edge of Time - A DND/Chrono Trigger Fantasy Adventure

The Usual Bunch

I've made a good bunch of friends while I've been here at the guild, I cherish these people and our friendships, and the least I can do to thank them for putting up with me is to say a few words about them here.

@Lady Amalthea - When I came to the guild, hers was the first RP I joined, and it ended up being the first of many! Lady A is easily the best GM on the site, and a good friend of mine, whenever I need a hand or anything or just need a good person to talk to, I always know she's there.
@Morose - If anyone could tie as the best GM on the site, it'd be Morose for sure! Always keen to engage in some harmless (well, relatively harmless) shipping, or for a good supernatural romp, she's your gal.
@Sigil - The broest of bros, been roleplaying with Sigil since I started on the guild and he's always a great guy to have around. Honestly hilarious, he adds such charm and character to every roleplay he's in.
@Nallore - Easily one of the sweetest and friendliest people on the site, she's always a great person to chat and roleplay with.


Quotes or Sayings:
  • Ahoyhoy
  • I'm adept at pushing my luck

Theme Song:

Advice To The World:
Don't sweat the small stuff.
Anything Else:
  • I'll probably never actually finish this profile.

Most Recent Posts

Darren Andrews

Location: Coventry Circus Grounds, Main Tent
Interacting With: Everyone in the Circus Tent, Aloise Zamora @Morose

Darren was still more-or-less frozen by fear for a great number of seconds. He watched again as the sword flew from Hel's hand and pierced Eudora's heart, her power was clearly immense, obviously befitting a deity as she was. Yet her words didn't strike any fear or even inspiration in Darren's mind, only confusion. It was a big enough step for Darren at that point to realize that God himself existed, he had written the man off as total myth, considering the fact he seemed to care particularly little about all the monsters that were running across the world, a lot of them created partially by his own hand.

He was already kneeling, and hoped well enough is rather meek position would at least keep him out of Hel's attention for a short while as he looked around at the others, seeing what they decided to do, many seemed fairly opposed to the idea, but he only particularly cared about one of them who was there, looking down over Aloise again as he spoke quietly to her. "What's the play here, Ally?"
Harry Walsh

Location: Aziza's Quarters -> The Lord Major's Office

Harry's lips split into a smile as he felt the gentle brush of Aziza's lips against his cheek. The feeling was as warm as it always had been, and though it had become more-or-less a frequent pleasure over the last day, it was always as welcome as the first. Fixing up his shirt somewhat, he followed her out of the room and down the hall towards the Lord-Major's office. He gave the soldiers they passed gentle and respectful nods, doing his best to ignore the distant sounds of drilling and firearms training as they moved along.

When they came to find Haakon and Josephine, Harry remained silent as Aziza spoke to them, giving them both a simple smile and a nod towards both as they continued moving. He was unsure why they were there, but imagined any meeting between them and the Lord-Major had likely not been a particularly welcome affair given some of the events of the previous evenings. Turning his gaze towards the door of the Lord-Major's office, Harry could not help but raise an eyebrow at the commotion on the other side. However, though the man himself was an oddity, and even as Harry was no longer a proper enlisted man, he could not help but stiffen up somewhat as the man opened the door, just managing to catch himself before he saluted. "Sir." He greeted the man with a nod, whilst allowing Aziza to speak.

William Drake

Location: The Egyptian Museum

William's attitude had shifted dramatically upon entering Vera's office proper. The sight of Peter had boiled up a great deal of frustration in the man, jealousy even, as he had seen Vera move to take Peter's hand and the man's lips grace her forehead. Yet in that case, William could've almost thanked George for providing a completely different, if not utterly-horrifying distraction for him to focus on instead. One half of his mind insisted that William not look at George at all, but he could only find himself awe-struck and gawking at the man's appearance, as if he was the most fascinating part of a circus freak-show.

As he heard the voices around the room and looked over all the others briefly, William was at least pleased that he had held a particularly tame reaction, at least in his mind. William had avoided screaming, running, or fainting, and instead settled for a kind of horrifying awe, though whether or not such a reaction could actually be perceived as worse in poor George's eyes, well, that never particularly factored into William's thoughts.
@Mike73@Nallore@FantasyChic@Morose@Zoey White

Hey all, I probably should have got to this sooner, though I was hoping it wouldn't be as much of a problem as it has been. Originally, I was waiting on Mike to get his post up before I did an update, but recently I have had a lot of issues come up IRL which are making posting to the RPs I'm a player in, let alone GMing this one, a considerable difficulty. I don't wish to go into a lot of detail about the personal side of this too much but if anyone would like more detail, you can PM me.

As it stands, until things IRL are a lot less hectic for me, I just do not have the time let alone the drive to keep this going as well as I would like to. I regret this greatly, as you have all been excellent so far. I would be quite content to continue things when things settle down but at least at the moment, I can't give you an exact time frame for that. Apologies again, and thank you all so much for sticking around.
Darren Andrews

Location: Coventry Circus Grounds, Main Tent
Interacting With: Everyone in the Circus Tent, Aloise Zamora @Morose

Darren slowly began to sit up once more instead of protecting Aloise as the bright light faded. Opening his eyes, he turned his gaze over towards Edwina as she stood over and chanted at the Mullo. he was confused at first, but seeing Seraphina lop the head off the creature, a degree of comfort washed over Darren at realizing that it had been killed. Knowing that the absurdly irritating creature was finally at its end almost was enough for Darren to actually relax.

Of course, that didn't last long. Hearing Aloise speak up, he looked down at her, eyes going wide as he suddenly saw the tent fly off in the wind. Staring then at Hel, he was frozen, stunned with fear at the sight of the diety as the sword flew from her hand and impaled James. Darren was stunned by fear, unable to do anything but stare at the diety that now stood there.

James Murphy

Location: Coventry Circus Grounds
Interacting With: Everyone in the Circus Tent

James was still caught off-guard by Edwina's sudden arrival, raising an eyebrow as she pulled the letter from her pocket. Looking over it, he paused, genuinely amazed at what had occurred. He was about to speak when the tent was ripped out of the ground by the intense wind. Staring at the figure that appeared, James was frozen for only a moment. His first instinct was to shoot first, this individual was clearly not friendly to them, and he quickly grabbed his gun, bringing it up to aim at Hel.

In a flash, he couldn't get a single shot off before he felt a sharp and hollow pain in his chest. Looking down, his eyes widened and he stumbled, seeing the sword piercing through his chest. Stumbling back for a moment, James was dragged forward by the blade pulling itself from his chest, falling down onto his knees as he looked up towards Hel. "Son of a bitch..." He croaked in pain, slowly falling forward as his head hit the ground, the world going dark...
Harry Walsh

Location: Qasr El Nil Barracks: Stables -> Aziza's Quarters

Harry smiled gently at her suggestion, it wasn't a bad one, one day someone would read what he'd written he hoped, and at that point in time Aziza seemed as good as anyone to look over his memoirs. She had come to know him and his struggle since he arrived in Cairo, and it irritated Harry that he was too afraid to share things properly with her when he felt she so clearly deserved to know more. He nodded gently to her suggestion, letting the silence linger for a moment. "I would like for you to read some of it, someday..." He smiled.

At her suggestion, he nodded, gently moving to stand as he looked down at her. It had not been a long rest, but at least for now it had been enough. Harry had only needed a few moments of quiet, knowing that he and, more importantly, Aziaa was safe. He left his things where they were in Aziza's room, for now, doubting he would need them, but knowing he could return if it was necessary, sighing again as he moved to the door. "Ready to go, then?"

William Drake

Location: The Egyptian Museum

William's glare faded as soon as it appeared, his gaze shifting back down to Vera as she worked her way out his grasp. He didn't resist in letting her go, watching as she moved over to gently take Peter's hand. William remained where he was as he watched the two of them, unable to hide the flash of anger in his eyes as he saw Peter's lips gently touch Vera's brow, along with the gaze that was spared in his direction before the two made their way back into Vera's office proper.

Sighing, he shook his head as they left his sight. Having been distracted from his studies, he figured he was not going to get much further, and now knowing that Vera seemed to have greater concerns than their previous argument, he begrudgingly moved to follow them. He had been unsure exactly what had driven Vera to him, or what Peter had been speaking of, but when he saw George that became abundantly clear. "Good-! Man, it's lovely to meet you!" The initial shock was quickly shoved down as William made every effort to hide it, to any of those in the room it certainly appeared out of place, he figured even George would notice something, but at the very least he'd avoided running off out of the room, screaming, as Vera had.

The Lumber Mill: The man within the room turned his gaze over towards the door as he heard the gunshots from outside, and then the effort to get through the door. As the door doesn't budge, both Mariana and Alice would be able to hear the sound of metal scraping against the ground as a large metal desk on the other side shifts only slightly in response to the kick. A deep, gutteral and wicked laugh can be heard from the other side of the door, and the woman continues screaming for help as the man just turned back to the woman, continuing to string her up. The efforts of the two women seem to have hardly affected the barricade, and it seems time is against them...

The Streets of Silver Falls: Lauren shakes her head, seeming a bit frustrated at Jennifer's seeming reluctance to believe her. Turning rather drastically, she made her way down one of the main streets, as the got further down towards the shopping district, Jennifer would be able to clearly see a number of groups fighting, she would see groups of normal people, but fighting them she would see monstrous figures, humans with large horns and red, glowing eyes. She doesn't bother to stop, driving straight through but letting Jennifer see it all clearly. "Is that proof enough for you? I'm not insane."

Outside the Community Center: The Pendulum remains still, and the wind dies down as Scarlett works on preparing everything in her Book of Shadows, and as she holds the pendulum up again and asks her next question, there's no response for a few moments, before finally, the pendulum begins to move again. Unfortunately, the answer she gets is vague, as the pendulum takes a few long seconds to spell out "One and Many"

Donald Baker

Location: Silver Falls Community Center

Baker listened intently to the two girls as they spoke, glancing up every now and then as he seemed to take interest in a few things that they say. He seems most interested of all as Felicia brings up the possibility of the smell being sulfur. Reaching into his pocket, Baker pulls out the same small pouch hed showed off before, opening it up and holding it out to the girls. "Is this the same smell?" He questioned, should either of the girls take a whiff, it is indeed the exact same scent, confirming their theory.

The hunger part seems to interest him as well, but he seems lost for theories as he stands there thoughtfully. As they do, the coroner walks over, carefully speaking in a hushed tone to Baker. Luckily, the two girls are perceptive enough to hear as the coroner explains that all of the individuals in the diner apparently ate themselves to death, overloading their systems and eating whatever they could get their hands on, including any drugs or medicines that they had. The cautious look in Baker's eyes seems to fade as he listens to the coroner and nods to him, watching him move off.

"Do the two of you know where your families are? I'll send some officers to bring them to the police station so they can come pick you up..."
I ended up getting home later than anticipated, and honestly it's getting much later than I'd like to stay up while I've been trying to get caught up with other things, so I will instead be posting the update first thing tomorrow, and i'll give everyone an extra day to get their posts in once its up, on top of their current counters.
Darren Andrews

Location: Coventry Circus Grounds, Main Tent
Interacting With: Everyone in the Circus Tent, Aloise Zamora @Morose

Darren was confused as he listened to Aloise, but as she spoke again his eyes widened somewhat. He did recognize the term, and knowing the reality of it was not helping his confidence in any remote degree. Deities were impossibly complicated to deal with for many hunters, he had never once had to deal with one himself, but he had as much lore as any hunter on the Vanir and Aesir. However, the one thing Darren didn't know, was how the hell to kill one, he hoped that Aloise could fill in that little gap.

He glanced back out towards the Mullo again, before he heard the unfamiliar voice. He didn't bother to question it, hunching over Aloise's body to cover her face and her vision as he closed his own eyes in the same movement, even able to see the flash of light through his eyelids as he kept over Aloise, unaware and unsure of what the hell was even going on as he remained over her after it cleared mostly out of protective instinct than anything.

James Murphy

Location: Coventry Circus Grounds
Interacting With: Everyone in the Circus Tent

James groaned as the shattering lights showered glass down atop him. He felt a few fresh cuts open on his cheeks and shoulders but ignored them as well as he could as he focused on the task at hand. Seeing the Mullo turn towards him, he struggled not to pee a little as he saw it make its cry, and in all honesty was rather pleased when it charged elsewhere, leaving him free to not be strangled and perhaps murdered by the creature.

When he heard the cry, James turned towards the source of it, but before he could actually see who had spoken, he closed his eyes just out of interested, the intense light causing him to bring his hands up and cover his eyes as well so as to avoid the pure, blinding intensity of them. As they progressively began to fade, he slowly moved his hands away and looked out, seeing the mullo now lying still. Seeing who it was, his eyes widened a little as he walked over. "Edwina? I guess you weren't kidding when you said you knew where I was."
Harry Walsh

Location: Qasr El Nil Barracks: Stables -> Aziza's Quarters

Harry sat in silence for a few moments as Aziza spoke in response to him, there was a practised care in her words, he figured it was likely that she had comforted more than one tired soldier who had come to her when she worked at the bar, looking for a lap to lay their head in and a sweet voice to calm their thoughts. Though in truth, he had no real clue just how practised she may have been in things like this. Regardless, she spoke with a careful devotion that at least to him, spoke volumes of her skill with them.

Feeling her hands take his own, he looked down to them as he heard her words, they were calloused, rough, especially around the palms. They had been bloodied, bruised, grazed and splintered many times over his years at war, but as he felt her hand against him, and especially as he felt her lips brush against the skin briefly, they felt soft, warm. "I couldn't even begin to tell you it all, we would be here for days, and even I wouldn't make such assumptions about my story-telling to say I could keep you interested that long." He gave a gentle, awkward smile. "But just being out and away from the sounds and stress are comfortable enough to me."

Harry knew he wanted to speak to Aziza, to tell her each and every story, but it was impossible for him to force the words out, they were caught in his throat, refusing to come forth, for now they would stay there, locked up by the misery which kept him trapped by his own fears.

William Drake

Location: The Egyptian Museum

Gently, William kept his hands softly on Vera's shoulders as she clung to him, forcing a gentle smile down to her in a reassuring manner. A part of his mind cursed him, he had been frustrated with Vera, almost furious after their last argument, but as she had rushed back into his arms it had all been flushed from his mind and his focus was back upon her. Only that small part of his mind now insisted he shouldn't fall into the trap, but no, his focus was entirely on her.

Catching a glance of Peter as he came around the corner, William's gaze flicked up to him, and he had to fight down the flash of fury in his eyes, and then even harder to hide the smugness which followed. He did not know Peter had come, but the fact that whatever had terrified Vera had sent her back into his arms instead of Peters spoke volumes about the reality of the situation, and keeping a smirk off his smug face was nigh impossible as he rolled his eyes at Peter's comment. "Of course, if he's an American, he can't be any worse than me, right Vera?" He smiled as he looked down at her, keeping his hands on her shoulders gently but not fighting her if she did try to leave his grasp, flashing only the most momentary of triumphant glances in Peter's direction.
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