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Will be gone today, replies coming tomorrow
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Thanks for the info, I'd rather get drunk and sleep. Replies coming this week <3
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@Ambra yeah, I don't want to get into detail because of you guys. When I just looked at this episode from a writer's perspective, I was severly disappointed. All in all, fans will enjoy.
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The scenes were amazing, Melisandre, the Unsullied, the short battle with the dragons and the scene with NK bringing the dead to life. But the end was just like ??? That's it? A major plothole.
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I have been roleplaying for a decade (perhaps a bit longer) and it has been so non-stop. While roleplaying is my favorite hobby, 'tis also a practice, since I am an aspiring writer and I plan to publish a book that I'm currently writing one day. My real life is as good as life can be, but I'm not completely satisfied and I seek other worlds and I love to do that with other people. You could say that I take roleplaying seriously. I pay attention to details, plots and characters. But it's hard to do it alone, no?

My preferences are 1x1 roleplays that have adult themes going on. Starting from romance, extremely complicated and potentially dangerous relationships, sexual themes to deeper psychological issues and matters with many characters I love to make, they're usually very troubled individuals who want to conquer what's killing them on the inside. (I'm also a shameless nihilist, 'tis a lifestyle, believe me) I already have few of the character sheets that are ready to go and I don't shy away from certain fandom roleplays with canon characters (I say as I prepare to request it) It's a good challenge, if I may say so myself! I do prefer partners who adore a challenge and fall deep into the story and oh goodness, nothing better than some juicy drama to pull some heartstrings and sometimes crush our souls! *Ahem* Getting ahead of myself!

Anyways, I'm rather friendly and consider myself decently charismatic, but extremely picky about roleplays. If I can't write with someone due to the different interests or lack of "writer chemistry", a friendly chat is never a problem!

Also, I'm from Central Europe, which also means that English is not my first language! If you see that my sentences are a bit weird, that is because grammar was never my favorite thing to learn and I rely on the feeling!

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One of my favorite plots reopened.
High in the halls of the kings who are gone
Jenny would dance with her ghosts
The ones she had lost and the ones she had found
And the ones who had loved her the most
The ones who’d been gone for so very long
She couldn’t remember their names

They spun her around on the damp old stones
Spun away all her sorrow and pain
And she never wanted to leave
Never wanted to leave

This plot has been highly inspired by Game of Thrones and G. Martin's and J. Tolkien's writing in general. I did not want to make this anything fandom related. Also, this pairing has been inspired by Rhaegar and Cersei story from the books, but you'll see that this obviously is not a complete rip-off of the situation. The character I created is like a good version of Cersei. Still stubborn, demanding and ambitious, she loves her family and knows what she wants. No, she'd never do anything vile like killing people and blowing up the sept and no, she would never do anything with her brother, so you don't have to worry about that :P

Pairing: MxF
Themes: Forbidden romance (optional), interracial and intercultural romance (optional), complicated relationships, MC can already be in a relationship/engaged/married for dramatic purposes
Genre: Medieval drama and romance, medium fantasy
Original plot idea and character interest: Original idea is that YC is older a few years than Evangelia (MC) and that a little before she was of age, she met your character who was at the time a guard in the Kindom or Argos (the largest Kingdom in the world).. She instantly fell in love when she met him, once her older brother greeted YC, since they know one another, and couldn't stop thinking about him. She was very shy and reserved at the time, but worked on her confidence throughout the months before she had to travel with her family and she truly never wanted to leave. She has turned of age, returned to Argos and searched for YC, but she never saw him again.

YC can go as you like from here. He can be of an entirely different culture and race, which includes fantasy races if you prefer. During his time away from Argos he went his own way, perhaps he got a promotion, perhaps he's a King's guard, maybe family matters made him leave everything behind, or maybe discovering something about his secret lineage. That is entirely up to you. But one day, he returns to Argos and the two meet by chance. It'll be a hard thing for Eva to grasp now to see him again, after years of his absence and now that she's a changed woman. All those pure emotions overwhelming her, but knowing that she's not that child anymore, she found it so hard to accept it. It would even make things better if he's involved with the military and there's some political tension which can turn into war at any time and make this even more dramatic. Other than that, if you're interested, let's talk about it!

About me:

- Responsive, AT LEAST three posts a week if I'm very busy
- OOC talkative, love planning, I have been told I'm really fun with ideas and plotting, I'm aware of my mischief. I seek someone out who would throw their opinion and ideas out. If you don't help out I'M DROPPING THE RP
- Multi-para and enthusiastic writer who's in love with the details. I work HARD on my roleplays and characters
- Adult content and tasteful romance with drama is ALWAYS welcome and desired. I have an F-list. Warning, I'm pretty much into taboo stuff, even though it's nothing too crazy, but then again, not everyone's cup of tea. Don't do fade to black.
- I am helpful, patient and understanding. All I ask for is for at least one post a week.

What I need from you:

- If you're interested, I ask you not to reply here, but to send me a private message. I want you to tell me about yourself. (ie. About you as a roleplayer, the ideas I mentioned that you liked and did not like, your own ideas and suggestions, your preferences, your limits etc.) I will be judging you from how you introduce yourself. You certainly don't have to send me a formal letter, all that I ask is that you put a little effort in telling me about yourself and your ideas/character. I would do the same to entice my potential partner, but also so we can have a better understanding of one another!
- Have existing characters that may fit this theme? Please let me know about it!
- I need two paragraphs at the very least.
- Please be relaxed and kind, most importantly, have fun! <3

I do have a character sheet for MC that is made for the plot, which I would love if you could read it since I put a lot of time and effort to it, plus made it aesthetically pleasing as much as I could (… ), though I know some people may not like to read so much, here's a short version about her:
- Eva is very posh, demanding, ambitious and hard-working woman who hold the interest of her family as her priority. She comes of as very friendly, well-spoken and warm woman to whom you can turn to anytime, but she is manipulative and does not entirely care about other people. She cares about her position, her growth and the growth of her family name.
- She has an older brother and a younger sister, and a father. The Ridoran family are known for the best cotton that come specifically from the southern regions of the world (Khalad - the tropical and desert island where this generation grew up in, despite the Ridorans originally coming from Argos) it's their trading business that brought them a spot among the Noble Families in Argos (the biggest success they have ever achieved) so Evangelia's ruthless business view at the things is there for a reason. One must fight to keep this position, because there is competition and you can easily be replaced. Eva has worked with plants when she was younger, but she is currently working with trades, whether she's selling it for coin or trading for other things that may be of worth. Despite being incredibly demanding and picky, Eva knows quality where she sees one and she only wants the very best.
- Evangelia is a maneater, plain and simple. She has been with man that she hand-picked for her own interest, mostly because of their positions or possibilities they can offer to their business, but she never got over her very first love. She never was with YC, but he made such an impression that she compares everyone to him to this day. But, there's always this possibility that her father may end up marrying her off to a nobleman and it frightens her to her core.
- She loves her two wild cat pets more than anyone in the world. She also loves to read and drink wine. Lots of wine. She loves wine to the point where she actually considers making her own in the future.

And here is her faceclaim!

Evangelia Ridoran

Warm sunrise in her hair and her hands cold as gold.

Name: Evangelia (Eva) Ridoran
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Orientation: Heterosexual
Race: Human
Class: High

About the Ridorans: Ridoran is a family that comes from the tropical city Khalad. Their business was thriving, because not only are they people from an entirely different continent, but despite cruel sandstorms in the island, they managed to grow quality cotton and expand their trades. Their business brought them a fortune and the previous generation of the Ridorans got them a spot among the Noble Families in the largest Kingdom of Argos.

Currently the Ridoran family consists of four people: Hemmet Ridoran, the Head and the father of three children. He has grown up in the field of cotton and other plantlife and still proceeds to spend his free time there. He is very humble at home, but once you'd come to meet the man, he comes off as very strict and cold.

Nicholas Ridoran is the oldest child of the three and he's known to be the muscle of the family. Not the sharpest tool in the box, he has no skill with the plants or making any sort of business, but his friendly and open-minded nature offered him a chance to meet plenty of people, therefore allowed the more responsible members of his family to work with trades while he gets on everyone's good side.

Eva is the second oldest child, works in the field in her free time, but it was as if she was made to be a noblewoman who is ruthlessly making coin through trades.

Coraline is the youngest child and is three years younger than Evangelia. Perhaps the smartest of her siblings, she works well behind the scenes, but she shows no interest in dealing with the society of Argos or it's people. She buries herself in her books and is generally very shy.

Reputation: Eva has met many people in both Khalad and Argos, even more in the second location, given that it is where most of her family business bloomed. While favored mostly by men, Eva is known as very charming, communicative, well-spoken and very confident woman. She makes sure that it's she who ends the conversation, be it by words or something she does, it's also known as a bad trait. Her confidence is is also seen as her being very demanding and self-centered, sometimes even mean. She doesn't really care about concealing her stubborn nature, especially when it comes to the business that is now up to the children of the Ridoran to keep it thriving and she is worried less about those who cannot handle her ambition and focuses on those who think similarly.

Relationship status: Very single, but rarely alone
Likes: Well-spoken and hard-working people, her two large wild cats, her family, good wine, the smell and feel of fertile soil and the smell of the yard after a heavy rain during spring
Dislikes: "Good" and kind women, lazy men (lazy people in general, but despises men who don't do anything of use), winter and snow, and she sees cheating as the worst of deeds a person can do

Hair: Blonde (golden), wavy and waist-length
Eyes: Emerald green
Height: 5'8''
Body type: Hourglass, average weight

Style: Wears dresses of light fabrics of any color she feels like that day specifically, but mostly it would be jewelry she'd pay most of her mind to. Evangelia loves jewelry mostly that have the color of gold and gems on it. She loves things that are not easily accessible and high quality. If she can tell that something is worth having, she will never ask for a price.
Her hair is styled almost every morning with complex braids, usually decorated with various hair pieces. But there are times when she would leave her loose braid rest over her shoulder and wear less jewelry. She's found that men find her much more appealing in such "loosened" state. She seems less "frightening".
Eva strongly believes in the phrase "Your body is your temple", so she takes care of herself, worships herself during long baths with oils beneficial to her skin and self-care is a high priority to the golden haired woman. This also means that she rarely leaves her house without putting make up on. Hardly a surprise, hm?

Hobbies: Spends time with her two precious wild cats (trains or just leisurely drinks wine and reads with them close to her), visits markets often and rarely is she alone without a company of a man and drinks wine (a lot)
Mannerisms: When she speaks, she doesn't speak with her voice, but her body. She's elegant and gracious with her gestures. Even the tone of her voice will fit whatever impression she wants to make, her every move is calculated. But it definitely is not a good sign is she falls silent and stares at someone with a raised left eyebrow. The more she's still in the crowd, that means that she's less relaxed.

Who is the bright maiden?

Evangelia Ridoran is the second child of the family and her reputation has changed in the course of years. Once, she was known as a shy and very reserved girl, much like her younger sister Coraline nowadays, who loved to spend time in the fields and work with the crops and flowers, now she is a social natural disaster. By that, it's actually meant that Eva has an appearance that demands attention (and perhaps some sort of respect, depending how she affects some people), and her charisma does not take that aura away from her. In the eyes of the many, she is well-spoken, enticing and can actually seem as a pleasant person, someone you can trust. However, while that doesn't have to be always the case, Eva is manipulative and seeks her own interest, and even more importantly, she seeks the interest of her family. She is selfish, yes, but she cares about her family greatly. As the matter of fact, the members of her family are the only people she cares about.

Evangelia is aware that there is competition all around her, especially in Argos, given the other Noble Families with successful businesses and reputation, she takes this as a challenge. When it comes to her relationships with these people, it is a very complicated puzzle. She holds respect for some of the, and she will show it, but there are some members of these families she absolutely cannot stand. Truth be told, Eva has a strong distaste towards women and girls who come out as gentle, kind and pure. To her personally, those women lack character and strength, and in her mind, those women cannot be trusted, because in a world like this, such traits are not genuine. But when it comes to men, she hates those who think with the wrong head. She thinks of them as weak-minded and easily manipulated, replaceable/expendable and that they're good for only one thing (though that is arguable, as well). Men who go from woman to woman to kill time is something that rubs Eva the wrong way and spitefully drags them into a situation where they would worship her, only so she would leave without a word after tiring them to the point of passing out. Even better if she gets to act as if she doesn't know them the next time they meet, only to make a fool out of themselves in the public. Of course, she would only do this to the select few where there is no evidence that they actually met and cannot prove to anyone else that it is true, since she is well-aware that this can affect her reputation.

Long story short - Eva does not like people. She hates them generally, but respects individually.

You may catch Evangelia staring at someone in what only can be said a very frightening way. What is usually dismissed as a "bad day", it's usually when she cannot stand anyone. Should she be picked on or someone presses the wrong buttons, there's no guarantee that she will not try to verbally devour the person. There's so much hidden rage inside this woman, some sort of unknown hatred towards people, that is an absolute opposite to what she shows Even if she cares about the people from her family, no one in the world knows what is happening inside this woman's head. Ask anyone either in Khalad or Argos about her and you will hear the same things over and over. There are rumors circulating, some whispers and false tales that are not possible to be confirmed, all are contradicting one another, but no one knows this ironically well-known woman.

She will come home after dealing with people for the entirety of the day, close herself in the room, all by herself and get drunk on wine while she broods. She loves her family, but she feels completely and utterly alone. Nobody is good enough for her. And that is what kills her. And unfortunately, she doesn't give a chance to anyone to prove themselves to her, so she would finally understand that she was wrong. All her thoughts never left that cage that is her skull. All that void filled with finery and endless ambition, yet she is once again alone in her room, drink in her hand, quietly staring outside.

First comes a blessing of all that you've dreamed
But then comes the curses of diamonds and rings
Only at first did it have its appeal
But now you can't tell the false from the real

Business = status

It is no secret how seriously Eva takes her role as the member of one of the Noble Families and she wants to make sure that everyone is aware that they saw nothing yet. The golden haired woman is certain that one day she will be the Head of the Ridoran family. In her mind, it's in their best interest - she puts them first, she cares about the quality of what they have to offer, strictly follows the rules of reputation in Argos and is ready to do whatever is necessary to keep their family at the very peak. Eva after all is responsible for doing the trading and contacting the customers and clients, all the while her brother Nicholas knows many people and can be of great help in that field of her work. She always offers the best to the interested clients and customers, but she will not take any deals she doesn't see any benefit for her business. That is already a strong point: well-spoken, warm and friendly, and only has the success of her family in mind. But, she does have her own selfish reasons to be the head of the family, after all. While those reasons never left that pretty head and seem endless miles away from the possibility, Evangelia swore to make it happen.

Business with growing cotton has been going well, Eva who has expensive taste and know what good quality is, wants to spread her influence a bit more. While certainly she wouldn't be the only one with this idea and obviously this business is already running in the world, but Evangelia wants to make her own wine. She wants to make the best and most expensive wine in the world. She is already in her free time collecting some fruits if she runs into a merchants that are selling them and is running her own research about wine brewing and growing of the richly flavored grapes. If Eva wants to succeed and make special and quality wine, she needs to find a way to make it more special. Of course, that's just a goal, but whatever plan she made in her head, she's going to make it happen, no matter the struggle or cost.

From porcelain to ivory

When she reached 11th year, Eva has been introduced to the business that their family was running and she was a quick learner. While Coraline at that age was more excitable to jump to conclusions and suggestions, Eva before her would quietly sit, listen, watch and observe. She was like a sponge that absorbed everything that was thrown her way, it was only as she was growing older that Evangelia began to understand some things by herself about the agriculture and done some growing of her own. She loved flowers and would try to grow some for herself before learning how to grow cotton properly. At that age, nature fascinated her, especially when she learned all the benefits that it gives to the people and how life would be impossible and unbalanced without it. While she secretly hates the people, she does love the flora and fauna and holds massive respect for the nature. However, to her unluck, Eva's strength lies in communication. She has, what one may call, a "green thumb", but it's overshadowed by her natural social skills that drains her energy. Evangelia became aware of this talent once she was finally considered mature by the society and grew much bolder. And bolder she grew for one reason only - to get something her innocent and naive heart desired... And that one thing she so genuinely wanted was never meant to be hers.

While the fair lady of the Ridoran family is rumored to be quite ruthless when it comes to romantic relationships, that she has men wrapped around every finger on both of her hands, nobody knows that this untouchable woman was once a romantic soul that innocently fell in love, less than a year before her legal maturity. It was love at first sight, something she knew was not supposed to happen. It was before her first trading lessons, so she was still coming out as a shy person who wouldn't speak much to anyone, even less to the strangers.

She was walking through the streets of the Argos with her older brother, who was at the time familiar with the place and people. He greeted one of the citizens he knew who was a Argos guard. A man who also just recently came to the city, which is how Nicholas met him in the docks. To anyone, he was just another freshly mature and capable man who came to the city of Argos to make a living, but to Eva, he was something else. He might not look noble at all, perhaps exotic to a naive girl like her, but he was a beautiful man. When he politely introduced himself to her and smiled, Evangelia got lost in that moment and she was quiet before saying her name, completely lost in a natural charm. He was not like the people from either Argos or Khalad who were taught how to act, but this man was naturally gracious. And gods, he was beautiful! It took the golden-haired girl a few seconds before she introduced herself. The worst part was, she cannot remember his name. She got lost in that situation so much that she couldn't hear anything around her or see anything but him and lost in the depth of his melodic voice. Nights would pass after that very first meeting and the poor girl could not sleep. She would read through the romance books, imagining herself and the guard in those fantastical and touching situations. Just the mere thought would have the gentle maiden innocently blush!

She would see him in the city occasionally and he would politely approach to greet her and share a moment for a small talk out of courtesy, since he knows her brother and because of her family name. She knew he was a bit older than her, she knew the differences between their positions, but everything in Eva made her want him. She would secretly draw them together on paper, just waiting to be mature and grow bolder. She would spend some time in front of the mirror, talking to her reflection, imagining that it was him, reading dialogues from the books and making gestures as she would recite heart-felt confessions. It was so innocent and naive, so wishful. But at one point they did return to Khalad around the time when it was her birthday and once they returned to Argos, she would purposefully walk outside more during her free time in hopes to run into him. To her unluck, she never saw him again. To say that Eva was devastated was an understatement. All that yearning for the time when she could be old enough to have more than just small talk about the weather, state of the trades and the city and such with him and get to know him was crushed. She never asked her brother who that guard was. She still to this day doesn't know his name. And no one knows about this heartbreak that Eva experienced. To her, it felt like weakness, a foolishness, something that part of her hates. She blames herself for being so idealistic and childish. She blamed herself for the purest emotion she has felt so far in her entire life.

To this day, she has never felt for a person the way she has for him. Despite that being naivety, what she felt was real and someone who got to have everything and be rewarded after the struggles her family went through, to Eva this was a hit she never recovered from. Every man she has met was compared to him, even though she never knew him. No one was good enough, no one was him. Perhaps this was a good thing for Eva, since it made her work so stubbornly for everything so she would get what she wants as soon as possible. She follows her intuition and grows her roots in her own direction and uses her talents to achieve potential great things. Yet she still would dream about him. She would look out the window and hope to see him in the crowd. She hopes, even though it's very unlikely that she's going to get the only thing that her heart desires and not her gnawing greed.

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