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FF13 was the worst imo
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I have been roleplaying for a decade (perhaps a bit longer) and it has been so non-stop. While roleplaying is my favorite hobby, 'tis also a practice, since I am an aspiring writer and I plan to publish a book that I'm currently writing one day. My real life is as good as life can be, but I'm not completely satisfied and I seek other worlds and I love to do that with other people. You could say that I take roleplaying seriously. I pay attention to details, plots and characters. But it's hard to do it alone, no?

My preferences are 1x1 roleplays that have adult themes going on. Starting from romance, extremely complicated and potentially dangerous relationships, sexual themes to deeper psychological issues and matters with many characters I love to make, they're usually very troubled individuals who want to conquer what's killing them on the inside. (I'm also a shameless nihilist, 'tis a lifestyle, believe me) I already have few of the character sheets that are ready to go and I don't shy away from certain fandom roleplays with canon characters (I say as I prepare to request it) It's a good challenge, if I may say so myself! I do prefer partners who adore a challenge and fall deep into the story and oh goodness, nothing better than some juicy drama to pull some heartstrings and sometimes crush our souls! *Ahem* Getting ahead of myself!

Anyways, I'm rather friendly and consider myself decently charismatic, but extremely picky about roleplays. If I can't write with someone due to the different interests or lack of "writer chemistry", a friendly chat is never a problem!

Also, I'm from Central Europe, which also means that English is not my first language! If you see that my sentences are a bit weird, that is because grammar was never my favorite thing to learn and I rely on the feeling!

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Coming back to this!
The Outcasts [ Dragon Age Inquisition ]


Why always be a big hero when you can be one of those guys in the group?
Before you read anything about the plot, I only crave for partners who offer descriptive and lengthy posts and who are ready for challenges, because that's what I offer. I already have a character ready for this plot!

Frances (human female Rogue) x Male Qunari mercenary (The more he's like The Iron Bull, the better!)

Iron Bull is one of the best things that have happened to me in DA universe, I swear.

I really like The Iron Bull and his character. Now, YC doesn't have to necessarily be the rip off of this character (I truly prefer original characters with original backstory and personality) but there are some similarities I wish YC had with the Bull. His humorous side and his view on the world, but also the fact that he likes redheads, because 90% of my characters are always redheads, how convenient? I have a character sheet ready for MC, so just ask!

This takes place even before the Breach opened. YC should have already the similar status as Bull, he leads the group of mercenaries, while MC is the leader of a notorious group of assassins. While YC's group is skilled when it comes to fighting hard, MC's group is more rougish and quick and our characters get to clash with one another.

MC and her group move to the Storm Coast in order to build a hold where they'll basically be the ones who'll roam freely the coast, take it as their own and bring down the Blades of Hessarin. The real reason why MC wanted to move to the Storm Coast was because of the ancient dwarven port, which was believed to be abandoned for years and the entrance was sealed. Excited with the idea to take something for herself and the group in order for them to grow stronger, MC refuses to back out of this. She's very stubborn and ambitious, and needless to say, a great and respected leader.

YC on the other hand was paid to track down these assassins. Perhaps a noble or a rich merchant stated his concerns and was already a victim and suffered greatly since one of their assaults and since he wasn't their target, he just got in a way, he's one of the rare survivors which MC left. This person paid YC a lot of money which YC couldn't reject and managed to track down MC's group and they meet in the Storm Coast.

There'll either be a very heated dialogue or they'll strike without waiting a moment. During one of their attacks, the Breach opens and Rifts come down on Storm Coast. These two groups end fighting along with each other to kill off the demons, but it's MC's group that suffers, leaving only her trusted friend and herself alive. YC and his mercenaries get to kill all the demons and leave MC and her friend at YC's mercy and that's the moment when she needs to tone down her attitude. If YC is similar to The Bull, our characters will have an interesting dynamic, because my rogue female will be a trickster and mischievous redhead with short temper. Thanks to this, MC and her friend will become YC's mercenaries and they'll work together. However, I imagine our characters are big fans of alcohol and while being intoxicated, they get into intimate intercourse. That said, I don't plan on making them friends immediately. Just some sort of respect that they share with one another and it progressively grows into something more. Once things do escalate, they don't treat it as anything special. They'll make up excuses, they're both attractive individuals with needs so it's absolutely normal that they can do each other if they're available. But it'll make it better if they deny that they like each other a little bit more than that.

As for the Inquisition, it won't change much from the actual game, but with our own twists. Our characters will be considered as 'outcasts' in the Inquisition, simply because they do not come from the most trusting side of the story, which might bring our characters closer, but they're still extremely useful with their resourcefulness and skill, and we all know Inquisition is desperate for help. Where the story leads us next? Inquisition will start debating on who will they side with: the Templars or rebel mages, which we will decide or our characters can even do something to ruin what the superiors from the Inquisition originally planned, though they're never caught and that remains a secret between them. After that we'll slowly close in to the entire "In Your Heart Shall Burn" thing, followed by the events that will lead into the Skyhold and of course, I don't want to miss the entire Winter Palace drama. Following the game and how we build it up with our own twists will be fairly easy, if you ask me.

The theme in this rolelplay is to make a complicated relationship, considering that Qunari aren't the "lovey dovey" types. Character I have for this is very romantically unaware for reasons that will be obvious within the story. So the point is to confuse the hell out of these two unaware that what they have is actually love, but they keep messing up, angering, hurting each other, only to come back to one another. I am SO done with cookie cutter relationships in roleplays, seriously. I want the struggle and the drama, so the good moments feel much better!
The Creator of SOLDIER [ Final Fantasy 7 Universe ]

Attractive villain couple with immoral ambitions and commitment issues

Currently craving this one the most.

Sephiroth x Sorceress Edea [canon x canon]

A very complex idea I've been working on FOR MONTHS.

Still going!
Okay, gave this hoe a makeover, let's bump her.
The search goes on!
Bear with my demanding arse!

Welcome to Hell! Where sin and blasphemy is fun, where it never snows or rains and there's always something going on. It's better than it is back on Earth, but things still are not easy. And oh, you may call me Red.

I am an adult who enjoys adult content. I don't have things that are my "cup of tea", I have things that are my "shots of vodka", which means that there's no fluff here. For a true romance, there has to be a lot of struggling. For a victory, one must go through blood, sweat and tears, and rather painful periods which might as well be the root of all evil in women. My characters can be femme, but they are NOT sweethearts. Some are devious, some are rough around the edges and they have a lot of edges, they're tough shells to crack, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to get to what makes them a great character, or I like to think they're great, everyone has their own opinion!

Either way, if you're not up for a story, rather crazy things going on, go a bit further and push some limits, get really excited because of how things get dramatic and care for our characters to go through all the struggles, allow them to fail and break their hearts (and crush our souls because we care about them) then... I don't know. What do you need me for? I am passionate about writing and roleplaying!

Anyways, I always preferred PM roleplays, it is a rule on the site anyways, as for everything else, just contact me. I'm a nice mofo, I swear. Just don't be an asshole OOC, okay? Okay!

Also, I STRONGLY believe in the first impression. If you think I made a good first impression with this thread and you decide that we can write, please message me and make a good first impression of yourself, so we both know where we're standing! And oh, I like faceclaims! I love to have the image of a character in my head before everything plays out.

What breaks the deal..

Short posts are a big no-no for me. Two paragraphs with six sentences in each is the least what I'll expect from you. Anything less breaks the deal.

Submissive men are not fun for me. You can let me take over from time to time, but submissive men ain't for this fireball.

Lack of side characters in the story. They don't need to be detailed or be around often. I just don't like to feel like our characters are only people in the world.

Shy and weak characters. The first one is frustrating to work with, the second one defeats the whole "challenging" purpose I'm after.

Love triangles or multiple partners. I'd rather not dwell on this theme.

Just scenes of intercourse or rushing to that point in the plot. Ugh, don't even get me started on those. Nothing turns me off more than jumping into something that should feel rewarding and anticipated.

What about basic grammar: Yeah, sometimes I'm on phone too and typos happen, that I forgive. But what I mean by basic grammar are things like - you instead of u, differences between your and you're (sorry, but I just cry myself to sleep because of this), and capitalize letters where they should be capitalized. Sometimes I can get over this, but this is something you were supposed to learn in elementary school. So yeah, what breaks the deal is the lack of common effort in writing proper sentences.

Writing in first person just makes me feel weird. It feels like an self-insertion, while this was supposed to be a roleplay. You know, where you play roles.

Overpowering your character and ask me to change the demeanor of MC. Please make some logical sense in the roleplay. Sure he can beat the entire army by himself and if MC is an assassin who's been killing people her entire life, don't think she'll fawn over YC. If she was a princess who hadn't experienced a lot outside all that finery, she might be captivated by YC. So please, follow the logic and I beg you not to tell me how to do MCs, because I'd never do that to you. And please, no overpowering characters. They can be absolute experts in their field of work and be perfect in it, but nobody is perfect in everything. It can get pretentious and annoying otherwise.

And yes, the lack of interest. When posts lack substance and juice, when it lacks tension and drama, when you want me to run the plot. My dear, you can show yourself out.

What does the Queen offer you...

Dedication: Since I am a writer and if our writing chemistry is good, I can give you a hell of a time, my dear. I'm fairly inspired and ready for challenges.

Multiple and well thought-out characters: I will always add a character to make things interesting.

Long posts: Yes, you read that right. I love long posts. I can die those down in case a partner cannot match up, but I am a writer and I cannot imagine a text without a lot of stuff happening. But there also times when walls of text is impossible to be put in. That's usually during intercourses or conversations between characters.

Decent English: It's not my first language, it's not perfect, but I do try my best to make my post as best as possible if I have the nerves.

Fun mature content: Oh believe me... I like each scene to be an experience. I'm fairly experienced in writing mature situations.

Activity on the site: On every day, but not necessarily able to reply every day.

Scenes/stuff I'd love to include...

Complicated relationships. I don't like it to be cookie cutter. I like it to be complicated, I want our characters to struggle. I want things to get in their way.

Drama. Goddamn drama, complicate things, twist them, nothing pulls me in more. Especially when two characters are obviously interested in one another, there's obviously insane sparks between them, but they can't have each other completely for many reasons. That just makes me want to roleplay more.

I like that boring idea of Alpha males. I'm not talking about assholes, I'm talking about men with attitude, strong presence and intelligence. Nobody likes assholes. They can be smug and all, but they have to back it up with their actions, duh. As for FEMALES (I do play against female characters if I feel it) I do love tomboyish, girls that go on a more masculine and androgynous side, even the nightmare that is futanari. I think it's a fun concept, drama gets pretty damn juicy with those from my experience and I'm living for it. Not a fan of femme females. I'll reject those. (Current status: NOT actively looking for a FxF pairing)

Devious characters who have an evil look to them, but breathe with politeness and nobility. Big men in size that tower over my characters. Lot's of chemistry and banter. Yes, yes and yes.

Inhuman character in general (this one is not necessary whatsoever unless requested) Sure, I do like to roleplay with human characters, but I like creatures and other species: orcs, qunari, minotaurs, demons with inhuman features, maybe even giants, mythological beings and that sort of thing. The point of roleplay to me is to distance myself from reality and that's basically it. I love creative species, be it original or something that already exists! As long as it's sentient and conscious like us, humans. We're not going to be THAT weird, okay? Okay.

Medium bloodplay, if you consent. You'll keep your limbs, don't worry.

MATURE slowburn. That's the secret to every great and mind blowing physical intercourse.

As much as I love rough stuff, I love vanilla too, it really depends on how it builds up.

I'm both S&M, you can't go wrong with me. I'm generally very open to stuff!

Themes/settings, roles and fandoms!

With all that said, let's now move forth and talk about setting and roles! Usually I post plots, but currently I decided to give you beautiful people a shot so you can throw suggestions at me. There is a desired plot below what I'm looking for, but let's speak generally here. Of course, everything I have mentioned above stands. For all of you wonderful dirty bastards, I'll send an f-list when we talk, let's keep it professional here.

Okay, the setting: Dark. Throw dark stuff at me - supernatural and paranormal, dark and epic fantasy, horror elements, occultish themes, delicious blasphemy and heresy (if there's no sinning, I DON'T WANT IT), and many things like that. You just can't go wrong with me.
Sci-Fi, I would do this, as logn as, for some strange reason that is unknown to me, resonates with the video game Prey. Despite the fact that I have played many other Sci-Fi games, something about Prey gripped onto me so tightly, I can't get rid of it. And also, for yet another strange reason, I do Sci-fi only against female/futanari characters. Why? I don't know, don't ask me. I don't have all the answers, don't look at me like that!
Slice of life.... It has to be some damn good plot for me to accept those. usually it's things disguised as slice of life, but some shit is happening in the background. There was a comedy roleplay I had with a stereotypical vampire in college living a normal life, but would end up messing stuff up. That was interesting...for a week. So slice of life, eh... Not a fan.
Post apocalyptic would do only in cyberpunk setting. That is it. Blade Runner vibes, rebellion cool machines that barely work type of a thing.
I am fan of some vanilla fantasy, some action adventure, pirate themes, steampunk and just a lot of goodness.

My roles vary. I am pretty much good at vampires at this point, but I like to move the comfortable boundaries and get uncomfortably freaky, not something the general audience would enjoy. Rich bitches in ye olde high standard societies always went well for me. Explosive and emotionally unstable rogues who just can't get their shit together and are fragile like a bomb. Just few examples of the types of characters I like to go for, but I'm flexible. They're not Mary Sues, sometimes I wanna punch them in the face too, believe me.

As for your potential roles, well... I'm picky. With human male characters, things can go many ways, I have stated what I'm avoiding and what I don't like. Though I am guilty of liking inhuman characters. I'm not talking about elves (yawn, honestly). Orcs and Qunari (Dragon Age) are as tame as it can be. Wargen and other anthropomorphic and sentient creatures. If its a brute and looks like it can kill me, I'm giving it a warm welcome. I know I'm messed up, okay, I warned you about crossing comfortable limits.

I can also be very greedy and welcome MxFxM plots, some reverse harem, because just some of us can't get enough, but those occasions are rare. Thirsty hoe is thirsty.

Fandoms I wanna indulge in:

- Dragon Age: Inquisition (forever looking for a Qunari, Iron Bull made me fall in love. Can be an OC that resembles Bull but with a very original spice, I'll welcome it. For DA I prefer having an OC (which I do have for DA:I plot, but I also have a plot idea for Qunari x human), but from canons I'd play either Leliana (I don't like her, but would play her), Morrigan or Vivienne.)

- Final Fantasy in general (I will play some of the canon characters such as Fran from FF12, Lulu FF10, Edea/Ultimecia FF8, Paine FF10-2 (even though I dislike that game, I loved her), and Fang FF13. I don't think I have anymore canon characters I'd like to play, but if I remember some, I'll add it. If a partner is interested in playing a canon character, here are desirable mentions: Vincent, Sephiroth, Genesis, Zack, Seipher, Khimari (they're so gorgeous), Balthier and that's about it.)

- Game of Thrones (Not interested in playing canons. Would make my own character, perhaps a Lannister or a Stark, but I'd play a Red Priestess before I would pick a royal house. Had an old plot which revolved around a Red Priestess and the last Targaryen - promised prince... Hit me up if you're interested!)

Nothing is coming to mind anymore, I'll add as I figure stuff out. So yeah, something caught your eye? Message me, darling.
Added a profile with a better order and description of events.
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