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Current I can't sit still to save my life, so everything I write is on mobile – even my interest checks. Did I mention I have a new 1x1 horror interest check up, by the way?


Song of the Day:
Witch by Apashe (ft. Alina Pash)

Hey there, I'm Quixotica!

I'm a 30-year-old woman born, raised, and currently residing on the dusty Canadian Prairies.

I discovered roleplaying at the age of 14, fell in love, became obsessed, stopped showering and sleeping, and had to go cold turkey until I was better educated in the delicate art of balance. I shower much more frequently now but I'm still working on that insomnia problem.

I primarily write, read, and roleplay within the horror genre. That being said, Neuromancer is one of my favourite novels of all time and I won't turn down a solid crime thriller or Western, either.

I also like to watch movies, hike, cook, and listen to music. Like, a lot of music. If you want some genre anarchy in your life, here's a link to my 231-hour, 3600+ song Spotify 'Liked' playlist.

I never know how to end these sorts of things, so here's a lovely piece of prairie gothic poetry by John Newlove titled Driving:

You never say anything in your letters. You say,
I drove all night long through the snow
in someone else’s car
and the heater wouldn’t work and I nearly froze.
But I know that. I live in this country too.
I know how beautiful it is at night
with the white snow banked in the moonlight.

Around black trees and tangled bushes,
how lonely and lovely that driving is,
how deadly. You become the country.
You are by yourself in that channel of snow
and pines and pines,
whether the pines and snow flow backwards smoothly,
whether you drive or you stop or you walk or you sit.

This land waits. It watches. How beautifully desolate
our country is, out of the snug cities,
and how it fits a human. You say you drove.
It doesn’t matter to me.
All I can see is the silent cold car gliding,
walled in, your face smooth, your mind empty,
cold foot on the pedal, cold hands on the wheel.

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This search has been closed.
I'm interested and curious to hear more about the supernatural and occult elements of the plot if and when you're ready to share! If I need to be more specific than that:

What kind of "happenings" did you have in mind? And how much of an influence do you see the supernatural and occult having on the characters and overall plot?
This search is now closed.
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