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Current My soul is crush. RIP Jason David Frank.
1 yr ago
Anyone else get stressed out when their favorite character goes through stressful situations?.....yea me too.
1 yr ago
Did you hear about the circus fire????? It was in tents.
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I get real life gets in the way, but at least be a decent human and just tell me. It’s better the ghosting.
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I should be adding lunges to my workout but that would be a big step.


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Oh pick me :P 🙋🏼‍♀️,
Saw Mortal Engines today....kinda feeling some dystopian roleplay....or something else....I'm flexible.

Welcome to Riley's interest check!!

I have been at this game for a long time so let's get down to the naughty bits. I'm looking for MxF pairings and I will be playing the F role. I have played many types of genres in my life and I have enjoyed them all. If you don't find anything listed that you find a fancy for, ask me anyway, I am open to hearing ideas.

I am a high-cas to an advance writer. I like detail, ok? Does that mean a novel every post? Nah, but a good two to three paragraphs is cool with me. No-liners please. I write in third person, any other person weirds me out.

Let's face it...Adults themes will be present this includes romance. Be 18 or older. This means I only do roleplays in PMs. I will do discord as well.

With all that info, still with me? Awesome. If you are interested, hit me up. PM Me or Discord "RileyTucker" #5209.

Here are some themes I enjoy...go ahead mix and match.
Slice of life
Post Apoc
Hello Everyone and Welcome...

Some Nitty Gritty things...(everyone has them and I'm not sorry if anything I am about to say offends you. If it does, we more then likely won't be roleplaying together. We all have our limits.Please respect mine. )

*Side note* I tend to say a lot of fandoms but in reality I like the setting part. Meaning, the technology, magic, realistic, fantasy, is just like what they use in the fandom, unless we state otherwise.

Harry Potter
Percy Jackson
Doctor Who
Warehouse 13
Walking Dead
Star Trek
Star Wars
Battlestar Galatica

Post Apoc

I am sure I will add others later but I thought this was good for now. Hope to hear from you!
You know how dreams can feel so real that when you wake up, you ask yourself if that truly happened. Yea, me too. You see, my whole life has been strange and unknown. I grew up without knowing my parents, my past but I feel that I am just starting to figure out who I am and who I was. Growing up I could make things happen. Small things, kinda like magic. I know, you are thinking, magic isn’t real. Yea, I thought that too but in my dreams it is as real as I am talking to you now. For a long time I wondered if I would ever tell my story. A story of adventure, excitement, and danger. It is how I came to know my dreams are not one of make believe but of reality. They are one and the same. My story is how I became a light when things go dark. How I truly found myself in the world that I now call home.

It all started with a crazy old man in a bookstore…...

Looking for male partner for this story. We will be doubling so please keep that in mind. If my start up peeks your interest, please PM me. I will not respond to this thread. Also, be 18 or over, adult themes will make an appearance. Other details can be discussed.
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