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My cat is sick so i won't have the energy/focus to post until she's better. Hopefully it'll only be a day or two. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.
@Cotton How much can we freestyle about the interior of the manor? For example, if Tova opens the door they're in front of rn, can I go off of what you've said of the interior before, or should I wait for you to describe it? I'd be more comfortable leaving it to you, but then there's only so much I can do to push the story forward with each post while we're still at the exploration stage. I assume shorter posts are acceptable in these kinds of situations?
I'm basing the part in my post that adresses Marrok on that animals feels a kinship towards him. Tova isn't an animal, but she has strong animal instincts, so I thought it would be fun to play around with that :D If you don't like that concept I can remove that part.
@Conscripts @RedXIII

It was true that Tova wasn’t particularly keen on spending the night out in the rain. Not that it would’ve been the first time she’d been forced to sleep without shelter in the last two years that she’d been living on her own. She’d been lucky enough to find a dry cave to stay in for the first few months of being alone, but after an unfortunate encounter with a bear she’d been forced to leave. Since then, she’d slept wherever she could find and never stayed in one place for too long. The prospect of having roof over her head had been one of the reasons why she’d decided to go to the manor, so turning back now when nothing bad hadn’t even happened yet was indeed kind of stupid. The orc’s advice of staying was her best bet, but that didn’t mean she had to like it.

The orc left the main entrance and started walking down the side of the building. Tova hesitated for a moment, wondering if it would be better to just go inside, but then looked inside the now unobscured door and was reminded that the foyer was still filled with what to her looked like a bunch of humans and a giant lizard. And let’s not forget the walking dead who had disappeared somewhere further inside the building. No thank you.

Though, as she swept her gaze over the occupants of the foyer, it caught on one of them – the man with dark hair. Friend, her instincts whispered, to her great surprise and dismay. Oh hell no. No human was a friend of hers and she’d learned that the hard way. She’d thought that was one thing she and her instincts agreed on, but apparently not because it was insisting that the man was trustworthy. Based on absolutely nothing. Tova glared at him, concluding that he must be casting some kind of spell.

That definitely sealed the deal on not going inside, so she instead hurried after the orc. Who she was getting tired of calling ‘the orc’, so once she’d caught up, she asked, “So what’s your name? Mine’s Tova.”

As they walked, she kept a watchful eye through the ground floor windows.
@Cotton How high up are the ground floor windows from the ground?

As the others moved into the manor, leaving just Tova and her new associate outside, a cold wind picked up and ruffled the locks of her hair and made the thin chain connecting two of her ear piercings clink softly. A shiver went up her spine and she turned to look behind her, unconsciously moving even closer to the orc. There was nothing there but the empty path and the birds.

Just as she was about to turn back forward, a bird took flight and she followed it with her eyes as it flew towards the roof, its eerie black form reflecting in the windows. Suddenly, something moved behind the glass, making Tova jump with a frightened yelp. “Hey!” She smacked her hand against the orc’s armor – the loud clang almost making her jump again – to get his attention, still staring with wide eyes where she’d seen the shape, “T-there’s something in there! I saw something in the window! I think – I think we should leave. This place is giving me the creeps!”

Then again, most things outside her village gave her the creeps, weather she liked it or not. She was too worked up at the moment to ignore her instincts, though, irrational as they might be.
I just wanted to place Tova among the cool kidz, so I'll hold off posting for a while now, too.

@Conscripts She has aquired a meat shield with a big sword; she's never letting go!
Tova's chin dropped when the orc said he agreed to her deal, fear momentarily forgotten, "What, really? I mean, good, good. Then - hey, 'all I'm good for'? Now let me tell you something, you big - Wait!" The orc ignored her - or didn't hear her - and had started walking towards the manor, "Hey, wait for me!"

As he took one step to her four, she had to trot to keep up with him. The manor towered before them. She'd never been near a structure like it. Her village had consisted of mostly huts and tents, and even if she knew other races - humans in particular - liked to build big, sturdy stone houses, she'd only ever seen human settlements from afar. Looking at it almost made her feel the opposite of claustrophobia, but at the same time also made her wonder with some anticipation if she'd be able to scale the exterior all the way to the roof. The view from up there had to be amazing.

Once the orc came to a stop, she made sure to stay mostly hidden behind him, peeking out around his massive frame. She eyed the others suspiciously, waiting to see how they'd react to the orc's question.
Well, Tova is a scared-shitless from-the-waist-down furball, so no complaints on my part :D

Also, Tova rn

On the outside

On the inside

I hope I didn't wreck some kind of posting order ^^' I reasoned it was ok since it's been a couple of hours, and it's an interaction between just Tova and Goroth.

@Cotton Do you have any thoughts regarding posting order or posting etiquette in general?
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