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Okay, let's see; I started roleplaying by post way back when that meant writing a turn down by hand, sticking it in an envelope and sending it to a GM through the plain mail, not email. Games I remember with fondness are Saturnalia, Amaranth, Absolute Heroes....

I'm a wannabe writer and love inventing and developing characters (that's my western/horror half-orc sheriff Grashna gracing my avatar). Fantasy, horror (supernatural) and superhero are probably my favourite genres. I'm not adverse to a bit of cyberpunk or space opera, but hard sci-fi with lots of technobabble leaves me cold.

I can be found lurking on the Nano site or YouTube when I'm not spending time exclusively in the real world and have the same username everywhere, so if you see a Shaitarn on another site feel free to wave.

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I'm not expecting much, but let's give it a go...

Would anyone be interested in a RPG based on Battlestar Galactica? It wouldn't have to be the Galactica or feature canon characters - it would probably be better if it didn't - but I think it would have a lot of potential. As well as space battles with the cylons, there could also be time spent exploring new potentially habitable planets and meeting new alien races with the various problems that would bring.

I should add I'm thinking of the 1970s original more than the remake from the 2000s. Anyway, I think it could be a fun RPG with a number of different ways to go.
Back again, and hopefully I'll be online for a while, so looking for new partners, or any former partners that would like to reconnect!
So I've been watching First Dates on TV (guilty pleasure) and it started me thinking about a supernatural First Dates, where non-human characters seek partners.

In my idea everyone would create one or two characters and have them pair off with another and see how they get on over the date. They needn't just be weres or vampires either; mermaids, dryads, kitsune and djinn could all be interested too, as well as anything else you can think of.

I imagine it'd be fast moving and light-hearted. We could probably add more plot to make it more in-depth if it was wanted.

Would anyone be interested?
@Penny I would be totally up for RPing that!
+50,000 cool points for re-writing the lyrics of a Queen song to fit a RP idea.
I'm back after an unintended absence and am hoping to find one or two partners. If you're previously contacted me and would like to do so again, then please do!
I'm back after a break and looking for one or two partners. Please PM me if interested!
Kate’s breath plumed out white as she stepped out of her car (an unremarkable blue Ford Taurus – the intention was for it to blend in with the other cars on the street), locking the door almost absently. A gust of wind plucked at a loose strand of red hair and she absently hooked it back behind one ear before she shoved her hands in her pockets as she made her way to Central Square.

Her boot soles crunched on the rock salt and semi-melted slush as she walked down the street, her eyes scanning the people around her. It seemed the … people … the FBI were working with could be as cagey as her own superiors. A name, that was all she’d been given, and the question about what they looked like had received an odd answer: <i>he’ll be wearing a blue knitted hat.</I> She hadn’t known at the time whether to laugh or roll her eyes. Remembering that moment now, she couldn’t supress a slight smile.

She hunched her shoulders, pulling the dark folds of her black coat closer against the cold. Underneath she wore a high necked white blouse and a black jacket, along with black tactical pants (her favourite clothing since training) and Hi-Tec walking boots; the soles copied with slippery conditions well. She was as unremarkable as her brilliant red hair would allow her to be; she’d thought about dying it or cutting it short before now, but a streak of stubborn pride made her keep it as long as she could get away with while still meeting the ‘neat and professional’ FBI guidelines. Her grandmother had always seemed so happy that the colouring thought of as typical for people of their Irish heritage had come out strongly in one of her grandchildren that the thought of dying it seemed almost like a betrayal.

She caught a glimpse of a blue hat – a very bright blue hat – that looked rather incongruous against the grey sky. Then her eyes dropped to the man wearing the hat and the word ‘incongruous’ didn’t even cover it; it looked almost absurd on him.

She met his steely blue gaze and felt a slight shiver go through her. To her there was something that said hunter, predator in his gaze. But perhaps that was because she’d been told what he was.

She walked over to meet him, her path slightly wandering as though she was simply making her way in that direction by chance rather than intending to meet someone. Closer, she could smell that it was hot chocolate rather than coffee in his cup – another incongruity. “Joseph Grant?” She asked. “I’m Kathleen O’Connell – Kate.” She offered him her hand to shake, her already pale skin whitened further by the cold. No X-Files jokes, please; I’ve heard them all already, she almost added, but didn’t; he didn’t look the sort who would make jokes – certainly not about such things.

“I believe we need to talk. Preferably somewhere warmer.” She glanced at his cup. “Care for a re-fill?” She invited, nodding towards the nearest Starbucks.
Added a few new ideas, so bump!
Hello, thanks for dropping by! I used to be active on here, but had to drop off for a few months. Now I'm looking to get back into a few games. So, rules and stuff:

I consider myself a high casual/low advanced roleplayer who usually writes between 2-5 paragraphs. I can write more if I get excited and would ask that my partner match me - I really appreciate someone giving me something to respond to; if you only dash off 2 or 3 lines, then we're not going to be a good match. I’m reasonably literate but nobody’s perfect, so I’m not going to be a grammar nazi. So long as your post’s in legible English, we should be okay. Oh, and please only write in third person past tense – any other style drives me mad after a while!

I can take either male or female roles (I think I have a 50/50 split between my characters) and am happy to double. That said, I would really appreciate a partner who's happy to play the male/dominant character every now and then; I usually end up taking that role and while I don't mind, I am in fact female and would like to play that part every now and then! That said, I'd have no problem playing a submissive male character dominated by a female one, so if that's your thing then feel free to PM me.

I turned 18 years ago, and would prefer any potential partner to be too – no offence to anyone younger, but I don’t want to be having to constantly re-checking everything I post to be sure it’s suitable.

Swearing, violence and sex are a part of life, and while these aren’t PWP (well, most of them :)), I generally don’t fade to black unless you ask me to. I have the usual taboos with relationships in game: no incest, underage, necrophilia, bestiality or toilet play. Anything else – ask.

I’m happiest with fantasy or supernatural horror RPs – I have to live real life, so don’t want to play it.

Real life does come first and I’m not expecting several posts every day; I'll try to put up a post every two or three days; if I'm not going to be on for several days I will do my best to let you know in advance.

All of these ideas are up for tweaking and gender flipping I love world building with people, so feel free to toss ideas in!

If you're interested, please send me a PM: if you reply to this I might well miss it.

If you've looked at any of these before you may notice I've added 'more info' to some of them; that's because I've had more background ideas for them and didn't want to dump it all on a potential partner without warning. It's all subject to change if my partner would prefer.

I’ve probably forgotten something, but onto the plots:


Urban Fantasy

Others (18+ I'm hoping for quite a bit of smut, but still some plot)

Pairings I'd be happy to RP if you have any ideas:

Vampire/human or other supernatural creature
Bodyguard/person they're protecting
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