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Hi Everyone! My name is She Underwolf, but you can call me any endearing nickname you choose. ^.^

I am looking for a high-casual partner who will capture my attention in a role-play that I can’t get enough of. I am just recently getting back into the roleplaying scene. My job had consumed most of my time but now that I no longer have said job I am finding myself with a lot more free time. That being said I am looking for a high casual partner to help me get back into the swing of roleplaying again, I am wanting to stick with 2 to 3 paragraph posts.

I love getting to know my partners and I love to collaborate with them before we start writing so that the story we create is original and unique only to us. Please do not overlook this because it is my most important request! If you do not collaborate with me I will not get interested or invested in the story we are trying to create and will not be likely to want to start one in the first place.
(Just a side note; OOC chat help create a bond with my roleplaying partner with increases my want to reply. Basically, I become more into a story when I get to know my partner!)

Talking about characters... I like for my characters have a little romance in their lives. I do not want it to be forced, but I will quickly and easily lose interest if there isn't some romance. I am not looking for this to be the main plot, just a major part of the story. Just MxF for me! Though I am willing to play the male.

Well, now we can move onto the fun things! Some of the things I want to roleplay. I am not going to have a "craving" symbol because if it is on here then I want to roleplay it. ^.^

Original Ideas!

Dragon Riders
Medieval Fantasy
Elemental People
Modern Day Pairings (Maybe even with a magical twist?)
Or we can just discuss ideas/dreams/or plots we have heard.
Come to me with any ideas at all and we can discuss how to form a story!

If you are still interested, and don't see anything that tickles your fancy, shoot me a PM anyway. I would love to hear from you!
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