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Current Look, the banana strategy works, it does!
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Would you care for some tea?
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I feel like a fucking cow.
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Sorry but I don't think I'll be continuing this Rp, outside interference, sorry again
I'm so sorry, I don't think I can continue this rp, I've got some stuff on my side which is interfereing, sorry again... very sorry, please, uh, find a way to make do without my character...
I don't think I'll be continueing this m8, sorry, I got some stuff I need to do...
This used to be a guideline breaking intcheck I was going to set in motion, it was about circumcision and religious belief but apmy old Gm was a bit scornful about this... Be sure never to repeat what I have done here and you shall live a happy life, free of idiocy... and other stuff...
And a happy new year to you, six days in the future
"rena, get behind me!", Saedd stood and held her back with his hand, "Talon, I need your help with something, now...", Saedd moved around the vampire, heading towards the door of Vakims' house, a moment later the two were inside and sitting on handmade chairs, SAedd had fallen again, this time vomiting blood and going pale, a moment later he passed out, breathing in gasps of air.
a flash of light, a myriad of colors, a girl... Rena, her skin was pale like that of the beasts he hunted, her teeth were long and sharp like them aswell. no, it couldn't be her, he was working so hard to protect her, but, what if she was vampire...
Troll, plz kill me I want to die now...
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