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I like to roleplay, and I like anything that involves people shooting, slashing, and punching each other, whether magic is involved or not.

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@mattmanganon Alright, gotcha

@mattmanganon Alright, please tell me if original worlds and original character D-links are allowed. If they aren't, then do D-links need to necessarily be Disney/Square Enix characters? If they aren't then I'll come up with a different character.

@mattmanganon Can I hop in?
The kid was out of place. Possibly lost, even. Bringing children into battle was something the pettiest of warlords did when trying to grab territory, but in an ensuing battle for the fate of the Multiverse, there was no place for children. This kid looked like someone who had only gotten into play fights with pool noodles. Chances were that when the first dark beast showed up he'd cower behind Elise and⁠—

"Well, theologically speaking, it's not that far off from how things work in my world. Darkness, light, an order of warriors, fools trying to manipulate darkness..."

⁠—he did not talk like a kid at all. What was happening? Was the kid one of the ancestors of old, trapped within a body trained to withstand the unstoppable force of aging? Was he going to help the war effort not by fighting on the front lines? Was he actually a spy trained to blend in but not to hold his own in a fight? Was he actually a Phantom playing a bad trick on her? Surely Elise was simply too paranoid to calmly listen to the kid. Maybe she just needed to calm down and talk some sense into him.

But wait, maybe he could be a Phantom!

And what other Phantom could he be? He was definitely the one with the white hair and short stature. He was definitely the one that acted awkwardly but kept his composure in times of need. He was definitely the one that stayed humble and kept his head up at all times, the one that taught Elise that there was more to her world than killing and infiltrating.

"It's all just...bigger. It's so much bigger its kind of hard to think about."

Elise was about to reassure him that he would be okay, and that they'd get out of this mess together, if he didn't pick up a box without needing to manipulate the magical energy around it. He wasn't a phantom. Maybe she was just too paranoid after all. The smell of freshly-baked goodness wafted around her nose as the box opened up for her.

"Take some, and tell me what you think of all this."

She took part of the cookie and stuffed it into her mouth. Not only was it warm food, but good-tasting food too. She'd been living off cheap rice wine and crackers ever since she'd run her sword through that insufferable bastard. Ever since then she'd softened up, but now was time for her to get back into her prime. If someone who looked exactly like an old friend was here, then anything was possible. Of course, it was also possible that an enemy spy was lurking in the corner of the room, reading her like a children's book. Anything was possible, whether good or bad.

That meant that nothing had changed. Whether fate was for or against her, she'd always played a hand in shaping it with her own hands. If the kid didn't find the war any different from what he was used to, they why should she? She steeled herself up and gave the little kid the cutest smirk she could muster.

"Don't worry, you can trust me."

Palace of the Blachrenae, Renovation

Elise slapped herself on the cheek. There was no way any of this was real.

After witnessing a tear in reality itself and getting whisked away to a castle beyond her own world, here she was being told that she and a bunch of other people (including the bunny girl, was she even human?) were going on a quest to save the multiverse. She'd seen massive beasts and malicious phantoms, and she knew that her own world was not one, but two worlds interconnected, coexisting as one. Despite all of this, the idea that there were much more worlds never crossed her mind. She'd have liked to ask the moogle, but the moment the man with the shield came into view he immediately became quiet and hopped onto his arm, safely behind his shield. Maybe he was his boss or something.

She felt that there was something wrong here. It wasn't that the bunny-girl and unassuming woman with the scarf had beef with each other or that the couple (maybe they were siblings?) seemed to be measuring up the castle guards. It was that this mission entrusted to her was one much bigger than the ones she had previously gone through. The fact that not only her world and the world of the Phantoms but also numerous other worlds she had never laid her feet on made her nervous. She had resolved to taking short swigs of the potion the guard had given her (it tasted really good, like rice wine, but better) while leisurely listening to the info dump about to come, but the revelations only made her heart beat faster.

Still, she tried her very best to conceal her nervousness. Years of experience had taught her that within any kingdom, there would always be a mole. That mole would always be really good at reading people. Her always-shut eyes never failed to give people the impression that she was either unassuming or a complete psychopath.

But wait, if someone as important as Tocsax was in this palace, then what would stop the enemy from attacking? What would stop them from attacking right here, right now, with force befitting someone whose name was known throughout the worlds? Would the keyblades her companions wielded be enough to fend off such an onslaught?

Elise downed the potion, quietly put its flask on the floor, and slowly made her way to a white haired kid who seemed friendly enough. She was going crazy, and she needed someone to talk to. "Hey, what do you think of all of this?" She tried making her voice as low and passive as possible.

She had made a mistake, as she was planning to talk to someone as unassuming as she was in order to avoid drawing attention. The tension was really getting to her. Also, the way she took in information without moving her head to glance at things (she had her other senses for that) would probably creep out the kid, but he seemed to be eerily focused on the presentation. For her, that evened it out.

@Letter Bee @Gentlemanvaultboy

It was a wonderful day. The sun was shining, the clouds were floating, and the grass and wind danced along to heavily muffled music coming from the remains of a broken ship. Out of it came an odd and unusually well-built man. He crawled out, stood up, and took a long, disdainful look at his former ride.

Don't worry, li'l Betty. We'll get you fixed. Your warranty isn't over yet.

Michael Sawyer

Location: Grassy Field in the Middle of Nowhere

Canned food tasted awful. Usually, it'd taste good if you cooked it, probably with some onions and coconut oil. However, when you were stuck in some backwater planet without any access to civilization, that simply wasn't an option. Michael was eating right out of the can, barely able to hide the pained look on his face, when out of nowhere a little green alien with stumpy limbs and a disproportionately large head came to greet him.

"Hello, good citizen! What bothers you today?"


Michael had trouble with alien languages. There was a translation module somewhere in his ship, but because of the crash it was beyond saving. He squinted his eyes and tried his hardest to understand this alien's language. He could make out a couple of vowels and consonants, and from what he had heard, the alien had said one word with considerable fervor. It was probably a greeting of some sort, maybe the alien was elated to see some life in the vast nothingness it called home. Maybe-


The alien had fired a ki blast right at Michael, who was barely able to duck under to save himself. It flew away and hit a nearby tree, blowing it to smithereens.

"Oh, no sir! I'm afraid that violates Rule Number 5 of the Space Trooper Subject Code of Conduct, do not attempt to violently coerce a fellow citizen, or Trooper, into-"

The alien leapt up at Michael and tried to use its claws to decapitate him. Amazed at the bold maneuver, Michael quickly stepped to the side and gave the alien a quick hit to the back of the head. The alien, apparently not knocked out by that, brought itself to the ground in one instant motion and tried hitting him in the knees. Michael raised his leg just in time and sent his feet down on the alien, hitting it so hard that it bounced off the ground, leaving a sizable crack on it. Despite all that, the alien stood up, and its mouth twisted itself into a sadistic smirk.

"Alright, I see that you're rather tough. Now why don't we-"

The alien's head opened up, shooting a torrent of acid from its head. Of course, Michael didn't realize it was acid until he felt the liquid slowly eating through the flesh of his arm.

"Goodness gracious!"

Michael opened his palms and fired a ki blast at his arm. He immediately felt the pain of his attack, as it seared through acid and flesh alike, leaving a wound on his body. It had been years ever since he'd had to fire one of those blasts, and he had forgotten how to control their power. In addition to that, firing a ki blast after years of inactivity felt like doing pull-ups with arm cramps: it hurt.

But hey, the acid was gone.

"Alright, you wanker, I've given you enough chances to explain yourself. I'll have to make you submit myself!"

The alien flew right for Michael's eyes, intent on gouging them out. It's eyes widened in shock when it realized Michael was already behind him. He grabbed the alien, slammed it into the ground, and to top things off, fired another ki blast from his palms. The ground below him opened up under the extreme force, and within moments, the alien's body was limp and unmoving.

Michael looked back at the remains of his ship. You're rather spunky today, eh? Don't worry, girl, I'll get you a proper mechanic.

He wouldn't.

Shortly after the entire scuffle, Michael began to sense odd fluctuations in the alien's ki. He'd left it alive for later interrogation, and that was going to bite him in the ass. The alien's ki began to violently ripple outside of its body. After taking a moment to take all of this in, Michael ran away like a frightened toddler, screaming into the distance as his ship was left to fend for itself. The alien exploded, abruptly stopping the music and sending the pieces of the ship throughout the grassy fields.

He wasn't going back to headquarters anymore. Micheal began wandering the plains in a drunken haze until bumping into what looked like another alien, only this time it was busy cooking himself lunch. "Do you know where I can get a good ship? Not the cranky type, those ones use up too much fuel."
That stray ship had to have come from somewhere, but I can't think of any.... wait, yes I can. Kami's ship. Soneone could have discovered Kami's old ship in Yunzabit Heights, but whether they could just claim it without him knowing is another matter entirely.

That was sort of my idea. A rouge scientist and her then-newborn son being chased around the world and eventually being led to the "end of the Earth". She wouldn't claim the ship but take time to study its structure so that she could replicate it. After she does (by getting materials through largely illegal means), she flies off into space. She is relieved that she isn't being chased around anymore, but has no idea what to do next. The ship then screws up and crashes on a foreign planet (because she didn't have the authority to get better materials for it), and she dies. Her son survives then gets picked up by the orphanage owners.

If you let me in, though, I doubt I'll make this a plot point in the future. The appeal of DBZ to me is weirdos defending the world together, and I intend to play a more supportive role.

@Double What I was saying is that it's possible that at one point someone talented enough reverse-engineered a stray spaceship and flew away from Earth. That could be a single person escaping Earth for whatever reason. Humans don't need to colonize space, in fact I was thinking of changing the trade planet into one with many races in it.

Also I guess I'll remove the half-Saiyan part.

(I'll play as a cute anime girl if you're not still not okay with this. Are there already enough of them?)
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