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Phineas is... the kinda man to deliberate over the right words. For a while.
She waited for the chastise that usually came with her impulsive decisions.

But the chastise never came.
Thanks to all so much for your kindness and criticism!

Wow. What a contest.

Though I'm pretty sure two of those were posted past the deadline...

I had mine up before midnight EST on the 28th, though I wrote it in a frenzy in the two hours before. I note the original thread says "by the 28th;" if this means before the 28th and not before the end of it, then I guess I was late. I'm not sure.

If the ruling comes down that it was in fact late, then I'll happily withdraw from consideration. I entered the contest to break a dry spell, and I'll have a bit of confidence back whether or not I actually participate.

(I'll still read / vote on all the entries either way. Y'all are too talented for me to pass up the opportunity.)
And with several opulent minutes to spare!

Decides at the absolute last second to submit an entry because he misses writing even if it means submitting at midnight
Thank the lord.
@Silver I appreciate your interest in this RP. Unfortunately I feel that your sheet in its current form indicates that you are not up to an advanced writing standard which is a requirement to participate in this RP. While I do recognize that the sheet you posted is a WIP, I want you to realize that you do have a fair amount of refinement to do in order to bring it up to advanced standards.

Yo, don't scare me like that.
Still got room, or are you full?
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