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Totem animals are basically slang for "I like to be called and totally identify as a fox, but don't call me a furry!".
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I require better scheduling.
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Time isn't anything without me.
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Glucose deficiency, myostatin inefficiency. ...bit of vomit. I feel weird in this new circumstances. 😷.


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I just posted to basically just say my character would wait for his medicine and go for dinner, take any chance to share his sedatives medicine with those pirates.

It doesn't add much to the context of the previois conversation but just so you all don't have to wait for my turn later. :).

Hi, welcome!

He glared at Cicero and Gwyneira's general direction when the knight coughed, he heard that little snort.

Don't you even-

"Madam," He corrected Joss' sentence. "not maiden." Like any true faithful would. But disrespectful as it might have been, the cleric still held a kind smile towards the sailor which meant complete forgivness.

"I'm sure it was cause of your help that these two," He gestured to Cicero and Gwyn, "made it alive out of the deep."

"I ...suppose." He looked at Cicero and Gwyneira quizzically, like he has never seen them before. "I don't really know them, perhaps Her Grace decided they were worth something."

"But THAT one," He pointed at Dalious, "What. A. F--foul creature." Then looked away, seemingly offended by the mere sight of it. The world lagged behind where his gaze tried landing.

When they mentioned food, the cleric's stomach growled in agreement and he looked sorely abashed even as he tried to hide it with an awkward, lopsided smile. Lopsided, mostly because his eyes could barely focus anymore.

"Many ...g-graces."

He waited as patiently as he could for them to bring him his medicine and when given the chance - share it with them, then join them for dinner? On a boat. Great. At least he had an excuse for throwing up over the sides.

All he had to do now was hold out until then...
Back in hotel at last!

The hard part isn't the lie, he's speaking half truths and that makes it easier. The hard part is not barfing through his teeth. :>. @Cyrania

Btw, Calliope Calypso is made up name based on vague fragments of his memory regarding religiously-influenced naming of aquatic species (from his Science-related past). It may or.may not be an actual figure. XD. It only sounds religious and dietic enough for the purposes ...though? °-°>. @Spiffy
I'm still stranded along the road (but someone lent me their solar charger for 5 mins) but it would be rude to delay it any further, I retyped what I remember of my post though the formatting will have to wait till I get to my laptop. I think an emergency van will roll by later today.

Really didn't mean for it to be this late, may the story continue. :)

Edit: I think my laptop is running in the hotel, so if I look online from time to time - I'm not actually. I just have this webpage open while afk.
@Keeper of Lore@Sol Grim@Spiffy@Cyrania@The Muse

"Oh no nono, no need for apologies!"

He waved his hands in front of him, as if to push back the extra courtesy sent his way. His tone turned a few pitches finer upon seeing their rescuers, ignoring the fact that they brushed past him rudely, they still required the proper greeting.

His voice now gentlemanly, civillized, the same one used when he first met Cicero. But he still looked strained and ill,

"You rescued us, it is I who must be grate." He nodded. Upon hearing the words 'floating in ice' and seeing the reaction of the crew, the man looked shyly to the floor for a long while whilst scratching the hair on the back of his neck.

"Blessed be the Madam of the Deep." He clasped his hands in prayer for a moment, sincerely muttering his prayer with eyes closed. "Blessed be this very ship." Though also because if he kept them opened too long, the cabin started to kind of ...warp, nausaeuosly. Then when he opened his eyes, he looked at the crew again.

"My name is brother Gravous Vigil." He offered a greeting of hands crossed over his chest. "I am a cleric of Calliope Calypso, she of kind waters and cruel storms ....or-" He held the back of his hand to his mouth, he felt something sour rise in his throat and sink down again for the briefest moment. "-on the ice mentioned, is of her grace. But I am very ill," His pale greyish skin already spoke for him, if not, his sullen looks will vouch for his illness.

Letting out a pained sigh.

"-as the kind doctor must have found out. I don't mean to rush you but" He looked up through the grate at the moon high in the clouds, a worried expression spread across his features then he looked back down,

"...might I partake in my medicine soon if you still have it ...and suggest those who touched me do so as well? As a preventive measure. It is contagious." He seemed genuinely urgent, though only witheld by a manner of civility.

"The insanity is sudden and death quite painful ...wish to avoid it."
Hey, soz bout the delay, landslide here due to typhoon monsoon from other asian lands. I was stranded without wifi for a day.

I'll post in about 8 hours when I reach my hotel, got it on my laptop ready to go (a few touchups).
I'll have my post up tomorrow and react to all that is going on there, been posting lots these days and left my other things uncared for.
I can't blame her, but I can laugh at her morbid conclusions. She's right tho for most part. @Cyrania

It's fine, it's part of roleplaying to change our characters along the way. Mine just got a bad trait to start, I was planning to add in something likke that anyway. @Sol Grim fricken finally! @Spiffy

I know I'm delaying the chance for combat for boring talk, that's "Graves".

Though on a player level, I totally get wanting combat. :>.
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