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Soz guys, I have to take a long break as something really bad just happened. I'd like to explain but I really don't feel up for it. To put it simply, it was a mistakr volunteering to take over for awhile when I am unable to type an overarching post fot everyone.


I see. Hey, you're back! So I guess you're not busy anymore? I have to ask you to continue, I could not hold down the fort due to some IRL things. Spending hours on a post with consideration for everyone is just time I cannot afford right now, not at this moment anyway. @Spiffy
I'll have it up soon, this is lots to write oh mmmyy.
Then I'll have time to write out a post tonight. 🍻!

Roll me 2 dice, one to see if they do as he says and other for very improvised lockpicking. @Sol Grim

Roll me a set too, for something secret. I pressume you:ll be joining them on deck for 'dinner'. @Cyrania

How does cic look like without armour? @Spiffy

Roll me another dice for how many you can convince to take the meds. @Spiritzer
I'll be taking over as storyteller for the next post as my cohost attends to sime irl matters, don't feel limited by the options you have. 😀.
I think that what you mentioned is fine, it's meticulous of you to try to explain that part of her appearance (the lines) ICily. I approve of that. Welcome aboard! @The Muse
Hi There! I'm super interested in this RP. :] Hopefully this Character sheet will be okay:

In terms of magic, mind giving us a bit of detail? In the ooc, I have mentioned magical spells are very much individual skills each, so how light is her magic? Is it to do trick arrows like Tracking arrows?

We have a heavy magic user here so with that as reference, how light is her light? I would prefer the cast not step over each other's roles too much if possible, giving each other their individual specializations in cast (unless they get killed).

If that is done, everything else looks fine.
I wouldn't say known, more like despised? You seem smug about it, that's already concerning. They are usually extremely nice members, I trust them (and the undeniable evidence they gave me) and so do many other members on these forums.

I won't say further. I seek only to protect my current and future players and write a story with them which is shaped by their choices, but I will not put any of them at risk of OOC harassment by accepting you. So long.

Oooh, I’m actually known around these parts? I’m actually kinda flattered. Ah well, my reputation proceeds me. If you’re willing to put rumor and heresay aside call me up. Otherwise have fun and enjoy yourselves.

Let's see

The issue is not with your character but I was just warned by several someones whom I trust about your behaviour on these forums in the past and recent events. It's quite disturbing, the evidence they showed me.

So no. I have to protect my players here from such bad behaviour, they mean alot to me. I will not be accepting you.

@Lucius Cypher
I| Btw just a reminder, message me and my cohost (in the same conversation) any new characters and have them approved before posting them into the characters tab.
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