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"Which one of you wants it next?!"...

Blue Suns Mercenaries fill the warehouse surrounding Drex. The Krogan readies his shotgun for the next onslaught of Blue Suns, ready to take out anything that is stupid enough to be in his sights.

*Shotgun cocks* "Which one of you wants it next?!" ..*BOOM! A huge a explosion goes off not far from Drex, taking out a group of Blue Suns that had their aim trained on him. The Krogan flinches his head to the side, covering his eyes from the blast. "Well damn! It's getting hot in here! Lets turn up the heat a little!" Drex hurls a pair of Inferno Grenades into another group of Blue Suns, lighting them up like a wild forest fire. With a smirk on his face from the destruction he has already caused to the Blue Suns, Drex kicks on 'Heavy Fortification', increasing his Battle Armor's damage resistance. With a loud Battle Cry, Drex rushes into the enemy line ahead of him with ill intent. Blasting off rounds from his Spike Thrower, crippling Mercs one right after the other. Firing a 'Carnage' blast into a group of the Blue Suns in the distance, and before even watching the impact of the shot, Drex turns his attention to four Blue Suns that have an unfortunate fate of being distracted by the large Lifting Mech that came to life, wreaking havoc on all the Mercenaries around it. Drex rushes the unlucky four, crushing his head directly into the forehead of one of them, sending him flying across the floor. Without a second to realize what had just happened, Drex had already pulled his Krogan Hammer from his back, taking out both knees of a second Blue Suns in one sweep. Like poetry in motion, the Krogan doesn't stop from one swing to the next, going straight from the knees of one Merc, right into the shoulder of another, shattering the shoulder into nothing. Before the Merc's gun can hit the ground, Drex has his Spike Throw placed against the Merc's head - *BOOM*. Mercenary number three's head disintegrates. Following up with a blast from the Spike Thrower into the gut of the fourth Blue Suns Mercenary. Blood drips from Drex's Hammer, blood splatter paints across his Spike Thrower and Battle Armor. "Ha ha! Now this, human! THIS is what a Krogan lives for!". As Drex relishes in his brutality, he notices the first Blue Suns Mercenary, staggering to his knees. Drex nonchalantly walks up to the Merc. Using his massive Krogan foot, he pulls the disoriented Merc's head up so he can see the Krogan's face. "Look at me, you foolish half-assed Mercenary. Take a look into Death's face. I'll spare you this sight being the last thing you see. Go on, crawl away now.". Drex pulls his foot back, dropping the Merc's head back down to the ground. The Blue Suns Mercenary tries to turn its body to crawl to cover, but is stopped abruptly by a Krogan Hammer crushing his skull. Drex smirks, and laughs to himself. "Ha ha, good one Drex. You're hilarious!". The odds of Drex sparing an enemy's life are far from favorable. Don't be a betting man whilst in the presence of Drex..

Drex shakes the blood from his Krogan Hammer, and reloads his Spike Thrower while he gains some knowledge of the battlefield, now in full fledged warfare. A Lifting Mech crushing Mercs, two Turians raining down gunfire from the sky, and..a Geth?! Drex prepares for another battle..

"Mechs, Biotic Turians, and Geth? What the hell..".
My next post will most likely be after work, as well.

Drex makes his way through Omega in pursuit of the originator of the Comm Message. Bullying his way through crowds, eager for more blood than the last head spilled over his Krogan Hammer. The blood thirsty Krogan finds his way into a corridor that leads to what appears to be a warehouse. There is a large Transport Mech stationed near the center of the room, next to a congregation of other species. Drex stops walking for a moment, almost as to take in the scene.

"Humans, Turians..Where is the real fire power; Krogans? Ha. Lucky I'm here.". Drex scoffs as he continues his path toward the group. Drex makes it just through the corridor entrance to the Warehouse, right as a loud bang rings through the room. Gunshot. Drex stops in place, noticing where the shot came from, and where the shot landed; straight through a Blue Suns Merc. "Damn Blue Suns. I couldn't have wished for anything better!". Drex shouts to himself, rips his Spike Thrower from his back, and charges directly towards the direction of the Blue Suns. "Lets see what you sons a bitches got!". Drex cocks his Spike Thrower as he runs straight toward a Blue Suns Merc who is distracted from the gun shot that rained down from the catwalk. Plowing headfirst through the Merc, Drex pops off a couple shots from his Spike Thrower, hitting another Merc multiple times. Drex swings back around to the Merc that he smashed with a headbutt, and quickly uses his Krogan Hammer to finish the Merc off. The Blue Suns are caught off guard by such a forward attack. "Never saw me comin'! Ha ha!". Drex may have got the upper hand on the Blue Suns with his brutal attack, but he put himself straight in the focus of the entire Mercenary group.

"Which one of you wants it next?!"...

Drex is a fierce Krogan, no doubt. Fierce, but also foolish..

Omega, the scum bag Capital of the Milky Way. Rich in thieves, killers, smugglers, prostitutes, and home to some of the most dangerous Mercenaries in the Galaxy. At the heart of this scum-pit, is the Afterlife Club. Species from all over frequent Afterlife for all sorts of unspeakable reasons. If you're looking for a good time, you'll probably find it here. You'll most definitely find a lot of bad times here as well, even if you're not looking for it. Whether good or bad, it all starts with a drink at the bar..

Loud music blares, the sound of people chatting and laughing in the distance drowned out by the bass from the speakers all around. Strobe lights flash on the dance floor while Humans and Aliens alike spill their freshly poured drinks as they bump their way through the crowd. Among all the chaos, a Krogan and a Man stand alone, watching the drunken madness..

"This place never gets old, does it?" The Human standing next to the Krogan says over his shoulder. "Everything you could want, all in one place. Drinks, music, pussy. No wonder I've never left this place!". "Ha! You Humans, all you ever think about. If you had a Genophage wipe out the reason for your reproductive rituals, I wonder if you would be able to function.". The Krogan replied with a quip. "Well what about you, Drex? You like to throw back some Ryncol yourself! What is it that a Krogan Mercenary like yourself lives for?". "Ryncol! You're right about that, Human. Speaking of, how about the first round on you?". "I knew even the mighty Drex couldn't pass up a drink, ha ha!". Drex signals the way for the Human towards the bar. Drex and the Human take a seat at the bar, and the Human waves to the Bar Keep for a round on his tab.

Drex and the Human cheers their glasses, as they both take a sip; Drex's closer to finishing his in one "sip". "Ah, Ryncol really is the highlight of this scum hole. If it weren't for the abundance of bounties to be collected here, without Ryncol this place would be useless.". "So that's it! You stay here for the bounties, huh? Credits is what motivates a Krogan to stick around.". the Human continues to sip his drink as Drex takes another big drink, finishing it off. "Credits, to buy Ryncol. But unlike you, Human, there's more to a Krogan than drinking. Do you see blood on my Hammer, Human?". The human lowers his glass while he glances at the Krogan Hammer hanging from Drex's back. "No. No, I don't see any blood on it. What does th-". The Human is cut off by Drex talking over him before he can finish his sentence. "There lies the problem, Human. Do you think there is no blood on my Hammer because I choose not to swing it at the head of my enemies, right before they take their last breath? I'll help you with that answer - NO. There's not blood on my Hammer because I've been waiting to collect a bounty. Bounties are so abundant here, some people never know they are a target, until it's too late. Hell, even you, Human, could wake up one day, and not even know there was a bounty on your head.". The Human's eyes widen from Drex's words. He sets his glass on the bar as he finishes the last sip. In a shaky tone of voice, the Human responds to the massive Krogan. "Drex, uh, wh- what are you getting at?". Drex motions to the Bar Keep for another round. "Human, have another! On me, this time. Drink up, friend!" The Human reluctantly starts to sip his drink. "Blood, Human. Blood is what keeps a mighty Krogan like myself around a scum hole like Omega. The bounties I collect pay for the copious amounts of Ryncol that I ingest, but the blood of my enemies dripping from my Hammer; that, my friend, is what I collect for. So when I don't have a bounty to collect, I don't have Ryncol; and if I'm not having Ryncol, that means there has not, or will not be blood on my Hammer.". The Human gulps the sip of his drink that he just took, almost dropping his glass as he puts it on the bar. "You're drinking Ryncol right now, this round was on your tab, friend. But..there's no blood..". "Ah, Human, you are correct yet again! There is no blood on my Hammer. Just like we are different in what we live for in this shit hole, we are also different in one crucial matter. Drex has no friends.". The Human spits his drink out as Drex smashes his glass against the Human's head, catapulting him off the bar stool onto the floor. Drex casually stands up and walks towards the Human, reaching his right hand toward his back, where his Hammer is hanging. Drex looks the Human in the eyes, as he lie on the floor motionless, staring at the massive Krogan. "I would say I'm sorry, but I'm not. Someone has to pay for that drink.". Drex pulls the Hammer from his back, and with one swift swing, the Human's head flew from his body, crashing into drinks on a nearby table. Drex grabs the tags from the Human's body, as proof of a bounty collected. He wipes the blood from his Hammer as a voice comes over the Comm Unit. "Greetings, everyone!". Drex puts his Hammer on his back, and grins.

"You won't be dry for long.". Drex speaks to himself out loud, as though as he is talking to his Hammer. The Krogan Mercenary finishes one more Ryncol drink, and heads out of the Afterlife Club, in pursuit of the author of the Comm message..
Will have Drex’s Intro post tomorrow. Working on it now, but I’m exhausted from today. Feel free to proceed with (but not past) combat. Drex Prefers to skip pleasantries, and get right to the meat and potatoes!
I'm working on a rough draft for something in more detail. Stay tuned.

@Lady Amalthea

Thanks for feedback. I understand the meat and potatoes part, I've been working on more detail already.

As far as my post count, I unfortunately had to start a new account a few years ago, and this is my first time really back; so that's why it's such a low ratio. I use to frequent here, and had some pretty extensive Role Plays, with a lot of "meat"!

I guess the only way to prove myself worthy is to produce! So I will produce.

Thanks again.
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