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I'm from a small, boring town, where the only fun thing to do is drugs, sports, or work. The only fun thing I do is play the drums, so as you can tell I'm quite boring. Writing and words intrigue me, so I'm always open to improving my writing ability. I have a bunch of interests that I have no interest in listing.

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The Dirt Town Orphanage; Late Evening

The responses to his questions were about as good as he could expect. Things looked grim but he wasn't one to just sit down and take it. He could bluff the confidence that he would do fine on his own but doubt had creeped in the recesses of his mind. Sai would be damned if he had to resort to petty stealing and being homeless in order to survive, that wasn't really living. No matter how well he got along with everyone, personal emotions had to be set aside so that they could pull this shipwreck back together. Mind you, they were knee deep in water and had no method of bailing themselves out, Old Man Fritz had made sure of that.

Senna pointed this out quickly, not everyone would be willing to cooperate. So it goes, he was sure not everyone would stick around, which is understandable. Staying together required putting faith in each other and those who led, a hard task indeed.

"But stick together? Pfft, we have a better chance of actually raising the dead with those wails back there. I don't intend to stick around long - you guys know I'm not exactly a team player. We'll just make ourselves a bigger target if we bunch up like that. I don't fancy waking up to some other gangs knife in my neck. I did fine on my own before, so I'll do just that."

Sai wasn't surprised to hear her say that, Senna was about as independent a 15 year old could be. He could understand where she was coming from, though he wasn't so sure he could do the same. Yes, he had the skills necessary, but he respected this place too much to leave. He didn't want to disrespect Old Man Fritz's final request, even though he was dead and could do nothing about the future. Fritz had done so much for all of them, it felt like the least Sai could do was honor his wishes. And what about all the little kids? They couldn't defend themselves, how could he just leave them to Mary and hope for the best?

Sai was relieved when she asked if he had any ideas to offer, looking up at him with a smile, curiosity, and maybe a little hope? He opened his mouth to offer his ideas when Ansgar interjected, Sai just smiled slightly and wistfully dwelled on the fact that this was the most he had ever heard the boy speak at one time.

Ansgar presented some good thoughts, though somber in nature, brutally honest. Exactly what he needed right now, lies or sugar coating would help no one.

"You're completely right, this won't be easy in the slightest... but hear me out." Sai took a breath to center himself, once again nervously combing his hair with humble fingers. Tufts of his dark hair began sticking up in odd directions, not that he cared.

"I don't know about you guys, but if everyone just abandons this place, the little ones are as good as dead. Mary, no matter how determined she is, won't have a chance at protecting those kids. I just - I can't walk out on people when I know we have the skills to keep this place going. It'll be rough, obviously, but I'd rather go to tough times with the people I grew up with, then struggle all alone. Ansgar you talked about either Senna or I leading but... Why not both of us? Who said only one person has to lead? If the majority works together, and I know some won't, we can keep this place going. But I think moving would be too difficult, we'd probably end up losing a little bugger or two...

Sai paused a moment, noticing more people leave Fritz's room, a few leaving the temple immediately, probably never coming back too. He noticed Thames was one of them, and he sent a silent thanks to the Gods, he had always seen that kid as stuck up. Pulling his thoughts back together he continued.

"We might as well give it a shot, and if things go bad we can all just split. Not like we have much to lose... The only hard part is going to be convincing those little fuckers." Sai offered them both a genuine smile, relaxed nature once again back in place. Thinking always calmed himself down, it was good to have goals to strive towards.


The Dirt Town Orphanage; Late Evening

Death had a a physical presence in the Dirt Town Orphanage and it weighed heavily on a certain young man. He was perched by Old Man Fritz's side with his usual passive and unimpressed face. Suppressing his feelings was more difficult that it ever was before. Watching the only role model and teacher he's ever had wither away like a parchment in a fire, a part of Sai withered away with him. His white knuckled hands gripped the edge of Fritz's bed sheets. Shadows danced fretfully upon the man's face from the single candle that lit the room. It looked like something out of a fucking horror novel, at least to Sai it did.

A nervous tic caused Sai to take his slender fingers and rake them through his hair, to the people close to him, this was one of the few tells that he was was actually in distress. Most of the littler ones saw him as an unemotional guardian of sorts, when they saw him react this way, they understood that this was the end. Every cough from the old man shook Sai to the core, he leaned close to hear the dying words of Old Man Fritz. It started with a warning, of the hard times to come. Which was true, Mr. Fritz was insanely strong and had kept them safe since Sai could remember. Sai rationalized that this death would probably shake the agreement of neutrality in Dirt Town. Soon enough they would have rival gangs fighting for domain over this territory. Their beloved home would probably be ravaged by ruthless killers who would either kill the remaining orphans or add them to their own ranks. Mr. Fritz talked about staying together but Sai was beginning to doubt that was even possible.

These kids were used to people not giving a shit about them, how was he or anyone else supposed to rally them? Even if they did manage that, were they even strong enough or smart enough to fend their home?

As Fritz took his last breath, hope seemed to leave with him as he traveled to the after life. Wails broke out in unison, cries of grief slammed his ears like a sludgehammer. Even Mary, the oldest of the kids, broke into heart-wrenching sobs. Sai's heart began to beat like a drum kit, sweat beaded along his forehead, his breathes became ragged. What was this? He needed out of this cramped place, this sadness was choking him. Sai couldn't tell because he was normally so good at staying calm, but he was experiencing his first ever panic attack. He staggered away from the bed and stumbled outside of the room into the hallway, gulping huge breaths of air.

Sai's bloodshot eyes looked up to see two other kids as his steps carried himself further away from the room, he needed to clear his head. What the hell had even happened back there? It was unbalancing to lose control of his emotions so easily like that, usually he was able to shut down and focus on what needed to be done in the moment but he had totally fallen apart. Maybe there were chinks in his facade after all...

Arriving just in time to hear Ansgar's joke, Sai's steps slowed until they finally stopped in front of the two others. He leaned against the wall to steady himself and attempted to regain control of his emotions once again. Maybe small talk was exactly what he needed, anything to get his mind off of that Old Man.

"If I didn't know better, I would suggest the amount of wailing and sobbing would be loud enough to wake the dead in there."

Sai exhaled sharply through his nose, not in the mood to laugh, but he at least wanted to acknowledge the attempt.

"They're probably rolling in their graves as we speak. If they keep it up we'll have gangs and the undead to deal with."

Sai was usually expressed a witty sort of humor that most people appreciated, but this time his voice was a little shaky and the joke kind of fell flat. Especially with the implication of gangs coming after them. But Mr. Fritz had been adamant about staying together, maybe he could convince the kids slowly and in small groups. With these thoughts revolving in his mind, he asked a hollow question.

"Do you think we have what it takes to work together with the Old Man gone now? It definitely wouldn't be easy to work with everyone, but if gangs start moving in and we're all fending for ourselves we're as good as fucked."

Sai wasn't sure why he was talking so much, maybe it was a diversionary tactic, but it wasn't seeming to help the situation. It was probably all falling in deaf ears anyways, seeing as he was talking to Senna and Ansgar. He never saw much of them, honestly. Senna was usually up to no good and Ansgar... well, Sai wasn't really sure what Ansgar was always up to.

Wiping his eyes and streaked face, Sai vowed to make Old Man Fritz's final request a reality. Even if he lost a few, even if they lost everything, he promised that he would do it for Fritz. In his death, he gave Sai a reason to keep fighting. And in this world, hope was so so important. So, Sai would embrace chaos and show everyone that his family had what it took to survive in this odd city of Yire Alba.
I'm in the process of creating a character as well, should be up tonight... Hopefully.

EDIT: I've completed my character.

Well if times running out, we can just have them fight after classes are out. I'm kind of confused about how classes are going to happen, seeing as there's no schedule or any reference to time. What time do classes get out? Can students even fight after school? I'm assuming we can make up things do to after classes though, can they go into the city surrounding the school?

Ban rolled his eyes as the rank 0 squad went back and forth on who would fight him. His eyes settled on the white hair kid once again, he had really gotten under the kid's skin hadn't he?

"Why waste my time with someone like you when I could fight opponents who could actually give me BP or at least a good fight?" He aimed at the boy, a smug smirk once again finding his face.

Ban was loving this, he had managed to get the self-proclaimed pacifist ready to fight in a few minutes. That had to be some sort of record right? Did he get a prize? He sure felt like he deserved one. Though it seemed like Megumi wanted to fight him in Ryuji's place. There were a lot speeches the two were giving, as if there was something noble about fighting.

"Alright alright, cut the shit will ya? Ryuji, why don't you go meditate or do whatever you do in your free time. I know I started shit with you but I'm not about to go and trample on your beliefs cuz I gotta temper. The girl seems like she's confident and can handle herself. Not sure how much that'll help but..." He glanced at Megumi, who was glaring at him. "I'd rather fight someone who actually wants to fight."

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