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Current "You tell me I make no difference. At least I [fudging] try. What the [fudge] have you done?" - In My Eyes, Minor Threat
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My friends talk about things going "back to normal". I'm not really of the opinion that I've seen a state of normalcy worth preserving but I believe we can make one that is.
2 mos ago
Periodically it hits me that my superpower is being superhumanly judgemental
2 mos ago
I'm 21 but looking at a calendar and identifying how few opportunities there are to schedule significant, novel, and emotionally enriching things makes it seem like I may as well already be 90.
2 mos ago
You Can't Break A Boomerang®
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Hey, maybe dead/divorced/shitty parents is a prerequisite for activating your superpowers.

I think that's basically just a superhero trope in general
Thanks for the posts, gents
I held you like you were a kitchen knife
Now I don't hold you at all
My friends and I have a band but don't really have a place to practice since we live in the city. We used to use a local college campus's music center as a practice space when it's empty but with the pandemic closing it down, we've not really been in a good position for that sort of thing. So we'll probably be back to that shortly-ish.

Do you ever drag your hands against the edges of things just to feel your fingertips shudder as the edges lock in and out of each and every ridge like a snowboard jittering down a pyramid?
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