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Hey Guys, I have a new kinda RP set up on the discords. It is going to be run with daily missions, ranking up and decent passive role play done between missions. Come and join.
@Ollumhammersong Hey, gonna start writing up the char. I recall somewhere it saying that there was to be no Vehicle Drivers, that's fine but if that changes, again, let me know? It works for the char I have

@Eviledd1984 "Buit where are you headed?"
Looks like this could have been super fun.

Yep, but slow posting prevented it
@Mike the Bloodwolf Hey Mike, sorry to say this buit its a pet peeve, there is something you just did in your last post which was you went off, found a girl and came back in a second. Passing of time would allow people tpo go help you or create more RP, something to rember for next time
@Dealdric@Mike the Bloodwolf@Skinner35@Eviledd1984

Darting over to mike as he escorted the noble ladies and getting in front of him,. looking each lady in the eye a pop "Clair, Evangeline, Emma, Grace and Jayne, what do you think you are doing? You are expected in the town square for the Buety pageant in" checking his pocket watch "Five minutes, if your lost I can get one of the gunners to escort you. But from what I know this man" indicating to Mike "Is new in port and clearly doesn't have your best needs at heart" tucking his cane under the arm "Now, if your looking for a lovers Rendezvous, think again. Would ANY of your fathers want you to soil yourself before marge? Look at poor Tina, cut out of her fathers will and banished from the family. Now! Do you all want that? I would think not" he would then indicate away from the man as a two Gunners Mates arrived and started to escort them away.

Moving back to the Unknown ship he then stands at the side of the docks looking up "So you say your departing soon? Where are you headed and in such a rush?"
@Skinner35 "Final rounds, looking for pirates and the like, the king wanted a pirate crew for some reason to go visit some place, I dont really know. I mea, he have a small navy here," clenching and un clenching his cane "So! What do you do?"
@Skinner35 "Public intoxication is a shame, in any case. It is becase we dont get many people though these parts, a new ship is a striong phonomonon. Your names? For the record"
@Mike the BloodwolfYou post in the OOC first, teh char tab is for accepted CS's
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