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Reminds me of a RP I was in years ago. Failed becase people couldnt Powergame their way though ever situatiuon or some up with a reson the survuive. Interested
@LetMeDoStuff Problem that ifpud when wrioting is that ONE: They landed after the assult. Two: Your Lore is great but its set too far forwwards and theres no buffer for poeople to say what they were doing and three: This is that you were never around. Fix these and youi can have a great RP
@LetMeDoStuff I mean. The idea is amazing. Its just lots of work and very little give. People like to feel as if they are incharge of ther own charecters. You COULD do it again. But set it in a different area. Talk about how THIS RP failed and so the Plan failed. They were cut down on the beaches. There's LOTS of Lore on this that has been written. Dont let it go to waste
@Legatus BellumNah, it's fine. Better than no post at all! I'll try my hardest to ensure this keeps running, but this isn't something that requires constant attention to maintain.

Posyted, stioll short but felt I would have more once I was in
"And Up over the mountain", the large Mechanical beast wired up over the hill, they had gotten very slightly lost... Only slightly. They were now inland going towards the friendly Liberated beach. The machine had lost its markings of its country of origin. But then it had lost that month before in the bogs of the Trenches. Back when the machine had fought tooth a nail in some of the worst conditions in the land. Fighting every day to stop a superior force from move one more step towards them. Every day losing battalions and brigades to the endless forces of an enemy that was better funded and armed for an attack. As the turret peeked over the lip of the hill, it made large THUMPing noises and CRACKing sounds as its feet found grip in the fox holes and encampments of the beaches. The face and grill looked like shit, it had large pieces of branch and tree in its front. It had almost lost its antenna in the fights and was smothered with dirt. If the crew hadn't known better they would have thought it was a hostile given its alien nature.

As it started to make its descent. The defence platoons that it had to walk past looked up from their work. Into the underside,m as it swung its legs around the beach losing traction and speed. Richardson didn't mine, to him she was still alive and kicking. However, the ground pounders didn't seem to be best pleased. To them, it was a hulking slab of metal, the first lenders weren't much pleased either. This would, after all, of absorbed large amount of bullets. Why wasn't it landed with them, why is it only just arriving now? Why isn't it holding its serial number and detachment pain, it looks like it been through too much combat, and not in a good way. Richardson could feel this, as could Dawson. Opening the hatch he shouted down "Hey, Richardson! I don't much like this... It feels like their gonna turn on us at any minute. Are you sure this is the right beach?" Richardson nodded "Yup, look. 7th Division" pointing to the landing crafts. Dawson sighed, shutting the hatch and sitting back in his cockpit. Spotting the landing crafts offload point. He stopped the Rig and parked it on them flat of ground next to it. Settling in until he was needed again.
@LetMeDoStuff Sorry for it being so short. Ill do anoter one when someone elese posts
"One Two Three. LIFT!" cried Richardson. Loading his girl up with the last trunk. he was looking eye to eye with Private Dawson, his new gunner. Dawson wasn't new to Richardson, no. They had served in the trenches. He was the support element that often pushed forwards and took most of the damage, but due to heavy damage, his rig was knocked out. Due to this, he was reassigned to a new rig. All well, their loss his gain. Richardson jumped up and grabbed Dawson's hand and was pulled up into the belly of the beast. He quickly swung himself into his drivers seat and checks his window. Giving the cool metal on the gears a soft stroke as if to calm the machine down. He started the engine up with a roar spinning on the chair "Dawson! I think she needs some more Coal!" Dawson sighed, he grabbed the shovel and started loading chunks into the Kiln "You know, this peice of shit needs far too much coal to run at factory level, just trade her in" Richardson chuckled "She wouldnt like that, I have had her since she first rolled off the line" Dawson rolled his eyes and shut the kiln "She isn't safe". "War isn't safe, she is lucky" he replied banging on the side with a CLONK "You'll see a friend, she will see us through. Just you watch" as he pushed the controls forwards, coming towards the Landing zone.

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