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Richard 'Cap' Smyth

Name: Richard Smyth

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Race: Hume

Former Allegiance: Iron Jackals

Role: MEU Pilot

Personality: The very definition of stoic, by that he means that he sees things as they are problems and all. This means that he will not try to find a sliver lining to a issue but to just solve the problem, hard problem solver. He is calm and collected but can occasionally explode into swearing fits when things start to go badly. He is often heard swearing over the radio when his rig gets attacked and is not re-enforced. On the whole, he isn't overly social, he wont push you away but unless you actually need something from him or you share an interest or even if you can help him. He wont have a need to talk to you. He needs to solve the issues presented in front of him over creating friends. if you spend enough time with him then he will change and may even let you ride with him in the Rig but that would be a rarity unless your fixing it.

Physical Description:

Toned, darkened eyes hidden behind a pair of goggles.

History: Richardson was always fascinated with machines as a child. Growing up in Iron Jackal Territory he was raised around large EXO suits and MEU Vehicles. Following them around on their war path, given his younger nature he worked as a Greese Monkey for the engineering teams, not to fix the issues built to run through the wires needed to keep them working. Due to this he would often drive the MEU units around to park them up for the Engineers. Be case of all this when he reached 18 he applied for training in MEU piloting, so that he could get more advanced lessons and also be able to drive them in the field. He passed and for the last 19 years he has been driving them around in the field, however, with the news of the new child coming forth, he felt he wasn't needed in the army anymore, the times had changed and not for the better. He almost jumped at the chance to be part of something bigger when he was approached during a drill by Elric Zaitsev with the proposition of extra heavy firepower on the exposition he said he was organising. Taking this on board he went AWOL taking his rig with him, off to look for this new God Child.

Skills: List 3 only
  • Piloting/Driving - Given his job, he will naturally be a dab hand at the movement of vehicles and the ability to utilise them.
  • CQB Combat - Given that he is aware that his rig is very large and unruly and has learnt from experience that your team, wont always be threw when you need them. He has become adept at defending himself when the enemies are up close and personal.
  • Mathematics/Physics - This comes from the fact that the rig he uses utilises lots of artillery. Through this he must worm out the trajectory of how to hit his targets over long distances without using too many shells and wasting time.

Absolver Tech:

  • Slot 1 - Absolve Helmet - VII (Carson Specility) - This is what it says on the tin, the helmet encapsulates the entirety of the head right down to the shoulders. It is used primarily as a interface and HUD for the actual driving, giving heads up on the damage model of the vehicle or if there is a leak. As another point it can be used to send and receive ,messages but at a lower quality and at the derangement of the battery. As a final point it has the ability to latch onto the cameras that surround the vehicles, theses cannot be moved while viewing and must be controlled remotely but are still able to be seen. Absolve Suit - II (Brigde) - The suit encapsulates the body, from head to toe it hugs and helps him to connect with the rig. He can use it to create low levelled repair equipment but no more then that. Overall, the most tech is with the Helmet, the suit is purely to help with the interface.
  • Slot 2 - MK 3 Coyote Service Revolver - This is a conventional ammo firing revolver, it has 5 chambers as opposed to later models that had 6. It is old, with most of the meta either dulled with age or shinned with wear. The barrel is a smooth bore and the chambers can be removed for ease of access and cleaning. When loading the revolver the gun snaps forwards over the handle.

Equipment & Accessories:
Armoured Mobile Unit (AMU)

Developed to be a heavy Artillery Unit in the Battlefields. The AMU (Or the Spider Tank) was designed got maximum use of its firepower in any type of terrain, using an advanced barrel, ammo system, the AMU is Capable of very fast reloads of its weapon systems. Built with special titanium compound and using electromagnetic propulsion (Which allows it to move faster ad free of pistons). The swivel system is a key element in the AMUs aiming speed and flexibility. It also allows a great range of motion. This helps with clearing the space for full rotation of top structure.
Weight:35.2 Tons
Top Speed: 82KH/H
Engine: One Fusion Generator Tesla 57E and Four independent TA-95 Rotators
Weapons: Two 80mm M95 High Speed Gatling Guns and Two 110mm M450 ‘Heavy Duty’ Shooting an Independent Barrel of Terrarium Bullets (The Shooting range of the AMU’s 110 Heavy Duty Weapons is increased by the rotation device at barrel connection. This allows the tank to perform as an anti-air unit). One Turret firing 150mm Shells.
Crew: One Pilot Can Operate the Tank While Maneuvering the Advanced Weaponry. Though Two Eases the Process.

Miscellaneous: N/A

The Sixth Child's Gift: A old Schooled Tank Shell - This is to remind the Child of those who will live and die in their name and that they should not forget those who died for them today, yesterday and tomorrow
@Skull So, I am maming a pilot based char. But I dont get the idea of the Absolver Tech. What would be an exsample for a Pilot to have has Absover Tech?
I read it as United States of America Air Firce
Name: Sergant Charles Richardson
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Occupation: Professional Solider and Officer
Sexuality: Straight
Nationality: Tea Drinking, Scone Eating (Pronounced Sc-O-Ne not Sc-On) British!
Race: Human
Karma: Good
Faction Allegiance: NCR
Appearance: (No anime, realistic picture, detailed description or both are acceptable).
Skills*: Small Arms, Bartering, Big Arms, Melee Weapons
Brief History: (Your characters history).
Fun fact. The Yanks never had a air force until late in the war. The Pilots were a Air Company attached to the Army, much the same as Navy Have Pilots the Army had Planes. Though later in the war, as innovations came to pass the General; of the Air Companies decided that all new planes were too be sent to him. Thus creating the air force. @Sirkaithethird
Reminds me of a RP I was in years ago. Failed becase people couldnt Powergame their way though ever situatiuon or some up with a reson the survuive. Interested
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