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@Blueflame Walking into the surgfury room, he gets i side the machine. Fitting a balance core to the robot, allowing him to have a third personlity inchareg of keeping red and blue equal. The core has more control but cannot do anything unless there is a forceful take over, a defender more then a real personality
Poking head out of the room "Just put him on lockdown for the day" looking down at the panicer "That way you can calm down a touch"
Walking out the control room, the Tanoi being turned off "Marinna, come here with that cup..."@octopus
@WritingWolfThe the halociogens will make him hear them.
Still the live broadcast continued, with the small introduction of some chemicals to make him see what he was hearing, to see tthe voices he was imagaining
With that, Richardosn went to the control room, turned on the microphone from the room and projected it through the facility, everyone would be able ton hear the screaming, every 15 minutes the tanoi would pause, give a short warning to anyone who wants toi try assult again, then continue with the live stream.
Walking the boy down the white corrdors, lights getting dimmer and dimmer as they get to solitafry. When they arrive, henry would be able to feel it, the pull of it. Instead of putting him in the normal one, the one that almost everyone else is put in when Richardson isnt on dute, he is tjrown into a blank white room. The floor is carpeted but a hard carpet. The walls and ceiling too but scratchy. There is a small white mat in the corner, near to a white table and a white chair, both nailed to the ground. he is trjown in there without the power nullifying cuffs, as soon as he gets in there he should be able to feel it, the voices seemingly egged on and more extreme in this room of power doubling. With him now stuck in this hell scape of a room. He is left there with some white paper towls and some white rice.
@WritingWolfI am hoping richardson attack draws some blood too
Hitting the boy again "For the assault" and again "of another resident" still hitting him, harder and harder "There are some pun-" keepos hitting him "-ishments we must use" the clip board has started to break "Solitary shall do it" with the final hit the clip board snaps in half, Richardson bending over to hand cuff the boy in power nullifying cuffs beofre attempting to escort him away
Sighs, marching accross the room, gripping his clipboard. When he got to wuthin a meter of him he drew hios arm back and hit henry hard with the flat wooden side of it
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