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Pretty much what im waiting on.
Maybe I should Elaborate:

I'm open for most anything! I'm basically just wanting to go 1 on 1 with someone, so if you have a setting or idea to pitch, hit me with it! Vivi's pretty flexible in terms of setting, given her place of work. Send me a Pm or post below! Thanks!
Looking for someone for Vivi to get to know and interact with, setting isn’t entirely important and there’s likely no romance involved, but she does love meeting new people!

If you’re interested and have an idea, throw it in here and We’ll see what we can make Work!

Vivi’s char sheet:
Description: A bubbly personality in a semi-solid form; Vivi is a goo-looking creature with boundless energy and curiousity. Primarily purple with blotchy white patterns, she’s very simple in appearance.

Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Age: 15 years mentally, actual age unknown.
Race/Species: gelatinous lifeform (slime monster girl.)

Appearance: purple, with white markings along her arms, legs, cheekbones, and torso. solid white eyes with no iris’, and mid-length “hair” that reaches just past her shoulders.

Personality: Bubbly, warm, curious, friendly. These are all qualities used to describe Vivi by the person who found her. She’s averse to violence, but more than capable of handling herself in a fight if need be. But would rather make friends and learn as much as she can about herself and others.

Abilities, Talents, Traits, Powers:

Shapeshifting -- Being made of goo, Vivi is capable of stretching, compressing, manifesting additional limbs and other various attributes one might expect from a semi-solid being.

Hardening —- Vivi is also capable of hardening parts of her body as needed, she doesn’t often do this, and when she does it’s often to fight.

Growth —- Vivi is actually very efficient at processing food, needing only a fraction of what a normal being her size would require to survive. Consuming more nutrition than is needed causes her to gain mass and size, while being subjected to extreme heat or starvation causes her to shrink. Even at large sizes, she can condense herself into smaller, more normal sizes, but attempting to do so from too large a size can cause problems for the floorboards!

Durability —- as someone you might be able to accidentally stick your hand through, it would come as no surprise that physical attacks, whether slashing or bludgeoning are of little use against Vivi, If cut apart into multiple pieces or smashed, she can easily reform herself in a matter of seconds. This obviously does not apply if her parts are frozen and smashed, or taken and burned. She is quite susceptible to magic and the elements.

Background: Vivi is a bio weapon gone wrong. Not wrong in the sense that she’s gone rogue, but wrong in the sense that she just doesn’t have a killer instinct. Formed in a lab and fed a steady diet of sugar water to speed her growth, she was put against other generations of bioweapon until she couldn’t take any more, and staged her escape.

The escape took its toll on Vivi, as she made her way out through an Incinerator, which burned and stripped her of mass, layer by layer. Leaving her a teaspoon of goo in a back alley.

It wasn’t long until a kindhearted soul came walking by, and heard the can that Vivi had taken refuge in rattle. Curious, they picked it up, and seeing the odd creature inside, took it home and fed it.

As time passed, Vivi regained her memories along with her size, and set off to try and find her place in the world as well as learn everything she could about it.

((Feel free to PM me if you wanna just hang out and casual chat 1v1 with her! She's always keen on meeting new friends and learning about people!))
@Dark Light

I'm sorry man, I know what it's like to lose a friend like that. Take all the time you need. Hope you feel better soon! <3

Vivi looked at the two then held up a finger in excitement. "Wait just a moment!"

She ran behind the bar and procured two glasses, filled each with water and ran back out with them, as well as 2 rather plain looking menus.
"Here you are, ladies. Go ahead and look over what you want, and I'll be back shortly!"

Vivi smiled broadly across the room at Dorian; seemingly still occupied in the role of caretaker, before turning her attention to the new arrival. She practically skipped across the room and gave the hooded stranger a cheerful grin.

@Blueflame@Song Book

"Ah! I'm sorry Blue, I didn't see you had this one." she exclaims in surprise as the little blue flame flickered on the candlestick. "My mistake."

The young looking goo-girl looks the stranger up and down, nonetheless: A small thing, hiding her features from the world around her in a well worn and much-loved cloak. Guarded, wary, curious. These were the words that sprang to mind as Vivi gave the guest a brief glance.

"Well, you're in good hands; er, flames, Miss. I'll see if my other customers are ready to order." She quipped with a wink and went skipping back to her other charges, to see if they'd yet made up their minds.
@carla6677 (Pearl And Bethany)

Spotting two characters looking around, looking quite lost or in need of tending to, Vivi happily bounced over and introduced herself.

"Welcome to The Nowhere Tavern, A humble rest-stop on the edge of time and space itself! I'll be your hostess today: Vivi! Is there anything I can do for you ladies?"
@Searat Vivi reads the note quietly. She felt a certain kinship through this creature's treatment, unsure and unwanted.

"I'm sorry to hear that, it sounds awful. Well, if you need anything to eat or drink don't hesitate to wave me down, though if you're looking for odd jobs, talk to Dorian, that gentleman working on the wounded wolf, or maybe Conda," She points to a lone figure quietly smoking a pipe. "might have some information on odd jobs or quests. Hope you find what you're looking for!" She bows and turns to face the tavern, squinting as she scans the floor for people in need of serving.

(Feel free to wave down your local hostess!)

A short moment passes and the Gooey girl comes running back and placing a cold glass of water before the creature with a smile. "Is there anything else I can do for you?" she asked, eyes scanning the room briefly.

She takes the slip and reads over it quickly, "Ah! A glass of water, Certainly. As for where you are, you're at The Nowhere Tavern, A humble rest-stop on the edge of time and space itself! We get quite the odd assortment of visitors, as I'm sure you can tell, but this means that anyone or anything might stop by!"

She waves an arm wide and gestures to the room with many open chairs and tables. "Please, Seat yourself sir, and I'll be right back with your water." She Tears off another piece of paper and leaves it with the rat along with her pen as she hurries back behind the bar where the familiar clinking of glass could be heard.
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