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Yes! I've been accepted into the University and course I was applying for!!
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Be sure not to become what you hate. I used to hate those who abandoned RPs without a word and then I became one of them, a lesson to us all
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Yes, when I said before "Han kills luke" I really just meant that he commits suicide because Princess Leia was cheating on hom with Kylo Ren
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@Flightless_Soul What? You didnt want to hear how the Ghost of Darth Vader appears and sppoks the shit out of everyone?
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Han kills Luke, the First Order has solar power weapons and Kylo Ren becomes leader of the resistance


Prone to vanishing for a indeterminately long time without a word. Guaranteed to crawl back into the guild at some point and act like nothing has happened.

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Sister, huh? Well isn't this just going to be one fucked up little family of sociopaths. The closest Aenor ever got to a proper family was with the Legion, and they had all been cut down by Ulfrics boys. These murderers would probably never live up to those good men and women, but then this lot probably werent going to get killed either. "Thank you, Alexi. The name is Aenor Maelys" she said giving a curt bow and proceded to follow the woman through the halls of the Sanctuary. It was a nice place, even had its own little waterfall, but it still felt a bit.. empty, like the void if you would. Like Sithis himself coincidentally, Aenor mused to herself as she recalled the relgious studies from her youth. "I'll get setteled in and then come see what you have for me". Aenor turned around and saw a man in a very impressive suit of armor "Looks like you have another recruit"

Alaus stepped closer to the pair and gave them bot a closer inspection. And this boy was an Overseer? Hmph, Kraven was nothing but a young inexperienced pup. Literally it would seem, as he was also quite obviously a werewolf as Alaus knew the signs quite well, such as the boy's wild eyes for example or the distinct smell of dog clinging to his presence. Still, he seemed polite enough which was more than could be said for most people in Skyrim these days, indeed most of Tamriel. "Mmm... Thank you" Alaus said making some attempt to return the niceties. He took a swig of the Brandy. It was decent enough he supposed. Not like superior Altmer wines of course, but alas they were so rare in the Human provinces and even rarer in Skyrim due to the Nords absolute barbaric obsession with the swill they call Mead. Regardless, the Brandy did the job "That was lovely, thank you Carva dear" Maybe it was the Brandy, although probably not because he only had one mouthful, but the woman was somewhat attractive. For a Human at least. She had some sort of rugged domineering charm to her, Alaus couldn't quite put his finger on it, probably because he refused to admit the thought and was beating it back into repression. "So, is this it then?" he said noticing that no one else was present, or at least no one else had made the effort to greet his welcome "Are we all thats left of the Brotherhood?"
@Echoes There aren't enough RP's where I get to whip people. Interested.

It was another cold night in the mountain crags of the Reach, and Aenor Maelys was hunched by the campfire to keep herself warm. In the flickering of the fire she went over the note she got from a courier about a week ago once again "The Dark Brotherhood..." she murmured under her breath. Was she truly ready to join the infamous group of shadowy assassins? Was she ready to kill so many? She looked up from the campfire and looked at the several dead Stormcloaks around her, reminding herself that she had more or less been killing for a hobby since the war ended and didn't do much different before that anyway. So yes, she decided that she was definitely ready to join the Brotherhood. She rode on a dead Stormcloaks horse to Falkreath the next morning.

"Silence, my brother" she said to the overly decorated door, she considered saying something in jest like "the Lute" or "Drums" but decided against it as the door might end up permanently baring her access. The birds chirped and the wolves howled for several moments until the blasted door finished taking its time opening and Aenor was finally granted access. She walked down the chipped stone steps into a spacious open hall and immediately noticed a woman standing to the side "Hello? I suppose you're a part of the Brotherhood aren't you. Well I got your note."


"Bah!" Alaus Loreltheim scoffed "You idiots! You Nords are just as bad as the Imperials! You're all children the lot of you!" he howled at the entire College of Winterhold, neglecting the fact that Nords were one of the least present races at the college. Alaus was, as usual, furious with the Archmage and the teachers of the College for not teaching the magic schools of Mysticism and Thaumaturgy which had now not been used in 300 years. He stormed off the premises into the snowy wastes, walking across the northern coastline when out of nowhere a courier appeared to give him a letter. "You lot always appear in the strangest of places, but very well" Alaus grumbled as he tore open the note. "Hmph, well its about time they got around to contacting me" he muttered tossing the note to the wind.

It was a remarkably bad snowstorm in Dawnstar, although there always seemed to be a remarkably bad snowstorm in Dawnstar and Alaus Loreltheim was trudging through the snow wondering where this black door was supposed to be. He had been a part of the Brotherhood for sometime now, but after his previous sanctuary had been destroyed in the Great War he was forced to become a wanderer once again. Fortunately for Alaus he had the magical capabilities to protect himself from awful weather like at the moment, much to the envy of the Dawnstar guards who gave him only glares, either because of the fact he was an Altmer Mage or because they were jealous or perhaps a bit of both. Eventually he found the black door, did the silly little performance each sanctuary door made you do and entered. Inside he found an interesting looking pair, a Nord barkeep and a wild eyed wolf like man. "Salutations, the name is Alaus Loreltheim and I'm your new brother".

@xXSINXx Sounds good to me
Name: Alaus Loreltheim
Age: 465
Gender: Male
Race: Altmer
Rank: Blood brother/Teleporter/Soul Gem merchant
Class: Mage
Weapons: Staff of Firebolts, Magic
Skills: Conjuration, Illusion, Alteration (The 'replacement schools" for Thaumaturgy and Mysticism) and also Enchanting
Bio: He was once a teacher in the respected school of Thaumaturgy for the Mages Guild until those "puffed up Imperial bureaucrats" decided that Thaumaturgy was "too old fashioned" and "no longer needed" and so they dissolved the school and split the spells into the other schools of magic. Alaus was very unhappy with this and made several complaints to the Archmage. These fell on deaf ears however and Alaus begrudgingly moved to teaching in Thaumaturgies sister school, Mysticism. When Alaus was finally getting comfortable with Mysticism the unthinkable happened. They dissolved Mysticism as well. Alaus was unable to accept the decision this time and flew off the handle, killing the messenger who brought him the notice and several co-workers who he never really liked anyway. For awhile after that he was wandering Tamriel ranting and raving about "those bastards" in the Imperial city, until he killed a few young mages making fun of him for sticking to such archaic ways. Ever since then he's been with the brotherhood.
Personality: Grumpy and bitter, may start suddenly shouting at you
Relationship status: Single, and you probably won't be into him
Coin(set at 1000): 1000
Sanctuary location: Dawnstar
Room: TBA
@xXSINXx Precisely! Alright, I guess i'll make a Mage as my second character then
@Kassarock Hey there! I'm looking for at least one post from everyone every 2-3 days. Although I'm of course happy for things to go at a quicker speed if everyone is active.
@xXSINXx Here's an idea that might make Dawnstar a little less isolated from everyone. In Morrowind the Mages Guild have a service that teleports you from Guildhall to Guildhall across the various cities. Perhaps the Brotherhood has a mage that could do the same thing?

I know this isn't in Skyrim but that could be explained by there only being one college (or something)
@HushedWhispers I'm totally fine with that
@xXSINXx Fair enough!
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