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Literate, third-person roleplayer!

I have a strong preference for roleplays that involve mature themes.
World and character building are some of my favourite past-times, though I infrequently get a chance to explore them. That said, I have a ton of original characters (ocs) ready to go.

I'm rather open when it comes to plots and storylines, so please message me if you'd like to roleplay!
Creating intimate ships, head-cannons, and including pictures as references are also great!

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Hey everyone, sorry I haven't responded lately. Unfortunately I've been going through some personal stuff lately and just haven't found the time or proper motivation to rp :(

As such it's probably best for me to scrap the rp, but I'm glad @PageMaster and @ClocktowerEchos have offered to host a 'spin-off' type esque rp for those interested!

Wish you all the best :)
@ClocktowerEchos Awesome. I'll enclose the top so it doesn't extend all the way to those mountains on the right and I'll replace the ship with a dock/fishing pier instead :)
Hey everyone, sorry for not responding sooner. I've fallen a bit under the weather lately with a lasting migraine of sorts but am slowly recovering!

Anyway, wow! So many great ideas and applications already. @Pagemaster and @ClocktowerEchos, I have updated the map to include your regions (hopefully they are in the correct spot(s)). If you'd like them moved, or if the cities/townships need to be moved, please let me know. I love both your applications by the way, definitely makes for some interesting dynamics: tensions of civil wars in Dawnhilt's west and Steinfield's population thinking itself 'better' than Wynterwood ... pfft, what nonsense! ;) I love it!!

I'll add more here soon as I continue to 'assess?', but glad to have you both on board.

*I forgot to mark the cities in Steinfield with the little black dots, I'll do so next time I edit it.

And as for @DegenerateThree, that sounds like a great idea. Perhaps Kieran's grandfather or something granted your people a slice of Dawnhilt's land long ago in exchange for military aid, resources, loyalty, etc. despite protest from the broader population. This could make for an instance of tension still present in Dawnhilt's modern political climate - and may give a reason for wanting a character to marry the crown Prince, perhaps as a way of showing unity? Up to you :) You're most welcome to pick any spot that's free (according to the now updated map) and if you were wanting it where another region already is you'll have to ask that roleplayer specifically if you can sap some of their land haha.

And yes, I'm making the map through inkarnate! I'll admit, I'm not very good at it but the interface is very user friendly :)
@Pagemaster Awesome, looking forward to seeing them! :)
@deia876lat You've done a wonderful job, 11 out of 10!

The region of Alcyone certainly ties in well to Dawnhilt's current political climate. While acting as a somewhat separate kingdom (though still under Prince Kieran's official rule); given it's island status, the maritime and independent aspects of its dealings in trade and spiced goods work well. Perhaps in the council meeting Leonora may also seek to strengthen ties with the mainland, especially if her family's reputation as to how they came into power still proves an issue, despite the 150 year gap.

[Edit] I've added it to the map!!
Wow, glad you're interested @deia876lat! I'm looking forward to seeing what you've come up with.

And yes, I suppose some fantasy elements will be present (to make the premise more exicting), so magic and spellcraft can be included. Generally speaking though, it might be a rather frowned-upon practice despite the great potential it offers. Maybe this could be something your character/s bring up at the council meet if they so choose :)

Just based it off the shows I've seen set in the same time-period haha. But thank you for the meme

Details still being added but APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN!!

Guidelines and Overview

Hi reader!

This is the first ever nations roleplay I've hosted so please bear w/ and feel free to give any helpful suggestions where needed. And yes, I know the region and township names I've created are terrible, as you'll soon discover, but those are just minor details. Anyhow, welcome! The basic rules of this thread include:
  • This roleplay is intended for 18+.
  • Themes of war, political conflict, political marriages, and romance (including possible smut) may arise.
  • This group supports characters and roleplayers from a range of backgrounds. All ethnicities, sexualities, etc. are welcomed provided they are comfortable with the above two points.

So there we go, a short list. Now onto the roleplay itself. This roleplay will be focused on developing certain romantic and political relations between nobles, rulers, and royals (ocs); and the tense, war-inducing consequences that follow their decisions. Whether your character's region is thriving, or living dirt-poor in poverty, it doesn't matter; all who fall into the category of politically influential are welcome. In short: consider this a roleplay focused on building romances and political alliances between nations in the hopes of gaining more power.


Dawnhilt, a powerful nation with a blistering past, faces a time of political opportunity and controversy following its beloved ruler’s recent passing. Just mere days ago did the country’s all-mighty king succumb to illness, leaving both his throne and esteemed legacy to his one and only heir, Prince Sir Kieran Fawls St. Challender.

However, as is the case with any great monarchy or rulership, old traditions must be adhered to; and as ancient law dictates: “only he who is wed may assume the throne.” Thus, although egregious to the prince and his beliefs, as the rightful heir, Kieran must soon be courted in the meaning of marriage if he wishes to take over the throne; after which official coronation and fruitful celebrations may take place.

Seeing opportunity present itself in the country’s upcoming annual leadership council meet, the prince and his confidants devise a plan. This is where our story takes off. Your characters, representing the land’s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes (of whom are prominent council members), have received orders—by way of royal invitation—to travel to Wynterwood to be appraised by the prince and his subordinates. Princesses, dames, heirs, noblemen; all are welcomed and encouraged to be sent forth as tribute in the name of supporting Dawnhilt’s greater good. Though undoubtedly, only one will receive the endless luxuries granted by the prince's hand in marriage. As such, he or she who is chosen will be promptly wed into the nation’s royal family, with the responsibilities of great power, incredible wealth, and unquestioned loyalty bestowed upon them. Similarly, these generosities will be extended to their own families and townships; meaning the prince’s hand also comes with significant political gain.

So, there you have it. Send forth your most eligible characters: they could be anything from high-achieving minsters to simple mayors or lords of their village. They're all invited to attend the council’s preparations; and to be considered as a possible companion for the prince. Remember, although your character/s may not wish to be married or simply go, their families would be overjoyed at the opportunity (perhaps sending them regardless), since marriage to the prince = more power.

Furthermore, hopefully with so many singles in one place those not chosen by the prince will harbor their own feelings toward one another. If you can't marry the ruling prince, why not marry a rich noble or a beautiful princess from a neighboring region instead … right? All it bears is more political gain! And, as is the way with any hierarchal system where power is involved, political betrayal or distrust is strongly encouraged. Perhaps some marriages or affairs begin under false pretenses—after all, you never had to love the person you’d marry to gain their riches, just had to say "I do".

Let the political romances ensue!

Royal Inquisitor's Map of Dawnhilt

Each ship represents a port which I can add upon request, alongside forests and townships. Generally speaking, a region will be considered more politically apt if it controls a number of ports and has access to natural resources.

Application Form and Questions

If the premise interests you then please apply. Simply fill out the application form below and post it in the thread. My form for Wynterwood is posted underneath for reference if you get stuck. If you have any questions about the roleplay or form then don't be afraid to ask; I'll try to respond promptly. All the best.

Wow, what an awesome premise for a roleplay! Admittedly, I've never done a nation's roleplay before but would absolutely love to give it a try if I'm not too late? Here is my application, hopefully all the details make sense and adhere to the wonderful world you have built.

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