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Current Just give me a pain that I'm used to.
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If it excites you and scares you at the same time, it might be a good thing to try.
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In the RP realm, it doesn't matter how slowly you go as long as you don't stop.



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It was nearly eight years ago that the woman was first allowed a ride-along on one of Lotus Corporation’s many raids, which were done in such secrecy that only a select few CorpSec Personnel were aware that such a mission was in affect. Long had she been just an Executive Assistant to the upper echelon of the company, spending most of her working hours within the glass and steel office building which towered over the City like a watchful eye. But, there came a time that furthering her knowledge of not only internal security matters but external as well, and so she was given the opportunities, one after another, to participate and learn in the field. And while not every mission and ride-along was really all that action-packed, both fear and excitement would course through her veins regardless as she anticipated each opportunity. Additionally, there were only a handful of cases where she herself had to either defend or go on the offense against would-be attackers, but it was nothing she couldn’t handle. And while she was not military trained, her years of martial arts and weapons handling gave the girl plenty of chances to prove her grit to her peers in tight and stressful combat situations.

Of course, the rank of “Sergeant” was certainly more than a surprise, as it hadn’t been previously discussed prior to their meeting, but Samantha kept her cool, and instead merely nodded in respect and acknowledgment toward her father. Although somewhere deep inside her psyche where emotions were kept locked away, careful to not allow them to surface, she was ecstatic. Not just for the mission itself, but having the opportunity to wear the armored fatigues which were designated for SecCorp Agents for special operations, but damn if they weren’t badass looking and fit like a glove to boot. It helped as well that face protection and goggles were used, which of course provided anonymity as well as practical protection against chemical explosions and melee attacks. Overall, Samantha couldn’t wait to suit up.
Nice work @MarsAdept :) I didn't notice, but does Victoria work for a specific Corp or is she considered a sub-contractor?
<Snipped quote by Rawk>

Ex imp on a planet the Imps just took. That doesn't sound fun for you.


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Im playing an alien. Shit. I like to live dangerously.

And this.
“Yes, gossip will always be a constant in this line of work, Mister Voss.” She nodded, acknowledging the man’s comment regarding chatter amongst CorpSec. “If I allowed every alleged comment and rumor that wasn’t considered ‘flattering’ to unhinge me, then I’m certainly in the wrong place.” Sam cracked a half-smile, mainly out of courtesy for the new team member, her eyes unwittingly sizing up the shorter of the two, not that stature was really any measure of a man in her eyes.

Weiland seemed a lot more mild-mannered than she assumed someone with such a vast military background would be, but perhaps it was age that set him apart from many of the younger upstarts who had come through Lotus over the many years. Several were eager to perform their job, proving themselves in any way they could, and ultimately being sloppy enough to either become severed by the company, or killed through reckless behaviour. Either way, Sam had a good feeling about this one, and hoped he wouldn’t disappoint.

“This way, Mister Voss.” The tall, professionally dressed woman turned to walk down the hall once again, heading toward the lift that would take them to her father, Victor Helios. As much as she enjoyed working for Lotus, the one aspect of her career was downplaying the fact that she was daughter to an Executive Chairman, even though anyone with half a brain would already know this based on a relatively uncommon surname. But still, it was the difference between keeping humble versus boasting. Truth be told, she would rather allow the accolades to fall on her father’s shoulders at the end of the day.

As the trio headed to the twenty-first floor, Sam stood and stared out through the glass wall of the elevator, which looked over a great deal of the cityscape below. Days were usually so beautiful when things were clear, but today brought a dark overcast which had been looming for almost the entire week. She loved the rain, as there was always something therapeutic about watching and hearing the patter of water droplets as they hit window. It was also a reminder of her mother in many ways, who had been spending the last several years within the psychiatric hospital across town. The woman missed her every day, and the one fear was that her mother’s condition would become worse before it became better, and she would ultimate die in that cold hospital. Samantha didn’t want to forget her mother’s memories, and yet each day that passed, she felt a little bit of her essence leaving her as the brutality of the real world permeated around her.
Snapping herself out of the brief reverie, Sam turned her attention to Weiland and Victor, and noticed that the elevator was slowing to their targeted floor.
Iga hasn't been on for nearly two weeks. Should we skip him or keep waiting?

I thought the same thing, until I noticed his last login was "16 hours ago" at the time I saw it, so figured I'd give them the benefit of the doubt :)
I guess I'll post tomorrow if we don't hear from @IgaFlan by then? O.o
Hopefully @IgaFlan will make an appearance. Such a good character would be wasted otherwise :/
And that's my post done, seems I got a touch carried away, but such is life.

Nah, besides intros usually are the longer of the posts since you're essentially establishing a baseline.

Also, @Mag Lev, Eisenhorn's post did bring up a good point (which didn't even occur to me at the time) about whether it was prudent to have Sam go along with Weiland considering her presence alone may compromise the mission and Lotus Corp if things turn violent. She isn't a "public figure" per se, but there are certain significant corporate figureheads who might recognize her.

That being said, a "Corporate Liaison" role is fine, but if it's really an investigation, then how would she fit in without tipping off the people being investigated, and potentially causing Sam to become a liability?

@Eisenhorn, feel free to post his meeting with her at the door of his barracks and they both head for the elevator to meet up with Victor Helios. Any dialogue you might post regarding her I'll answer partially in my next post, etc. It's a bit tricky since there is a lot going on but we'll sort it :)
“Breathe, Sam.” The young woman leaned over the steel and porcelain sink in the executive level restroom and stared at her reflection in the rectangular mirror which hung just a above it. “You'll pull through this like always.” She sighed, dabbing a bit of clear liquid that welled up near both eyelids. “Not that you have a choice.”

Her emerald-colored pupils caught the overhead fluorescent light in such a manner that gave the impression of a faint green glow, which had more to do with the subtle power flux emanating from strategically placed neural implants. Of course those same implants, while in place to regulate fatigue levels caused by the implementation of her magic abilities, ironically caused her emotional and some physical pains right near the end of her menstrual cycle. Not exactly the best tradeoff, but while many other procedures failed or her body simply rejected foreign components, the current implants were most stable and effective. Stomach cramps mixed with nausea, throw in a bit of vomiting and muscle aches, and you've got yourself a pretty nice time hanging out near the latrine with your head hovering over a toilet at least one day out of the month.

Absolutely charming.

After spending a few minutes spot treating various areas of makeup, tightening the bun of long dark hair behind her head, smoothing out wrinkles on her pinstriped suit jacket, and straightening the matching skirt, Sam stood in front of the adjacent wall mirror and was seemingly satisfied with the overall ensemble. Rarely was she ever happy with her appearance, for one being the amazon that she was at six-foot-one wasn't exactly normal for a woman, but she knew looking the part was at least half the battle right there, and she certainly had an air of confidence and power encircling her at that moment. And with a chin up, she left the restroom and made her way toward the elevator.

“Good morning Miss Helios” The elevator’s computer greeted her in its typical friendly mannerism as she stepped through the glass double doors.

“CorpSec Barracks” She said in a matter-of-fact tone, the computer acknowledging with a low chime followed by “Descending to the Fifth Floor.” While waiting for the minute or so of her travels, Sam searched again through the latest dossier on her holopad: “Weiland Voss”, an old career soldier who had been hired on for security detail as well as special operations. Like many instances regarding Lotus Corps day-to-day decision making on special projects and the like, Samantha Helios was granted the privilege to examine classified intel and provide feedback of her own, which would sometimes become the deciding factor. In this case, it had been a no-brainer, on top 9f the fact that Delta Corporation would have scooped him up had she not intervened. Lotus needed well-trained military men like Voss for certain assignments, and there was no way in hell Delta would be allowed to succeed in securing a contract with him.

She made sure of it. She made sure of a lot of things.

“Fifth Floor, CorpSec Barracks”. The lift computer vocalized, as the double doors opened, and Sam stepped into the main corridor where most of the Corporate Security housing was located. Truthfully she hated being on the floor, because it seemed judgemental eyes were always watching her every move. A nonchalant gaze from a group of agents sitting at a table in the mess hall, or perhaps the random guard walking by as they prepared to start their shift, or better yet, the half-naked male strolling from the locker room to his quarters, shooting her a wink as though he had something to offer her besides respect. She hated the stares, all of them, and yet the partially hidden dragon tattoo that peeked out from behind the V-shaped opening of her jacket didn’t help in the slightest. She had heard enough of the comments and rumors, read enough of the mean-spirited and sexist emails, and experienced first hand how humanity could turn on their own for being even slightly different than they were. As if it wasn’t bad enough that Orcs and Elves ran amuck on the streets of just about every major city in what was left of the planet, but humans, those who survived and endured the longest above all other species were sometimes treated as second-class citizens by their own. Of course she wanted to be “normal”, whatever that was, and never asked for any type of supernatural powers, but she couldn’t change who she was unless she was dead, but that wasn’t happening today.

Sam stood in front of the door leading into where Weiland Voss was currently staying, and pressed the button which would create a synthesised “door bell” on the other side, indicating her presence. “He better be dressed...” She muttered to herself, waiting patiently for the asset to be escorted to her father, Victor Helios.
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