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Current I've finally stopped drinking for good! Now I only drink for evil.
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Pet rats are awesome.
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Me: "look mom no hands!" Mom: "that's nice" *not looking*Holds up stumps of my wrists where my hands would be. "NO seriously mom no hands. We need to go to the hospital."
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Does anyone else have that irrational fear that if you use your debt or credit card on a vending machine or gas pump that somehow someone else will be able to charge it to your card after you?
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English is a difficult language. However it can be understood through tough thorough thought, though.


Hello person reading my bio! On the account I typically go by Yoru. Yes I am an anime nerd. I like comic books as well. Prefer marvel to DC but I like some DC. Watch Dr. Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Grimm, Game of thrones, ect. I have read lord of the rings and the hobbit. I read twilight but remain unimpressed. I obviously enjoy to rp. I rp in both real life and on the internet. I play magic the gathering, Force of Will and Pokemon TCG. I haven't gotten into my old PTCGO account in a long time and I don't play magic online. There isn't anywhere to play force of will online but if there was I probably wouldn't.

Live in the United states, specifically Florida. For those of you in Europe and other places I am south of Cairo Egypt in Longitude and latitude. It is hot all year round. The summer months are unbearably hot and humid with heat indexes over 100 every day. And winters don't really exist here. I live on the coast so I'm very close to the beach and I'm also close enough to go to Disney World whenever I want. OH! I am also a HUGE Disney fan. I own tons of Disney movies and go to Disney world a lot. My phone has at least 50 percent of my music is Disney related.

More random facts....Pumpkin is one of my favorite flavors. Pumpkin spice season is my favorite season. Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. It is my Christmas. I have green eyes which I guess is neat. I played tennis in high school. I still play it from time to time but rarely have the time. I work in a hospital. I am the eldest of three. I have a younger brother and a younger sister. Currently live at home with my parents while I'm in college. I am an atheist but I respect other religions so long as they respect me in return.

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This one still accepting?
@World TravelerColour me interested and if it still open I'd like to do Astronomy with a request to also teach apparition.

Narrowing her eyes at the beast she noticed that it was undoubtedly very strong. Despite having lost a limb it caught itself with ease and then launched itself faster than before. Seeing as it had time to grab its arm on the way down something intrigued her. She dodged out of the way this time landing across the room with a regular shunpo with her sword still in the scabbard.

"I guess I was dumb for thinking I wouldn't have to put effort in..." She readies her stance again but this time her knees are more bent than before and her stance slightly wider. She pulls the sword out slightly. It burns with a hot red color as if it was pulled just out of the furnace. "Aki no yuhi...Sanpo-Giri" (triple cut)

She leaps up similar to how she did the first time but this time as she crosses the hollow she draws her blade for the first strike, pulls the blade with another shunpo down her arm for a second and then once more for a third cut. She re-appears behind the hollow not able to pass him like the first.

Yep. But its something she came up with on her own after getting a feel for the properties of water. It isn't as refined as fishman karate but works under the same principle.
I'll throw my hat in as well.


Following along Nemuri some might have noticed already that Momoiro walks strange. Her feet follow a crescent pattern always swaying inward with her gait and it minimizes the amount of "bouncing" one does while walking. It gives her the slight visual effect of gliding rather than walking or running. Similarly when she turns corners she does a military style turn on the balls of her feet. This style of walking was something her grandfather back on Earth made her do constantly. He said it was kenjutsu training to allow her to shift effortlessly into a fighting stance at a moments notice.

Entering into the big bright room she lets her eyes adjust and stops along with the rest of the group. She chuckles a little at Nemuri's comments.

"Gotten out? You keep some strange-" She was cut off as the hollow like creatures began to drop down on top of them. Something in Momoiro changes in an instant. Her soft demeanor changes to a quiet one and her gentle expression she normally has changes to a blank one. Without having to shift her feet she bends her knees slightly and lightly grasps her sword that still lay in the scabbard. A small bit of energy crackles around her as she pulls the sword out just a few centimeters revealing her sword which glows with reiatsu. It started as a light pink and darkens into orange.

Zakura-ryu battojutsu no ichi "Aki no Yuhi" Without hesitation she uses her shunpo iaito combination and leaps directly into the air above her to meet this purple arrow of death head on. As she draws the crackling energy erupts slightly around the blade giving her slightly more range than just the reach of the blade. If all goes well she should land feet first on the ceiling looking down at her opponent that should still be mid air. Her blade would be sliding back into the scabbard as if preparing to do the same attack again.

Momoiro stands more towards the back of the room and her eyes wander around the room taking in all of the strange bits of it. It seemed mostly empty but there were little things here and there that peaked her interest. Most of them were things she hadn't seen before. The projector that had Mayuri's face on it was also of note. She hasn't spent much time with the technology of this world yet. Most of it was spent training.

Listening intently to the explanations being given by Nemuri some things seemed off to her. When was this "gene" introduced? How could it have gotten to her in the human world? Is that why she had a so called 'impressive' reiatsu as a normal human? Before she asked any questions @Red Mage enters the room. Nemuri made some kind of snide comment about only the boys making it causing her brow twitch. She ignored it however as a round of questions from the different members begin. She too had a few questions but most were answered without her having to be the one to ask.

A few of the explanations were unexpected. The first is that she was told by a few that she already was a prodigy four years ago. This was two years before the prodigy gene was spread out. It still leaves a bit of mystery to her. She did find that she began excelling more right around two years ago. Wandering in memory back to roughly two years ago when she was practicing her shunpo. To learning the feeling of the energy around her feet that floods to the rest of her body as she seems to almost teleport to a different place. Looking down she remembers having to land in a square meter from an ever increasing distance away. A flash brilliance hit her. She drew her blade with the same rush of energy from the shunpo flooding through her feet up to her arm and landing in the square meter but this time with her sword drawn from the scabbard with a crackling energy. That had been the first time she made the connection between body speed and sword speed. Blending them together as one and making a small name for herself in the academy and rocketing her graduation date up by at least a year.

"Ah..." She lets out a small unintentional but audible sound.

The loud blasting noise shakes her back to reality. Focusing on the map now on the screen she takes note of where the red dot is. The vaguely humanoid shape sends shivers down her spine and her hair starts to stand on end. Her reiatsu starts to leak out threateningly as she hears @Champion mention hollows.

"No mam." She says with a soft grin on her face. This is in response to Nemuri's comment and she leaps forward with a shunpo and makes her way as quickly as possible to the creature. A fire inside her was lit and a soft burning blood-lust. Her first real battle with a hollow since becoming a shinigami was something she had been looking forward to really ever since a hollow killed her in her past life. She longed to see the difference between herself then and now. @BladeSS4 Also seemed amped up to fight the hollow. Guess she will have to just get there first. The grin on her face turns perhaps to a full smile.

Also i'm gonna post real quick. I am having a bit of a writers block as to what to post but I'm just gonna have her full speed it to the dude. Sorry for not posting much this week.


And this is a hollow yeah?
Aye I'm here. I just died for a little while but I'm alive again.
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