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Current When listening to James Horner scores gives you the feels and you start crying because you seriously miss him to bits and pieces. RIP James Roy Horner 8/14/53-6/22/2015
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Ugh, so tired. It's fourth block and I've got like 35 more minutes of class.
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Ohk, where to start about myself....hmmm..Well I guess I'll just steal from my little world of and

*Talking with Lightning McQueen about racing*

*Notices the lucky person who has stumbled across my tiny page*

Oh, hello there. I see you've discovered the realm of my little world. Oh, where are my manners. Introductions are in order I believe. My name is Zoe McQueen. I am the daughter of Sally and Lightning McQueen (not really but you get the jist.) Anywho, on with introducing myself. I am 16 and I live somewhere her in the great country of the United States of America. I am proud of my country (not really, we've done some stupid stuff as of late). My favorite genre of book to read is fiction, sci-fi, non-fiction, and fanfiction most of all. I believe you all know my dad, so that was easy


Sorry Daddy. Do not let your minds wander to the gutter with that!! I know you were all thinking it. Especially you Jackson.


Uh-huh, sure. Anyways. I will be going on to describing what type of stories you can find here. I write mainly Cars fanfiction, Star Trek Fanfics, Lion King fanfic as well as my own original stories from time to time.

You should totally check her out on Wattpad. Her username there is also @ZoeMcQueen95.

Also look for her on Instagram with the following accounts: alexandria.mcqueen.96, zz_cubpridelands, lesfansdecelinedion, startrekantonyelchin_, there's probably a whole bunch more. She's weird like that.

Jackson!! Whatever, but go ahead and follow those accounts, I promise you that I am not weird.


Nashani! Yeah, that was my best friend Nashani, she's the best, known her for quite some time now. I am shy but as you get to know me, I'll never shut up.

Ain't that the truth.

Mom, why do you constantly agree with me

She's your mother, deal with it.

(Sticks tongue out at him) Whatever, dad. As long as I have your attention, and I hope I still do, please do feel free to PM me, I also love to RP a ton. Been RPPING since I was 10, so that makes 6 years, give or take a few months. I don't bite. It will take me a bit to warm up to you, so approach me cautiously. I get scared easily. Now say goodbye everyone!

Bye, and have a fun, race filled day!

Later guys. I gotta jet anyways, there's a race to be at.
Well I was here for a bit, got guests to check in at both hotels.
I'm just here to annoy her, and eventually you guys too.
Ignore them. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my page. There will be more later. Bye guys, go enjoy your day wherever y'all are!

That was all from my page. I'm alexandria.mcqueen.96 there.

About Me: I'm 16 years old. Sophomore, soon to be junior. Proud Benton Bee, West BLVD Bobcat, Midway Heights Eagle, West Middle Viking and Hickman High Kewpie. Kewpie Girls Golf player. Kewpie Stage Players member. Kewpie Sports Forum member, and future president. I live in Missouri. I want to be an Actress. I love movies. I am a girl. St Louis Cardinals Baseball Fan. St. Louis Blues Hockey Fan. My birthday is August 14th!!!! This one came from my wattpad.

Actors I love: Owen Wilson, Armie Hammer, Cristela Alonzo, Bonnie Hunt, Nathan Fillion, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Simon Pegg, John Cho, Karl Urban, Anton Yelchin, Zoe Saldana, there's more, I'm just too lazy.

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In Cars RP 1 mo ago Forum: Free Roleplay
So this is basically a roleplay for the Cars Universe from the lovely world of Disney Pixar. I haven't seen one on here and I figured I might as well start one, so why the heck not.
I just registered, like, this morning @Tearstone Thanks for the help, I've just never been able to find a good Star Trek Roleplay ever. Hopefully they'll find a place to put me in the security division or medical department. I don't remember seeing Tactical on the Abramsverse, or Kelvin Timeline on there.
As someone who has seen every episode of TNG, VOY and DS9, all the movies, including the Kelvin Timeline movies, I would so love to join! Massive Star Trek Fan right here. Where do I sign up?
The best role play moments in my life?? Oohh that's a toughie. I'd have to say when I first started roleplaying on, that was where I got my start and I first heard about it, I was welcomed into the RP World with open arms. I never had the opportunity to learn from an extremely experienced role player, so I had to learn and learn fast by just reading old rp posts and I sort of made a name for myself on Howrse. As the years went on, I got more experienced and was able to come up with some very detailed responses, and some not as detailed.
@NalloreThanks! I took you up on your offer for the chat or the roleplay.
@ArenaSnowThank you! I really look forward to Roleplaying here! :)
Bonjour, hola and hello everyone. I'm ZoeMcQueen95, duh as the username says, but just a little to know about me. I've been roleplaying for about 6 years now and yesterday my friend @ReveTheDreamer told me about this site. I love roleplaying as a female character most of the time, although I am trying to work my way into roleplaying as a male character.

Roleplays I will participate in:
Hunger Games
Fantasy stuff
Star Trek (No that does not mean that I will dabble in the world of Star Wars as well, I don't know enough about it to do that, lol)
High School
Harsh Life RP's (Stuff dealing with serious issues.)
Others if they interest me.

I never enter a roleplay, or create one, without reading or writing the rules, the description or the form to see what is needed or expected of me. I make my own OC's and I have a place on Wattpad for the descriptions of my OC's as well. I'm on Wattpad with the exact same username I have provided for this website. I love to get descriptive with most of the characters I use in Roleplays.

Don't be scared to talk to me, just an fyi, I get shy at first, but then I open up. Have a great day everyone!!
Name: Gul Dukat
Gender: male
Age: 20 years old, no one really knows. He doesn't even know his own birthday.
Race/Species: Cardassian
Abilities: No known abilities.
Personality: Gul Dukat, or simply Dukat, is a very hard to please man/ He has always had issues in making friends and finds himself making more enemies than friends.
Backstory: Dukat was born into the Cardassian race destined to lead them. At 16, he was given the title of Leget Dukat, or in human terms, Admiral. When he turned twenty, he was promoted to Gul, or leader of his people. It wasn't easy for him to adjust to the new title and role that he had to take on, but as the days went on, the young Gul had soon figured it out. Nearly a year had passed in his reign as Gul when his enemies started to make themselves known to all of Cardassia. Dukat has no fighting experience and was only the prefect to the people of Bajor, never a military leader. Dukat thinks of himself as an effective and fair leader to the Bajoran people and to the Cardassian people.
Other: Dukat had a daughter with a woman of an enemy race, in the Cardassian race, it is forbidden for someone, much less a Gul, to bear a child with someone in the Bajoran culture, he had the child hidden away and never told a soul, not even after the mother of the child had died.
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