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Current Surprise, I'm not dead. I'm astronomically busy and will be deleting my account. If you wish to keep in touch w/ me, message me.
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School is murdering my soul. For those waiting on me. SPRING BREAK! We will start on Day one of the voyage on the day I start Spring Break after I get back from my orchestra competition. Have fun!!!!!
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What should I do...
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Looking for someone into history who wants to RP like that. I'm finding myself at a shortage of Historical RPers.


Ohk, where to start about myself....hmmm..Well I guess I'll just steal from my little world of and

Oh, hello there. I see you have discovered the realm of my little world. Oh, where are my manners. Introductions are in order I believe. My name is Zoe. I'm 16 and I live somewhere her in the great country of the United States of America. You should totally check me out on Wattpad. My username there is also @ZoeMcQueen95. Also look for me on Instagram with the following accounts: jessica.mcqueen.96, linearteditor, lesfansdecelinedion, startrekantonyelchin_, there's probably a whole bunch more. I'm weird like that. Go ahead and follow those accounts, I promise you that I am not weird. I am shy but as you get to know me, I'll never shut up. As long as I have your attention, and I hope I still do, please do feel free to PM me, I also love to RP a ton. Been RPPING since I was 10, so that makes 6 years, give or take a few months. I don't bite. It will take me a bit to warm up to you, so approach me cautiously. I get scared easily. About Me: I'm 16 years old. Sophomore, soon to be junior. Proud Benton Bee, West BLVD Bobcat, Midway Heights Eagle, West Middle Viking and Hickman High Kewpie. Kewpie Girls Golf player. Kewpie Stage Players member. Kewpie Sports Forum member, and future president. I live in Missouri. I want to be an Actress. I love movies. I am a girl. St Louis Cardinals Baseball Fan. St. Louis Blues Hockey Fan. My birthday is August 14th!!!! This one came from my wattpad.

Actors I love: Owen Wilson, Armie Hammer, Cristela Alonzo, Bonnie Hunt, Nathan Fillion, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Simon Pegg, John Cho, Karl Urban, Anton Yelchin, Zoe Saldana, there's more, I'm just too lazy.

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Unfortunately you will need to create a character that has at least finished their 4th year at Hogwarts.

I can change that quickly, no biggie.

And done as of 10;13 pm.
If I may inquire, is this still available to sign up for.
I hope this one is better than before, if not just let me know and I can fix it if necessary.

Just remove me from this, I won't be joining, sorry.
@Fury Panda
Cool - my co-GM will be posting your review!

Tetra Watson:

  • Your faceclaim is 34 years old - hopefully you can see the issue with that.
  • "Caucasian", not "Caucasion"
  • While her Boggart is good, the riddikulus charm isn't very funny.
  • Her appearance alludes to tomboyishness in that she doesn't keep up with trends, is athletic, and plays quidditch, but her personality doesn't seem to mention anything like that?
  • Her personality is a tad vague. "She will try to do something, and will not give up until she is either successful, or after several failed attempts." Describes most people on the planet, I would think. When speaking of determination in a character, I would expect something a bit more extreme or unusual for the description. Doing something over and over despite the fact that succeeding is impossible, for example.
  • Her backstory doesn't make a lot of sense to me. You've stated that a rift appeared between Tetra and her parents when she started showing signs of magic, but you haven't really elaborated? Why do they yell at her during these unusual occurrences? It's understandable when the Dursley's do it to Harry because they're fully aware of the magical world, and they're trying to borderline beat it out of him. Tetra's parents don't have this knowledge, so it seems odd that they'd react so aggressively to these occurrences. Also, did things get worse or better when they found out about the world of magic? Why did they let her go to Hogwarts and buy all of her school stuff for her if they were so against it? What were her brother's reactions to suddenly knowing about magic? How has she managed to fix things with her parents all of a sudden? It seems strange to me that a character who is kind, loyal, determined, studious, athletic, and attractive is mistreated by her parents for no good reason beyond "She's different".
  • While your prompt is passable in terms of spelling and grammar, you've shifted between past and present tense in one of your paragraphs. This makes things quite confusing to read, so you'll need to make sure you don't do it in your IC posts.

Katherine Mary Mullen:

  • Her picture is great, but doesn't seem to correlate with her written appearance all that much? The picture shows a girl with dark hair, dark eyes, no freckles, and she seems to be a pretty healthy weight?
  • Sassafras isn't a wood used by Ollivander, I'm afraid. If you explain she got the wand from elsewhere that's fine, but otherwise, it'll have to be changed.
  • Least favourite lesson is Charms, because she failed once and is now bitter about it. That's fine - kinda cool actually - but her personality doesn't show this bitter or grudging streak anywhere. In fact, it states that she "takes everything with a grain of salt". One would assume that would include failures and/or criticism.
  • What role does she play in Quidditch?
  • "She is the youngest of 8 siblings and never gets hand me downs." The youngest sibling usually gets hand me downs. Later in the prompt you also say "She had a duty to be the first one in her family..." So is she the youngest or the oldest?
  • I have many doubts that the wizarding world are unable to treat premature birth effectively. If they have potions that can regrow bones, I'm sure something exists to ensure a premature baby grows significantly while outside the womb to ensure survival and avoid illness. Furthermore, the wizarding world doesn't have Doctors, but Healers. I also doubt they make one pay for treatment like in America. The wizarding world is more advanced socially in many ways than the Muggle world - if the Muggles had the NHS by then, I'm certain the UK wizards also had universal healthcare.

Kendall Price:

Awesome - and accepted - character! You've missed out a couple of female pronouns in the Boggart section, but if you fix them up he can be put in the character tab!

I'll apologise now if any of the reviews seem a bit short or blunt - it's not my intention and I'm in a bit of a rush posting this so I don't have time to read over everything properly. :)

I can fix my CS. I will do that tonight.
@ZoeMcQueen95 do you have a starting date?

Not yet, perhaps after Christmas.
Name: Catalina Rosinska
Age: 17 years of age
Role: 2nd class passenger.
Final Destination: New York City, New York, United States
Reason for travel: Travelling alone to New York to become a model.
Background: Catalina was born in Russia, but she was raised in England in a very loving family. She is the eldest of four children.
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