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3 yrs ago
Current Sorry to everyone I let down 6 months ago when I disappeared without saying a word...I do regret not saying goodbye
4 yrs ago
Overwatch is both a pain in the ass as well as incredibly fun...i love it
4 yrs ago
I often wonder how many of my posts are actually thought-out, well written story elements...and not just spam section shitposting
4 yrs ago
Started watching One Piece again after a very long hiatus...190 episodes to go xD
4 yrs ago
keeps refreshing his Subs page in hopes of new reading material



Used to be pretty active ~6 months ago, might be coming back...

Name is Zorogami, but you can call me Zoro. I really enjoy Rping, although it used be an on and off thing until I finally joined the Guild. Since then, I've been lucky enough to meet very friendly and cool people here as well as take part in various interesting RPs. As for settings, I enjoy fantasy and sci-fi worlds the most, but i´m always looking to try out new stuff as well. I like character-driven plots with lots of freedom, since those settings allow for a ton of possibilities in the story. I'm testing the 1x1 RP waters as well, so feel free to hit me up with any ideas if you want!

I guess that's it for now, Maybe I'll see you around?

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In Variance 3 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@ArtifexAlright thanks, will do!
@RamjammerAwesome! Thanks, will be working on my CS
Can I still join the rp? Would work on my CS tonight of a spot is open
In Variance 3 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Is there still a spot open? Would love to drop a CS, let me know please!
@WombatallionSure, I'll wait patiently ;)
Really in the mood for some high fantasy rp. If you are willing to accept a returning (and somewhat rusty) roleplayer, I'll gladly join
Any chance you guys have a spot for a returning rper open? Really in the mood for some high fantasy, and I would love to explore this world you guys have come up with
Hello there!
I used to be pretty active on this site until I had to disappear about half a year ago. Looking for something to get back into the groove, and your rp caught my eye. I really like the last two ideas, probably leaning more in favour of the 3rd option. I like the idea of our characters feeling somewhat "safe" in district one, until everything falls apart and they have to pull themselves together to make it to the coast. So yeah, count me in (:
@Leoven@Doc Doctor@LPFan@Erklings25@SheriffLlama@link23454@Zorogami

Don't be too hard on yourself, I disappeared for 8 months, so the blame is not only on you!
Banned for challening the dark Lord to come and murder ya
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