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"Good," The gravely snarl replied as the bestial frame drew close, not once lumbering or awkward despite is scale. "We should find the rest of them... and put an end to them as well.

It was then the weretiger neared the bow-bearing priestess, sword resting comfortably in the grasp of a hand. While it did not turn to listen to the old seabound druid, a single ear kept on him for the time being, drinking in the advice that was given. There was to be no disagreement from the transformed huntsman, it could not hunt a trap, it could not kill a trap, it would do little in receipt or gratification for its purpose to worry about them. So they were best avoided where possible and destroyed where need be, which surely from their past experiences was the wisest option. The ear flicked back as the hungering maw drew in another breath of the stale, dusty cave. Not yet could it taste the enemy and it hoped, urged for that to not be much longer.

If there was nothing to be left for them among the enemy that could fight, those that would need answer for their deeds against Greenest and the givings of the world around them, then all that would remain was the proposed eggs. Which would be destroyed and destroyed swiftly the moment it became opportune. It mattered only if there was anything left for them to deal with first and the anticipation was becoming trying.

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Armed and ready Orchid follows Kyra to the southern tunnel, following close behind in the event of trouble. However when all they find is s ladder, Orchid seemed somewhat disappointed. Mainly because he was hoping for stairs. Ladders are a tactically poor place to fight from. That being said, there was a faint amount of light coming in. A room above? That gave Orchid an idea as he whispered to the party. "Cut, take rope. Bad guys can't use ladder, save for later. Go east, break eggs, come back. Good plan yeah?" Orchid said with a smile. He thinks this is an excellent plan.
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Following up the rest the party reached the end of the hall with a rope ladder. It must’ve gone up, but just where exactly Parkin wasn’t entirely certain. She vaguely remembers a few rooms they didn’t fully explore previously, so this ladder could lead towards them. It was obviously some form of secret entrance considering there was what appeared to be some sort of carpet covering it, so Parum made a mental note that the party would need to be careful coming out. They could either surprise whoever is in there, or get caught in an ambush themselves.

”Good idea Orchid. Cut the rope and we’ll come back for this later.” Parum let a few sparks of magic escape her finger tips. She could still use some minor mending magic so fixing the rope won’t be an issue.
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This direction didn't seem to serve much purpose, and so the only find they made here was soon subjected to the half-orc's machete, the rope ladder being cut at its supporting points on the sides, making it a notably one way chute down from the height of thirty feet, the bottom of the remaining ladder difficult if not impossible to reach now from the floor of the space they were in. This was safe enough, the adventurers determined and turned around, focusing their attentions on the opposite direction of this little passage instead, passing once again the carcass of the winged kobold and the chest of treasure within the ornate chamber.

This next area they would descend the stairs into was large enough for some of its shady corners to be even out of reach of those with darkvision or sources of light on their person. Here on the Northern side of the room, to the left from the perspective of the adventurers, opened up an elevated observation area, whereas far in the distance to the back one could, just barely, make out an edge that marked a sharp descent. Yet more interesting was the large area to the right of them, down from the observation zone they were approaching. Another wide ledge marked the drop into another pit area, from whence most of the echoing sounds of dripping water came from, stalactites in the ceiling being the obvious cause of this. It was warm in this room.

Yet once more the signs of the cult having done its work here were visible as one looked towards the middle of the platform, where another caged off set of stairs descended down below, a key hanging from a peg on the wall just opposite of it. Aside from the bars though, not much could be discerned of the cult's presence, other than several dark stains upon the floor. Whatever those be. Yet here appeared to be where the party struck gold: Down the ledge, in the darkness below, three feet tall oval shaped objects stood among the rocks. Perhaps they had found what they came looking for?

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With nothing else left to do at this end, Kyra would lead the party back to the dragon room, and there lead them towards the corridor they didn't take, which would likely lead to the dragon eggs itself. Kyra had her bow and arrows at the ready, careful to prod the ground, walls, and even ceiling with her bow for any kobold traps. Soon they'd reach a cave that had a heavy scent of water, and somewhere in the darkness Kyra could vaguely make out the shape of eggs. She raised her hand to halt her allies and got low to the ground, scanning the area for hostiles. There was no way to know what was in here guarding the eggs, but she was certain there was something. Either kobolds who retreated here to let Cyanwrath and his men fight, or possibly something worse. Either way, Kyra didn't plan to risk her or the other's life as she quietly spoke of her plan.

"I believe I can see the eggs from where I'm at, or a silhouette at least. I don't know what else is in here but no sense in running into danger. Allow me to just shoot them full of arrows; all I need to do is crack one open, and that will surely kill any dragon inside, if the arrows themselves don't do it. I'll need the rest of you to watch the area around me in case there is something else here protecting the eggs."

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