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1.0 Rear Admiral William Locke - No Turning Back
1.1 Doctor Loretta Raidne - No Turning Back
2.0 Captain Lance Thereon - Star Wars - Desperation
2.1 Agent Aurek - Star Wars Desperation
3.0 Thomas "Tommy" Shepherd - Dawn of Marvels
3.1 Nobody

4.0 Thor Odinson - Marvel: Dawn of Heroes
4.1 Colonel Nick Fury - Marvel: Dawn of Heroes
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Player Name: Sep
Character Name: Rear Admiral William Locke
Character Age: 46
Character Gender: Male
Appearance: Locke wears the traditional officer uniform of the United Earth Council, traditional black with the symbol of the old United Nations on his left shoulder. Medals (on dress occasion) are pinned on the front. To signify that he is Martian on his right shoulder there is the old Martian Unity emblem, below which is that of the Vitae.
Profession: Commander of Ark Vitae.
Nationality: Previously a citizen of the Martian Unity.

  • Special Ops Training: Mars always prided itself on it's special ops division, prior to being assigned to the Vitae Locke spent his entire career on stealth ships running surveillance and counter surveillance ops. In the three day war he lead a fleet of ships in a flanking maneuver against the Devastators. His training gives him a unique way of thinking over more traditional officers.
  • Charismatic: So long playing the spy game, he's good at working with people and simply working people.
  • Intelligent: He may not be a scientist of any caliber, but he's well educated.
  • Respected: He's known to never expect anything of his crew that he himself wouldn't do, which makes his crew trust and respect him. He doesn't just throw his weight around.


  • Career Military: He may be Spec Ops and used to not going on much, but he's still used to following orders. It'll be hard to adapt to the last order of 'See to it that humanity survivies'. Not to mention it goes against "leave no man behind".
  • Prejudice: He'll say it won't affect him, but most Martians grew to resent people from Earth first for their treatment, second Mars had a desert and tried to turn it into a garden. Earth started with a garden and paved it. It's something he never understood and thought them to be fools for. He also harbours a strong resentment to those who would willingly alter themselves with cybernetic enhancements.
  • Missing eye: He lost his eye when a bulkhead exploded during the defense of Mars in the Three Day War, while he himself refused a replacement he still sometimes gains pain from the injury and it limits his peripheral vision.
  • Depression: He'll wear a strong face, but he can't deny loosing his home, family and even his planet has had a psychological effect on him.

Personal Effects: Very little, some photographs and clothes. He also has a collection of stones taken from Mars as his connection to home.
Bio: Martian soil was tough to live on, even post revolution. Despite advances in technology Martians still lived in domes when he was a young boy, it wasn't until he was ten that they successfully made the atmosphere breathable and the domes were taken down in a mass celebration. He never could fathom what it would be like to have been born on Earth, but secretly he always wanted to. Cursing that he had grown up on this rock where until ten he just breathed recycled air, and after the dome was taken down there wasn't much to the planet. It was red, and it was barren.

He wanted to leave Mars behind, go out into space and see what was there. There was planets, there was moons and nebulas. He enlisted in the Martian Navy at eighteen, despite it's own Navy being young in comparison to that of the Federation or Conglomerate the Martian Navy had an ever growing Special Ops program. In being unable to go toe to toe with larger navies like the factions from Earth Mars relied on cutting edge stealth tech and tactics. After sitting an aptitude test he was sent to special ops. They taught him how to gain peoples trust, to pretend to be someone he wasn't and to be a killer. He excelled at every stage.

At the age of 21 he was sent on his first Op, the Martians had a Spec Ops vessel disguised as a bulker in order to gather information on the infamous pirate known as Tiberius Wallace. The ship was attacked by one of Wallaces vessels in the attempt to steal their 'cargo'. However everything went as planned and a member of the Martian Spec Ops infiltrated the crew. This went on for several months until it was Williams turn to sneak aboard the enemy ship, in a new fake bulker. It turns out however that either one of the Martians betrayed them or Wallace had found out by torture or bribery because the pirate ship began firing on the small trade vessel. The first hit threw everyone into a panic, seeing no other option William took control and broke cover. The cargo pods on the ship detached and the weapon systems enabled and began firing at the enemy vessel, though not before they sustained heavy damage to their navigation, propulsion and comm systems. It took several weeks to fly back to Martian Orbit, and by the time they reached it they discovered that the unprecedented had happened, the Federation, Conglomerate and Martians had all worked together to defeat the scourge.

He gained his own command the same year the Devastators came, 2196 when he was only 28. It was only a small corvette but it was a still a big change for him, he was present observing the Citadel as the Devastators came, with the sole mission of seeing what the fleet was capable off and report back. He could hardly believe what he saw, the utter devastation. However when he reported back, he himself suggested that the Martians not engage and that they instead remain on defense. Which they did, Titan and so many lives were lost. Which would forever weigh upon Lockes conscience.

When the Devastators finally came for Mars Locke was in orbit with his ship, risking everything he took his own vessel as well as a couple of ships to attack their flank in a risky maneuver. It only succeeded thanks to the timely intervention of Admiral Roland Constantine and the combined forces of the Federation and the Conglomerate which took the attention of the Devastators so that Lockes vessels could sneak on in behind. It was his actions that day that got him promoted to the position to Rear Admiral. Ten years past, he worked closely with ex-members of the Federation and Conglomerate setting up Special Ops to try and find out more about the Devastators.

When the Genesis Protocol was enacted he was pulled from active duty and assigned to the Vitae, to this day he is still unsure on whether or not he should have taken the assignment but above all else he'll do it to the best of his ability and one of the first things he did to make him better at his job was to familiarize himself with the specifications of the ship, even before he started to choose the crew. He is worried, but won't let it show.

After all, there's no turning back now. The plan was committed, so many people had sacrificed so much and many more were going to die. He wouldn't let a single one of them down.

Code Word: I made it, so I'm not gonna say it.
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"The fights just beginning son."

Player Name: Sep
Name: Captain Lance Thereon
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Corellian)
Force Sensitive Y/N: N
Equipment: A295 Sniper Rifle, Westar-34 Blaster Pistol, All the standard officer equipment, some grenades.
  • Sharpshooter: Before being promoted, several times, to Company Commander he was the Companys top Marksman. While he sees frontline combat less often than he used to he still keeps his skills current.
  • Soldiers Discipline: Unlike the majority of the New Republic Military Lance was actually trained as a soldier.
  • Commander: Lance being trained in the art of war makes him a valuable commander, with a different perspective on the battlefield due to his experience over the more traditional infantry approach.

  • Lead by Example: People follow him, why? He's come up through the ranks and people know he's willing to do what he's asking them to do.
  • Distant: He distances himself from his troops, not getting to attached so that when he looses them it doesn't break him up.
  • Tactician: Through experience, and through having the right mindset he has a tacticians mind. His plans work for a reason, because they're brilliant.

[*]Man of War: It's all he's known. He's heard rumour of Mon Mothma wanting to scale down the size of the New Republic Military. He doesn't know what he is without war.
[*]Distant: A man broken by war, he has people he can have a laugh with but no real friends. He's emotionally distant to all those who serve with him.
[*]Snipers Mindset: He's used to taking his time, lining up the shot before firing. He struggles in rapid, fast paced situations. While he still makes a sound situation adding on more pressure does not help his heart rate.
History: Lance was born in a small rural settlement on Corellia to parents Eryl and Tybia before the outbreak of the Clone Wars but tension was high between the Republic and the increasing size of Separatist Factions. Lance stayed away from the politics, or rather his parents did so he did. He grew up with an appreciation for the outdoors, it was everything to the young Lance who would spend long days having nature walks out in the wilds. Though that being said he was no stranger to a good days hard work, his father keeping him busy so that they could produce enough crops to make a profit.

The Clone Wars broke out when he was nine. They never came to Corellia but the ripples caused by the war were felt all over the Galaxy. Suddenly security became everything, the division between the Republic and the Separatists tore the Galaxy in half. Laws changed, and quotas changed as everything Lance knew about life was turned on it's head. Unable to support life on the farmstead anymore Eryl Thereon sold that farm that had been in his family for generations and moved toward the city to get a job working for the Corellian Engineering Corporation. There was always work to do building ships in war time.

Lance hated the city, hated everything about it. It was far too crowded, too many people who all had somewhere to be. He took to frequenting parks and other recreational calmer areas. Hoping that when the war ended things would go back to normal and they'd go home, they didn't. As the Clone Wars came to an end the Galactic Republic was changed into the Galactic Empire. Like many others his family felt that this was something that needed to be done, he himself supported the idea behind the Galactic Empire. It would bring peace and freedom to the galaxy through a united front, rather than the division that reigned in the senate during the times of the Republic.

His father saving enough money up sent Lance to a Military Academy at the age of 16, Lances dream was to serve and go onto new worlds far away from Corellia. His family had never left the planet and he wanted to do so much more than be a simple farmer, or a shipwright.

So at the age of 18 he fully enlisted in the Imperial Military, more specifically the Army. He initially signed with the idea of going on to become a vehicle operator, he had seen holovids of the old AT-TEs and the new AT-DPs and he wanted to operate some piece of machinery like that. However as he held a rifle for the first time it just felt natural, like it was the place he was supposed to be. Eventually he was on the fast track to becoming an Imperial Sharpshooter.

Fast forward a couple of years and he was a scout trooper in the Imperial Military. One of the best shots in his battalion with confirmed kills on targets ranging from Pirates to Rebels. Though like many Imperials (though not enough in numbers to matter) as the Empire became stricter and stricter, and the rules of engagement changed he began to question the Empire. He would hesitate before taking shots that he had been ordered to take against a senator. Like many it took the destruction of Alderaan for all these second guesses for him to make a decision, the next time he was sent planetside on a mission he deserted.

Rumours in the company are that he had to kill his own partner who he had worked with since training to get away, but he never answers those questions. After deserting he slummed around, took his own stand against the Empire. Typically he'd aim for the officers rather than the grunts, knowing that it was always possible that some of the grunts were just like him. It was the officers who were the truly evil ones, and such was how he operated for a while. Slowly over time the Alliance got in contact with him, and he eventually became part of Rancor Company.

He wasn't promoted to Captain until the Battle of Sullust that took place around the same time as the Battle of Endor. Afterwards Rancor spent time licking it's wounds before being sent of to Taris. In all honesty he didn't see the trap coming as TIEs burst out of buildings and fire was spit forth from the ground. Before he knew it they were trapped, with one direction. Down. He's spent the last couple of months trying to get in touch with other groups of Rebel Survivors while trying to establish some form of base of operations, and plan to get in touch with the New Republic and ultimately get off Taris.
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"Let's get started. Shall we?"

Player Name: Sep
Name: Agent Aurek
Gender: Female
Race: Human ([REDACTED])
Force Sensitive Y/N: [REDACTED]
Equipment: 'Allegiance' her personal starship, standard issue Imperial Officers blaster. Datapad she takes everywhere.
  • Manipulation: Be it her enemies, or her allies. One things for sure, she knows how to get what she wants.
  • Science: While no-one is clear exactly what she does, it's obvious that she uses the sciences to her advantage.
  • Torture: No-one has seen anything first hand, but she gets answers out of prisoners.

  • Leader: Though few know who she actually is she is a leader of people, and has the clearance to do it.
  • Surprisingly Nimble: She doesn't look like much, but after she was attacked by a prisoner who broke free she proved that she's capable of handling herself.

  • Trust: It's hard to trust someone, when nobody knows who you are. Many of the higher ranking Imperials resent her presence, and her apparent authority. What would it take for one of them to snap?
  • Directionless: She's acting on the last order she was ever given by her command, once this order is complete she isn't quite sure what she's going to do with herself. She has grown so accustomed to simply following orders.

History: Agent Aurek turned up on Taris almost one Standard Year ago, and immediately began kicking up the beehive. Governor Venuti had become lazy in his command however anyone who knew him would have seen how flustered he was by Aureks presence, he became irritable and unpredictable. Many who knew him knew that not everything was the same after she turned up. However much of the Imperial regime remained the same on Taris, some more personnel came and worked solely under the command of Aurek in the undercity and nobody really knew what they were up to so they just let her get on with it, as the Governor himself had told them not to bother her.

Months passed as the project continued in secret, Aurek would rarely be seen outside of her 'facility' down in the undercity. Though that didn't really bother anyone. Her presence became more common after the Battle of Endor, around the same time the Governor suddenly became a recluse. She is the one that organised the ambush on the rebel forces and since then has taken a proactive stance in trying to flush them out of the undercity.

Though one question still remains. Who is Agent Aurek?
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"Most people have an alias, I have a statement."

Player Name: Sep
Alias: Speed
Real Name: Thomas 'Tommy' Shepherd
Moral Alignment: Hero (Reformed W.T.L)
Affiliation: Solo
Character Origin & Backstory: Thomas was born in New Jersey to his parents Frank and Mary. From a young age he was restless, he wanted to run everywhere and do everything five times faster than anybody else did it. So naturally it aggravated him whenever someone could run faster than him, as he grew older his parents hoped that he would grow out of the impatience and out of the fact he always had to be on the move. He didn't. He started to become disobedient at school, disrespectful. He spent more of his time in the principals office and getting sent home than he spent in actual class. This record would only get worse.

Between the ages of thirteen and fifteen he spent most of his time going in and out of juvenille halls. It was at the age of sixteen where his powers manifested. He had shoplifted (a chocolate bar of all things) and was being chased by the store owner. As he went to run away he shot off at speeds he didn't even know were possible. He eventually managed to stop himself and looked down at his hands watching them move incredibly fast, he had no idea what was going on. Over time, and with practice, he eventually learned that he could control this ability. He started hitting... bigger targets. He just wanted to make his parents and Lisa happy, that he left the line behind.

He only discovered this when one day he returned home, a huge grin on his face with a bag full of cash and a team of agents waiting for him, before he could do anything they knocked him out cold and the next thing he knew he was in some form of facility. It seemed to be run by the Government, but he never truly found out. They performed tests on him, pushed him to the extreme. It felt like they were tearing him apart and putting him back together again. Little did they know while they were trying to find out how his speed worked they were inadvertently increasing it due to the levels of stress they were causing on his body.

Still in his restraints his whole body started shaking till he simply fell out of the restraints and onto the floor, he wasn't entirely sure but he had passed straight through them (something he has been unable to replicate to this day)! Without further hesitation he began to run, and he left the facility behind. Finding himself out in the cold harsh weather of a Canadian winter. He got to New York in time to see the hero known as Sentry fly overhead. He watched the hero fly past, probably on his way to or from some kind of battle and smiled. There was something he could do with his life, something with purpose. For the first time in his life he seemed to finally have a direction to run in.

He made himself a costume, and gave himself the name of Speed. He initially decided to start small, burglaries and car robberies or chases he'd intervene. He wouldn't let himself be seen yet though, in and out in barely a second. He avoided areas that he himself used to rob back when he was younger before he had been taken into captivity, he already heard the slurs being cast at him. He knew the fear, he had a lot to make up for for his past life. In truth it was one of the main reasons he took on an alias, to try and free himself from his past. That's when everything was sucked into a void.

A creature, unlike anything New York had ever seen terrorized the city. Thomas wasn't going to lie it terrified him, he was about to step up and do... something when a group of heroes jumped forth and started to fight the monster. Tommy just nodded, he ran through so many buildings that day. Moving so many people out of harms way that by the time the monster finally fell Tommy collapsed on the nearest bed he could find.

When he woke up he saw the news, Sentry had fallen in battle against the creature. He couldn't even remember seeing sentry fight Void as they were calling it and for all he knew Sentry was the most powerful hero so far, he couldn't believe that these Avengers managed to team up so quickly to save the day.

The day of Sentrys memorial, was one where the whole of New York mourned. There were ceremonies across the country for their fallen hero. Sentry had been in the spotlight, held on a pedestal. The ideal hero. Heroes from across the country turned up at the unveiling of a statue built in his likeness, most of them in costume though he was sure that some heroes would be among the crowd. Seeing the impact one man, one hero could make only solidified his decision to be the best hero he could be.

Powers and Abilities:
  • Super Speed: Strangely 'Speed' has super speed. Not only that but his body can handle the incredible speeds, and even collisions at these speeds without killing him. He hasn't fully pushed himself to the limit but as of yet he has a maximum speed he has reached (under test conditions) is Mach 4. With this speed he also has the reflexes, durability, agility, stamina and perception with this.
  • Molecular Intangibility: He has only done it once, but he has managed to destabilize his molecules once to the point of passing straight through solid matter.
  • Super Strength: His legs are obviously altered to deal with all the running he does, able to lift a tonne with his legs. However his torso has also been improved with him able to lift 800lbs with his arms.

Sample Story Arcs:
  • Speeds Demons: People still remember the speedster performing a set of robberies around New York and New Jersey and Speed has a lot to make up for, a name to clear. This isn't helped when someone else with super speed starts to terrorize the city.
  • Speed isn't everything: Speed learns that he's going to be more than just fast to deal with all the problems he's going to face as a superhero.
  • Putting out fires: How far can you push yourself before you need to ask for help?

Rules: I have read all the rules.
Sample Post:

Now, you'd think someone who had the ability to run faster than Mach 4 was pretty much the fastest person there was on the planet. Tommy had been pretty much subscribing to that philosophy ever since he had first gained his powers. Even before he started the whole hero gig he felt confident in the knowledge that no-one was faster than him (at least not on foot). So you can imagine the frustration at trying to keep up with a teleporter. Speed turned the corner, his hand brushing the back of his target who stepped through one. He almost swore as he scanned the surrounding area for him, he had to be in the line of sight. Spot as the idiot had named himself needed to see his target to place a spot there, as he went behind them.

Kind of like a less colourful portal gun, if the portal gun was a person, and had just robbed a bank. He turned and looked behind him to see Spot turning a corner. Tommy bolted after him, he had him! Going to grab him by the shoulder his arm passed right through and came out the other side, distended through a portal. Yanking back Tommy spun round to face his adversary. Why couldn't he have someone easy for his first supervillain? Someone that didn't move as fast as him or teleport. Someone like an evil Spider-man. That'd be the perfect opponent, super easy. He turned quickly, everything slowing down for him as he tried to process the information quickly. Nodding as he saw the portal exit he ran straight at it, jumping at the last second with his fist extended.

He passed through in the blink of an eye, fist first straight into the jaw of his foe. Smiling as Spot was knocked over, the bag of cash falling off and skidding along the ground Tommy landed on his feet. "Who are you kid?"

"Names Speed."

"Speed, really?"

"Better than Spot"

Tommy dashed towards him to try and grab him, but he just slid into the ground. "Oh you have got to be kidding me!" Tommy scanned the area trying to catch any sight of him. That's when a hole opened right on front of him followed by a fist, knocking him right in the stomach. That one closed and then followed by another one, with another fist. He kept getting punched from different angles, each unpredictable. Concentrate damnit Tommy! As he saw the hole open in front of him, with all the speed he could muster he grabbed the arm and pulled. There was substantial resistance however eventually the form of Spot came through the hole, Tommy spun on his heel throwing Spot right towards a wall.

Running after him, anticipating Spot to do another disappearing act what he didn't expect was for the massive hole to be placed in his path. There was no way he was going to stop in time, so he settled for slowing down as much as he could. He fell through the hole, and found himself above the water. He was surprised to be honest that Spot had a portal out this far, but then it was one he probably placed earlier. He orientated his feet towards the water and began running in midair. He wasn't quite sure this would work but he had heard stories about an old speedster called 'Whizzer' (Stupid name) during the second world war and well.. if he could do it.

His left foot made contact with the water, for a split second until his right was down and then up... each footfall taking such little time that he began running on the water. He couldn't help but yell in his excitement, kicking it up a notch and increasing speed creating a wake behind him. He took a long curve as he turned to head back to where Spot had dropped the money, he'd undoubtedly go back for it. Increasing speed on the water to him there was a slight boom as he broke the sound barrier. Running onto the dock, and up some stairs he managed to get some air, slowing down dramatically, before his feet made contact with the ground again and he increased his speed again. Turning the corner of the street he saw the look of defeat on Spots face, he zipped over to a fire hydrant vibrating his hand at high speeds he loosened the bolt before pulling it off, directing the torrent of water at Spot knocking him down.

He tried to compensate, but the force of the water no matter what he did pushed him one way or another. Once he was down Speed smirked and nipped over to him, looking at him on the ground. "Names not so silly now, is it? You barely even saw that coming."
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Rumours of heroes have been around since the Second World War, where a group known as the Invaders fought with the allies against Axis forces. Eventually these stories would become nothing but popular fiction through the work of Marvel Comics Group. Superheroes fell into myth, a popular thing for people to look up to solely for entertainment purposes. TV Shows, Games and Movies all played with the heroic element, and the concept of people with super-powers.

The early 1970s brought with it the public knowledge of the existence of Mutants. For decades people with strange abilities had surfaced, but these tended to appear like hearsay and rumour, usually people in such situations would disappear rather quickly. However in the 1970s the Brotherhood formed under the council of three Mutants: Charles Xavier, Erik Lensherr, and Raven Darkholme. These mutants were public about their abilities and what they could do, and announced that they would help usher in a new age for Humanity and Mutants together.

However the Brotherhood disbanded in the 1980s after an altercation between the Brotherhood and the US.Government. Mutants were rallying for better treatment, as there was an increase in police brutality towards their kind as they were seen as not human and thus did not have human rights under the constitution. During this rally protestors who felt that Mutants should be registered and regulated arrived at the rally and violence ensued. After this Xavier went on to found the Xavier Institute of Higher learning in order to promote humans and mutants living side by side and also founded the X-Men, a secret group of mutants who would work against the efforts of Erik Lensherrs reformed Brotherhood who acted in the efforts of mutant supremacy. The Governments of the world all take different stances, but there is still a strong divide in many countries including the United States on whether Mutants should be treated fairly, or registered.

The world continued to turn, till in the early 2000s Superheroes began to emerge in different shapes or forms. Unlike mutants who just existed these people worked to benefit the populace, usually remaining anonymous for fear of retribution towards their families. This became an increasing problem with the emergence of super villains also increased. They took on identities such as Iron Man, Thor, Spider-man, Wasp and some even worked in pairs such as Ant-man and the Wasp. In the coming years they gained more and more popularity while also equally ggaining some notoriety. At a time when their purpose was being questioned by the government, Galactus arrived.

A giant being that tore landed in the centre of Kansas tearing through everything it came across threatening to consume the entire world. A group of Earths Mightiest Heroes came together in order to fight back this scourge. This group would later be called the Avengers, naming themselves after the heroes that fell on that fateful day.

Though as the world returns to it's now normality something stirs in the shadows of New York.

|| Major Events ||

Also known as TL;DR

1941: America joins the Second World War, the Invaders are supposedly formed following Captain America.
1952: Marvel Comics Groups releases the first Captain America comic book, many now accept that Captain America was a propaganda piece.
1975: The Brotherhood of Mutants forms, Mutants become common public knowledge.
1980: Fights break out at a peaceful rally between the Brotherhood and a group of protestors. The Brotherhood disbands.
1981: The Xavier Institute for Higher Learning opens it's doors.
1985: The X-Men are formed to combat 'Magnetos' reformed Brotherhood.
2000s: Heroes begin to crawl out of the woodwork, sadly they also bring with them a new strain of villains.
2009: U.S. Government discusses the prospect of Mutant Registration.
2015: Galactus attacks, the Avengers form.
2016: Present day, a new figure begins taking over the underworld of New York. His highest level enforcers proving a challenge for most street level heroes.


TBD Once applications are done

|| Rules ||

  • 1.1 - This Roleplay has no set GM. Important decisions are made by @Sep,@Natty,@Spud and @Dedonus. Until this Roleplay is classed as open it will be Invite Only.
  • 1.2 - All applications will be considered by the big four, and can only be accepted if all are okay with it.
  • 2.1 - No taking legacies/villains without the person playing the originals consent. Any/all legacies and villains being applied for without their title character present will be carefully examined.
  • 2.2 - Only Marvel Comics characters can be played, edits can be made to their history but the character should stay somewhat true to the source material.
  • 2.3 - If you want to edit a characters backstory please keep it true to all that has been established so far. If you really want to do something that changes someones CS feel free to PM them.
  • 2.4 - Any OCs should be minor characters.
  • 2.5 - Supporting cast should not include anything above a D-Lister in terms of NPCs. Try to steer away from using popular characters as NPCs, if it cannot be avoided try to keep the impact minimal encase someone wants to apply for them down the road.
  • 3.1 - Gamewide events should be discussed first.
  • 3.2 - Always make sure you check with someone before you collaborate, collaboration should help tell the story not tell the story.
  • 4.1 - Time travel without reasonable cause is forbidden.
  • 5.1 - Introductory Arcs must not be major arcs (that change the characters life forever), and must be completed before interaction or a second character is applied for. This is to minimize retconning if someone drops out.

|| Character Sheet ||

Feel free to make edits if your heart desires.
Moral Allignment Chart

[b]Your Name:[/b]
[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Character Alias:[/b]
[b]Character Allignment:[/b] Where does their moral compass point?
[b]Character Appearance:[/b]
[b]Characters Abilities:[/b] Super-powers etc. Go here.
[b]Characters Skills:[/b] What are they good at, that isn't a result of their abilities?
[b]Origin Story:[/b] [i]NOT[/i] required if you are playing the Origin Story as your introductory arc.
[b]Story Arcs:[/b] List the Arcs you have planned with a (brief) explanation.
[b]Supporting Cast:[/b] What NPCs are you going to be using? This can include Allies, Friends, Enemies, Family, Lovers, Pets.
[b]Sample Post:[/b] Important, doesn't need to tie into your first Arc but can if you want.

|| Have fun. ||

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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Player Name: Sep
Character Name: Doctor Loretta Raidne
Character Age: 31
Character Gender: Female
Profession: Head of the Cryogenic Stasis department, biochemical expert, general practice Doctor.
Nationality: Armani
  • Intelligent: She's one of the foremost experts on Cryogenic Stasis mankind has to offer, some say she's in the top 12.
  • Calculating: She never does anything in the heat of the moment, every move she makes is planned long term in advance, which is one of the reason she likes working with Cryogenics.
  • Augmented: Like many other members of the Armani she is cybernetically enhanced. With an implant in the frontal lobe of her neocortex and her hippocampus in order to improve long and short term memory, both with encoding and recall.
  • Zero-G/Space: She's used to Zero-G environments, as well as working in space due to her races nature.

  • Cold: She can seem quite cold and distant sometimes, almost detached.
  • Anxious: She does not do well in situations where she has not had time to plan accordingly, and not spontaneous what so ever or like surprises.
  • Implants: While her implants are sophisticated enough not to cause pain electromagnetic pulses or sounds at certain frequencies can disrupt them causing her pain or even damaging her memory.
  • Solitude: She may appear cold and distant, but there is something to be said about someone who spends more time with people who are in cryogenic stasis rather than people that are awake.

Personal Effects: The plaque from the bridge of the Vigilance, a ship she once lived and served on until it was destroyed by the Devastators above Titan (it hangs above her bed). Her personal effects such as clothes, an vintage chemistry textbook from 2010 that stays in a display case and an equally vintage bottle of Scotch Whisky.
Bio: Loretta was born on the Vigilance, which was once a freighter but had become home to her family and others like them, she attended school aboard the ship and did everything aboard, the Armani being the risk takers they are only they could say that they got to do a field trip to the outer hull of a spaceship. When she was younger she was a happy little girl, she invested herself wholly in science and even from a young age it was what she wanted to do. Her parents encouraged her as all they had ever been was maintenance techs aboard their home vessel.

At the age of eleven the Devastators came, tearing through the Citadel. Every Armani ship was needed in orbit of Titan to protect one of the few land based outposts the Armani had, unfortunately it wasn't enough. The Vigilance was lost, but thankfully not with all hands. Her family and five others had managed to secure themselves in the disaster bunker aboard the ship, floating through space until they were finally picked up. With Armani connections to their vessels being as strong as they were, that when they found a scarred plaque from the bridge of the Vigilance that they gave it to Loretta, who was the youngest in the disaster bunker. Though after this incident she was never the same, she became anxious and jumpy. She no longer sought out to connect to people, she just wanted to be alone with her work. She was driven and calculating, but her parents often worried at how distant she was becoming.

Over the next ten years she excelled herself, she wasn't going to be hopeless ever again. Getting into Mars University at the age of 17 she became one of the big up-and-coming names in the scientific community, taking to cryogenic theory and bio-chemistry like a moth to the flame. Which is why when Genesis Protocol was concocted when she was 21 she was assigned to the Vitae. She finished her dissertation under the guidance of some of the best humanity had to offer, and even helped implement improvements into the cryogenic storage. While at the same time she spent her time brushing up on her other medical skills, in order to keep her ever hungry mind occupied, while also to make herself more useful to the Ark and her crew. When it came time to start filling the stasis pods with people Loretta sought out her parents, both of them being an engineer she was sure that they would manage to get through the selection process. They refused.

Even breaking her non-disclosure agreement she told them what the project was, what it meant and what would happen if they didn't come. Always the risk takers, always the patriots they refused. They weren't going to go with her, but instead give there spaces to people younger and more deserving. She cursed them, and pleaded with them. She would have continued if not for the fact that she was recalled back to the Ark to oversee the freezing process aboard the ships cryogenic vault.
Code Word: Wouldn't you like to know?
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Player Name:
Character Name:
Character Age:
Character Gender:
Appearance: Image or Description is fine.
Profession: What do they do?
Nationality: You a Fed? Con? Martian or Spacer/Armani?
Personal Effects: Your character has a cabin which is about 41 Metres Squared and a shower room and is leaving home forever, what do they bring?
Bio: How did they get here, one of the (relatively small) population to be chosen to survive?
Code Word:
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|| T H O R O D I N S O N ||

|| God of Thunder || Prince of Asgard ||

Your Name: Sep
Character Allignment: Chaotic Good
Characters Abilities:
  • Unique Physiology: As he is half Asgardian and half Elder God Thor possesses many attributes common to the other gods. Though due to this unique combination and hybrid some of these abilities are more developed than other members of his species.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: While he can be killed through extreme force, he is capable of withstanding human ailments such as toxins, poisons, electrocution, corrosives as well as both extreme heats and subzero temperatures. He is also able to withstand serious attacks from a wide variety of foes.
  • Super Strength: In addition to being the Asgardian God of Thunder he is the Asgardian God of Strength, as such he is physically stronger than all the other Asgardian deities.
  • Super Speed: Thor can move at superhuman speeds, partially on his feet but he is also able to travel at even greater speeds with the assistance of Mjlonir to fly to other worlds.
  • Healing Factor: While Thor is incredibly hard to kill, he can be injured. However when he is injured he can heal at a rate faster than humans do able to heal broken wrists in a matter of hours. He cannot however revitalize lost limbs.
  • Weather Control: With the power of Mjlonir Thor has the power to control the weather. This includes making it rain, bringing down great bolts of lightning and great vast gales and whirwinds. He can either use these abilities in an offensive manner or in order to aid other people.

Characters Skills:
  • Willpower: Thor has an incredible power of will, he doesn't back down from any foe or a fight and is willing to lay down his life in the defense of others. He is also resistant to attempts for people to meddle with his mind.
  • Allspeak: Thanks to the ability of the Allspeak Thor is able to communicate in all the dialects of the Nine Realms, Earth Languages and alien languages.
  • Combatant: As God of War he is an expert combatant, with his fists, swords, flails, maces, hammers and any other available on Asgard.
  • Tactician: While often hot headed in battle he has still spent a large period of time leading Asgardians in battle and as such has some skill in leading others.
  • Doctor: Trained medical Doctor.

Origin Story:


The Ragnarok cycle has created numerous versions of of Thor's origin stories. In one variation he was born left handed and with black hair. This coupled with the fact Asgard is a myth makes it hard to determine any true origin story for Thor. Thor is the son of Odin All-Father and King of Asgard who had sought to sire a son with Jord, who is also known as Gaea a goddess who is one of the Elder Gods. Odins plan was to father a son who would have power that was both of Asgard and Midgard.

Thor was born in a cave in Norway that was created by Odin for his son to be born there. Mere months later Thor was weaned from his mother and was taken to Asgard where he would be raised by his Father Odin and his wife Frigga. He wouldn't know his maternal lineage until much later, believing that Frigga was in fact his mother for many, many years. Thors younger years would also be spent with his brother, Loki. Neither brother knew the truth in that Loki was adopted by Odin, Lokis father actually being the frost giant Laufey.

Becoming a warrior.

When he was eight Thor traveled with his brother to Nidavellir the Dwarven realm in order to request the lords there to build three treasures for the ruler of Asgard. One of these treasures was the Uru hammer Mjlonir. In order to spite his brother and future king, Loki used illusions to trick and distract the blacksmiths which resulted in the handle being made far too short to be wielded with two hands. When they returned Odin enchanted the hammer with magic, decreeing that only those worthy would be able to use it's power. It was then that he also decided that he would reserve it for Thor, who would hopefully one day earn the right lift the hammer.

Taking the message as a test of strength Thor spent years training so that he would become physically strong enough to lift Mjlonir and was responsible for many heroic deeds. When he had already proved himself a capable warrior Odin decided that he was ready to fufill a quest, one that would hopefully teach him how to be pure of heart. When he returned Thor was gifted with Mjlonir and became the God of Thunder.

Thor went on to become Asgards greatest warriors. He grew close to his fellow warrior Sif, however the two of them never truly decided to become a couple. Despite this when she was kidnapped by Hela, Thor tracked her down and offered his life in the stead of hers, touched by such nobility Hela agreed to let Sif and Thor go back to Asgard together. Before romance could truly come to flourish disaster stuck on Midgard and Thor was sent to deal with the issue, and promote Asgardian worship. Thor enjoyed the adulation that the Vikings gave him, the drinking, the women and the stories. He spent years protecting them from the Frost Giants and other foes. However when he discovered some of his more zealous worshipers murdered a christian monastery Thor was ashamed that they committed these atrocities in his name. Thor removed himself from Earth and began travelling the nine realm answering pleas for help, becoming an even more powerful warrior.

Return to Earth

In the Second World War, somehow Hitler and his allies in Hydra managed to find a way to communicate with Thor, in order to trick him into working for them. A people who used to worship him. They pleaded to him that the Invaders and their allies were threatening to wipe them all out. Thor joined the fray, eagerly willing to take the fight against the Invaders. He nearly killed the second Union Jack, however that is when he learned that Hitler was in fact the one who instigated the war and about the atrocities he had committed. Thor then vowed that he would aid the Germans no more in the war, and removed most of the electricity from Union Jacks body before heading back to Asgard, deciding not to allow himself to be dragged into the wars of mortal men anymore.

Thor went back to Asgard and continued to live out his life, however Odin was becoming increasingly concerned with the arrogance that his son was exhibiting and felt that his son wasn't ready to rule. On one occasion after two Frost Giants broke into Asgard, Thor went to Jotunheim in order to exact retribution almost bringing war to the two races. Deciding to teach his son a lesson in humility Odin banished Thor to Earth, and removed his memories.

This new identity was known as Donald Blake, a crippled medical student. Thor had to learn the value of living with a crippled leg, and eventually took to caring for the sick and elderly. It was during this time that he met a young nurse named Jane Foster. The two eventually began to fall in love at around the time where it had been ten years since Thor had been banished. 2015. That's when Odin decided it had been long enough since Thor had known who he was, giving Blake the urge to head to Norway and in fact the gave where Thor had been born.

Though outside the cave appeared a couple of Kronans on an expedition, fearing for his life Blake retreated into the cave where he then found Mjlonir. While he doubted he could do much with it, he lifted the Hammer and was immediately transformed back into Thor god of thunder. However he didn't immediately regain his memories, despite this he managed to fight off the Kronans and escape back to New York. For the next couple of months he slowly regained his memories, battles long past and days of training so when Galactus re-appeared it was only natural that he Thor the Thunderer jumped to the aid of Midgard.

In the time since wholes in his memory have been plaguing him as he has struggled living two lives, while he remembers a third. The issue is, which is his real life?

Story Arcs:
  • Avenger: As Thor begins to remember his old life, he must also come to grips with old traits of his personality coming forth and find himself changing. How will this affect the team dynamic? - Progressive.
  • Asgardian: The Prince has to return to his throne. Though how will others take his return?
  • Sibling Rivalry: Loki grows more and more jealous of Thor and his position...
  • Love: Memories of nights of debauchery, loves long past. How will this change his relationship with Jane?
  • Not the only one Worthy: "If he be worthy, he can possess the power of Thor."
  • Gods on Earth: Thor isn't the only God on Earth, there are other Immortals.
  • God Butcher: Gods are dying, and Thor has seen it before...

Supporting Cast:

Jane Foster - Love interest. A mortal woman who he has worked with for a long time, and is currently a Paramedic at the hospital that Thor works at while in his other identity as Donald Blake. Though he's struggling with having new memories and still having a relationship with her, as he is at war with himself of whether or not he should tell her.

The Warriors Three - It's weird, they are friends he is far closer to than anyone else. Though he doesn't yet remember everything about them yet, nor has he seen them since he regained Mjlonir.

Lady Sif - He knows of her beauty, her rage and her passion. He knows that there was something between them, and that is one of the main wedges between him and Jane Foster, as all these feelings are new again and he almost feels disloyal to her for his relationship with Jane. As he doesn't yet remember that it is over between them.

Professor Elliot Randolph - Professor at New York University, specializing in Norse mythology. He has been Donalds Blake 'tutor' on all things Norse Mythology since his memories have been coming back.

Janet Van Dyne a.k.a 'The Wasp' - Janet Van Dyne is one of the core members of the Avengers, and Thor cares for her deeply and has sought for her advice on many matters. However he has not told him of his true identity, as he himself isn't sure what his true identity is anymore.


The Avengers - Thor has worked with the Avengers since their formation in the battle against Galactus. He has fought many battles with him, and counts many of them to be his trusted friends and allies and would aid them whenever they asked for his assistance.

The Fantastic Four - Thor worked with these valiant heroes on the day of Galactus. While he has rarely seen them since, he still considers them at the very least as allies.

S.H.I.E.L.D - He doesn't always trust the methods that the spy organization employs, however it has done it's best to accommodate the Avengers and this has gained his respect.


Loki Laufeyson - While he doesn't know the extent to how the relationship goes, Loki is Thors biggest rival, made especially dangerous by how much Thor cares for his brother.

Galactus - While Galactus acts out of pure self preservation, Thor has decreed that he ever sees him again that he will 'truly finish their battle'.

Laufey - Lord of the Frost Giants, and biological father (unknown to Loki and Thor) of Loki. While there is a peace between Asgard and Jotunheim the two are easily classed as enemies.

Sample Post:

The coast was cold, the light was fading rapidly as the son fell towards the horizon as the harsh winds tore at his body. Had it been any other man he would likely have perished in these winds, though he was no mortal man. He was Thor, Odinson, God of Thunder. He approached the cave without fear, for he knew what he was going to face. It was no Immortal, yet it was no man. It was something else, something dangerous. He himself had almost been slain by it a near week ago. However then he had been unprepared, jarnbjorn had been prepared for godflesh that day. A honorable battle the likes of which would be told through the ages.

Though instead what he faced was something else, a coward who struck at those who were unprepared. Had the power of thunder itself not helped him the coward may have succeeded in killing him. Though his tricks would not do him any good this time, for this time it was Thor who attacked his enemy. "Beast, come out of the shadows. The Lord of Thunder would have words with thee!" Something moved in the shadows, Thors hand gripped around the shaft of his axe ready to strike, when he saw the face of death.

Donald Blake woke with a start, panting slightly. Such dreams had been plaguing him for a year now. Ever since he had picked up that hammer in Norway. Mjlonir he corrected himself, which according to Professor Randolph was the weapon used by Thor, God of Thunder, War and Strength for the vikings. Part of him knew that was true, knew that these weren't dreams but were in fact somehow memories. Though part of him found it was hard to believe, he had a life here on Midar-Earth. He could remember his parents, remember the accident that ruined his leg. Though up until he started Medical School it was all a haze.

So what life was his real life? He turned to look at Jane lying beside him, and he had no doubt that he loved her with all of his heart. Though these memories as Thor brought that into question, which was the exact reason he had yet to tell her about it. He slid out of his bed, limping out into the next room and went into his medical bag, at the bottom of which sat the hammer. As soon as he picked it up he felt the change, his entire physique became more muscled. Stronger, this was the body of a God. Not the meek flesh that he inhabited most of the time. Shrugging it off he walked out onto the balcony. Spinning Mjlonir he let go as the hammer took him up into the air. Willing it onwards as he went.

There was far too much confusion in Thors mind, and a good way to resolve such frustrations was to bash some heads. Surely there would be some fool brave enough to take on Thor the Thunderer.
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|| N I C H O L A S F U R Y ||

|| Director of S.H.I.E.L.D || Super Spy ||

Your Name: Sep
Character Allignment: Lawful Neutral
Characters Abilities: Ages at a slower rate due to years of exposure to the Infinity Formula
Characters Skills:
>list][*]Super Spy: Nick Fury is the spy. He has contacts all over the world, and he himself is able to still gather secrets on his own despite being the head of an agency.
[*]Peak Physical Condition: He's had a long and full life, but if he's still able to keep up with someone in their late thirties who is in peak physical condition.
Origin Story:
Story Arcs:
Supporting Cast:
Sample Post:
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It is a time of conflict in the Galaxy, the Emperor is dead alongside his right hand man Darth Vader during the destruction of the Second Death Star above the forest moon of Endor during a battle that saw many of the Imperial War Machines Senior naval officers perish. As the Rebellion transitions into the New Republic all out war spreads throughout the Galaxy. A war, that is rife with opportunity.

Jabba the Hutt is dead, his sailbarge destroyed. The remaining Hutts, their numbered diminished, all vie for the scraps in order to absorb Jabbas vast criminal empire into their own. Meanwhile new players enter the field, Hutt Space is a buzz with activity as known Crime Lords rise up from the ashes of the fallen while the former Giants of the underworld try to maintain control. All the while forces of the Imperial Remnant and New Republic view the sector in chaos with greedy eyes.


In this Roleplay, Players will be playing characters confined within Hutt Space. Political shiftings in the wider Galaxy, as well as within this area of space provides a rich canvas for players to make their own stamp on Star Wars history. Shall you fight with the New Republic to liberate those that have lived under the Hutts for centuries? Or will you seek the power that the Hutts once held for yourself? It is possible for a player to play as part of one of the GM controlled factions, to form their own faction or to alternatively act as an individual just trying to make a living in a dangerous galaxy.


1. While I am open to Input, like many RP's GMs word is law.
2. No killing off other player characters/Important NPCs with just one hit. Discussion needs to happen OOC and agreements need to be made that said...
3. If you do something incredibly stupid, such as putting your character right in the way of a turbolaster blast. They're probably going to die, while I want to avoid having anyones chars/npcs die when they don't want them too, try to act logically with them to preserve their life.
4. Please keep faction growth realistic, if you are in charge of a faction.
5. No Metagaming/Powergaming.
6. This Roleplay is going to contain some slightly more mature themes, blood, gore and swearing is allowed however should be kept tasteful (no doing it just for the sake of doing it). Anything in regards to what you are doing to that alien hooker, we don't need to know.
7. In your character history mention some form of dealing with a Drunk Dug with a Gambling Problem at least once, it doesn't need to be elaborate just to make me know you've read the rules (in a non obvious manner).
8. Respect eachother.
9. Have fun.

GM - Controlled Factions:

These factions are controlled by myself in order to facilitate events that can help players progress and interact with one another.

Player Factions:

These factions are created by players, in the Hider to the faction information it will say if it is available to be applied to.


There are two types of application, character and faction. For those of you just wanting to be scum for hire, all you need to do is fill out a character application. For those wanting a faction you will have to fill out the CS of any character you intend to use as a PC.

Character Sheet

This sheet can be tweaked to your personal tastes, categories can be removed or added. The important ones that need to be kept are Name, Species, Appearance, Skills, Weaknesses and History.


Faction Sheet:

This Faction Sheet can be added too, but categories cannot be removed.

[b]Faction Logo(If applicable):[/b]
[b]Faction Name:[/b]
[b]Faction Classification:[/b] Liberation Movement, Imperial Warlord, Slave Traders, Mercenary Group, Pirate Band etc.
[b]Faction Leader:[/b]
[b]Faction Members(Players):[/b]
[b]Important NPCs:[/b]
[b]Faction Assets:[/b] (Ships, strongholds, manpower, credits, access to weaponry. Last three can be rough estimates)
[b]Faction History:[/b]


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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