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The Twelve Labours

The first of the new series of Labours begins. For those of you who are just dropping in and have no idea what this is, take a peek at The Twelve Labours Introduction Thread (it's a quick read, I promise).

For those of you who participated in the first iteration of the Twelve Labours, you may be interested to know that the new series will have a distinctively different thematic orientation - born both out of necessity and also because even my sadism has limits. Each task will less focused on mold-breaking and more on exploration with different forms of narrative - it should become evident what I mean by that once you take a peek at the first task below.

Let the First Labour commence. Submission ends at Objective Midnight, February 12th.
Entry Rules:

1. Jaffar's (left) thumb.
2. Follow the standard guild rules.
3. Obey the Dark Lord Sauron's rules as well (just to cover all the bases).
4. Follow MY rules too. Let it never be said we did not warn you.
5. Send your entry to @Terminal by February 12th.
6. Be sure to include whether or not you want your story to remain anonymous! I will add your name only if I am given your permission!
7. Any explicit/mature material must be kept off-site. I will only post links to them with NSFW notices.
8. I reserve the right to simply toss out any story if it does not possess a basic modicum of good sense and taste. Do not make me.
9. All stories must adhere to a certain standard of quality expected of good storytelling.
10. You must use your own characters. Preexisting characters from franchise settings may only be alluded to.
11. If your setting is borrowed from a franchise, make sure to include a disclaimer and credit the original inventor of the setting used.

All winning entries will receive a forum trophy as well as a unique, custom forum title which they can activate and deactivate at their leisure. Additionally, winning entries of particularly exceptional quality will be awarded Challenge Accolades.

All winning entries will also be saved to a public archive, a link to which will be permanently available in my signature! I personally post in the News and Discussion subforums of the guild to congratulate and announce the winners as well. As a reminder, unless you specifically give me permission to include authorship of an entry, every posted story will remain anonymous (awarded trophies can also be hidden in your user profile, so you will not show up if people are examining the trophy groups).
The Twelfth Labour

"Silly man, with your bones beneath your flesh! Where is the use in that? You would do better to wear your armor over your skin, like me."
Anansi the Spider

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Here are the submissions I received. As a general reminder, I have only included forum names if given permission by the author to do so - otherwise, these stories remain anonymous. Feel free to post reviews for these stories in the general conversation thread. Try to provide some helpful critiques and suggestions, and mention anything you liked.

Winners will be declared on February 15th, and any applicable Challenge Accolades will also be awarded then. All winning entries will be saved in the Twelve Labours Archive with a permanent link in my signature, as well as mentioned in a report in the News section and General Discussion subforums. Once again, thanks to @mdk and the rest of the RPGC crew for helping to schedule The Twelve Labours. Another special thanks to @mahz for cranking out the awesome trophy and titles system.

Once the results come around, if you did not win but feel you should have? Make an appeal to the judges who reviewed your entry. Keep it classy, and exercise some courtesy while making your case, and they might just reevaluate your entry. Please keep in mind, you only get the one appeal. Sometimes you just have to let it go.

If you submitted an entry before the deadline, and did not break any of the rules or conditions of the contest, then there is no reason it should not be here - so if it is not, inform me immediately, either in the Discussion Thread or else via PM.

The Stories:
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...Though the beast of Nemean did pass that day, its legend did not die. Adorning the mighty Hercules as a raiment, it shielded the hero from all harm and took upon itself a new life, as eternal and fearsome as it had been in life. The truly invulnerable persist, even in death.

Those of you who have completed this task - in your craftswork, you have hewn a perfect gem with a flawed core. It is the essence of heroism and legend to render immortality upon a foundry of dross. You are hereby worthy of bearing the title...

Nemean Fabulist

Congratulations to the authors of the following stories:
Pure Hearted
The Dragon Queen
Blessed Erubaishur
Love's Lost Labours, which won the Ideal Habiliment Challenge Accolade.
Seasonal Spirit by @PlatinumSkink.
Twice Upon a Time by @Habibi359.

Your stories have been added to The Twelve Labours Victory Archives, to which there will be a permanent link in my signature. In addition, your victory has been announced in both the News and Roleplaying Discussion Subforums!

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