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Current Finishing up some online courses, replies will be slow
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I'm on a quest to bring a locally used forgotten weapon back under the attention of people. How? I'll write a story about it.
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Birch and grass can stop producing pollen now >_<
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"Jou my dyn hân, jou my dyn hert, asto it doarst mei my. Hjir is myn hân, hjir is myn hert, 'k jou myn bestean oan dy"
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"Treason, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder."
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Hello everyone. I'm Dutch, a mother of a 2-year old boy and I love both rp-ing and writing. I'm older than what my username might suggest, but it's an alias I've used for quite some time and I like, so yeah XD

I started with writing Dutch stories in 2002, I was already 19 at that time. I joined a writing competition and that got me started. Soon I started to write down all the stories my over-active imagination came up with. I had my first forum rp experience in 2003 on a Dutch fantasy forum. While I continued to write, I stopped rp-ing when the particular rp and forum slowly died. In 2011 my love for rp's rekindled when I joined a site with a forum and I started to RP solely in English since that is the language of the site. This is also when I wrote my first story in English.

I've got a few 1x1 rp's going on this site and a couple more an another site. And I love the writing competitions here, I try to join them whenever I can.

I have a bachelor degree in nutrition and dietetics and I have worked as a dietitian / kitchen administrator in a nursing home until I decided to quit to become a full-time mother + writer.

When you come here to check if I'm online, know that even when I show as online I might not be able to respond to PM's or RP's. I open this site so that when I have time I can spend some time here, but I don't always end up with the time to do so.

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In Reaper and I 6 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Promising? Benjamin looked at her as he slowly drank from his glass. What was promising about him being able to see the invisible? He had been surprised about being able talk with her like this, but that disappeared after her explanation. So that healing what she had done had enhanced his skill somehow. That was pretty cool, he had always thought it was a shame he could't properly talk with the ghosts.

He didn't like that smirk that followed, nor did he like the phrases 'you owe me' and 'you work for me'. Yes, she had saved his life and he was grateful for that, but wasn't that her choice? How could she decide to do something and indebt for it him at the same time?
"Look," he said to her, "I am grateful for what you did and if you need help with something that I can do, I'd love to help. But the only thing I truly owe you is my gratitude. Which you have. I don't have to work for you just because you decided you didn't want me to die."

He drank from his pint, but looked at the girl on the other side of the table, he'd admit he was curious as to what she had in mind for him, but he rejected the idea of working for someone to pay off some kind of debt, especially if he didn't know what kind of work it would be. So he'd allow her to explain before walking away.
In Reaper and I 11 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Benjamin looked at the girl as she told him what she wanted to drink and he watched her leave. After seeing where she was going he turned to the bartender and requested the scotch on the rocks and a blonde ale. Her tone of voice was more demanding than requesting, but since he wanted to talk with her, he decided he might as well just get her a drink. After receiving the drinks he walked to the girl and placed her scotch in front of her.

His butt barely touched the chair when she already fired questions at him. He was fairly sure she didn't mean dead bodies or inanimate objects when she talked about 'dead things', but that wasn't how he would describe them. "I know others can't see you," he began his answer. "I'm actually surprised I can hear you, but you're not the first person no-one else can see that I can see." He lifted the pint from the table and took a sip. As he did, he looked at her. "I've seen ghosts before if that's what you're getting at."

Of course he had questions too, but he'd wait for the right moment. He still needed to figure out who she was and what those orbs were. It wasn't just her he had seen holding one, he was certain he had seen a man holding one as well. Which of course no-one else had seen.
In Reaper and I 19 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
It's good you're keeping busy with that :) I know how it is to be busy, so don't worry about it. Post when you can and I'll do the same thing. I know I can't post every day and sometimes there's even more days between posts, so I don't expect my partners to reply instantly.
In Reaper and I 20 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
So, Id'say that with her using her magic, Benjamin can hear her words now. Do you agree?
In Reaper and I 20 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Benjamin had no idea getting stabbed hurt so much. He groaned as he noticed how someone approached him and he stared at her when he recognized her. That girl with the orbs. Who was she? And would she help him, she didn't seem to be worried about him or the blood that stained his clothes.

It surprised him she suddenly yanked up his shirt and put her hands on the wounds. A burning sensation went through the wound and he groaned, the fingers of his hands clawing in the fabric of the pants as he tried to deal with the pain of both his wounds and whatever the girl had on her hands that made it hurt even more.

But the burning sensation stopped and even the pain in his stomach had subsided. He looked down and touched the wound, but other than the blood that was already in his skin, he couldn't feel anything. He heard her mutter about the blood on her hands and looked at her. "Thanks," he said to her as he sat up straight.

Of course now one of his friends noticed the blood and sat down next to him all worried, but Benjamin assured him it was just a scratch, nothing serious. The fight around them had died out, others had separated the fighters and everyone went their own business again. "I'm going to get a drink," Benjamin muttered as he got back on his feet, looking at the girl. He wanted to talk with her and he gestured with his head to the bar in the hopes she'd understand he wanted her to walk with him.
A week has passed since the last visit to a bar and Benjamin had thought about the strange girl he had seen. And he could have sworn he saw someone else leave someone's house with a similar orb of light in his hand. What was that orb? And who were those people holding them?

He entered the bar with two friends and they chose a place to sit. At first they talked and laughed and one of them went to get a round of drinks. Moment later he sat at the table with a drink in his hand, he laughed at the story being told by his friend and brought the glass to his lips.

When he looked around through the bar he noticed the girl he had seen before, sitting at the bar. This was of course an opportunity and he decided he would talk to her. He just needed to decide how to do that, he didn't want to be caught talking to no-one. He had gotten enough strange looks in his life already, he didn't want to get any more today.

As Benjamin contemplated on what to do, a group of three intoxicated men approached the gay couple at the table next to him. After an heated argument, which Benjamin listened to with a frown, one of the intoxicated men grabbed one of the gay men and pulled him out of his chair. That was the moment Benjamin got up with the intention to calm the situation before it would get worse. He took the arm of the bully and looked at him.
"Hey, please let hem go. They didn't do anything wrong.

The full extend of the alcohol-fueled aggression was aimed at Benjamin now and the man hit him in his stomach. Benjamin doubled over, coughed, groaned and tried to catch his breath. His two friends jumped up and grabbed the intoxicated man, to which the two other drunks joined in.

A fight between the five men erupted and Benjamin saw one of the drunks pull a knife. He moved forward to grab the man's arm so he couldn't hurt his friend, but instead the drunk thrust the knife into his abdomen, pulled it back and then tried to stab his friend. Benjamin staggered back, grabbing the bleeding wound. He tried to grab the table, but missed and fell.

Crap he thought. This was now how he imagined this evening to go. People hadn't even noticed it, they looked at the fight in front of them. He tried to find his phone, so he could call an ambulance.
This is one of the better images of Benjamin, the head in the art turned out a bit small, but it was the best the artist could do.

Physical appearance: Benjamin is tall and has hay-blonde hair reaching somewhere over his ears. When he's outside he usually wears a hat.

Personality: easy-going, free-spirited, sociable, extroverted.

Benjamin noticed a young woman wait next to the man, that seemed odd. Why was she waiting instead of helping him? She just stood there and looked at him. And everyone else ignored her. He heard one of his friends ask why he was frowning. "That girl," he said, but it soon became clear that his friend didn't see her, as his friend first looked in the exact same direction and then to the closest girl in that area, assuming that was the girl he was referring to. "It's nothing," Benjamin muttered, "I just though I recognized her." And he drank from his beer.

While the others at the table shared theories as to what could be wrong with the old man, Benjamin observed what happened. He sat up straight when he saw the orb of light emerged from the man and he blinked. That was new, he couldn't recall seeing an orb of light before. And the girl took it. Baffled, he watched her walk away with it. What was that orb and how could she just take it?

He was about to get up when the friend next to him bumped him with his elbow to get his attention and show something on his phone. When he looked up again he saw the bartender look worried at the old man, checking the heartbeat by placing two fingers in his neck and shaking his head. Dead, the old man had died. Then the orb... Benjamin jumped up and looked for the girl, but she wasn't in the bar anymore. Without a word to his friends he walked to the door and stepped outside, but after looking to the left and the right, he failed to spot her.

Who was she? And where had she gone to? He looked around a final time and then walked back in. The girl with the orb was gone.
1x1 RP between SinfulSkills and myself


The sun was on its way down on the chilly autumn day and Benjamin entered a bar with a couple of friends. They sat down at one of the tables and Benjamin removed his hat, running his fingers through his straw-blond hair, and he they engaged in some small talk as one of his friends got up to order a round of drinks at the bar.

They enjoyed themselves, they talked and laughed and drank some beers. Most people in the bar seemed to enjoy themselves, at one of the tables a group of men roared with laughter. At another a group of young woman were chatting amongst themselves while drinking cocktails. A few people were seated at the bar, all drinking their drinks and either talking to the one next to them, or keeping to themselves, thinking their own thoughts.

An elderly man put down his glass and looked ahead for a moment. He seemed to doze off, as his eyes closed and his body slumped forward. The man next to him asked if he couldn't handle the drink and shook the man. When he didn't respond, the other seemed to get worried.

Sitting at the table, Benjamin looked at what happened. Was the elderly man feeling unwell? It seemed like it, but other people already took care of him. That was a good thing, because his own first-aid skills were close to none-existent. Slowly he brought his glass to his lips and took a sip from the beer, listening to the others talking as he looked at the scene.
So, the first post is up.

This was officially the first time I made a thread on this site :)
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