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The year of 2099 was a rough one for what used to be the United States. Now simply just five larger areas in North America, Alchemax basically owned the northeastern States. Stark-Fujikawa owned a large portion out west. There was even an area somewhere around the Great Lakes now called the 'Bad Lands' where hundreds of savage Hulk-like creatures roamed free. Spiderman has fought against the crooked government and corporate influence of Alchemax over the mega-city now called Nueva York for several months now. Once addicted to a drug called 'rapture' before becoming a superpowered hero, Miguel O'Hara was shocked to learn the drug was really taking a toll on the people of downtown. He got a lead on the guy manufacturing the drug, called the Chemist, but when Miguel approached the vile human being he was caught off guard by the grotesque creatures the Chemist had morphed ordinary people into. When Spiderman tried time and again to shut down the Chemist' operation, the one time renowned doctor helped several of Spiderman's deadliest enemies escape prison.

Now the cannibalistic Vulture is putting his gang back together. Mutagen began killing several people in the downtown area for their sickness and abnormalities. Flipside was now posing as Spiderman's friend once again. The Scorpion of this era was also now on the loose and seemingly targeting his father and CEO of Alchemax, Tyler Stone.



1.) No back-to-back posting.


3.) Make sense. If we can't make heads or tails of your posts they're likely to get skipped over.

4.) Get permission before using another player's character in your posts if it involves changing the scene or making actions. Everybody will take beatings in this game in battle however, so don't get pissed if you get punched or blasted into a wall by the bad guys! Namely me or the Co-GM controlling the badguys...

5.) Problems with the game or players should be sent directly to me or the Co-GM through PM's. I don't want a bunch of bickering in the OOC. And I don't particularly like it when some random argument costs the game players and story potential. So don't be dicks to each other, just send your concerns to us.

6.) Abandoned characters will be used as NPC's or killed off within the context of the story.

7.) “I was waiting for [insert player/character] to make a move” is not how this game is played.

8.) There is no rule #8.

9.) My word is law.

10.) Obey the law.

11.) In the event that I'm offline for any period of time, the Co-GM [none atm] will take control and HIS/HER word will then be law.

Nueva York, Manhattan....

The man with the flaming skull for a face could run and leap across Manhattan's skyline in less than twenty minutes. He leaped from flying cars and in the back of his head thought of the new Mario Bros Legacy theme. However he wasn't fighting angry turtles or rescuing princesses, and he'd avoid sewers as much as possible being a bit of a germaphobe when not in costume. Aside from all of Spiderman's rogues running around, there were rumors of a new kingpin in the underworld. The new hero didn't come all the way from Brooklyn for rumors though, he was looking for Spiderman. Mutagen was spotted in Brooklyn several times over the last few days. Jorah was hoping to get some insight on how to handle him. Dodging Public Eye wasn't much of a problem, even with the matchstick appearance. When Blaze finally saw what he thought was Spiderman swinging around a neon skyscraper he gave chase.

"Spiderman... HEY! Slow down!" Blaze screamed leaping from building to flying cars.

"SPIDERMAN?!? WHERE?" the red and blue clad Flipside screamed doing a complete one eighty.

"Dammit.... first shapeshifting guys with animal powers in Downtown and now Terminator-Spidey? This just isn't my week..." Blaze thought moving upward in the Uptown of Manhattan leading towards the now gigantic Times Square.

"First time I've been back here since my community service was over. Thankfully I know the street level area like the back of my robotic left hand..." Blaze thought turning and firing a blast of hard light flames at the android assailant.

"You're the guy who tried blowing up Alchemax... time for Spidey's Best Bud to take you down ghost-face!" Flipside screamed dodging the blast of fire and leaping towards the new hero shooting a webline and zipping across the neon skyline.

Across town, near the Brooklyn Bridge area....

A large man of African descent stalks a man in the slums with the large bridge visible in the background. Nobody really knows the man called Mutagen behind the red mask he now wears. Nobody knows the loss he's had to go through, or what drove him mad. The man with the physical abnormality would soon know his rage. Mutagen will kill anyone who is sick or deformed that could stain the gene pool for humans.

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Patrick Warrens

The rhythmic sound of Patrick's steady pace rang out through the chrome, barren hallway that he inhabited. He made a smooth move to adjust his tie and wipe some dust off of his navy pinstripe suit all the while giving his reflection in the chrome wall a proud smile. The last few months had been eventful to say the least. He'd finally broken his way into the superhuman crime circles, gained the powers of a hulk, manipulated his alter-ego to the point of being able to sick him on others on the off chance that he isn't in control and finally began pushing Valhalla on the streets of Nueva York thanks to a new benefactor and his organization's new chemist.

To top things off Patrick was on his way to begin forging a new temporary alliance with one of the older gangs of Nueva York, aptly named the 'Old Nueva Gang'. He was supposed to be meeting with one of the higher ups of the gang in an old hospital in the lower end of the city. Patrick expected that the representative of the gang would have some bodyguards around as these meeting were very rarely set up without a fair amount of distrust from each side. Naturally Patrick had brought along a few similarly dressed gunmen to not come off to cocky but in all actuality he doubted there was anything in the room that he and his alter-ego couldn't handle easily enough.

Finally coming to the end of the chrome hallway, Patrick opened the doors into the abandoned hospital reception area to greet whoever was sent by the Old Nueva Gang.


"Ted I swear if you don't hurry up and get these boxes in the van I'm gonna smack ya up-side of the head so hard ya won't know which way is up." Mark yelled as the two thugs loaded up boxes of Valhalla vials into a self driving I-Hual moving van. Ted was moving at a pretty quick pace as he too wanted to get out of the area as quick as possible. Both had heard rumours about various heroes that had sprung up and they were naturally afraid of getting caught and prosecuted.
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On the desolate, destroyed road of Interstate 86, a blur of dust and gunfire races along the highway at over a hundred miles per hour. This masterpiece of engineering, this titan of the open road is known to the underworld as...


The soft hum of the Arc Reactors beneath its hood matched to the bumping soundtrack as behind the wheel, one Uther Samson Archer pulled a sharp right, swerving around a long-abandoned tractor trailer. Behind him, and surrounding him on all sides, the Ghost Riders- a gang of skull-faced mutants in their ramshackle cars and bikes. On the passenger seat, a suitcase with an ominous green glow leaking out of the edges that he's been commissioned to transport from the Roxxon Brain Trust's Ultrafoundry in Deleware to a buyer in Nueva York's uptown. Yeah, these were the moments he lived for. Grabbing the gearshift, Uther slammed the gas, and the car started accelerating... and the world slowed down. The Rider on the right- the motorcyle obviously made of various auto parts- had pulled a sawn-off shotgun. Nothing to worry about, the windows were rated for guns a dozen times more powerful. On the left, the Rider in the large custom truck had started turning to ram the Roadbuster- it might scratch the paint, but it'd probably knock him right. Overhead, a Rider had ramped off some rubble and was juuuust coming into view of the front of the car. Behind, there were... at least six or seven others in their Technicals. Uther was left to grin as he spotted the tunnel coming up. The track changed over...


First, he tapped the brakes, just a bit. Taking aim with the fingerless gloves he wore, he made a fingergun gesture at the biker overhead- who was promptly shot by the laser headlights. Watching the first of his problems turned into ground meat upon impact with the road, he braced himself and started turning the wheel and shifting to Reverse as the truck on his left slammed into his side, sending him spinning. It was a simple matter to stabilize the Roadbuster, now able to bring his lasers to bear on the targets behind him as he swerved around one of the the rusted-out cars parked along the road. The shotgunner was knocked over by the fishtailing Roadbuster, as Uther kept accelerating backwards. The car that rammed him earlier eased up, its driver and passenger taking aim- before another shot from the lasers blew out the suspension on the right tire, sending it spinning out and ramming into the wall of the tunnel entrance.

It wasn't long before the first of the tunnel's turns came up. Uther braced himself again, jerking the wheel left. This sent the Roadbuster spinning until it was once again driving forward... and Uther gave the gas more and more, shifting gears as he accelerated straight toward the wall.

The drivers seemed intimidated as the Roadbuster swerved again, its wheels turning in their wells... and sliding up the wall to continue accelerating! The sound of Eurobeat blaring through the tunnel, Uther spared a split-second glance for the map of the old interstates... yes, this would take him into the tunnels beneath Downtown Nueva York. No trouble with Customs, no issues with the local gangs or the Private Eye. Just a nice, long ride on the wall of the tunnel and a stop in Midtown to hand off... whatever that glowing green shit was. Thankfully, his cybernetics kept being perpendicular to the ground from being too catastrophic. Looking in his rear view mirror at the Ghost Riders far in the distance, he chuckled and returned his eyes to the road. The Arc Reactor's soft hum wouldn't trip any audio sensors, and he didn't know of any video feeds that could keep track of a target moving this fast... but just in case, he had the plate scrambling through a few dozen Nueva York drivers. Lighting up a cigar with a grin, he tightened his grip on the steering wheel once more.

"Speed at two hundred and fifty miles per hour... all systems nominal... and we're set. Look out Nueva York... Here comes U.S. Ace!"
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Nueva York, Manhattan's Finest Skyline Dining Experience - 'Mumbles'

Adjacent to a window which had the best view of all those wonderful glowing neon signs was single, glossy, black oak table with matching chairs with cushions made of only the finest imported Egyptian cotton. At the table there was a smorgasbord; in the center there was a suckling pig, yes a suckling pig cooked with the traditional apple in its mouth and of course its skin was browned to perfection, to the left of that there were a pair of lobsters which had its shell already cracked open primed for the buttery meat inside this aquatic bug to be harvested, and on the left there was a stack of veal cutlets which were sauteed in a lemon sauce. Behind the pig were three plates, one consisted of thinly sliced tuna served raw, and two plates of oysters. In front of the pig there was a matching pair of dishes and orders. Yes when it came to service for the elite with a hankering to eat, 'mum's the word at Mumbles'.

At this particular table there were two gentlemen. On the left there was a man with a black comb-over and a tanned complexion who was dressed in a blue suit with a pair of red cufflinks. This gentleman was an agent for celebrities and made sure certain affairs were kept in order. He was keeping a keen eye on the gentleman who sat on the right.

The individual who was sitting on the right had his focus on a high definition television that was just a few paces away behind the head of the agent. This individual needed no introduction, especially not here at Mumbles, for he was THE Nicholas Grey. However what did need to be addressed was his choice of attire at this restaurant; a much classier suit in vermilion and matching trousers, pearl cufflinks, a violet undershirt made of silk, a canary yellow tie and despite this attire he wore a pair of gleaming riding boots. Nicholas Grey swished back his hair before eagerly staring at the food. The gentlemen on the other side of the table simply slid a pen across the table.

Grabbing it, Nicholas Grey immediately began to twirl it around, "Ah thanks Arthur! I know there are a lot of fans here who'd want autographs. We can worry about it after eating!" The agent, now revealed to be an Arthur began to cough before stating something about business paperwork which in turn was interrupted by Nicholas Grey slamming the pen down onto the table and grabbing a fork and knife as he frantically cut into the lobster and wolfed down a chunk.

The agent sulked and crossed his hands over his chest. Staring at his disappointed compatriot, Nicholas Grey with a mouth full of food began to mumble something. Swallowing it down Nicholas Grey spoke again, "C'mon Arthur it'll be fine; I can't eat all of this by myself and I don't want to bring a doggy bag of it back to the filming set! It has to be a surprise for when I get the rest of the crew real catering. We can focus on paperwork and that jazz later, cause I've got a feeling this upcoming broadca-" He found himself interrupted when a pair of crime fighters having a minor scuffle came whizzing past the window.

Nicholas Grey casually lifted up the pen as he pushed his seat back. He gave a brief wave to Arthur as he mimed getting his phone out of his breastpocket with his free-hand.

"Uh huh yeah?" he said to no one on the other line, shoving the pen in the pocket he covered his mouth as he spoke to Arthur. "One of my adoring public... YEAH, I can talk. Arthur I'll be right back, shouldn't take too long." Arthur, far too exacerbated at this moment simply shut up and began to gulp an oyster down much like it was a booze bottle.

Nicholas Grey had to get out of the restaurant and get into a vehicle as soon as possible; solving this scuffle would look great on the eight o'clock news! And so as he weaved his way out of the restaurant he began to undo his tie and undercoat to reveal some racing leathers he wore under them... It was time for some good old fashioned vigilante hobby heroism.
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Old Abandoned Hospital, Nueva York.

Nayden had felt off since they had arrived. The hospital had been chosen specifically for its strategic advantages. That room, simple as it seemed, was just big enough for The Boss to accommodate his best while offering an alternative route for escape should things go south. Not that any of that would be necessary. The Sword, as they liked to call Nayden in the gang, was confident that these new thugs were just as doltish as any. They would be easy to put down should the need arise.

The Boss had found conversation with his Second, both speaking of the possibilities. Nayden, garbed his white attire and black suit jacket, leaned casually on the chrome counter; a physical boundary separating them and the newest arrival. The moment the door open, his head perked up and his sharp eyes slid to bulky man. Five armed men stood from their seats as well, all garbed in respectable suits.

All those muscles and he still doesn't measure up to me. He's just another meat-head.

The Boss stepped ahead of The Second, nearly as tall but hardly the powerful presence that Patrick was. He scratched his groomed beard, touching the scar that framed the right side of his face. "Welcome," greeted the elder. "Jesse, Sword, introduce yourselves. Afterwards we may begin with this... this meeting."

The Second stepped up. "Nice to meet you."

Nayden, eyes still fixated on the bulky man, kept quiet for a moment. "... Hello."
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Elisabeth was bored.
Soooooooooooo bored.

She also really needed to get some work in soon. Rent was due and she was getting low on funds. might have to rob another fuckin’ bank this point she pondered as she rounded the corner to check her third and final postbox registered to Force, in which old contacts would occasionally send her work. Nothing but an ad. She couldn’t believe that there was still junk mail in 2099. I am the one still using postboxes she realized. Phones had trackers though. The government was always watching, and she wanted to be as off the grid as she could manage in this city. She walks back out of the post office, and decides to go find a dark alley in which to change. She does.
Unfortunately, a rather creepy guy is in there. And when she turns into the alley, his eyes light up. She sees something poking out of his shirt. She sees that it is from his pocket, and his hand is also in there.

“alright little lady, hands up. You wanna live?” he asked, a devilish smile creeping over his face. She feigned fear for a moment. “Yeah? Thought so. Then do exactly as I say. First, y’all gonna take your clothes off-“

“Oh fuck that! I though you were just gonna try to take my wallet or something” she sighs angrily as she charges him. His gun goes off twice, hitting her both times. ahhhh....yessss she thinks as the bullets hit her and her power grows, her hands giving off a blue glow. She tackles him, pinning him to the ground. Getting very close to his face, she hisses “there’s a certain kind of freak who doesn’t deserve to live in this world, and there is no honor in using others for their body,” and then snaps his neck. She quickly takes off her outer layer, hiding her backpack on a roof after climbing a nearby fire escape. She sees the police moving to the alley (someone probably heard those gunshots, she reasoned), and quickly moved away from the area, headed towards an area of downtown that often saw heroes act to protect the locals.

She was definitely getting up to some shit now.
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Patrick Warrens


"Gentlemen." Patrick replied to the the trio, making note of 'The Sword's intense nature. He was all about keeping things on point and professional in his line of work but it alway rubbed him the wrong way when the people he worked with were too serious about what they did. After all, if you gotta work you might as well try to make it enjoyable.

"Now then." Patrick said as he clapped his hands together and rubbed them for a moment "lets get down to business. As you may or may not know my organization has come to possess a pretty shway new 'recipe' for some 'energy drinks'. Naturally we've been processing and distributing it for a few weeks now but as word gets around we've seen an increase in demand and occupational hazards." Patrick explained as he walked aimlessly around the room making sure to make and break eye contact with everyone in the other gang.

"While it'd be very doable for my employees to make up for these short comings, I come here today to present you with an offer. For loaning your men's services in protection and distribution of my product, I'm willing to offer you a cut of all major sales done while your conspirators are working with us." Patrick offered as he took a seat on a old waiting room chair.
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As Force jumped from building to building, she began to take stock of where exactly she wanted to end up. Already on the south end of the city, she remembered hearing from a friend of a friend that the Old Nueva Gang had something going on in the area... the abandoned hospital?... she vaguely remembered. She considered going there to start trouble - or join in if it was already happening, but this didn't really suit her. They weren't that likely to have that much shit going down, and they were generally no fun to deal with - had a tendency to try and track you, go after your family: the no-fun sorta things.

But... weren't they meeting with some dude? some dude who was supposedly actually the hulk? now THAT would be fun to fight, she considered. But still probably not worth pissing off old nueva. She looked around, and realized she had autopiloted to above a nearby Key Bank branch. this is my stop, I guess, she decided, jumping off the top of a 14 story high rise. She hit the ground with a dull thud and a small crater, rising from it with her arms aglow. Walking up to the door of the bank, she chooses to simply punch a hole through the glass doors instead of trying the door. The security guard, already rather surprised by a woman falling off of the roof, shakily pointed her gun at Force.

Force glances sardonically at her, expressing the proper emotion with only her eyes: "you really think that's gonna do anything?," she asks, and the guard's resolve fails.

Walking completely inside, she says a quick "good afternoon" to the bank manager before looking around. "uhm. Where is this bank's safe?" she demands of him.

"Just over t-there" he says, his voice betraying his fear for a moment.

"Thanks!" she says, as she walks over and punches the vault door. she punches again. stronger than anticipated she thinks, annoyed, as the third hit makes a crater in the door, smashing a hole in it with the fourth. walking in, she sees a bit of cash lying around - amazing really: a hundred years ago, they were predicting cashless societies. some habits refuse to die, it seems, she considers as she grabs what she can and walks out of the building, quickly hustling into a nearby alley. she takes some turns down a few more alleys, a short back-track through the sewers, and into a recently abandoned crack house across the street from the hospital - letting her catch any exciting events as they happen. and she really hopes something will happen. That was unsatisfying.
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Patrick Warrens


"That sounds a little too much like the Old Nueva Gang working for you rather than a partnership." The leader of the Gang stated very matter-of-factly as his patience began to wear thin. He'd been expecting more from this punk but sometimes things didn't go according as expected and that's why he kept the Sword of the Old Nueva Gang on hand.

"Let me make you a counter offer Warrens. How about we bust you and your boy's head's in for trying to pull that drek with me." The Boss calmly stated, making sure putting extra emphasis on 'drek'. As if on cue the various members of the Old Nueva Gang drew their various weapons, all except Nayden who was a weapon.

Patrick's men were outmanned and outgunned with the likes of one of the oldest crime gangs in the country set on reducing them to pulp. Patrick made no movements, simply content with staying still in his chair, as he looked The Boss straight in the eyes. A solid minute passed accompanying the deafening silence and lack of movement.

In an instant the stress-filled atmosphere was broken as the TONG men opened fire and one of Patrick's goons tossed a small rock looking object straight at Patrick. The body guard duo managed to dive behind cover before being filled with lead and lasers but Patrick wasn't as lucky and took a few hits to the torso and shoulder. Naturally the attention of most of the TONG was switched to the two remaining goons, all except Nayden who was the only one to see what was actually going on with the bullet ridden Kingpin.

It started with a loud snap like an arm being broken but the sound was drowned out by the flurry of bullets, then came a few more and the TONG began to look at the shifting body of the once thought to be dead enemy leader who was now staring down the group with a face of pure anger decorating his features. Megaton was awake now.

Patrick was mad, he had to be to stay in control, but he was also glad that the hit from one of his goons Anger 'management' balls was enough to get him angry enough to cut out the middle man and get himself in control of his brutish alter ego.

"Shoulda taken the deal pal!" Patrick yelled as he ran straight towards The Boss with the intent to kill. What Patrick didn't count on was the extremely touch punch that he took to the gut delivered by The Sword of the group. The force was more than enough to knock Patrick out of the building but being out of the enclosed space did nothing to help Patrick as The Sentry of the TONG shot out of the hole of the building, proceeding to wail on Patrick until the duo crashed into another building across the street.

Shaking off the shock of the blow, Patrick managed to knock Sentry away with a massive backhand to the torso, making a loud clapping noise as the outstretched hand collided with Nayden. Repaying the favor, Megaton leapt out and towards Sentry delivering another massive punch to the boy's torso and knocking him into the harbour water that now came into view. calling it water was a bit of a stretch however as the murky sludge that washed up on shore nowadays was probably more akin to garbage with water mixed in which made it terribly notorious for staining clothes and occasionally burning skin.

As Patrick landed on the shore there was a moment of silence as nothing seemed to happen. Maybe he'd won? Was this guy allergic to water? The answer quickly came as Nayden rose out of the water without a stain on him, and a emotionless face that just screamed danger, even to Megaton. In an instant the fight was back on and Megaton was sent flying into a nearby amusement park where numerous people screamed in fear of the superhuman throw-down that was taking place. Megaton groggily got up and was met by yet another punch from the one man army known as The Sentry which sent the goliath flying through a promotional drive in movie booth and landing near a impressively sized and aptly named 'Mansion of Mirrors'. Quickly Patrick rushed inside out of view of his assailant.

Nayden was pissed. He could admit that he hadn't expected the sheer strength of Mr.Warren's but they weren't nearly enough to really get to him, them only damaging his ego thus far. Slowly and menacingly Nayden floated into the house of mirrors which was eerily dark at the moment but the path of broken mirrors heading farther in was more than visible to The Sword. He followed the broken shards until they came to an abrupt stop a decent way into the mansion of mirrors. He looked around for a moment and prepared to leave when suddenly he was attacked from all sides, not by force but by light and sound. Bright images and loud music played from seemingly every angle as it began to overload the superhuman's sense and make him lose his concentration as he clasped his ears and shut his eyes. On cue, Megaton smashed his way out of one of the mirrors and brought his foot down on the incapacitated superhuman.

Luckily Nayden had manage to draw just enough concentration to somewhat block the attack but all he could manage was making the attack non-lethal. Now suffering from extensive injuries Nayden began to dip in and out of consciousness as Megaton looked down on him.

"When you came outta the river without a speck of gunk on ya I figured you might have a forcefield and took a chance in guessing that it was some mind powers which looks like I was right to assume." Patrick explained as he now crouched down next to the fading superhuman "you'll probably make it through this but chances are your friends won't be around for very long now so if you're ever able to stand again give me a call. Coulda been my right hand man if your boss hadn't been so stubborn."

Patrick felt his control slipping as he calmed down so he made his way outside as the sound of the public eye sirens greeted his ears one last time before he took over.
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