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Devin Coal


School Year
Just Finished 4th Year


Short Bio
Devin was born to a muggle mother and warlock father. They lived their day to day lives in the muggle world while short family trips and holidays would be spent with his magical family. He enjoyed the balance and especially loved to learn from both sides of the family. It was through this balance he found himself enjoying to learn how the two worlds were different.

His selection to go to Hogwarts was a no brainier that both his parents supported. As quick as he arrived he made a reputation for himself as being somewhat intense in class. Not a know it all or anything like that but relentlessly curious and always armed with a question about something. Happy to conduct his own independent studies Devin was ecstatic when he was asked to join in the trip to Egypt.

Classes taken
Defense against the Dark Arts
History of Magic
Care of Magical Creatures

Redwood & Sea Serpents Whisker

Muggle Sports / Quidditch
Scuba Diving
Hiking / Camping

Devin is the founder and president of the Muggle Appreciation Club (MAC) at Hogwarts. The club meets to celebrate muggle culture. At least that is what it is when talking to any professor. To Devin and other members it is a place where they can go to enjoy the comforts of the muggle world. At first it was seen as a weird thing that muggle born students went to, but after some time watching sports, partying because of some weird muggle holiday, and learning about muggle life had become fairly popular. Devin even got the school to allow the club room to be free of anti electricity charms so a TV and radio would work.

Devin does not have an owl or bird to deliver letters home so instead he uses his friends birds to communicate with his friends and family back home. Since the creation of the MAC he has been able to use email more often, but his mom loves it when he sends her a letter by different birds so he often seeks out new and interested birds to send her letters which mostly feature the topic of magical creatures and places.
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