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The change in plans was rather sudden, then again being a thief plans change suddenly for James. He lands next to Markus, his form solidifying after minute.
"Well then I suppose we best be off to find the giant and the dragon. How are we all going to get to Vael Turog?" He was beginning to wonder if the goddess of misfortune was sowing seeds of misfortune among the group.
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The question was asked by the shiftiest of their troupe, only for the Druid to raise her voice once again. "All you need to do is ask", she assured the inquiring minds of the means of travel being handled. "While the many visions seen do prevent me from personally joining you, I still managed to confirm a way one could make it to Vael Turog, fast." With that, she approached a nearby tree and placed her hand against it. Marcus could only raise an eyebrow at this display, but they were soon briefed on how this was going to work. She would cast a spell, and they would step within the tree, to emerge from the other end as if it was just a simple step to be taken. Very well.

And that was exactly how the transition would take place. They were in a hurry: Ellenara had explained that the spell could only last for seconds before the pathway would close again. As soon as she'd given the sign, Marcus had stepped through, into the bitter cold beyond. Granted, he usually was a bit warmer than comfortable in all his armour, but here all that was brushed away in a millisecond. While he marched on a few more steps to give other space to emerge, he cursed the fact he had not prepared better beforehand. Well, it had not been his task to walk here in the first place, but where his aid was needed he would go. Forgoing all that for now though, he really could use a warm cloak or three. The current one was more for protection from magic than the very elements.

Behind him, everyone still seeking to join in the task of taking down the giants and their supposed pet dragon (or the dragon and its supposed pet giants?) walked into the snowy atmosphere. The wind forced itself through the flimsier of the fresh arrival's clothing, making sure they knew just how unforgiving their new environment would be. Marcus turned around after surveying the surroundings for a second. A village, more so than a town at least. Most of the buildings looked quite ramshackle to a cursory glance, though they would stand, and likely act as a barrier against the wind, even if any and all heat would rather see its way out. With everyone now gathered, he nodded at them.

"We have arrived. By Tyr's word, we were advised to seek more information in this place. Those of you who still possess the gift of flight, granted by divine influence or as something entirely, should likely take to the skies and have a look around for anything particularly interesting. In the meantime I shall lead the search for further clues in this settlement", Marcus took charge of the initiative, not expecting himself to be challenged for the position. And looking at those around, the only one likely to do such a thing would be Ada, and she hadn't seemed... right, not since her drunken bender.

Once those that would either follow the suggestion for scouting had left or everyone had decided to remain (and earn a roll of Marcus's eyes), it was time to begin searching. The locals were not exactly out on the streets, that they were not, but the first individual they walked into was a kinsman of the Paladin, another half-orc! "Excuse us, we are looking for any information we might be able to get about the giants-"

"And the dragon, am I right?" the half-orc interrupted the question. "Yeah, nah", he dismissed the inquiries and continued on, carrying the firewood in his arms to wherever it was heading while Marcus was left standing behind quite dumbfounded. Had an offer for help, in a situation this dire to boot, just been... refused? He straightened his back as he stared after the fur-clad individual, while the chilling wind sought the openings in his plate mail. No, there was no other way for him to twist and turn it. That had been a stern refusal.

"Odd, do you not think?" he finally asked of those in his company before raising his hand over his eyes to shield them from the sunlight filtering in through the heavy clouds. In this environment, every little bit helped. The snow could be quite bright, especially on the higher cliffs that were now excluded from his field of vision. "There!" he declared soon after and set on another approach, this time towards a human in the company of... a much larger individual. They were both wearing some sort of a thick coat, while the taller one also had a fur collar to protect her neck. The shorter turned out to be a man, quite surprisingly.

Marcus had barely had time to introduce himself as a Paladin of Tyr, before the shorter one answered: "Ah, adventurers. Here either for the giant and the dragons or a spot of Yeti hunting sport. For someone of your status, probably the former. Listen here, not many are going to say much. There's been many before you, will be many after you. Head to the guild, bother them instead. Last thing we need is to feel someone else's death on our shoulders. Let them handle that." The Goliath woman simply nodded and the two went on. Marcus could spy a couple of axes on the Goliath's back as they headed away, not that it would likely matter much.

He shook his head, pressing his hand against his forehead for a brief second before realising the metal was now cold too. "I do guess we do have ourselves a clue", he confirmed as he returned to the rest of the bunch on the ground. "The guild, I was told. That many have come and that many would come after us. They do not seem to think too highly of... our sort, I might have to put it. Now then..." he explained, raising a finger to his ear. "Might anyone know where this 'Guild' is?" he asked, specifically from their aerial scouts.

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The cold will not settle well for these old bones.

The single line of uttered with a sigh spoke volumes of Kethan's age. Nevertheless, the old cleric found himself pressed on, the duties of one called by his goddess compelled him to devote his faith here. It seems Sir Lakeltia's order would rise to assist with the undead in lieu of their team, holding back the horde for now as these living legends had to contend with draconian giants and giant dragons. Unfortunately most of their crew had all but dissolved, either required to deal with the possibility of the Orc's return or having slipped away somehow. Fortunately their resident druid was able to create a tree portal using her connection to the natural world, one that Kethan would like to aspire too had he the time to spend hours in the woods without his grand library, but it came at the cost of her presence in the field. Regardless, it seemed Lady Mavros, Sir Lakeltia, the Alchemist and the Fool would need some form of spellcasting services for utility and healing no less. Surely now the paladin of Tyr would need to drop the hammer harder, Ada had her bow, and the alchemist her mad science. Whatever the Talon'd could do was fretfully minimal no doubt, perhaps if they needed someone to stab them in the back. Kethan took it upon himself to keep a wary eye on this rascal and ensure the relative safety of his companions. As long as he could keep up with the youth.

Not even dragonfire could warm them.


"In such bitter cold a man has but one desire: trading his useless gold for a warming fire."

A general quip regarding the temperature, the climes were not agreeable at all, the nip in the air certainly did more than shake a chill beneath the robes he wore. Had he presage of coming to the mountains, he would have stopped for winter clothes, alas such was not the case in the precious moment of time. Not only were they on the clock of armageddon, but surely the heroic feast they had at dinner was not to be wasted on idle shopping. While true the adversaries were the giants and dragons, perhaps the weather itself would turn against them. If they needed room for the night however, Kethan could conjure up a devoted temple of Ioun as required, as long as no one needed critical healing or resurrections, such acts took quite a bit of effort and the elder had yet to take his midday nap to replenish his energy. But at the age of seventy six, who could blame a human for reaching his limits so early in the day? Naps after all were good for productivity. But there was no rest for the devout, having quite literally marched into a tree to appear a great distance away, Kethan had already mounted himself atop Zaphkiel to take to the skies per the paladin's suggestion. Both faithful had their spirited companions after all, celestials who served alongside them in the schemes of the gods.

From the sky above the settlement, from the master librarian could see all, and from this vantage point he could see the chaos of the structures. The lack of a decent architect, the lack of planning in housing and urban development, the general natural development of the sprawl was clearly evident of either an old city created from a hodgepodge of whatever was erected at the time, or a brutish governor who was as thoughtless as they were impulsive. Regardless what few passers visible from the all-seeing eye of one so used to spotting out a single volume of lore within rows upon rows of seemingly endless shelves found the pattern in the cacophony. Two buildings appeared to be the main attractions with gathered folks, not quite on the same street, but within proximity of each other: a stone's throw perhaps. One perhaps was an inn, with a few humanoids with tasks in hand, and the other perhaps the Guild they were directed to which featured a pair of hulking goliaths and six goblins seeming to settle some dispute. A general gentleman's dispute judging by the lack of hostility in stance and posture, to which position as he was, Kethan and Zaphkiel had yet to be seen by the goblins and their low stature nor the goliaths who lacked eyes on the back of their heads.

"I may have found the location of the Guild." Kethan notified the rest of the team, hushed into the earpiece giving the approximate location of where he was landing, hopefully the rest of the gang could follow his instructions through the rambling maze of the city. "Have no alarm, I am no heaven sent divine agent, but do we require arbitration from this old cleric? Or shall the quarrel be dropped solely upon my arrival?"

Did the they expect an religious inquisition?

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The transition from Mavros to Vael Turog through trees was yet again another new experience for James. As was the sudden change in temperature. "Well this should be good..." He muttered to himself newbie taking Markus' advice to take to the air.

The old cleric was upward faster than James, simply due to the Pegasus he had and due to James needing to focus on returning to the gaseous form granted to him by the windwalk spell that the paladin had cast. Once his form had altered he took to the skies going above the roofs of the hovels that made up the settlement. The wind blew harder and colder up there leaving him with little more than the thoughts of wanting to hurry and find this guild so he may try to warm himself by a fire, maybe even try find some warmer clothing if time allowed.

His thoughts were interrupted by the smell of food cooking from a nearby inn, which drew his attention back down. He could see a building that seemed less trafficked and also was the source of the smell. Nearby there a group of eight figures, two goliaths and six heavily covered figures, could be seen arguing in front of what appeared to be a large building. He went to get closer to the group to try to hear what the argument was about only to have that blasted cleric swoop in on his mount. He did hear Kethan alert the others to the fact of him finding the guild just before and now the cleric's attention seemed to be on the group that was arguing, who had now also stopped with the sudden interruption.

James floated down into an alley to switch back to his normal form before heading into the guild. He walked past Kethan, who had just finished offering to arbitrate the matter between the goliaths and the other six figures, and walked past the eight others. He noticed one goliath looking him up and down, albeit with only his eyes, and the look that was rather decerning of an unimpressed disposition of what he saw. The bard in guise didn't really put much care into impressing others from a physical stand point, which he presumed was what the goliath was looking at. With step and a pause as he opened the door he turn back towards Kethan. "Grandfather, we should go inside and wait for the others. This isn't our quarrel nor our business." He stood there with the door slightly ajar waiting for the cleric.
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Janine Fawkes

Scrapmouse's Wings of Flying were dismissed after she lowered herself off of the perch. She watched as the Elf casted a spell on a tree and created a portal for them. She quickly hopped onto Sparky, and she patted the mechanical servant and commanded "Alright Sparky! Full speed ahead!" After Sparky gave a noise of affirmation, the mechanical servant charged ahead through the portal.



Scrapmouse quickly grabbed her arms and shivered. She thought she was prepared for the cold. Apparently, she was wrong. She looked to the half-orc paladin as he stated that they needed to find information. Kethan immediately took on the job of scouting, and no sooner than he left he informed them that he found the location of the guild. As much as Scrapmouse would have loved to help, she had already used her Wings of Flying for the day.

As the two scouted and after they relayed their information, Scrapmouse asked Marcus, "Think they'll listen to another Guild member? I think I can try an' talk to them when we get there,"

Scrapmouse had been a member of a Guild ever since before she started adventuring. Maybe her roots in the guild can help them out in this situation?
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