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Tergo Scheppen

Character Sheet: Tergo Scheppen


Tergo was born to Orryn Scheppen and Binda Tells half-past twelve on a Sunday in the port city of Binwich. Soon after his birth, a celebration was held, and he was given his names: Tergo Orryn Pip Veris Scheppen, all of which had been apart of his family for centuries.

His life was comfortable, his father was a well-liked, and well-respected cobbler for the local aristocracy, and his mother was the daughter of a renowned business man who had developed a shipping company out of the city's port. His family's wealth opened up many opportunities for the young, and ambitious gnome, and he took full advantage of them.

From the age of three till he was seventeen, he was educated by a private tutor, who introduced him to what would become his two greatest passions: history, and magic. Over those fourteen years, Tergo devoured books on fallen kingdoms, great warriors, epic battles, fearsome creatures, powerful spells, and more, his hunger for learning never satisfied. One such creature caught his attention, and would stay fixed in his mind for the rest of his life: the goblin. Small, dastardly-clever creatures, the race of goblins interested Tergo more than any other subject.

When he turned seventeen, he applied for admission to Binwich University, to which he was accepted, and began to work on his doctorate in Goblinoid studies, which he affectionately calls, goblinology. His time at university was difficult, largely due to the fact that the field he was trying to enter was nearly non-existent, and gathering together what disparate information there was to be found on it was quite a Herculean task, costing many a gold piece. There was also the issue of finding a professor knowledgeable enough on the subject to teach him. Eventually, Tergo was able to find a professor who specialized in Goblinoid studies, and wrote to him, offering him quite a large sum of money in exchange for instructing him. Glad to be offered any kind of work (which for a professor of that field is certainly sparse), Dr. Venin Piric quickly packed up his things and made haste for Binwich.

The next eight years of Tergo's life were devoted to studying the cultures of various goblin tribes, their leaders, religious practices, tactics and nearly every other facet of goblin life. He also spent those years expanding his knowledge of the arcane, spending hours researching, and practicing spells, and listening to lectures put on by the university on the subject.

Despite being able to garner a fairly respectable understanding of goblins, he always felt disconnected from them, and dreamed to one day study a goblin clan up-close. When he finished his doctorate, he decided he would do just that, and set-off aboard one of his grandfather's boats heading to a region called, the Northmarch.
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Arathys Menenon

Character Sheet: Arathys Menenon


Arathys Menenon never knew his parents. He was raised as the ward of one Mytharion Amontel, an elven wizard of some small prominence, residing in the tiny elf village of E'othyr. Though acting as his father, Mytharion insisted he be referred to as as “Mentor” or “Master”, and often admonished the boy that he was, in fact, no orphan, but rather, he was what Mytharion referred to as a “Promise Child”. His mother, being unable to conceive, had come to him many years prior, seeking a wizard's aid for her condition. Mytharion had agreed, but only on the promise that the woman's first child would belong to him. Arathys was that child.

For much of his youth, Arathys was left in the care of his master's varied summoned servants. His childhood was one spent dancing with devils, playing music with angels, discussing philosophy with demons, and having tea parties with faeries. He also received an education in the basics of arcane magic, though Mytharion was a touch overprotective, and often stressed curiosity be tempered by restraint. That all changed around Arathys' thirteenth birthday, no longer was he left in the care of summoned minions and tutors. Now he would accompany his mentor whenever he went away on business, and assist him in whatever way necessary. His magical education also began in earnest. His days were suddenly filled with hand drills and lessons ranging from spellcraft to arcane theory, world history to languages, his night filled endless practice and candlelit study.

Under the wise tutelage of the sage, Mytharion Amontel, Arathys Menenon grew into a formidable young wizard, specializing in the arts of conjuration, summoning, and teleportation. Ever the loyal student and friend, Arathys stayed on with his master for many years, despite his apprenticeship having been finished. However, lately Arathys has begun feel restless residing in his tiny hamlet home. Not satisfied with the prospect of winding up as some village mystic and not comfortable with idea of becoming a court magician in the hall of some lord, he has instead opted for a life adventure. He knows not what the future might bring, but one thing his certain of is that there is still so much he has left to learn, and he can he can do so best traveling the road as a journeyman mage.
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I love the characters.

I'll post some guidance on how to start adventuring in the OOC section, and you guys can start posting away.
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Character approved.

Sorry for the delay, forgot that might be a thing I need to say.
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