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| Name and Alias |
Wallace Rudolph "Wally" West // Kid Flash

| Age |

| Powers and Abilities |
Wally is a conduit of the Speed Force, an extra-dimensional energy so named by the Flashes before him, Jay Garrick and Barry Allen. While its exact nature is a mystery, its immediate effects are obvious: it gives its conduits the ability to bend physics in such a way that they become speedsters, able to move at inhuman speeds in both mind and body.

| Origin and Backstory |
Wallace Rudolph West was born to Rudolph and Mary West in the small town of Blue Valley, Nebraska. His relationship with his father was strained, and while he was close with his mother, if you asked him he’d say that he was closest to his Aunt Iris growing up. His trips to visit her in Central City were among his fondest memories, and that wasn’t just because of the time he got to spend with her. Her fiancé, Barry Allen, was a pretty cool dude too, and Wally got along with him much better than he did with “Rudy”. And then there was the Flash.

Wally idolised the guy. And the Flash that came before him, the one called Jay Garrick? His hero. So imagine his delight when he found out that not only was Barry the Flash, but that he knew Jay, too. He was… he was excited.

Life went on. Wally adjusted to the fact that his uncle was a superhero. The new became the status quo. And then lightning struck.

Wally was a freakin’... Wally was fast.

He’s been Kid Flash for two years now. He and Barry get along great. Him and ol’ Rudy? Not so much. He has friends, too. He’s catching up with them soon. Nothing exciting. Just a pizza. And some aliens.

| Summary of Version Differences |
Mostly the same, with some big differences under the surface that I'll hopefully get to show off.
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| Character You're Applying For |
Koriand’r, Princess of Tamaran

| Age |

| Powers And Abilities |
As a Tamaranean, Starfire has a vast array of abilities that on a genetic level allows her to be more durable, powerful, and dexterous than a normal humanoid being. This physiology is considered superhuman by definition, though it by no means she is without her limits. As an individual who has only been “active” with her superpowers for around three or so years, Starfire lacks the experience that veteran superhumans have in utilizing their abilities. To summarize, Starfire runs “hot” like her powers seem to imply and her stamina and metahuman constitution still largely define her combat capabilities in the long-term. Starfire is not resistant or even immune to telepathic domination or the supernatural and her own inherent kindness, anxiety, and curiosity tends to distract her from the greater picture. Starfire doesn’t like committing herself 100% to brutal actions as she has seen firsthand what it has turned her sister into.

That aside, Starfire is very versatile. She can expel and control a green thermal energy which she can utilize to allow her to levitate and go on the offensive. Her Tamaranean Physiology allows her to be neurologically unique and she can assimilate language through physical contact.

Her practical skillset (see: beyond powers) includes survival skills, tamaranean martial arts, and galactic knowledge.

| Origin And Backstory |
Koriand’r was born on the planet of Tamaran, a core world in the interstellar political sphere within the star system known as Vega. Her childhood was bred from gleeful competition with her brother and sister, Ryand’r and Komand’r. For the first thirteen years of her life things were peaceful and archetypal with a loving family, honorable mentors, and expectations being stressful but none too devastating. Kori never thought much of sadness or fear, they were emotions better fit for those who had to struggle; the worst Kori had to deal with was her elder sister giving her a stern glare or an aggressive lecture. But things did not stay picturesque for long. A sentiment Kori would think long and hard about when Tamaran became the target of alien conquerors known as the Gordanians. It was here that Kori was separated from her family and friends; her homeworld taken from her and her childhood ripped away before she could realize it.

Several years of her life seemed to pass by in an instant – she survived on her own, escaped capture on several occasions, and found herself trying to find any trace of her siblings as the Gordanians grew in power. After her sister disappeared without a trace and her brother was sent to a far-off slave planet Kori found herself doing whatever she could to oppose the Gordanians and their growing influence. Kori herself still doubts she would’ve escaped from the Vega System alive and free if not for the influence of a vigilante known as Thaddeus Bach, the infamous 'Space Ghost'.

By the time she was fifteen years old, Kori found herself once again being hunted down by the Gordanians after she found herself on Earth. It was a gambit Kori herself did not feel prepared for considering the fact she had been on the run from Gordanians and their bounty hunters for years and the stress of evading them for as long as she had been was starting to take its toll.

| Summary of Version Differences |
This variation of the character is essentially me dictating my own compromise between the darkness of the New 52, the optimistic secondary leader in the animated films, and her popular optimistic foil in the animated series. This is a Starfire who has seen hell and refused to allow it to define her, believing that she needs to see the good in people and the hope for a future no matter how realistic it may or may not be.
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| Character You're Applying For |
Superboy // Kon-El // Conner Kent

| Age |
Appears Roughly 17

| Powers And Abilities |

Super Strength:
Superboy's most prominent and oft-used ability, his strength is only marginally less than that of a developing Kryptonian around his current age. He can lift objects weighing over fifty tons, shred steel with his bare hands and throw punches strong enough to shatter buildings. This same strength allows him to leap great distances and toss objects just as far, though it has the unintended side-effect of being quite difficult to control at times; Conner has to take considerable care to avoid doing too much damage to an opponent, often to his own detriment.

Super Speed:
Though far from an equal to speedsters like Wally West, Superboy is still quite a bit faster than any ordinary human. He has the reaction speed necessary to stop a bullet, and the ground speed to outrun any man-made vehicle. He does, however, grow quite tired after moving at max speed for any significant amount of time, equivalent to how an athletic human would grow exhausted when they sprint.

Flight is one of the most iconic abilities of the Kryptonians on earth, and the one Kon-El happens to be the worst at. He has yet to grasp even the most simple concepts required to keep himself airborne, finding it next to impossible to guide himself through the sky; thus far, the best he can do is point himself in a direction and jump as hard as he can to achieve 'flight.' Attempts to redirect himself tend to end in a crash landing at best and a simple crash every other time.

Heat Vision:
'Heat Vision' is the release of absorbed solar energy through the eyes in the form of a pair of focused beams capable of burning through steel after an extended period of time. Heat vision is one of Conner's most energy inefficient abilities and is best used in short, low-powered bursts.

Invulnerability is a misnomer, better defined as 'incredible durability.' There are few living beings capable of permanently damaging a Kryptonian, and Superboy is no different. Though such things as explosives can cause him pain, it takes a great deal of force to wound him in any meaningful manner, provided no Kryptonite is present. It is said the best way to kill a Kryptonian is with another Kryptonian.

Enhanced Senses:
Kon-El experiences our five senses at a far higher level. Each is tuned to be much more sensitive than any human could imagine, allowing him to see on several different spectrums, hear sounds no human ear could comprehend, and feel on a deeper level than most could put into words. While typically quite useful, he can easily be overwhelmed by sensations, with a particular weakness to bright light and sonic weaponry.

| Origin And Backstory |
Project CADMUS was established in the wake of the Doomsday event by the United States government in order to create a metahuman task force loyal to the American people that could protect them from any threat. Project Legacy was one of CADMUS's first and best-received endeavors, created with the intention to breed successors to current, living heroes in case they ever fell in battle. Superboy was the first of these creations, cloned from the Kryptonian DNA presumably collected during the Doomsday event and spliced together with compatible human DNA from the research staff. The current iteration of Kon-El is the third clone in the series, created with roughly 70% Kryptonian DNA and 30% various human DNA strands taken from several different subjects. He is predicted to be nearly on par with Superman when he reaches full maturity thanks to the genetic enhancement CADMUS used in his creation.

CADMUS never intended for Superboy to break free. The mental suggestion techniques they were planning to use to keep him under control until he was fully developed and indoctrinated failed for unknown reasons and Superboy proceeded to go on a rampage that destroyed the CADMUS facility prior to him escaping into the wilderness. He wandered through the mountains for several days before he was rescued by Kara Zor-El and Kal-El and taken to the Fortress of Solitude, where the truth of the world and his origin were given to him.

Superboy struggled to accept it all at first. He was angry and confused and lashed out at the Kryptonians on many occasions. But over the course of two weeks, he came to understand his existence, and transitioned into assimilating into earth culture, under the tutelage of his adopted sister and 'father.' Conner's exposure to the outside world has been...limited, thus far, as it presents a danger to both him and others. But he's slowly grown more comfortable around humans, learning how to communicate with them and 'blend in' like a normal person. Conner is impatient, however; he despises being 'locked up' in the Fortress of Solitude, and finds every opportunity to leave Clark or Kara's side and sneak away to indulge in humanity without their guiding hand.

| Summary of Version Differences |
While quite similar to his current canon origin, I've streamlined a good deal of it to erase many of the contrivances that come with comic book origin stories. Nearly everything one expects from Superboy's backstory remains the same, though I do have a few changes in mind that should make for a more interesting departure from the norm. You'll just have to wait to find out what those are ;)
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| Character You're Applying For |
Garth of Shayeris

| Age |

| Powers And Abilities |
Garth is a full-blood Atlantean, physiologically adapted to the crushing pressures, low light, and freezing temperatures of the deep ocean. In the water, Garth breathes through special pores in his skin. He is able to survive for brief periods on dry land before he begins to experience dehydration, varying based on ambient humidity. A few other notable distinctions from baseline humans include:

Superhuman Stamina: Garth can tolerate depths in excess of 3,600 feet, routinely experiencing ocean pressures equivalent to 1,602psi (10,900 kPa). He also does not suffer any ill-effects from prolonged exposure to the sea, such as hypernatremia (salt water poisoning) or desquamation of the skin from continuous immersion. He is able to maintain a stable body temperature even in deep ocean water (33-37˚F) and does not experience hypothermia.

Superhuman Strength: Garth's arms and legs are able to propel him at 90 mph (78 knots) while under thousands of pounds of ocean pressure.

Telepathy: Garth can communicate both telepathically and empathically, both with people as well as marine life. This is commonly used as the means of communication underwater due to the nature of sound transmission at depth.

Magic: He has the rare ability to wield Atlantean magic, giving him the potential to control currents, manipulate the elements, or even teleport across dimensions... if he ever learns to control it, that is.

| Origin And Backstory |
Garth is the son of Thar, King of Idyls -- a political off-shoot of Atlanteans who rejected the ways of Poseidon and sought a pacifist utopia inside of the Hidden Valley, where they founded the underwater city of Shayeris approximately 4,000 years ago. His mother is Berra, Queen of the Idylists. Garth's ability to use Atlantean magic was inherited from his father, who is regarded as the Idylist's second most powerful sorcerer. The title of most powerful was held by Thar's elder brother, who held the original claim to the throne of the Idylist Kingdom. Then Crown Prince Slizzath was rejected for his study of the forbidden arts of necromancy, resulting in his banishment for dabbling in the black arts. Eventually, Slizzath raised an undead army and sought to take the throne of Shayeris, but was defeated by Thar and Aquaman.

The underwater city-state of Venturia invaded the Idyls, led by Queen Clea (who wielded the Trident of Poseidon). In order to maintain their pacifistic way of life, Shayeris appealed to Atlantis for aid and were liberated by the combined efforts of Aquaman and Diana of Themyscira (Wonder Woman). As a result of this incident, Garth was taken as a ward of Atlantis.

As he has grown older, Garth has started to gravitate toward the only other outsider in all Atlantis, the half-blood known as the hero Aquaman. Self-described as Aquaman's greatest fan, Garth would follow the adventures and escapades of his idealized idol, which had the inadvertent coincidence of putting Garth in the right place at the right time to rescue his hero. Afterward, the two began to interact and travel together more often, resulting in Garth earning the moniker Aqualad by those who saw the boy graduate from groupie to sidekick status.

As Aqualad, Garth met fellow sidekick Wonder Girl (Donna Troy) and the Justice League. These experiences introduced Garth to the concept of life on the surface of the Earth, something he'd only heard of through the accounts of Arthur Curry (which seemed more like flights of fantasy).

| Summary of Version Differences |
The origin of Garth has been re-worked to better distinguish him from Aquaman. Instead of being exposed/abandoned as an infant, Garth is a ward of Atlantis and the prince of Shayeris. Otherwise, it's exactly what it says on the tin.
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| Character You're Applying For |
Red Arrow // Roy Harper

| Age |

| Powers And Abilities |

Expert Marksman:
The defining skill of the Red Arrow is his skill in archery. Years of training in the bow and arrow mixed with a naturally sharp eye have made Roy Harper an excellent shot with the Bow and Arrow, allowing him to hit a moving target three hundred feet away without much effort.

Trick Arrows:
Much like the Green Arrow's, Roy Harper's trick arrows have always managed to be his "get out of danger free" card... usually. His trick arrows allow him to scale walls and zoom across gaps (Zip Arrows), create a smoke screen (Smoke Arrows), keep people in place with an advanced adhesive foam (Foam Arrows), blow things apart (Boom Arrows), shock targets (Zap Arrows), and nearly everything in-between. Roy currently builds each trick arrow by hand and designs them for specific missions and purposes. Needless to say, he almost always has the right arrow for the job.

Mechanical Savant:
Roy's skill with anything mechanical is perhaps the skill that has kept him alive for so long. He's worked hard to develop his ability to fix everything from a washing machine to an '86 Impala. He was the genius behind the Green Arrow's expansive arsenal of weaponry and trick arrows.

| Origin And Backstory |
Roy Harper’s life was never easy. Given up for adoption at birth in Star City, he never got to know who his real parents were. The foster family who adopted him were unable to have a child of their own, and found out a few weeks in that they were more in love with the idea of having a child than actually having one. Roy was viewed as a challenging chore, and so Roy was often left to his own devices. He had to get himself to and from school, or make his way to whatever activities he needed to attend alone. His moderately wealthy parents were willing to give him the money for public transportation and food, rarely paying attention to his actions.

That being said, the wealth and privilege of being the foster child of a wealthy family had its perks. He was enrolled in a private boarding school at the age of seven, and was able to find his true passions. He wasn't a fan of his classes, but managed to find two extracurricular activities he fell in love with: Archery and Robotics. He spent most of his afternoons practicing archery and excelling, while his nights were spent tweaking the projects for the Robotics team... without their knowledge. The administration called him in to the office and reprimanded him, accusing him of attempting to steal school property. Needless to say, his foster parents weren't happy when he was busted.

He was stuck in public school, where the school couldn't even afford to keep the band afloat let alone support a robotics or archery team. Roy's days were miserable, and his nights were spent aimlessly wandering around the city. It was on these streets that he encountered his idol, a wealthy archer who fought crime by night. Roy fearlessly attempted to aid Oliver Queen as he was attempting to stop a drug deal, and Roy was able to use Oliver's own bow to save the Green Arrow. Oliver took interest in the boy, and it wasn't long before he managed to convince the Harpers that he could adopt and help this "problem child." At the age of fourteen, Roy became the teenage sidekick to the Green Arrow.

Roy spent two years operating as the teenage vigilante "Speedy." He helped Oliver develop new trick arrows and fought by his side to take down notorious villains of Star City. But everything changed a year ago, when Roy was sixteen. He suddenly disappeared from the spotlight. Roy Harper was declared missing, and Oliver Queen seemed to place no effort in trying to find his adopted son. He's recently resurfaced, this time as taking on the mantle of the "Red Arrow" without the backup and support of his green counterpart.

| Summary of Version Differences |
The backstory has been heavily modified and modernized, while giving more motivation/backstory as to how he became the sidekick of the Green Arrow. Most importantly, though, is that this version of Roy is designed to be more lighthearted and less dark than his usual representation in the comics. That is not to say that there are demons lingering under the surface...
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| Character You're Applying For |
Barbara "Babs" Gordon // Batgirl

| Age |

| Powers And Abilities |
As a kid with a lot of energy, a knack for finding high places and tiny spaces, and a whole lot to prove, Babs made herself something of a name about town with her gymnastic ability. AKA hardcore parkour. If only it weren't for that tendency to skip classes, she might be an Olympic shoe-in in a few years.

Martial Artistry:
When it turned out gymnastics wasn't quite enough to curb the attitude, Gordon signed his kid up for martial arts, too. Figured it couldn't hurt, and any daughter of his was damn sure going to know how to protect herself. Mostly karate and tae kwon do, but her favorite is boxing.

This got dialed up to 11 after The Incident.

Eidetic Memory:
Not that Babs isn't smart, she's just...not Oracle, or not yet. She's quick on her feet, pragmatic, intuitive. But mostly, she's got crazy good recall. Any moment she's experienced she can essentially re-experience at a whim. It's got its pros and cons.

GADGETS [she's rich]:
We all saw the Justice League movie with Gal Gadot (and others, I guess?), right? And there's that kind of smarmy exchange between Ben Affleck and KF or whatever is name is?

Same same. Not rich, maybe, but she's got a solid good line of Batarangs and more, and she knows how to use 'em.

| Origin And Backstory |
Perhaps more of an amalgamation of Babs and Kate than originally intended. This Babs still lives with Commissioner Gordon, a divorced former semi-official Green Beret and vague "Special Forces" vet.

Let's say she was visiting a distant cousin abroad at age 12, and instead of being kidnapped and ransomed with her mother and twin sister, a lá Kate, she was kidnapped and ransomed with the daughter of Gordon's friend and former squadmate. The daughter was lost, and Kate Barbara was determined never to put herself, or anyone else in that position again.

Fast forward a few years, Babs sees an easy way to get around Gordon's otherwise super strict curfew. She'd been hearing about the Bat and other costumed do-gooders (her dad still insisted on calling them vigilantes...though that word had shifted in the last year or so) for sometime when his little sidekick showed up. And hell, if all it took to do something other than sit around and wait to be old enough to join a GPD she knew Gordon only just managed not to bitch about was an aerial walk or two...well, why not try her hand at it? Babs had always had a rebellious streak and now she had a grudge to match.

And goddamn did the one they called Batwoman look good in a skin-tight suit.

It was lucky Bruce found her first, probably. He didn't turn her into her dad, so that was something. Still, though. The guy made 'straight-laced' sound like a heroine bender.

And what was the point of wearing a mask if you were just gonna go by the rules anyway?

| Summary of Version Differences |
Crafted after an era of my late teenage years (and most of my 20s, tbh) spent lusting after Kate Kane. The Barbara Gordon who was smart, quick, and restless enough to play vigilante to an overbearing father figure while her actual father publicly decried her actions (for a time). OR the Barbara Gordon who looked up to Batwoman instead of Batman.

Down with the patriarchy.

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