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  • Alesia, Captain of the Scarlet Pirates
  • Flint Ironstag
  • Adam Grey
  • Wilow
  • Handel Haydn Hallelujah
  • Riko "The Tidecaller" Sakamoto
  • Marco N. Davis
  • Bakuto "The Living Dragon"
  • "Black Wolf" Grimm D. Coyote
  • Erizalla "Fate Giver" Ismalanda
  • Adrian "Shadow" Hex
  • 'The Cheap' Hertha Redrivers
  • Elisabeth "Berry" Wattson
    Ship Pet: Arafael

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Name: Flint Ironstag

Age: 33

Bounty: 42,690,000
Gender: Male

Personality: Being the one of the oldest member of the crew has put a certain burden to act responsible and mature. Of course this contrasts with his literally explosive fighting style that jells with his nature. He also sometimes slips up and acts a bit embarrassing for a man his age. Generally he is jovial enough, but more than willing to get serious when the situation calls for it. His past for him is also something of a sore spot.

Backstory: Once a bounty hunter of promising quality, he became a recruit to the marines having impressed them with his prowess. Of course his nature and is own sense of justice bristled against their "justice". He found few sympathetic voices and found himself alienated. Eventually some of the higher-ups began to rankle at this contemptuous upstart and they would conspire to wash their hands of him. The end result was him being charged of treason and responsible for destruction of an important thing. Of course more details are missing but that's the abridged version he gives. Only thing for certain is he will get his revenge.

It would be later in a chase from the constabulary who were alerted to his presence, that he'd meet Alesia. Trying to escape from them he'd try and steal her ship being unaware of her presence, and thinking her to be some odd vagrant. It turned out it was her ship but at the time it didn't matter as they had enemies on their tail. Eventually he damaged their boat so badly they had to retreat which allowed him to be formally asked to join her crew. Founding it funny to be bossed around by a little girl he said yes.

Abilities: Flint is skilled with fighting with his oversized blade, his shotgun "Phlexx", and the numerous explosives he carries on his person. He also is skilled as a gunner on the ship being able to maintain the cannons as well other sailing skills expected of a seaman.

Relationships: He finds himself oscillating between being something of a paternal figure to the younger crewmembers and that of cool elder brother, sometimes it works and sometimes he embarrasses them with perhaps a bit too much relish. He also sometimes leaves them temporarily when it comes of matters regarding his past.

Dreams: Bring true justice to those who have wronged him. Find love because it's cuffing season and he's getting old.
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Name: Adam Grey

Age: 23

Bounty: N/A No Bounty

Gender: Male

Appearance: Adam is a young man with trimmed greyish hair, and dark blue eyes. He has a slim build, and isn't particularly muscular. He has Caucasian white skin, and usually wears a black privateer's coat with a white undershirt, and tan pants. His face is slender without much in the way of scars though is hands are calloused, and his chest is marked with a few scars that are hidden by his clothes. One wouldn't call him particularly handsome but certainly isn't ugly more average than not. The one remarkable thing about his physical body is his eyes tend to give people chills.

Personality: Adam is out for one person, and that is himself. His family comes second to some degree but due to their dynamic he truly doesn't believe he can trust them. Adam can be polite but more than not is rude, and callous towards others. He says whats on his mind, and doesn't mince words. While he may not be the most friendly sort he can try, and fake it to some extent appearing to be jovial, and carefree. He is more comfortable plotting how to torture, or hurt another person than he is trying to appease them. He is greedy but he knows not to be stupid, or foolish enough to seek things that may end up backfiring on him in the long run. He can be cruel but doesn't act on his impulses to do so usually. His main goal is simply to become as powerful as possible while the second is to amass his own empire. He doesn't particularly enjoy the concept of sub servitude, and he is quick to betray those who force it on him like a leash. That being said he is willing to put with what he must in order to achieve his goals. In short he is ambitious, and underhanded willing to do what he must to get ahead be it in combat, love, or life in general. While he can be sadistic he prefers pragmatic solutions to most things even if he doesn't particularly enjoy them. Hopeful children with eyes full of wonder sicken him to a degree.

Backstory: Adam Grey was born to a man known as 'The Warmonger of The South Blue' a man who had spent his life going from one place to another living life on the edge, and learning many fighting styles after which he amassed a massive amount of wealth. He was the third born of ten siblings. The Grey Family siblings had different mothers each, and Adam was no different than any of his siblings. He was raised to be a warlord. His own man in order to spread the legacy far and wide. His father wanted his progeny to master the arts he had only managed to acquire over his vast career. To see which one can become stronger than him. His childhood was spent chasing his elder brothers Clyde, and Hans who both looked after him in their own way trying to turn him into an ally. Though he ended up choosing neither in the end being a neutral party in order to follow his own dream.

His childhood was spent training with his father from when he was old enough to hold a knife in his hand his father found him more than capable of being quick, and deadly. His mother wasn't around leaving his father to raise him with whatever nannies he could find when he trained his older brothers. Socializing became a commodity to him more than a rite he was allowed to talk to people but only when his father allowed him to take a break from his studies. He learnt where to hurt a person to make them talk, where to stab a person to make them die, and where to hit them to just slow them down. The body became something of a learning point for Adam learning all he could in order to promptly destroy his opponents in combat. Failure was rewarded with insults, and mockery. It drove Adam to learn harder to prove his father wrong. Of course this was all a part of the charade of becoming a child soldier essentially. As he got more siblings his father spent more, and more time with others instead of him.

As he became a teenager the family butler taught him how to fake things. Smiles, compliments, and loyalty to others. Things that spies would learn in order to infiltrate places, or how his family used its influence at parties. Adam became quite adept at lying, and hurting people in the right way with more than just knives, and daggers. While this happened his older brother gave him tips, and tricks on how to seduce women, and girls. How to put on a charade for longer, and ultimately even how to use a sword which was his brother's own preferred technique.

It was somewhere near the end of his tenor at home that his younger sister Alice developed some sort of infatuation with him bordering on psychotic love, and affection. Maybe it was due to the fact that he was genuinely kind to her as a sibling, or maybe she was just latching onto someone but it ended up with Adam avoiding her when he could. His sister's marksmanship made her a dangerous enemy so he made sure not to make her mad if possible. After learning what he could he decided to set off. He bounced from ship to ship, and job to job learning, and honing his skill. At one point refusing to take a devil fruit because it would limit his own ability on the high seas in the long run as what use was a person who couldn't swim? He cleverly swapped names, and wore different clothes at times hats, eye patches, and other guises used to avoid bounties being placed on him when he became a pirate. He joined The Scarlet Pirates more on a whim to see where he could go next after his last crew mutinied on their captain for lack of splitting the loot. Though he holds no loyalty to the captain he feels this could be a different journey compared to his already difficult journey has already been.

Abilities: Adam is a proficient speed fighter able to quickly at blinding speeds, and adeptly move his body having mastered controlling it long ago. Even at his young age he was drilled like a tool more than a little boy. He can perform rudimentary surgery, and sufficient first aid though he is hardly a worthy doctor. His main skills lay in his knife work able to subvert, and riposte his enemies with his dual daggers.

When outperformed he can swap back to his cutlass though he doesn't favor this way of fighting as he doesn't view his swordsmanship as his primary fighting style though he is still proficient as any man would be. His other natural ability is his ability to lie. To fake being someone else was something he mastered easily. He can convincingly fool most people if need be if not he can at least fake his real personality to others.

In order to supplement his close quarters style he has also an respectable degree of hand to hand fighting combat styles. His speed, and his quickness allow him to perform against skilled opponents if not simply by how well he can dismantle, and hurt his opponent.

The Scarlet Pirates: He cares nothing for the crew. They're a means to an end but he has no reason to believe they will prove useless to him in the long run so he's willing to join, and help them for the moment.

The Family:

Father - Daddy has been a source of inspiration, and disgust. A man of imposing stature, power, and wealth he had sufficiently become a warlord essentially through trade, and conquest. Adam wishes to overcome him by the end of his life. Respect is a word he rarely uses for anyone but his father.

Clyde - The eldest Clyde had taught, and assisted Adam growing up. An obstacle in the long run but still a worthy elder brother. He respects his elder brother, and fears his political savvy. Adam wishes to beat him one day if possible.

Hans - The second eldest brother. Hans violent nature, and his thug like axe play has given Adam a disdain for his brother. However he knows well enough not to underestimate him.

Alice - Alice is a problem. She cares for him more than a sister should be. she is skilled, and dangerous more so than most Adam believes. Adam keeps her at a distance but makes sure he doesn't cross her. He hopes that she stops her nonsense and becomes a proper rival to him.

The Other Siblings - Adam has seldom seen the rest of his family having mostly been raised with the first four, or so children he knows them, and has seen them work at times but he hasn't seen them at their peaks as of yet, and keeps a cautious eye on them.

Dreams: To become a peerless warrior, but mainly to become as strong, and as successful as his father.

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Name: "Will-o-the-Wisp" Willow

Age: 22

Bounty: 2.2 million

Gender: Female


Personality: Willow is nice to people she knows and likes, and acts polite to those she doesn't know when talking face to face. However she has a mischievous side and will occasionally pull pranks on people, more so people she doesn't know than her friends. Anyone she deems an enemy she doesn't play around with, and will derive great glee from dismembering them with her weapons as she ends the fight as fast as possible. She has no mercy for those who abuse their power to hurt others unjustly.

Backstory: Willow came from an island in the south blue. While she does not talk much about her pre pirate life, she will say why she became a pirate in the first place. Her main reason she'll say, is just to see how big and vast the world is. After all, there would have to be some wonderful things to see like mermaids, fishmen, and all sorts of weird things she heard about from travelers in her home village. Well that was before it was more or less destroyed by a visiting celestial dragon.

Both the reverence her village had for the dragon, and the lack of respect in kind the dragon showed, especially with them casually murdering people and being honored for it was just wrong. Seeing that careless regard for innocent life, Willow stole the reason the celestial dragon came to that town and fled, seeing her town as a lost cause considering all the damage the dragon had done before (Due to preparations and 'cleansing the town of that which wasn't deemed pristine") and after arriving.

After going on her own, she learned very quickly those that abused power were often very weak themselves, and very few people had the spine to oppose and dispose of them. Willow wasn't one of those people. And thanks to her speed and small size, it was borderline impossible for people to see her do her deed most of the time. She was only caught on camera once, and that moment was shown on her wanted poster. Although the poor cameraman didn't get a super good shot, what with the fairy light and all she had used prior. Hence her pirate name.

Shortsword Master: Willow is proficient in using shortswords and rapiers. Willows primary weapon of choice is a very thin and extremely sharp scalpel razor sword that is extremely efficient at cutting through flesh. Its about the size of a large dagger. Her secondary weapon is a large spike or rapier like weapon thats the same size as her razor sword.

Pressure Point Adept: While not a master, Willow is fairly competent at knowing where pressure points are and hitting them. Although she doesn't use this too often since slicing is more fun.

Adequate Smith: Willow knows enough about making weapons to make a new scalpel sword or rapier if hers breaks.

Devilfruit: Fairy Fairy

The Fairy Fairy fruit turned Willow into a fairy. Being a fairy, Willow is very small, about the size of a cup. However even at this size, Willow still has her normal durability and strength and can fly carrying things far beyond her current weight.

Enhanced Speed: Willow's size means she moves much faster than normal.

Advanced Flight: Willow is able to fly thanks to their fairy wings, and can dart around at will and freely change direction or even fly backwards. Willow can fly faster than they can run. Additionally Willow doesn't get tired from flight and can fly for very long periods of time.

Fairy Magic: Willow can use various types of fairy magic on themselves or others.

Healing: Willow can heal others or herself with a touch.

Fairy Fire: Willow can summon a ball of light that they can freely control. This light is very bright, and pierces illusions and fog.

Relationships: NA For now

Dreams: Explore the world, maybe kill a few celestial dragons.
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[[Slashed out text signifies techniques and goals the character himself has planned on learning or achieving, which may or may not happen or even be possible.]]

Name: "Katsune" Marco N. Davis

Age: 21

Bounty: None

Gender: Male

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Name: Hertha Redrivers, Hertha the Cheap

Age: 45; roughly 18 for a human

Bounty: Currently bountyless

Gender: Female

Appearance: Roughly 12 feet tall. Her sword and shield are as seen in the picture.

Personality: Hertha is best described, in many ways, as a typical Elbaf warrior. She is a bit rowdy at times and jumps at the chance to test her metal in both friendly and unfriendly combat. She enjoys the kind of fun one can find in a tavern, though finding a tavern that can fit her much less provide enough booze to get her drunk can be tricky. She has always and will always be fiercely loyal those she respects, doubly so if they respect her in return. But despite that hot-blooded nature that colors her actions, she is a very determined, focused girl at her core. Her goal is to be recognized as the true Elbafian warrior that she knows herself to be, to live up to her father's warrior legacy. In all things she does, she gives 100 percent, expects nothing less of others, and woe to those who get in her way.

Backstory: Hertha, though many don't seem to believe her, is a Giant from Elbaf. You may be asking why is she less tall than even some 'giant human'? Well, Hertha is a victim of a rare Elbafin birth defect that really doesn't have a proper translation into the common language. The closest approximation is 'Dishonorable Stature'. Superstition has it among the people Elbaf that those born with this condition are cursed to be 'failures' as Elbafin warriors and would misfortune and doom to those around them. As such, most born are either killed by their parents or left to die in the wilds. Her father and mother scoffed at this old superstition and chose to keep their daughter all the same. Hertha's father, a pirate himself, was captured and killed by marines before Hertha turned 1. Tensions quickly began to rise in her village, people began to whisper that any of them could be next to be caught up in the children curse. Her mother had always been of poor health and was more a civilian than a warrior, she knew she couldn't protect her daughter from the fearful superstitions. She took to the east blue with her infant child, even for a 'weak' giantess such as her living in the calm territory of the East Blue would be a fairly simple task. She settled in on a somewhat remote island town, making her place among their farming community; The locals greatly appreciated the immense strength of the giantess on their efforts so their lives were fairly easy.

Hertha took deep pride in her Elbaf heritage, as well in her father's legacy. her mother telling her stories of their history as a people or her father's adventures. She decided she wanted to train to be a great warrior and carried the Redrivers name back to the seas and prove her blood wasn't truly a curse to her and her family. Her mother, despite everything, supported this wish. Sickly though she was was, she still an Elbafian who honored valor and courage above all, and seeing her daughter spit at her 'curse' and deciding to walk her fathers path gave her great pride. She wanted nothing more than her child to shove their stupid superstitions down their throat. Hertha spent many years training on her own, eventually seeking out a master to aid her in her training in the east blue. Finding someone who could teach her a style suitably close to the traditional Elbaf fighting styles was difficult, but she eventually found a 'giant human' who specialized in fighting techniques for people of their size. She adjusted them accordingly to better imitate her mother's descriptions of Elbaf combat.

Since leaving her mother's side in search of honor and glory she has grown a reputation as a mercenary. Working for anyone who had the coin to buy her blade. Funny enough, she would often lower her price a great deal if the job was 'difficult enough'. This was a tactic to help her more likely to attract 'glory' winning jobs. Though it had the unfortunate side effect of giving her a distasteful Alias.' Hertha the Cheap'. Some even dared call her 'Hertha the Runt', as the ruffians who do mercenary work out in the east-blue don't tend to know about Elbaf and those that do certainly don't know enough about them to know about a condition that would make a full-blooded giant so small. Most think she is a delusional 'giant-sized human' and use the moniker to taunt and make fun of her. Though they often regret it.

While dabbling in pirating she was never directly associated with any captain or crew so has yet to be labeled as anything more than a troublesome sellsword known for immense strength and tenacity. Her ultimate goal was to become a pirate like her father, But she had trouble finding a captain and crew who's met her liking. She has worked for just as many merchants as pirates and has been offered full-time jobs plenty of times.

Combat: Hertha is a well-trained swords/shield woman. Her style, like that of many young Elbafian warriors still forging their skills, is simple but effective. She leverages her great reach and strength to her advantage in combat. She has yet to evolve her style very far out of the basic form of elbaf sword play, but her personal flair is starting to bud in the form of her being very nimble and dexterous for her size, making her effective at both fighting groups of normal-sized foes and troublesome to single ones larger than her, much less anyone in her own weight class. Shes seems to be about twice as strong as most giant-sized humans of her size, a trait she attributes to Elbafin heritage.

She is actually quite the handy girl. She forged her own blade , helm, and shield. She put her size and strength to many uses around her village. Construction, ship-repairs, farming, you name it she probably did it for a decade or two. Put that with the better part of 8 years she's been at sea and she's already a very versatile 'jack of all trades' sailor to have on board. Besides being able to deal with most strength-based problems, she can perform minor and emergency ship repairs. Though her greatest skill is Blacksmithing, she spent a great deal of her free time among the village blacksmiths. Had she not preferred swinging a sword rather than making them she could have likely made a living at metal work. To that end, she is handy at fixing a great deal of weapons and devices, as well as crafting new ones if you give her the blueprints for what you want and don't mind her maybe having to make a prototype or two before getting it right.

Relationships: She doesn't know the crew or captain yet, save for what she's read in the papers. But that has given her a good feeling about this crew, she thinks she may have finally found a ship worth calling home.

Dreams: She wishes to be recognized as not just a true warrior by all of Elbaf, but one of the greatest that ever lived.
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