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Welcome to the Jedi Fortress World of Tython.

The OOC for this is likely to be WIP for a little bit as we focus on getting roleplay going, and focus less on Guides. So please be patient and if you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to Heat or myself.

Tython Guide: docs.google.com/document/d/1kP5cjcsqk…

A Dark Sider just crash-landed onto Tython. The planet is reacting to the presence of a Dark Sider for the first time in 20, 000 years. Hurricane/Typhoon Force storms are kicking up all over the planet.

Heat's post illustrates the Jedi Order is going to know almost instantly, if not because of the Force than because of all the defensive technology they have on the planet.

It's an All Hands event, meaning any Jedi on Tython, no matter their rank, can get involved.
Current State of Tython

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A quick summary...

🔸An unknown vessel manages to slip past the defenses around Tython and fall to it's surface.

🔸Jedi Master Kyla Vondin takes a speeder to the Temple after watching the ship fall to the surface. At the Temple she is joined by her Padawan San Anin and (NPC)Jedi Knight Elav Chiyoa. They take a small dropship out to the Rift, the site of the crash, and investigate.

🔸They are joined by Padawan Jaslyn Dayne in the Rift.

🔸The pilot of the crashed ship, Dark Sider Selene, explores further into the Rift while paying no mind to the Jedi who are looking for her near the surface.

🔸Selene explores and ancient Dark Side hideaway in the Rift, following the directions from her ancestor's spirit.

🔸Selene discovers her Je'daii Ranger ancestor belonged to a secret Dark Side sect that went into hiding when they were discovered. Instead of help them or return to try to save some of them, he left the planet and his life as a Je'daii Ranger behind. He decided to make a new life somewhere else where no one would know who or what he was.

🔸Selene destroys a large crystal once used by the sect to focus spirit and energy in order to prevent her ancestor from gaining any real power.

🔸After her discovery, Selene manages to return to the surface with the help of a giant wyrm. She quickly commondeers the ship that the Jedi had used to travel to the Rift.

🔸Kyla, Elav, San, and Jaslyn attempt to fight off Sithspawn near the entrance of the rift. They are pushed back to the surface, the Sithspawn on their heels.

🔸Selene commondeers the Jedi's shuttle, leaving a now gravely wounded Elav, Kyla, San stranded.

🔸Jaslyn Dayne boards the shuttle in an attempt to stop Selene.

🔸Selene threatens Jaslyn, causing the Padawan to stay on the shuttle.

🔸Satale Shan, Jace Malcolm, and Theron Shan all meet up at the Orbital Station above Tython. A family reunion.

🔸Jaslyn and Selene take the shuttle to the Silent Desert and found the Tho Yor.

🔸Elav Chiyoa dies of injuries sustained from the Sithspawn.

🔸Kyla and San regroup at the Temple. From there they head to the Silent Desert, where Selene is thought to be.

🔸Bryethe Farlance arrives from the Orbital Station to the Temple and joins a team on their way out to the desert as well.

🔸Brye, Kyla, and San regroup and prepare to face the Dark Sider.

🔸Takryn Malkovi arrives at the Temple for healing and recuperation.

🔸Jex Saranth finishes a lecture to a group of Initiates. Afterwards he is instructed to meet up with Grandmaster Satele Shan.

🔸Jaslyn and Selene both believe to have seen Force visions. Jaslyn's was of ancestral answers she feels to be truth, while the Dark Sider Selene believes she found the very secrets of the universe.

🔸Grandmaster Satele Shan and Jace Malcolm arrive on Tython.

🔸Selene and Jaslyn emerge from the Tho Yor, confronted by Kyla, Brye, and San Anin.

🔸San Anin is overwhelmed by her emotions and lashes out at Selene, who is protected by Jaslyn. Brye pulls San Anin back and Kyla Vondin takes control of the situation.

🔸Jaslyn and Selene surrender without issue and are taken back to the Temple for interrogation, guarded by Jedi.
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Jaslyn Dayne applying to Advance Empathy, Telepathy & Trial of Courage

Empathy & Telepathy examples are the following posts:

Trial of Courage example:
  • Full Post Open hider for portion for reference.
  • Full Post Open hider for portion for reference.

@Ellri & @Fallenreaper
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