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Persistent World Mod Online

Wind swept through the skyscraping mountains of the fortress world of Tython, the original homeworld of the Jedi Order. Fate had now brought the Order back to this planet, tucked safely into the Deep Core arm of the star system. Away from the unpredictable Sith Empire and to a lesser extent, the Galactic Republic who had placed the blame of losing the war squarely on the Jedi’s shoulders. Tython was a fresh start in some ways for the Order, a real chance to recover and prosper. The new Jedi temple stood tall in the Tythos Ridge mountain range, sturdily built with proper defenses installed around it. The Temple was bustling with activity, as it was most days.

The entire world seemed to pulsate with the Force, stronger in some areas than others. At the moment the planet was at peace, ever since the Order had returned the world seemed serene. The immense Force storms and groundquakes which rocked the planet to its roots were silent. The oceans rocked gently and the forests echoed with the natural sound of animals. The Masters’ Retreat sat northwest of the Jedi temple, perched above a lake filled with ancient, sunken ruins of the old Order. A getaway of sorts for the master Jedi to relax and discuss issues pertaining to the order in peace.

Kyla stood perched on the left hangar of the retreat. Her arms rested on the rails as she gazed at the mountains, deciding which one she would try to scale next. Her robes and hair flowed gently in the breeze, a tightly knotted ponytail swept over her shoulder. A rare smile was on her face, albeit only a slight one. Birds chirped and danced in the air above her, as fish darted and dived in the waters below her. She could spend hours out here, in nature simply observing all of its beauty. But she had duties to attend to, Grandmaster Shan had left for Dxun a few days ago, leaving Kyla and the rest of the council running the day to day operations on Tython.

As the battlemaster turned to head inside the retreat she paused in stride, blinking slowly as she felt a strange sensation in the Force. She swirled herself rapidly around, eyes cast to the sky. As her pupils swept across the deep blue skyline, her gaze stuck on what she had sensed. A falling object, rapidly descending as it tore through orbit and rocketed through scattered clouds. It was small and left a fuming trail of smoke as it fell downwards. It clearly not a meteorite, those occasionally landed on the world but tore apart as they went through the atmosphere. This entity stayed in one piece as it drew closer and closer to smashing on the surface of the new Jedi homeworld. It was a starfighter, of which origin she did not know.

Birds screeched and a shiver crept its way through Kyla’s bones as the falling vessel disappeared behind the massive snowcapped mountains in the horizon. Her eyes went wide as the planet itself shook ever so slightly, confirming the disturbance. Not a powerful quake but one that told the Jedi all she needed to know. She suspected whoever crashed in the Rift had done so on purpose. Which brought up plenty of disturbing questions to the now highly concerned battlemaster.

Could it be the Sith?

There was no chance it was. They had no knowledge of Tython’s hyperspace coordinates, even then the planet was a fortress world. Even the Sith weren’t idiotic enough to send one of their own fighters careening through orbit in a scenario where they found Tython. All Kyla knew was that the other Jedi must have seen it, they had placed sensors all across the planet, especially along the Rift. None of the Order was allowed in that jagged tear in the ground without permission from the council. The canyon echoed with mystery and danger, the Force especially vibrated around the area. The one time she decided to explore it herself the Force seemed to go haywire with an increasingly disturbing feeling the further she went down in it.

Kyla climbed onto her speeder bike, slammed her foot down on the ignition then launched herself away from the Master’s retreat. Her expression scrunching in focus as she rocketed towards the Temple, zooming through the plains with intent.
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The Fundamentals of Makashii

It was a data book that provided a very in-depth analysis of the second form of lightsaber combat, having many tips and many instructions on the art of lightsaber-to-lightsaber combat. For many aspiring Jedi Knights, it would have proved to be an interesting read and extraordinarily helpful for furthering the understanding of the extended uses of the Jedi’s sacred weapon. However, it provoked no such interest from the padawan known as San Anin, who sat cross-legged in her chair in front of the computer screen. The Kel Dor merely had no true passion for studying the art of battle, even though Battlemaster Kyla had ordered her to study the form.

Instead, San Anin found herself in a rather pleasant meditation, connecting her mind with the force and for a moment becoming one with it. Yet, as strong of a connection she had, maintaining it was one of ever-growing difficulty as the thoughts of disappointing her master grew into her worried mind. With a sigh, San Anin opened her eyes, looking through her goggles at the computer screen for a moment. Had she not gone into meditation, she would have been done with the databook by then, however, it was just something exceptionally boring to her. Her eyes read the lines, but her mind did not absorb the knowledge that would be needed if the cold war between the Republic and the Empire ended. War was something far from her mind and far from any form of interest that may have been carried with her, only because she refused to focus on it. It was war and hostility that had already taken something from her and she wished to avoid thinking such thoughts.

San Anin leaned forward, attempting to concentrate on the databook as her master had instructed her to. There was a brief moment of where she truly focused on the databook before it was quickly interrupted as to what force techniques she felt like brushing up on and perfecting. It was the force that clouds her mind from concentrating, or rather her interest in the mysterious power that flowed through all life. Her eyes were soon closed again as she entered meditation once more, allowing her mind to focus upon it and grasp it with all of its mental capabilities.

However, a great disturbance thrust her out of the meditation and her eyes snapped open in response to the strange feeling. San Anin cautiously got to her feet and began to walk towards a viewing area, very carefully stepping forwards to look into the air. She saw a fighter, smoking and descending at a rapid pace towards Tython. A moment of worry struck her mind, wondering what, or who may have been in that ship to cause her to feel a disturbance in the force. It was not often that she felt a noticeable change in the force and her mind raced between curiosity and worry at such a change before the strange sensation crawled up her spine to envelop her fully.

In a matter of instinct, San Anin rushed out of the study hall and towards the entrance of the temple to try and get a better view of what was going on. By the time she had reached the entrance, the ship had already disappeared from her view but it had already disappeared behind the mountains. She did not know what to do nor how to react as others caught the notice of what was going on around her, spurring other worry and confusion from the others. How was she supposed to react to all of this? Was it Sith? Was it an assassin to claim another master from her? More worry flooded into her mind as she began to think of the worst, causing her to search herself on what to do in the situation, but then the studying she did of what to do came to her.

San Anin inhaled deeply, exhaling as she cleared her mind and focused on the disturbance and what to do. Soon, her mind settled on an answer.

She would wait.
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Jaslyn Dayne

Location: Tython

Interaction: Open

Mentions: Battelmaster Kyla @Heat

Jaslyn moved through the wilderness while practicing her forms without her weapon drawn. The dappled sunlight glinted off the metallic shine of the deactivated sabers at her hips. Her long coppery red hair was pulled back from her face and smoothed into a tight ponytail that rested high on the back of her head. Not surprisingly that fiery waterfall of hair fell to her waist. It caught the sunlight and shone like a patch of sunset in the middle of the morning.

Her outfit was simple and lightweight paired with her olive green cloak that would keep her warm and dry if the weather turned on her. The weather was pleasant so Jaslyn had left the cloak with her speeder bike. Barely making a sound as she moved from one form to another fluidly blending the two. Soresu to Ataru and back again as she made her way up a rise.

Jaslyn executed a particularly complex maneuver that she had been working into The Way of the Hawk Bat after seeing Battlemaster Kyla perform the maneuver more than once. Adding in a front flip to the spinning flourish, courtesy of the Battlemaster, Jaslyn moved over a log in her path and narrowly missed slamming into a tree as she continued her moving meditation.

Jaslyn loved to combine meditation and her forms about as much as teaching the younglings. Maybe a little bit more than teaching. Thankfully I’ve never been in battle. Rare as that is I’m no fool and am glad for the lack of lethal combat. I have a feeling that it was not to stay that way for much longer.

Getting to the rise that was clear Jaslyn looked over the valley she was fond of exploring. She pushed the boundaries with the fact that she hadn’t told anyone that she was going out again. Granted she was going to check some of the sensors so not a big deal. Maybe get closer to the Rift.

She wasn’t a youngling. Practically a Knight, or well on the way to be one. She could take care of herself and others. The fact that she was taking her time to do it was not one of those things that you readily admit before going out. Besides she was almost a Knight. Jaslyn was just waiting on her trials.

Goosebumps ran across her whole body. A wracking shudder that crawled up her spine plus a high pitched scream of a vessel in the atmosphere, made for an eerie feeling. Jaslyn’s eyes snapped to the sky and followed the path of a vessel as it came down. “No no no. Please not the Rift. Stay together and out of the Rift.”

Jaslyn tracked the vessel’s crash. Yes crash. That is exactly what it was, a crash. It went down behind the mountain range on the other side of the valley. The Rift was on the other side of that mountain range. The resounding screech of metal hitting earth made Jaslyn jerk out of the stupor that the sight of the careening vessel across the sky had put her in.

Dread of finding someone dead because she had hesitated moved Jaslyn into action. She knew that if she reported on the communicator that they’d tell her to come back to the temple. Someone could die if she did. Torn she looked down at the communicator that she’d instinctively dug out of her robes.

The flicker and pull on the Force in the direction of the crash made up her mind. Jaslyn put the communicator back in her robes and headed toward the crash site. Whoever it was Jaslyn was sure they needed help. Perhaps a Jedi that was late was in trouble and that is why she seemed drawn to the crash site.

Backtracking to the speeder bike that Jaslyn had taken out earlier that morning from the temple she activated the tracking device on it. Pointing the nose of the bike toward where she felt the pull she kicked it into gear. It would probably take her a maybe an hour to locate the crash site but hopefully whoever was in the vessel would be alright.

Topping the rise she had just been at now on the bike she pressed her lips together and leaned the bike forward and started the descent into the valley. Jaslyn had some hard riding and maneuvering to concentrate on. Well here goes hope this is worth it.
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The speeder hummed and screeched as the Jedi battlemaster accelerated over the hills and plains of Tython, causing a roaming pack of Uxibeasts to screech and scatter. Kyla swiveling between the gap in the herd as she rocketed closer to the temple. The disturbance was still evident within the Force, dark storm clouds gathered in the once clear blue skies. As the temple came into view she heard the fierce rumble of thunder, birds screamed in the air as they flew in seemingly random directions. She’d almost forgotten the animals reacted to these fierce fluctuations in the Force just like the Jedi did. It had to be a force sensitive of some sort who crash landed, perhaps not a Sith though that was not yet ruled out.

Around her people darted around in confusion, as lightning into the mountains beyond them. She could sense the oceans churning, the planet as far from peace as she could ever recall it being. Kyle took a deep breath, focusing her mind on controlling and assessing the situation at hand. She slammed on the brakes of her vehicle, another screech echoed as it came to a full stop in the middle of the courtyard in front of the main building. She closed her eyes for a moment, feeling the Force flow around her as she sensed for her padawan. The young girl must have been terrified, but Kyla had taught her well to compose her fear. San was here, that was something to be thankful for at least.

The battlemaster then jumped off of her speeder, leaving it behind as she jogged towards the entrance. Temple guards brought organization to the confusing, frightening situation, waving any Jedi inside. Two Jedi knights carried around holopads as they did head counts, accounting for all personal in the temple. There were still others in the wilds of the now chaotic planet and all Kyla could do at this moment was hope the Force was keeping them safe. She had to deal with the crash head on, but not alone. She pushed through the entrance, then let out a relief filled sigh followed by a slight smile as she spotted her padawan.

“San! Are you alright?” Kyla asked, placing a comforting hand on her young apprentice’s left shoulder. Care evident in her facial expression.

“Master!” San exclaimed happily as her master reunited with her. Her mask blocked her expression but the sense of ease that Kyla had brought was clear as day knowing her master was with safe. Her mind did not linger upon this happiness, however, as the Kel Dor looked to the mountains with a troubled feeling over taking her. She let out a rather hesitant noise as she thought to speak but failing to find words in order to properly relay what she was feeling at that time. That was merely how San Anin was as she awkwardly fumbled to find the words.

“D-do you know what is happening, m-master?” San asked softly, her reclusive nature coming to her as her hand sank a bit. When her confidence failed, San Anin’s hands began to interlock as her mind attempted to put itself at ease like it had before her master had come. However, it was merely impossible at the moment, there were too many people for her to try such a thing. It was clear that she was more concerned by the crowd of peers than the situation, at least, that was what it had seemed as her body language went inwards. San Anin kept herself closed off, hunching her back as her face went to look around at the crowd.

“A ship broke through orbit and crashed in the Rift beyond the mountains. I’m not sure of what make the ship is. I don’t believe it's a Sith though,” Kyla replied as her small smile at seeing her padawan faded, she kept her hand on San’s shoulder, then led the Kel Dor down a hallway towards her office. “This planet is extremely rich in the Force, you feel it don’t you? Unlike any other world. When there’s a disturbance in the Force on Tython it just causes the planet to go haywire, the environment reacts, the animals react and the Force itself reacts. I fear its only going to get worse, but that's why we’re going to fix this situation immediately.”

She gave her apprentice a firm nod of confidence, trying to word what she said as if not to apply intense pressure on the young girl, or frighten her. As they stepped inside of her office Kyla moved behind her desk, opening a cabinet from which she quickly changed into her Jedi armor. Marked and scarred from the battles it had been through even before San was born, it still was Kyla’s choice when she was called to action. She lifted one foot up, placing it on the edge of her desk as she tied her boot.

“I’m not sure what we’ll encounter in the Rift, I doubt that we’re the only Jedi heading there. Though the Order is advising all Jedi on the planet to stay in the temple. We’re going against that. You’re going to have to be at your wisest, strongest and readiest. I’m going to need your help if we’re going to solve this.” Kyle stated calmly as she finished tying both her boots, then all of her armor on slipped her long Jedi robe on top and walked out of her office with San in tow. They walked towards the front entrance, seemingly going the opposite way of everyone else.

San Anin seemed apprehensive at the idea of going after something that managed to breach through Tython, though her master seemed far more intent on it. “M-master, are you sure this is best idea? I, ugh- it’s just…,” her voice trailed off as she looked at her more confident master before clearing her voice, “I-I am not exactly the best duelist and I w-would suspect whatever we are going after is going to be, erm, stronger than me.”

The padawan lacked the confidence that her master had, partially from the fact that she had been putting off her studies of the lightsaber. San Anin knew that if they were going after whoever had decided to come to Tython then she may have to demonstrate her poor saber skills. Yet, she could not tell her master out of fear of being punished, or worse, finding that she had disappointed her master in any capacity. The teen looked back the other Jedi who retreated into the confines of the temple before her head swiveled back to her master.

“N-not that I doubt your decisions, m-master. I just d-don’t k-,” her voice trailed off again as she spoke, this time not bothering to continue with the worried statement.

“I know that you feel you are lacking with lightsabers, San. Chances are we are only facing one or at maximum a couple of Force users if any. The ship looked small, like a fighter, and it was the only one which fell. Regardless you are strong in the Force, San. Stronger than you believe you are. A Jedi’s strength does not only come from how well they swing a lightsaber.” Kyla said as she turned to give her padawan a reassuring glance.

“Believe in yourself San, and in my advice. I have had an apprentice die on me before and it was my own fault. I will not allow any harm to come to you. I promise you.” She added, firm in her words as they walked now outside of the temple, passing the guards who gave them a confused parting glance.

San Anin stares at her master in silence for a few moments, her previous apprehensions fading only slightly as Kyla promised to protect her. However, her feelings on the whole operation was still keeping her in a more worried state, despite the ease that her master brought. The padawan let out a sigh as she looked to the ground as she tried to clear her mind the best she could.

To their left was a small dropship, a plain grey with no weaponry. The battlemaster flicked a switch and the back began to open up to them. As she motioned for San to head inside Kyla heard a familiar voice behind her.
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Persistent World Mod Online

“What do we have here, master Vondin? Taking your padawan out at a dangerous time like this?” A male twi’lek asked, his skin a dark green, clad in the signature robes of the Jedi. A smirk on his face, a notable scar running across his right cheek all the way down to his chin. His left hand a cybernetic, eyes lit with curiosity and sarcasm. Kyla shook her head as Jedi knight Elav Chiyoa approached them.

“I’m surprised you’re not already out there Elav, its your kind of business.” She said to the scarred twi’lek as he walked up to her, giving San a brief glance.

“I was just on my way and now it seems a convenient transport appeared in front of me, and I guess you’re my chauffeur.” He joked with a deep laugh. Kyla once more shaking her head as another rare smile escaped onto her lips. Elav was a comedian, but he was a damn good Jedi as well. She’d fought alongside him in some of her later battles during the war.

“You’re San right? Be careful with your master, she climbs mountains for fun.” He added with a nod towards the Kel Dor. Then glanced back at Kyla.
“I-I don’t think she does,” San Anin said in a soft voice, the joke going over her head completely as her social awkwardness forced her to be more reclusive as she stayed close to the battlemaster. Her eyes did not leave Kyla, at least, they kept the master in her field of view as she thought of what else to say in response to Elav. Her hands continued to play with each other as she tried to clear her mind, though it seemed impossible with her nerves getting to her. Her hands stopped playing with each other as she realized what she was doing, embarrassed at being so helpless in the situation. San Anin’s mind raced as to what they might face in the Rift.

“Yep, now you’re driving, have fun. The Rift isn’t far.” Kyla replied as Elav rolled his eyes, strolling to the cockpit and sliding into the pilot’s seat.
With Elav out of the San Anin’s sight, she relaxed a bit before she found a spot to sit and cross her legs to try to meditate. Gradually, as she closed her eyes, her worries of the day began to fall away as her mind became one with the force once more. She could feel the conflict that the intruder brought to the planet as San Anin honed her mind. Never before had she felt the planet so conflicted, as if it shared the same worries of facing the dark side that the Kel Dor had.

“I’m sorry for being so shy, master,” San Anin said in an unnervingly calm voice, her eyes still closed behind her protective goggles. At least her shy nature faded away when she meditated, a natural stress relief for the reclusive padawan. “I will try to be more confident in the future,” she continued, the calm voice persisting.

“Don’t worry about it San, you have a gentle soul. There’s no shame in that. I’d rather you were calm, composed and quiet than boisterous and unpredictable.” Kyla stated with a nod, sitting across from her padawan as the shuttle door closed and the vessel rose upwards off the ground. As it rocketed up more she heard Elav exclaim something from the cockpit, over the roar of the thrusters.

“You know I’m serious, I’ve seen that battlemaster climb up one of those snow capped mountains single handedly. What do you think she does in her free time?” The twi’lek said as he pushed the controls forwards and piloted them over the very mountain range he was speaking about.

“Ignore him. He’s just ridiculous.” Kyla said to San Anin as the transport continued heading towards the Rift.

Even now the three Jedi could sense the peculiar sensations within the Force caused by the mysterious crash landing. Beneath them the planet rocked gently from a Force storm caused another arthquake, which was strong enough to topple over smaller trees and knock over shelves. She feared if they didn’t put a stop to the disturbances then these quakes would only grow in strength, literally ripping fissures in the ground at its worst point. The veteran Jedi closed her eyes, slowing her breathing as she attempted to meditate on the light side.

In her mind she saw the oceans of Tython, the waters now ravenous with waves. The deep blue seas rocked powerfully, slamming tides into the shores with increasing furiosity. In the desert sandstorms kicked up, spraying dirt, rock and sand across the waterless wasteland. It seemed the entire planet was trembling, only increasing in furiosity. Still, she managed to find some peace in the Force. Just enough to focus her thoughts, calm her nerves and ready herself for whatever challenges they would soon face.

“We’re close!” Elav shouted as the ship rocked gently, signaling they were indeed drawing nearer to the Rift.

Fierce winds swept through the fearsome, mysterious gorge in the ground. Kyla could sense others strong in the Force deep within the canyon, though it was too chaotic to figure out exactly who or what their intentions were. She slowly opened her eyes, and rose to her feet, grasping onto a side-bar as the transport began to lower to the barren ground. With her free hand she carefully grasped one of San’s then looked her teenaged apprentice in the eyes with pure certainty.

“The Force is with us.”

“The Force is always with us,” San Anin said, nodding her head to her master, looking at the shuttle door with a clear mind. Her mind focused on the task at hand, not the consequences or challenges that they may face, only that they needed to know what was happening. With her hand being held by her master, the padawan grabbed her lightsaber with the other as she prepared herself for any hostilities.

Kyla nodded confidently, pleased with how San had put her worries aside in order to focus on the mission at hand. The shuttle came to a stop in its descent as its landing gear deployed and the ship’s back door slowly began to open. From out of the cockpit walked Elav, clenching a lightsaber in each hand as he glanced at Kyla and San.

“I didn’t pick up signs of any other ships in our vicinity, whatever craft crash landed is deep down the Rift. Hope you both like walking.” The twi’lek said with another smirk, then was the first one to step outside of the transport. The battlemaster and her apprentice not far behind.

“We should be able to hop right down, follow the signs of the crash and the activity within the Force.” Kyla said as she walked across the barren rocky ground surrounding the Rift. Jagged rocks shot up from the ground around them, long dead trees littered the landscape near the gorge. A scentless smoke emitted deep from the depths of the fissure in the planet before them.

“Hey, do you see this?” Elav exclaimed, his voice echoing from below. The Jedi knight already having begun his descent into the canyon.

A set of ledges and sturdy rocks allowing the trio to make their way into the depths, carefully of course. One misstep or slip could prove fatal. As Kyla peeked over the edge down towards Elav she noted he was holding up a large piece of metal with both hands. A piece of the ship that had broken off as it fell into the gorge. Apparently having hit one of the jagged rocks which shot from the sides of the canyon. It was dented and scratched, the rest of the vessel couldn’t have been far.

“We’re on the right path then, let's get going.” The battlemaster stated, then leaped down to the same spot as Elav, waving her hand cautiously for her padawan to follow.

The twi’lek Jedi continued ahead having discarded the metal from the ship, descending to another ledge below them. Kyla blinked as the Force echoed as they went deeper into the Rift, finding it to be an intense sensation. Only amplified by the disturbance from the crashed ship. Suddenly the canyon shook, the Force momentarily screaming out to them before settling itself as quickly as the quake arrived.

“I have never felt the Force do something like this. What could we be tracking that caused this?” San Anin asked to nobody in particular as she carefully maneuvered around an outcrop. She looked to her master before she stopped, allowing herself to feel the sensation that the force imposed upon them. It was a conflicting feeling, though very clear in how much it was unnatural to the planet as a whole. The padawan shook herself free from the force’s hold as she followed closely behind her master, lightsaber hilt still in her hand.

“Likely a powerful dark side inclined force user. The sudden arrival of one would shake the balance of the Force on the world,” Elav stated from below, pausing in his descent to turn and glance back at the San Anin. “One steeped in the dark side.”

“So you think it may be a Sith?” Kyla asked as she carefully dropped down from a steep ledge.

“Possibly. Not all who dwell on the dark side align with the Sith though. Could even be a fallen Jedi. That’d explain how they found this world.” He replied, as unsure as anyone else was about the new arrival to Tython. Another tremble shook the canyon, causing the trio of Jedi to pause in firm stances until it subsided.

“We have to put a stop to the quakes before it rips the world apart. We’ve already lost one temple.” Kyla stated, referring to the sacking of the Coruscant temple. A horrifying incident that seemed to only upset her the more she thought of it, though she was not there during the attack.

“Oh we will. I believe they aren’t far, that looks like a ship.” Elav said with another sly smile, extending one hand to point out a badly damaged starship in their sight. Grounded and dented all over, it seems whoever was piloting it managed to skid it across the rocky floor. A short distance from a side tunnel, the likely destination of whoever made it out of the ship alive.

“Lets go. That has to be it,” Kyla said as she darted downwards, until she was on the same level as the crash landed vessel. Elav alongside her as they cautiously walked towards it, their lightsabers in hand. “Augh, the Force is pulsating down that cavern.”

The strength of it caused Kyla to grab her temples momentarily, causing an intense dizziness which faded after a few seconds. Elav experienced similar issues but both the experienced Jedi brought themselves back to focus. The battlemaster trekked back to find San, making completely sure that her padawan was ready for whatever they may soon encounter within the Rift. Meanwhile Elav looked at the remains of the crashed starship, attempting to look for any pieces which bore a ship name. While badly damaged, the ship did not resemble any Imperial designs he could recall.

“San, I want you to stick close to me once we head into that tunnel. We’re both in uncharted waters here and I need you to be strong for me and for yourself. You see or hear anything unusual let me know immediately.” Kyla said, ensuring her words came out clear and precise.

“I-I’ll be with you, master,” San Anin nodded to Kyla, clearly concentrating on remaining focused and not letting the pulsating feeling of the force get to her. Clearly, the padawan was having a harder time grasping the power and conflict the further they descended into the Rift, though it seemed she was willing to push on despite the dizziness and general unease she felt. With her eyes forward, she stepped past her master to look at the Rift and the crashed ship to examine it from a distance before letting out a sigh.

“I’ll follow your lead,” the padawan said, turning to her master.
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Jaslyn Dayne

Location: Tython

Interaction: Master Kyla Vondin; Knight Elav Chiyoa @Heat & Padawan San Anin @Lauder


Jaslyn's progress was slowed by the turmoil that ensued planet side. Repeatedly she dodged small fauna and had to scramble, backtracking to get down the mountain. Finally getting to the base as safely as she could she looked out over the stretch of plains before the Rift. Thunder rolled over head and with her view clear of the canopy she watched the massive storm rolling and boiling in the sky.

I've never seen a storm come up so quickly and violently here. Is it responding to the crash? Who is in that ship? Just as that thought crossed her mind a shuttle passed over head. And the cavalry has arrived. Good I don't think I want to be the only one here. Hopefully they have a healer.

Gunning the speeder Jaslyn flew across the plains. Miraculously, or not so miraculously considering the fact that the Force was with her, Jaslyn arrived at the landing site of the shuttle. Hopping off she looked around. And this is where I wish someone just left bread crumbs.

Suddenly an earthquake rocked the terrain. Bracing her feet apart Jaslyn rode out the quake. As it passed Jaslyn shrugged and investigated the area. She nodded as she saw boot prints in the dirt. Pulling out the communicator Jaslyn looked around at the Rift edge. If it were me down there I’d like to know if someone was coming in behind me.

Jaslyn brought up the communicator and relayed. “This is Jaslyn Dayne can anyone hear me? Over.” Waiting for a response for about thirty seconds Jaslyn is drawn to the site where, unbeknownst to her; Kyla, San and Elva had started their trip down the side of the gorge. “I say again, this is Jaslyn Dayne can anyone hear me? I will be investigating the crash site. Respond… Over.” The silence over the line was poignant and heralded disaster.

Although a foreboding thought was not lost on her Jaslyn pushed it aside and hooked the communicator to the front of her robes under her cloak. Taking out her twin hilts Jaslyn connected them together. “Alright I gave you long enough to respond. Seems like going down into the Rift is going to happen.” Climbing down she easily maneuvered quickly down the ledge to the last one before the canyon floor, that she assumed the others had used. Nearing the ship Jaslyn swayed as the Force nearly overwhelmed her.

Rage. Darkness. Pain. Fear. In overwhelming abundance. Jaslyn had never felt such strong emotion from someone that she couldn’t see. The emotions blocked out everything else. What is going on?! This hasn’t happened for years! Why now?! Fighting the overwhelming emotions for what seemed like an eternity, in reality it was about a minute, Jaslyn was finally able to separate her own emotions from the other entities emotions.

The rage and darkness dialed back. The fear was still present but not as pronounced. Finally the fog cleared and Jaslyn recognized Master Vondin, Knight Chiyoa and San all turned toward the tunnel which was the only one that made sense for someone in the wreck to have gone.

“Wonderful weather we’re having isn’t it?” Hoping that was innocuous enough not to set them off.
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"When the last light warms the ashen surface of Tython, only then will they return. Back to where it all ended, so that it all can be reborn again."

Her dark eyes had read over the text a hundred times, but the hundred and first was different as she wandered through darkness and heat. Far behind and high above lay the remains of the modified shuttle she used to make it to the surface of Tython, swallowed by creatures spawned by the very darkness that acted as a guide as it sliced through the light of the Galaxy beyond. As she crawled from the specially designed reinforced cockpit bubble of the shuttle, the dark creatures stared with eyes alive with cold red light. If there was supposed to be fear, Selene hadn't felt it. Either from herself, or from the creatures.

The largest she knew by name: Terentatek. It stood sentinel over the crash site, the Force whispering truth her heart already knew, "They've been waiting for you." The very heartbeat in which she heard the whisper, she felt the ground shake and looked up to see the sky darken and swirl and crack with lightning. Bright, bright, blue lightning. The spawn simply watched as she slipped past them and headed down. It had to be down, simulations and projections were impossible given the nature of the planet Tython. There was no telling, Selene thought, if the Kwa had made it that way or if their Tho-Yors were the engines behind it all.

Or if Tython was truly an extension of the Force made into planetary form.

She heard howls high above her head the deeper down she went, and felt so easily what surged through the seemingly endless jagged rocky descent into Tython that was the Rift. The Light Side had arrived. Selene's eyes bounced between the gaps between rock outcrops, but down this far, there was no more sky to see...yet she could see. Through the eyes of Dark Side spawn Selene could see the hurricane above the Rift grow in magnitude and size, the entire sky of the planet would soon match the hazy green. The very balance of the planet has been thrown off.

Tython was having a fit, reconciling the sudden re-emergence of the Dark Side on the planet with the already established and entrenced Light Side that arrived with Revan's descendant, whatever the woman's name was. It was the first time in nearly a month Selene had smiled so broadly. She looked down upon her path, and continued on, leaving the Light Side for the Terentateks and much worse to deal with.


The milkwhite spectre suddenly stood in Selene's path just ten feet ahead, staring with wide expanses of white instead of eyes. It wore robes, a battery pack on a belt pulled tight around their slender waist. It's voice was scared, shaking, even as it sounded like it belonged in that place between sleeping and awake to Selene. "No," was the only response Selene offered, her right hand nearing the lightsaber on her belt.

"Where is he? Where is my lover, our protector? He said he would come back for us when the ship was ready."

Selene narrowed her eyes at the pathetic spirit. The face of the spirit turned upward as a shriek exploded from the milkwhite image of what was once a woman, shaking the Rift on every level, unleashing a chain reaction of Dark Side spawn howls in response, fueling the hunger and rage of the beasts climbing quick to feed on the Light Siders. The sound had left her ears ringing, her eyes clinched tight, and her body rocked by the Force onto the ground. When eyes opened there was no spectral figure, only an open path down. Selene cleared her throat and pushed herself up to her feet, the carefully designed cockpit having shielded her body from broken bones but the crash landing still left her sore. Everywhere. Slowly she got back to her feet with a grunt, and started forward again.

"Too late for good-bye, Ramal?"

"Verressa was a very talented healer, but she was always naive."

The man's cold voice echoed through her own mind, the very reason she had come to Tython. Ramal Vi, the ancient Je'daii Ranger, and secret Dark Side user. The woman was doubtlessly part of his hidden cell of Dark Siders. She had read the journal countless times: the Je'daii had discovered one of their own, it was only a matter of time until their imprisoned fellow told the Je'daii what they were doing, what they had stolen, and where they were hiding. So Ramal had told the remaining members of his group to make for the Rift, hide there where the Dark Side would protect them long enough for him to come back for them and get them off the planet.

They believed him, or desperation had left them no choice but to believe him. It would buy him time to go on his next Ranger mission, the opportunity he needed to leave without a trace. Their sacrifice would allow him to survive and thrive off Tython. He just took what he needed and ran, leaving them to waste away in the poisoned emptiness of the Rift. That sounded like something Selene might have done, a thought that made her chuckle as she carefully descended narrow paths downward, the presence of something very powerful and very dark growing the further down she got.

"You're not far. Watch for the wyrms. Our blood should protect you."

Should, he told her through echoes, as if that was supposed to make her feel better. It wasn't the wyrms that were upon the forefront of her mind as she lowered herself from one rocky narrow platform down to the next with a drop of ten feet, then a drop of twenty feet. Shadows danced every time she landed, the very Dark Side reacting to her presence. She felt clear, and she had never felt so strong. Like the entire Dark Side of the Force had focused itself on her, the only Dark Side user on the planet of Tython.

After the twenty foot drop was a small platform, and then just heat. As she peeked over the edge she found lava flow steaming and hissing as it met water flow. Between the steam could be seen shifts of movement, something, or somethings were alive and stirring down there. Selene felt her lips start to smile again as she embraced the full flow of the Dark Side power she felt focus on her, and simply stepped off the edge of the small rocky outcropping and plunged down into the steam and heat and danger below.

This was not here.

Curious, Selene thought in response to the statement from Ramal's echo. Looking around after landing softly she found only newly formed lava rock barely cool enough to not melt her boots onto her feet. Moving quickly was essential to staying upright, but her academic mind still wondered: was this the result of Tython? Was this the Rift's response to the hidden lair? There wasn't time to fully consider all the options and weigh them accordingly. The entrance of the cave stood before her, whisperings just past her hearings coming from deep within, two pale spirits with faces hidden in bonewhite shadow under spectral hooded robes.

The moment she took a step forward, spectral blades came to life and the game was on. It was her left hand that acted in response, not the right hand near her lightsaber hilt. For this she needed Ramal's amulet, not her lightsaber. Both spirits knelt, hissing and howling and cursing Ramal Vi. They hate you. They know you left them. What are you sending me into?

Entering she began to sweat, the heat of the Rift cave so intense, her breathing became difficult and her vision blurred. But yet she still saw after near fifty steps into the cave, where it windened and opened up to reveal an ancient study and lab. The machinary looked pre-Republic, and she knew it was, based on the Kwa technology that had housed them and transported them to this planet.

The skeletons were everywhere. At least a dozen, though Selene didn't count them as she stepped over them she did look for what the story they told. They held each other as they starved to death, some skeletons tossed against a far cutout in the rock, like a pit for the dead. Cannabalism, murder, starvation. The Dark Side pulsated and whispered history into her ear like it never had before. It was distraction, she knew, because the echo of her ancestor told her.

And in the darkness, where there was no light, she found it's glow. Blood red, angry, crackling and floating with six skeletons sprawled out all around it...the crystal. The purpose for arrival. It happened as expected, no less. She felt her hands move, she felt her mind haze over. The fight for control had begun. Through gritted teeth and immense effort, Selene mocked him, "Did you think your own blood would be half as stupid and naive?"


That was his mistake. Ramal had never loved anything but himself, that had become preciously clear to Selene. Selene loved her sister. It was the only thing in the Galaxy outside of knowledge she truly loved. Threaten that? The rage was always her key, as revenge had been his. The rage of the living would trumpet the revenge of the dead. She was left with one option, as pure anger forged her right hand into an unstoppable force. Up came the lightsaber, then ignition, then it moved. The very instant it neared the crystal, everything seemed to explode in light, every sound of every scream, every ounce of pain and love, everything they were, everything they'd ever be...


Nothing but steam and lava would remain within minutes, yet the rumble of the explosion persisted, at least it might seem like that ot the Jedi above as the giant wyrm went screaming up the opening of the Rift, destroying the very path Selene had used to find her way down, as she found her way up on it's back. Near the top it stopped, roared a sound that sounded like no nature creature, a pure Force Scream. A sound that sounded like a fanfare of trumpets to Selene, announcing the arrival of the Dark Sider to the near surface of the planet. A quick hop and Selene's feet hit rock, abandoning the wyrm moments before it snapped forward and ripped into the rock of the Rift, twisting it's massive hundred foot in length body upward as it chewed and pushed through the rock, towards the surface.

The world was hazy green again, the sound of wind howling once more loud, now that Selene had gotten to near surface level. Not far above she could feel the presence of half a dozen Dark Side spawn Terentateks closing on the undeniable presence of the Light Side. Hopefully the Dark Side spawn would allow her an opening to slip past, because now all she needed was escape from a planet that she knew there was next to no escape from. But she had a plan, and the second phase of it was now kicked off as she began to climb up for the surface with whatever hand hold and rocky platform to jump up to she could find.
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Colab with Kayla, San & Jaslyn

Kyla gripped her lightsaber tightly as she turned around, finger hovering off the ignition. She did not initially recognize the voice until she saw the familiar face of Jaslyn Dayne in front of her. The battlemaster let out a breath, relieved to see another Jedi. Though she was slightly confused as to why the red haired padawan was in such a dangerous place alone. Any help was help in such an extreme situation.
“Jaslyn, where did you come from?” Kyla asked curiously.
Jaslyn looks up. “Well from up there of course.” Looking back at Battlemaster Kyla and the look seems to say she didn’t know why she was asked such a question. “I was outside the temple checking sensors when everything went sideways. I saw the ship on a crash course and then saw the shuttle going the same way I was.”
San Anin gazed at Jaslyn, confused as to why she here and not at the safety of the temple like most other padawans were. She would have had suspicious, narrowed eyes at Jaslyn had her goggles not blocked the view of her eyes. With a huff, the Kel Dor thought of all the different reasons that the other padawan could have been in the Rift but San already guessed that the other padawan was just as inquisitive on what was happening as they were.
The weird feeling of something slimy or distasteful was present and Jaslyn rolled her shoulders looked around then focused on Kyla and the Knight. What was his name? E...E-something… I haven’t been this distracted since... Jaslyn’s eyes widened. Initiate Trials. Something is wrong!! This is just like the feeling where I had to face my darkside.
“It’s good to have another friendly face here, bu-” Kyla began to say as she heard lightning crack in the sky above them.
The sky turned an eerie shade, as the wind above them whipped ferociously. The Rift itself shook, as a piercing shriek echoed through the canyons. The ground around them quaking even worse than it had been before. The Force screaming out to the Jedi as a massive disturbance occurred. Kyla’s eyes went wide with confusion, as Elav looked ahead with a look more akin to shock, flicking on both of his lightsabers. His hands shaking as he tried to compose himself. The ground continued to shake terribly, rocks kicking up and breaking off to the sides of the Jedi.
“We’re not alone. Look out!” Elav hollered as six lumbering Terentateks appeared in their view. Assembling a short distance from the gathered Jedi, ready to slaughter and feast upon the outnumbered lightsiders.
“Jaslyn, San, get behind us now. Those things aren’t natural. The dark side surrounds them.” Kyla stated, removing her outer robe as she activated her own lightsaber. The pulsating blue blade igniting with ferocity as the armor clad battlemaster crouched in a striking position. Lightning and thunder pounded in the sky, lighting the canyon a fierce blue.
“Can either of you padawans fight? I’d wager those things can. What the hell are they?” The twi’lek asked, a tinge of fear inching through him as the beasts drew closer. Elav had faced his fair share of tough enemies in his time as a Jedi, but these creatures were something else entirely.
Jaslyn saw something out of the corner of her eye. Turning toward it she watched the Terentateks closing in on them, pushing the fear down. Beyond that someone climbing up the side a bit farther up than the four of them. “I suggest moving since it’s about two to one odds at best. Unless San has been brushing up on her forms and miraculously can fend the...things off a fight would be a liability. I say retreating is a great tactical move.”
“I-I will have you know I am c-capable of handling my self,” San Anin grumbled rather awkwardly, igniting her weapon as she stood ready to fight alongside her master.
Jaslyn didn’t wait for the go ahead she just started moving toward the ledge she had come from. Even Battlemaster Kyla would know that fighting them isn’t a good idea. I wonder if I can get to the survivor from here. Jaslyn leaps up onto the ledge and gauges the distance. Too far. But they have to be headed for the surface. They don’t know that we’re not here to hurt them.
Looking back over at Kyla and Elav. “Higher ground is normally better to fight on anyway. I have some training but I’m not liking the odds.” As she reached for her lightstaff to pull it apart Jaslyn kicked herself mentally. No!! The shuttle!!! We can’t all fit on that speeder!! We need to leave. Twisting the staff at the middle she was holding two saber hilts. “You know I’m right...but I stand with you, Battlemaster.”
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“Let’s move it! We have to head back to Temple and regroup!” Kyla shouted, motioning for San to follow Jaslyn as she herself moved back, leaping onto ledges as they retreated. Her eyes shifted back to Elav, he was the furthest ahead, right in the way of the closest Terentatek.

Elav grunted as the monstrosity came barrelling towards him, claws first, unleashing a horrific screech as it ran. The Jedi was quick, and leapt off the ground at seemingly the last second. He spun in the air, lightsabers humming as he landed to its side, then cleaved both blades directly into the beast’s gut. It let out a fearsome howl then swatted with its massive claw at the Jedi. The twi’lek was fast, and ducked, though was not quite quick enough as it batted him to the side, nearly off the edge of the canyon. He was slow to his feet, a nasty pair of cuts on his left shoulder. The injured beast lumbered towards its prey, nearly cleaved in half but still moving. The others drew closer as well, charging towards Elav.

“Keep moving!” Kyla screamed to the two padawans as she raised her free hand, then called upon the Force, gathering as much strength as she could to pull Elav towards her. She acted quickly, as the monstrosities lunged at her friend she pulled him off the ground, yanking him off his feet and upwards. He flew through the air, just as confused as the Terentateks were at the action. He landed to her side, sliding across the ground but alive.

“I’m not letting those things kill you, you are not sacrificing yourself Elav.” The battlemaster said as she flicked off her lightsaber, then grabbed the Jedi knight with her free hand and helped him to his feet, then onto the next ledge up. Both Jedi climbing desperately to the surface.

The surface was near. The beasts were following them up, thankfully climbing slower than any of the Jedi were but still in hot pursuit of their prey. Tython continued its turbulence around them, hurricane level winds sweeping across the surface as the thunderstorm echoed above them. It seemed the entire planet was flipped on its head. The Force, which had such a delicate balance on the world seemed to be teetering on the brink of breaking. Threatening to plunge itself into utter peril and instability.

Jaslyn put away her sabers one on each hip as Kyla told them to go. Clambering up the side of the Rift was more complicated than leaping down had been. Looking back down she saw Elav fall and almost roll off the edge and Jaslyn reached out and knew that Kyla was moving him with the Force.

Something in Jaslyn clicked and she reached out and sent a push to the one that had attacked Elav. And nothing happened. It looked up at her as if it knew she was the one that sent the Force push at it. Jaslyn swallowed loudly. Nothing?! I know I reached out and pushed it...or was supposed to. Are there even things that the Force doesn’t work on?!? This just got more dangerous. And I think I just pissed it off. Continuing to climb and concentrating on getting to the next ledge higher up. Hand over hand and scrambling to the lip of the Rift. Never again. Well maybe not never, but not for a really, really, really, really long time.

Lightning flashed and the wind howled over the top of the Rift. The storm was so violent that the clouds were so deep a green they were almost black. Thunder in all it’s intensity shook the ground. Lightning so close as to hear the crackle of electricity in the air and the smell of ozone was almost overwhelming the scent of fire. Something was burning.I hope that’s coming from the Rift. Jaslyn thought as she grabbed the grass on the surface looking for a handhold. Finding one she pulled herself up to the surface laying flat on her stomach.

Quickly rolling over Jaslyn was greeted with the sight of the roiling, boiling storm. Pushing up and leaning on her elbows Jaslyn scanned the surface and not seeing the survivor she looked around at the havoc that was being wrought. Quickly she took in the fact that something was truly wrong.
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“We’re almost to the top, keep moving!” Kyla exclaimed as she kept climbing, reaching the top. She grabbed Elav by the arm and pulled him upwards, San Anin and Jaslyn already there. She spoke to Elav as he gingerly rose to his feet alongside her. “Are you alright?”

“No. I don’t feel good at all, my entire body feels like it is on fire,” The twi’lek replied, holding a hand against his temple. Unknowingly feeling the poison from the Terentatek coursing through his veins. “Those things, they aren’t normal. We have to stop them.”

“We need to retreat. Who knows what's going on at the Temple,” She glanced back to the shuttle they had arrived in, noticing someone inside of the cockpit. A stranger, she felt a tinge in the Force as she looked upon them, then started moving towards the vessel, San and Elav following. Jaslyn was way closer to the shuttle than the rest of them were.

As Kyla turned her head back towards the Rift her eyes went wide, the half dozen Terentateks climbed out of the gorge. The fearsome beasts snarling as they slowly stood on even ground with the Jedi. This was a terrible situation. The battlemaster activated her lightsaber, attempting to center herself with the Force. Bathe herself in the calming aura of the light as Elav once more activated both of his own weapons. Pushing through the intense pain.

“What do we do, master?” San Anin asked, turning her head slightly as she held her curved hilt in one hand, her vision jumping from Terentatek to Terentatek. She pointed her saber towards one as she began to step backwards, eventually stopping and steeling her nerves like she had on the ship. In a moment of clarity, she calmed her mind from the fleeing and the hectic chaos that had been brought to the planet. She gazed inward with force, slowing her heart rate and forcing herself to herself. The padawan let out a long exhale as she stepped towards her master, only stopping when she was next to Kyla.

The padawan looked to her master before putting a hand on Kyla’s shoulder to grab her attention before she was hit with the feelings of confusion and uncertainty. It wracked her mind as she felt the repressed feeling of fear, such emotions were not the padawan’s as she had only calmed her mind moments before. Her goggled eyes seemed to stare into her master for a few moments before San Anin decided to speak, knowing that it was not the student that needed to be comforted in the moment, but rather the master. “Master, do not let the uncertainty cloud your mind,” she said simply, retracting her hand to focus on the beasts.

Kyla breathed deep, hearing her padawan’s words. Her eyes dashed around them, searching for any way to escape. They were quicker on foot than those monstrosities, but they were outnumbered by the creatures. A speeder sat to their side, an ideal way to get back to the temple. But only two of them could fit on it at most, and there were three Jedi itching to escape. The shuttle was lifting into the air, with only Daslyn and the stranger onboard. As the creatures charged towards them, Kyla readied herself, centering herself on the light side once more.

Turning back from the Rift as she was getting to the surface Jaslyn pulls herself up to standing. The wind whipped her hair back like a flag as Jaslyn planted her feet and looked over at the shuttle. The lights on the shuttle are on and they weren’t on when Jaslyn had passed it last. Breaking into a run Jaslyn makes for the shuttle to stop the survivor from leaving the rest of them stranded. “NOOOO!!!! STOP!!!!”

Amazingly keeping her feet under her Jaslyn makes it to the shuttle. Diving for the door she manages to get inside just before it closes and the locks are engaged. Pushing up off the floor of the shuttle Jaslyn scrambles to her feet.
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