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Character Guidelines
Note: All the following information has to be in your character sheet, but you can format and stylize your character sheet however you see fit. You can also add extra information if you like.

Name: This is their "official" name. You can also add a "nickname" or title as extra info if you like.
Age: You can either give their actual age, or you can give the age at which they "appear to be".
Species: Human (All starting characters should be human.)
Max Health / Power Level: 100 (All human characters should start at this level, thus making all our player controlled characters very strong (by human standards).

Appearance: Your character's picture should be a headshot only. You can either search for headshots online, or you can crop one out of a picture. You may use a real life person's photo, though I have a preference for anime style pictures. But don't use a character from the Dragon Ball Anime, so as not to cause confusion. I prefer you use, lesser known characters from other animes or characters made by independent artists.
Underneath your character's headshot, you can give further description as to what they typically wear, their body build, and so on.

Biography: Give us about three paragraphs of backstory on your character, and answer at least, the following questions: How did they grow up? Why did they become a fighter? Why are they participating in the "World Martial Arts Tournament"? (Prize money? Recognition? Something else?)

Special Techniques: Go ahead and start thinking about special techniques, but for now, leave this blank.

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